Stevie J. & Joseline Babysitting while High on Cocaine


Stevie J / Joseline Cocaine Binges


HSK Exclusive – As a string of nude images of Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez hit the internet, the safety of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta producer’s two-year-old daughter, Eva, could have been compromised.

HSK has exclusively learned the not only was the controversial couple binging on cocaine while taking naked pictures of themselves to leak online, but they were doing so while the toddler Stevie J. shares with Mimi was sleeping in the other room!

Sources say it all went down at Stevie J.’s Atlanta, Georgia spot located on Rose Ridge, during Wednesday’s early morning hours. Don’t believe me.. Ask Brooke.

Here’s some sizzling hot tea surrounding Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez:

“Mimi needs to get strong and get her daughter away from those two drug addicts.

Jacky, Stevie and Joseline were both high on coke on Wednesday morning when they sent out pictures of their private parts. I know, cause I saw Stevie’s drug dealer ‘Animal’ going to Stevie’s crib.

By the way Stevie’s address is XXXX Rose Bridge – when I get Joseline’s address, I’ll send that to you too.
I’m doing this because there’s a baby involved, Stevie and Joseline are both drinking, sniffing coke and
doing freaky stuff while a child is present. I don’t know what’s taking Mimi so long to act, cause if it were me I’d be calling child services.”

Tune in tomorrow for another more dirty details behind Love & Hip Hop Atlanta


  1. first what is this joselines real name that was given to her at birth that will prove if he is a man or a woman is that arres in miami her real name

  2. Wait. She sent that info to a blog instead of CPS? What the hell. And she’s complaining about MiMi’s failure to act? She’s kidding right?

    • and she gave up the name of a drug dealer named animal? i’m assuming he gained the name animal based on his street credentials?

      never trust a person that uses the scatter gun approach/ incriminates those that didn’t need to be put in the frame

  3. That is a fucking man on the left. Thick neck and all. Like Beyonce’s surrogate pregnancy that person is lying. A post-op male to female trannsexual.
    Can’t hide those broad shoulders.

    I, of course, don’t watch such bullshit and I advise you BP to not let your young children watch it, either. From what I understand it’s not a good look for BW, doesn’t show us in a positive light.

    • Too true Princess! Just another trash show, made to destroy the image of black women. To make matters worse, I heard they get really well for this buffoonery!

    • Um… Empress is it? OK. Empress… all you do is degrade Black Women on gossip blogs (STILL a form of media no?) Yet we’re to believe you’re concerned with the portrayal of Black women in televised media?

      gurl boo

    • Yup. Miss “Not Showing BW In A Positive Light/Every BM is A Sell Out/All BM in the Entertainment Industry are Gay,DL & Disrespecting BW/I, of course, don’t watch such bullshit” sure as fk finds her azz here ranting on every damn post about (but not limited to) reality tv. Cussing ppl out about every damn thing & attempting to bad ppl up via type into agreeing with her all the freaking time.

      Free thinking is an individual right & necessary for social change etc. Sometimes you have to respectfully agree to disagree with people. Other ppls views are not any less important than yours. Some arguments are less valid than others (like yours often are from my point of view anyways) but I never called you out or demand that you agree with me. Validity of an argument is much different from an opinion or point of view. There are both logical and illogical arguments.

      I’ma let 2Pac, like he said to Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice, sum it up for you Ebony Empress; “Save that ” black woman” shit.
      You bleed once a month like every hoe.”

      Get a grip gurl. You don’t seem to understand that your delivery not your message is the real issue. Your delivery makes ppl just dismiss any damn thing you type. smmfh

      • I don’t give a dry fuck what some peon like you thinks about my online persona here. Yall simps so used to regulating hood chicks. Surprise. I’m not hood. I’m nonconformist and say whatever the fuck I please and if you don’t like it, scroll on by.
        Get. A. Life. You fucking simps, lames and misogynist control freaks. I will continue to say whatever the fuck I want and if you don’t like it, oh well. You’re advised to keep your impotence for your family, kids and communities which are rapidly failing. Simps!

        • Case in point. You have no valid argument so you resort to cussing, name calling & talking pure shit. No one cussed at you or called you any names. You were simply told that your cussing and name calling does nothing but show your ignorance and demonstrates a lack of any credibility whatsoever in your comments.

          Your emotionally charged, name calling and cussing ppl out responses also show that your Intelligence Quotient is definitely on the low end of the spectrum. Bet you couldn’t even break 80.

