The Headlock Stevie J’s First Baby Momma Has on Him Revealed…


Stevie J Child Support Issues

HSK Exclusive – The money Stevie J is generating from ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘ may have little to no shelf life when it comes to being stored in the producer’s pockets.

Sources exclusively tell HSK that’s because those reality television wages are being garnished by the government before going straight into the pockets of his first baby momma (who birthed two of Stevie J’s children). Don’t believe me.. Ask Joseline Hernandez.

Here’s the drop:

“Stevie J. got like four kids, and he don’t pay shit. His first baby momma knew he was going to star on ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘, so she reported it to the authorities.

Now, all of Steve’s money is going to child support. A lot of entertainers have child support and tax problems. If Erica was smart, she would have done the same with Lil Scrappy.”




    OH MY.


    • Co-sign. Less time shucking and jiving chasing manly ass ex-prostitutes more time being a dad. Father is synonymous with sperm donor these days.

    • Please get your info correct before publishing it. She is not the first baby mother. They had an ironclad agreement which he was not behind on. She wants more money bottom line.

      • @Teejay

        So what if she wants more. He shoulda thought about that. Obviously Stevie J doesnt know how to weigh pros and cons very well. #TeamFederline

      • She was the first baby mama his oldest kids is 12 and 14 get ya facts right and she gettin what she deserve… good for that jackass of a father

      • Well if its true and his whole Love Hip Hop check is being taken, It’s clear that he’s behind in child support. Otherwise they wouldn’t be taking his whole check, the nigga would be left with something.

    • His older two are 16 and 17 years old. One of lives with and the other is there every weekend. Know your facts before you put things out there.

      • i know my facts stevie js kids is 12 an 14 his oldest might be 17 but he definitely got two thts 12 and 14 i do believe the 14 year old son is named after him sweeties

  2. Hey the kids gotta eat so with that I hope this ratchetness stays on for that reason only..I don’t have to watch it but a child should be able to live behind’s obvious he has no other far as is Erica going to garnish lint?

  3. stevie jackass and josselin ( the guy in this) need to stop playin with us with that whole pregnancy bit. please those nekkid pics were photoshopped and he knows it.

  4. Stevie J is a sucka ass, busta, hoe trusta. That nigga fucked an ex-stripper raw. He is the worst stereotypes of a hip-hop artist.

  5. Hey I KNOW this cat personally and he is catchin a lot of flack from this LHHATL but that’s the curse that comes with the gift of success the more people hate the more he gone blow up.. He’s a good fun GOD FEARIN man that will give the shirt off his back and he stayed in touch with his kids sade… back in 03 me and nicole wray was his writers for him at daddy house in nyc he used to fuck with this chick named medina she was his artist she had a album called spanish fly he fed us and looked out for us and paid us for our songs he’s A BOSS FORREAL he just got his priorities fucked up like most people he cool as ice DO YA THING STEVIE J n GOD BLESS

  6. Hey Stevie J…for some reason even though I don’t know this guy..I like him and I root for him to make it..keep ya head up bro

  7. I know Stevie has kids with that hoe Antoinette, she is jealous of Mimi thats the only reason she did that..because she gets no attention. Stevie has his kids all the time in Atlanta so I cant imagine him not paying child support! Let the haters hate..she mad, he’s blowing up without her!!!

  8. STEVIE j, he got it going on, I’m not mad at cha, nigga do what cha do, if the females gonna let you play them, keep on playin em, if I was MIMI i’ll take the house in my name only, my funky 20% and child support, pay me off th RIP, for pain and suffering, I’ll have my hands in that nigga pocket, but what’s fucked up tho, he gonna fuck a skripper(lol) with no comdom, daym fool, everthing that looks good to ya, anit always good for ya!!!!!!!!

  9. ummm why is Joseline worried about Erica now? She worried about the wrong thing, Erica got her stuff together. “Irrelevant”! lol

  10. Steve steve steve jay,big up for making all those women fall inlove wit u @ the same time .I guess all women when they are fucked raw they go crazy.An for those saint’s wh think that all hores an stripper are sick I don what to tell them coz everybody can be sick.This are normal women they have the right of having it raw big up joseline