Stevie J Mate Check, Che Mack…


LHH Casts Drama with Che Mack

Made For TV, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

“If somebody needs a tattooed girl for a movie role or something like that, I’d be perfect.” – Che Mack, XXL Magazine, July 8, 2011

HSK Exclusive – After last night’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season finale, many are left wondering who’s the new chic riding on Stevie J’s bus. HSK has learned the confrontation between Stevie J and Joseline over the producer’s supposed ‘new artist’, Che Mack, was nothing more than a scripted scene.

Sources have exclusively revealed to HSK, that the tattooed video vixen Che Mack received a last minute call from a LHHA crew member asking the woman – who once spoke of her ink (and possibly, stardom) “I’ll take the pain because I want it that bad”, to XXL Magazine – to show up at LHHA’s shooting location “wearing something sexy”. That’s just before insiders say Che Mack followed direction in acting as Stevie J’s newest jump-off. Don’t believe me.. Ask Mona Scott Young.

Here’s the drop:

“Che Mack is from Philly – her and Meek Mills grew up on the same block. She came to Atlanta to be a video chick, she gets around.

Che didn’t get paid for her appearance on the show, but she’s using her appearance from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta to get more parties to host. She didn’t know if she was going to make final cut. Che thought her scene with Stevie was going to get lost on the cutting room floor.

Che might be a tomboy, but she gives good head.”

Has Che Mack finally landed her biggest gig to date, now using LHHA to lead her resume of appearances alongside Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Freeway? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Worldstar Agency’s Brent Walker.


  1. I don’t watch reality tv (I’d rather watch nature shows on National Geographic tv) but aren’t all the human trick shows scripted then the subjects ad lib within that presented structure?

    Andy Warhol was near right about 15 minutes…for everyone.

    Celebrity, the newest drug in America- gotta a habit? (Chuck D voice)

  2. She better milk this video vixen thing for all she can bc by the time she’s 30, she’s going to look ridiculous with all of those tats. That shit ain’t cute at all.

    • OMG!!! Yes I was thinking the same thing. I know once she gets on she’ll get some new teeth. Her grill is awful. In this day and age there is no reason for people to have fugged up teeth. You wearing red bottoms but you got periodontal disease? Get a grip. Priorities all messed up!! So sad.

  3. She’s cute, a lil weird looking in the face during the shooting of LHHA though and yes her teeth are kinda big, she looks better with her mouth closed but I wouldn’t call her hideous.

  4. Very manly looking — strong manly features….I see Steebie has a type. Bad part is chick isn’t even pretty. She’s light skin with a big ass……whooooo Bad enough her mouth looks like a vise grip, but men will take anything light and pretend it’s good looking.

  5. I live in tha A and Ive seen shorty before. She’s a bartender at a club called Harlem Nights downtown. She was pretty cool, no complaints here. Btw, your site is DOPE Jacky, everytime I stop by I always learn something new.

  6. Stevie J. is fffffuuuunnnnnnnnyyyy. Joseline handles him. He thinks that he makes her look bad, but SHE is the player. Ha, ha, ha!!! Joseline is honest about what she wants and who she is– She started out weak, but she took control of HER situation.

    • Same thing I was saying Meek from SP & she’s from West Philly, where they get their info from?

  7. che mack is pretty dope i think she is real and hella hood just like all yous good sucking dick. or hood rats all came from nothing give the new girl a chance she seams hella hood…

  8. Chavante is a beautiful girl, I like her. Give her a chance to shine, everybody is trying to dog her out. Love her for who she is and how she expresses her self through her body ink. Lift her up y’all, don’t tear her down. I wish her great success.