          I suggest you try to elevate yourself in all aspects of life. Start with your character and education. I also hope that you don’t have any children cuz if you do Lawd Have Mercy on them. Growing up with an angry, bitter, lost, low IQ having, ignorant chick who is so slow that she doesn’t realize that she should never have had the audacity to procreate.

          So again, you do not intimidate anyone with your cussing. Your name calling also doesn’t mean shit cuz you just make shit up as you go along. You cannot intelligently debate anyone. You also fail to comprehend that IDGAF about all the shit (which you tried to pass off as a response) you wrote to/about me up there cuz none of what you wrote applies to me. You are so far off I was laughing when I read that bs. You clearly resort to cussing and spewing bs to deflect from your personal inadequacies such as your rudimentary intellect. Gurl you are so transparent it’s pitiful.

          Do yourself a favor and just STFU. In a battle of wits you are embarrassingly underarmed. Wait, I forgot who I was addressing. I should have used words that you can understand. You attempting to debate me is akin to going to a gunfight with a water pistol.

    • Empress. Beyonce’s pregnancy was real. if you check the photo of her on the beach in the white bikini you see a dark brown line that runs across the center of her stomach- the brown line is a sign that proves her pregnancy was real

    • Now I am all for presenting black women I a positive light. But all black women are not positive. The ratio of positive vs. Negative represented may not be fair ..but neither does it make the studios stations producers etc. Money. And money has a tendency to push morals to the side unfortunately. The other issue is…why watch if it offends….most of these people aren’t even on he map and if they ever were their negativity took them off the map YEARS ago…..don’t like it…don’t watch. Point blank period. If it held no entertainment value to.any of us..we would not be reading HSK or commenting on any reality show blog.

  4. Honestly, women like Mimi piss me off. She should’ve been done with his ass years ago, she’s trying to hang on to something that no longer exists. I know it’s hard for her but at the same time why expose your daughter to this nonsense? Oh well, hopefully she changes her ways and removes that SCUM from her life.

  5. Stevie J has always been a mess & sleazy especially when he used to sleep with Gay Diddy back in the days. Ask Mase

  6. Jose is a dirty bitch. This “platform” was merely an excuse to bust it wide for anyone and everyone willing to look. & Stevie J needs to eat clip! He carries himself like a bitch! No real man has that many hoe qualities and is happy to exploit his family for a couple dollars. That whole cast is a bunch of simpletons….with the exception of Mama D…not glorifying her lifestyle, but u gotta respect her truth and delivery.

    • You are joking right? The worst in the bunch and they are all pretty bad. But another black woman selling another black woman’s box to feed her kids? What happen to real job and education? VH1 is scum. You have to look long and hard for characters this low. A woman pimping in ATL is not a madam and isn’t running an escort service. Her stable probably did it all–farm animals, live shows etc. with Forest Gump. The thing Jose is a man. Saw the sex tape. It was rubbing on its box for 20 minutes and it was still bone dry. They look the part but the plumbing doesn’t work. Stevie J is a pig. He has no shame in his game. Unprotected sex with that UFO? Mimi is a head case too. If my man had slept with that I would be getting regular HIV tested. Not only is Stevie J putting the child endanger but his entire family. That thing Jose had been stripping for years, many, many years.

    • great observation lol – when i first saw the pic i thought it was a comedy act with the guy on the left dressed as a woman

  7. Okokok…now the pics that were leaked+ that damn worldstar video, no way in hell is that that yellow manimal up there. No dahell way! I’m callin’ it…Shenanigans!!!

  8. so is Mimi hooked too….she standing by Stevie J for some reason,and I kinda doubt its love. Yeah,Jose is tooting….she has them “HIGH EYES”

  9. after all the work Mona Scott did with Miss Elliott-

    from Managing an overweight female rapper/ producer in a male populated industry which at the time only created room for slimmer girls to this nonsense???

    Did Mona Scott not say she was all about proving to other woman that you could earn alongside the men without compromising your dignity or having to play the background???

    Mona Scott is Violating women with the rubbish she is producing

    I suppose the obvious signs of her selling out was when she started to relax her hair and lose weight

  10. I am absolutely convinced that the transsexual rumor was generated for publicity for the show and Sandra Rose stupid ghetto ass is in on the sham. She knows damn well Joseline was born a female, any fool watching the show can see she’s a woman. Plenty of women look hard or are broad, don’t make them men. And be real, if you were a close enough family friend that someone tells you their kid is intersex are you really going to sell them out to a dumb ghetto ass blog? And get what in return, nothing for selling out someone whose family you were supposedly that close to? I am convinced that Black Americans will buy into anything like a bunch of damn sheep. Black people want to be treated like humans and with respect, but God forbid they extend that to the next human being, calling people he/she, it and shim. No wonder we are where we are as a people. It’s our own damn doing being so filled with hate and hypocrisy!

    • Allow me to solve this so called mystery of Ms Hernandez…

      Anyone who went to the porno video of Hernandez on World Star Hip Hop yesterday knows full damn well that Hernandez can in no way shape or form be a man…Thats all woman…She obviously had butt injections, breast implants , some type of skin lightening Sammy Sosa business (if it is indeed the same person) and ITS ALL A BIG PUBLICITY RUSE for ratings …I dont watch porn, but I too was tricked to go that that site and watch this woman fingering herself and I am a natural man and could not help getting partially aroused…Pussy makes me horny and if loving pussy is wrong, I dont want to be right…

      Ah, but heres what no one is putting together…Sisters are getting upset with Hernandez for the same reason some are jealous of Serena…They both obviously work out hard and have very little body fat …Just like Florence Joyner Griffith, Joseline Hernandez is taking ANABOLIC STEROIDS….They dont test for Steroids before you go on a Reality TV show,so the sky is the limit…
      Some women naturally have large clits and some women get large clits because they are taking testosterone, which I believe is the case for the Reality GIRL…Shes on the juice and it lowers the tone of your voice, enlarges the clitoris, shrinks the breasts (which is why female bodybuilders need breast implants because they loose too much fat) and gives you man hands and feet…This is why FloJo was broke so many records..She was roided…

      And they know when to bulk up on the roids and when to fall back…When that porno video was made(and I contend it was made before this past month, Joseline was going light on the roids…Right before taping of the show, she really started going heavy on them and what YOU saw (I dont watch cable)was a heavily roided Hernandez and she’ll probably go heavy for the duration of the Minstrel Show…

      Thank You SumNER Rothstein…

      • You poor soul. You need some female friends so that they can vet your potential girlfriends, because you’re confused. A woman having a body of a body builder and athletic is not the same as having the body and the FACE of a man. Serena and FloJo have athletic bodies, EVERYTHING about Joseline screams MAN and no amount of surgeries can cover that up.

      • Are you serious with this? You act like you are Joseline Hernandez or are in her head. Please with this Bulls…t Joseline looks like a man. I had a friend who was a woman who I knew before she ever started steriods & then when she became a professional body builder & took the roids. I can tell you even though things changed you could still see she was a woman. I saw several women who took roids when I went to thr competition & believe me you could still tell. Joseline Hernandez is not taking steroids… PERIOD! Nice try though. You obviously know NOTHING about what women look like before or after steriods. I can have several judges validate this as well as professional body builders who know EXACTLY what someone taking steroids looks like. Why would you post something you really have no experience on & know nothing about?

    • I would’nt call it hate or hypocrisy..If it look like a duck and quack like a duck then I’m going to call it a duck..It is what it is..just sayin’

  11. And for the record for anyone who keeps up with my posts, I still have not returned to work and have decided to take Friday off also because I could not properly focus on my duties until thise Joselyn Hernandez mystery was solved and I think it has been and my erection has been vindicated as well as validated as a legitimate one.

    I will be returning to work Monday morning as if nothing happened..

    Thank you

    • You got horny off a dude!!! Ewwwwwww that is gay as fuck!!! That is a man….you got horny by looking at that thing!!! Are you a homo!!! You should watch RuPauls Drag Race because the men on there look way better then this man does. They can also pass for real women unlike this dude!!! EWWWWWWWW SO FUCKING GAY!!!


  12. That is ridiculous! I hope this is not true that fool was doing drugs while his child was in the home. Pitiful. And where was her mother when all of this was supposed to be going on? Maybe she’ll read this website and take proper steps to ensure it won’t happen OR never happens again.

    • If you followed that link to World Star Hip Hop and looked at the girl in the video and you didnt get wood, I would have to question your sexual preference…That was ALL woman…Now as far as the TV show is concerned I have never watched an episode of Love and Hip Hop so the only pics I have seen of Joseline Hernandez is here…If that was the same person in that porn video with that girl touching her kitty kat, then theres no doubt thats a real woman with all the right cuves in all the right places…If shes been taken testosterone or anabolic steroids since then,I have no idea.

      • @ DICE; Dice, I am begining to believe you are a friend of Joseline b/c why all this concern & effort to make Joseline seem like a woman? You can say what you want but that’s not true. In fact it is published that Joseline was born with male & female parts but had surgery to become full on female. There is such a thing as being born with both. I could see that being a strong posibiltiy in Joseline’s case. Even though she had sugery there is more to being a woman then just purchasing all the parts. I dont understand why any man would be turned on by this or by a woman with a fake butt & boobs. I believe Joseline has butt implants. The way Stevie J looks at her body (when she was dancing in the studio & he looked intensely at her body) you would think it was God given. Besides I am educated in psychology & you can see when Joseline stated to that girl who wants to become a singer/rapper Joseline said strangely, “Stevie will do ANYTHING for a pretty girl.” It’s like Joseline knows being all woman will get you more in life as if she really isn’t a woman but tries to make it sound like she is more of one. Real women don’t say it like that. It sounded fake & as if she was trying too hard.

    • Deeaddd!! Dice needs to do some serious soul-searching. Like ASAP. Joseph-Josephine done got his spirit and sexuality shook. LMAO!!

      • Nobody got my sexuality shook worth a damn.. I took a few days off but I’ll be back at work Monday morning as if nothing ever happened…I love women and always will…I dont play that gay stuff.

  13. Thats a man! There are doctors that can create P**sy and Titties and everything else.

    The only way I would believe that is a woman ( shim gets a menstral cycle (period) 2. full grown baby or 3. Exam that will show ovaries etc. that women have)

    I will go with my insticts (that have never been wrong) say that is a man or (transgendered person)

    A real woman would not go through showing video, picturse etc. just to prove that he is a she.

    Think about it. For years peopls have been calling Cici a dude and not once have I seen her go throught the lenghts that Jose, Joe -line went to.

  14. I say if u have to ask don’t fuck wit it. Not interested in seeing any naked pics of it. I seen its matt barnes lookin ass pic on here and the manly fingered flick wit da wig attached to a cap on. That’s plenty evidence for me. I don’t even kno who da fuck dese people are other than stevie j. Question: if dat dude broke why he aint wrote no tell all on diddys downlow exploits?

  15. I’ve never seen an episode of Love and Hip Hop.

    The only video of this young lady I have seen is the video on WSHH with her spread eagle and clutching her clitoris…

    Lets all agree that at the very minimum that was definitely a woman…The thing on TV, I have never seen…And Im not 100% sure that these are the same person…A tattoo can be made up and they are 2 different skin tones….I think its all one big publicity stunt to sell transgenderism and to get acceptance of it amongst black children as a means of population control …Sumner Redstone is a supporter of Bush and Bush’s dad Bush the First was a big Population Control guy.

    • How about watching the show first before concluding that she is a women. Jose was born a man and still looks like a man. Her fake pussy got your mind so blurry that you can’t see the truth. If you are a man and you enjoyed her video, then you may need to question your sexuality. Everything that glitters isn’t gold. Stevie Wonder can see that’s it’s a man. Geesh, the pum pum is very powerful. Even the fake ones.

      • I’ll let you handle all of that for me and do my TV watching and research…I got a woman…You go ahead and contribute to Sumner Rothsteins Minstrel Show if thats something you need to do…Im good.

        • OK Dice, you, my friend, are an IDIOT!
          If you got a woman, what in the fuccin hell are you doing watching a tranny fingering herself??? you are sick and like many others have said before, a HYPOCRITE … smh!

          • I was doing research on the story…The link to the video was supposed to be verifiable evidence and Im 100% convinced that the woman in that video is a woman…Now I cant verify if that is the same woman/man you see on the TV everyweek, but the person in the video is a beautiful and sexy woman…The Staff and WSHH agrees with me and I respect their opinion…Any man who saw that video agrees with me also…Whatever happens on TV, I dont know and I wont lower myself to contribute to that Minstrel Show. I get all my news from the Internet now.

            • That is a man!!! It is called having surgery!! You can go on youtube and see how they do it!! It is nasty, but you will understand why that man can look like a woman down below!!! Just saying!!


  16. joseline gets pregnant and has an abortion on the show…. how could she possibly be a tranny and if so why on earth would they put soooo much effort into the deception

    • It is called acting!!! A man can’t have a baby, that is a fucking dude!!! That is one big manly he she!!! That bitch did not have a damn abortion!! No way in hell!!! LOL!!!

    • They’re trying to deceive you! It’s not real. He-Man CAN NOT have a baby. It’s all trickery, fuckery, and an illusion to get ratings. I hope this scam backfires and blows up in their face, because it’s a ridiculous and silly story line.

  17. LMAO … Jose can finger that Dick turned outside in all IT wants … has nobody noticed that ADAMS APPLE?
    Like somebody said before, a real woman does not have to prove her womanhood … this dude is going to extreme length to prove it is a woMAN … and yes, my intuition tells me the same, THIS JOSE IS AND FOREVER WILL BE A JOSE, no matter the tits or the dick turned outside in … ewww, this world is so fuccin fucced up!

  18. Dang her arms and hands are built like a mans…The contours, the shape, the form if its not a man I would be very surprised.

  19. That is a man on the left!!!! The men on Rupaul’s Drag Race look more like women then that thing in the yellow!!!

  20. First off post-ops and transgendered people are in the norm in Atlanta just visit Peachtree St. in midtown Atlanta. There you will find a ton of Jose-lines walking around. Better yet just go into Bulldogs (well known gay club in the heart of Atlanta) not far from it there was a studio that Lil Scrappy, Young Jeezy, Jim Jones, and ahost of others always hung out at. So, NOT saying that Scrappy is suspect or DL (that no I do not believe AT ALL) but I wouldn’t be suprised if he knew Jose-line prior to the show. I’m sorry but if you are from Atl and know about Midtown then you know that Jose-line is a MAN. NOT TO MENTION most of her/his cam pics are taken in the dark, photoshopped, taken far away, or with sunglasses. Trannies frequent non gay nightclubs (trannies like dark clubs, a lot of clubs here are very dim) in Atlanta everynight looking like a woman but you will always be able to tell that they are men by their height, extremely heavy make-up, hands, shoulders, feet, Adams Apple, and extreme flamboyency (especially their walk). Now I personally know of 3 post-op strippers working as dancers in some of the most known strip clubs out here. Plus, There is a pimp who places his baddest post-ops in the clubs dancing and turning tricks. Sorry Guys but it’s the “New Atlanta”. Also, before I go a lot of gay men vacation here. Go to or and see the amazing amount of ts girls escorting here.

  21. BAHAHAHAHAAAHAHHA….. You couldn’t write a more hilarious skit then this. Can you imagine? This guy Stevie J is wacked out with his HE/SHE Joseline Hernandez. Can u imagine what goes on behind those closed doors… yikes! Ewww… Why is Stevie J’s baby mama with this guy???? She maybe is his “beard” & just loves how she have endless funds plus living the life. All I know is people are strange. I can’t stand this Joseline Hernandez. Joseline actually called people “haters.” Haters of looking like a man when you are supposingly a woman…. ummm ok. Another dumb stripper.

    Oh & lets not forget Stevie J’s calls to Sean Diddy Combs at the wee hours of the morning rambling about “making hits like it’s 1996 & Bad Boy for Life.” BAHAAAHAHA… Can u imagine him all high saying that crap. He probably wanted Diddy to come & “play” with him & Joseline. EWWWWW!!!!!! Wendy Williams back in the 90’s said Diddy swings that way but not in those words. Hey whatever. I just can’t believe Stevie hangs with this retarded stripper. I can’t stand Joseline, she’s just pathetic. She has to try & be all bad. She is NOT going to be famous & make hit records… PAH-LEAZZE. If Joseline thinks she will make hit records & be some famous singer then I can fly to the moon & I will be there & back in an hour. SHUT UP JOSELINE & MOST IMPORTANT, KEEP YOUR LEGS SHUT. Just because Stevie J likes it doesn’t mean we do. Joseline will be one of those who will be back at the strip club after this show has exhausted all it’s “shock” value. This show is stupid, but I will watch anyway to gas on these people making fools of themselves. Just like those “Real Housewive” shows I watch to laugh at all those freakin dumb chicks from Orange County, NYC, Jersey, ATL. I can’t wait until the reality TV thing dies & goes away. I want all reality TV people to go away… I really do. I can’t stand dumb people. It really bothers me. I can imagine the ones behind the scenes just laughing at how these Reality TV sell-outs will humiliate themselves for a buck. These two are no different.

  22. I know for sure Stevie J gets down with trannies. He use to fuck with one I know from the Bx spanish pretty ts ,her name starts with a J. Back in 2005-7 she use to tell me all the time he was a bad coke head and sex addict. He also use to go by the name David but she knew his real name was Steven (checked his Id 1 night while he slept). He would stop by every night be4 what ever or who ever he would go see in Yonkers Ny. He was in love with her, she hit the news a few years ago/something with the NYPD and just recently for something else

  23. Not that I’m cosigning, But…

    She does have man features, now that It’s been mentioned so much, and look at her in the pic…. hmm, But then again it just could be too much testosterone.

    I guess guys are thrown off and just watch the body.

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