Stevie J’s First Lady Exits His Bus: Mimi’s Out!


Mimi Faust Back w/ Ariane

HSK Exclusive – Mimi Faust’s first love in Hip Hop seems to be no more! Insiders tell us she cut Stevie J off, after getting word that he was romancing Joseline Hernandez in Puerto Rico.

That’s why we’re told Mimi’s has since obtained full custody of she and Stevie’s daughter; traded in the white BMW — Stevie gave her — for a Range Rover; and revamped her entire look, complete with a new boob job.

Now, our source says Stevie J is running around Atlanta with a promise ring from Joseline Hernandez. But, this isn’t the first time Stevie’s received a ring from a woman. Don’t believe me.. Ask Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter, Alexandria Martin.

Here’s the drop:

“Ariane is back with Mimi — and they’re happier than ever. Mimi is running around in Atlanta with a new rack of titties.”


  1. We already knew that Mimi and Ariane were going to get back together. Im sure they are HAPPY together…

  2. Don’t know why she ever got on his bus in the first place! She done paid the fare so many times…Cut your losses girl! Please don’t go back!

  3. Now it be one more fake ass bitch on show three others got fake titts fake ass fake hair (all of them wear the fake hair) fake veneers
    What’s really real about you show full of silicone black barbies.

  4. I don’t know very much about any of this people but I can’t let the oppotunity pass without sharing my opinion…

    -Stevie J is an odd looking fellow.
    He looks like he is constantly smelling something that doesn’t smell nice.

    -I said it before & I’m not above saying it again…IF Joselyn does not currently have or has EVER had a penis I’d be shocked & surprised. All the breast, butt & body augmentation in world, with the best make up artistry & various wigs & weaves & all the hoochie clothes on the planet hasn’t made me believe THAT is a woman.

    Yes, y’all I said it!

  5. @ms reg: lol chile u aint crazy!” I dont care what ANY1 say Jose is a post / pre op tranney . Pls dont insult my intelligence on that one. Not only is it obvious, put that thang next to the real women on the show (sings) ” one of those ducks are not like the othas!!” Joselyn is a duck w/ or had a dick lol

    What a waste. Stevie piece is Just Right. Men who fuck other men turn me off .i wont front that dick looked good tho , is just homosexual men do nothin fa me. @ all. Period

    As much as i WANT TO LIKE mimi she makes it hard. She doesnt make much sense. Very attractive, sexy chick -but dont have the brain of a gnat. She mos def have a ‘type’. The men in her life are questionable.

    Also is it me or does it look like Nikko gotta batch of aids?! He looks very sic( facially) but his body is buff?? Guess hes on his cocktails. But he doesnt look healthy

    Ariana (misspelled) is a Beautiful woman.




    • As much as she looks like a man and u guys wanting to be right she really is a women she has a porn video to proof it. The video basically shows her playing with herself. The video is before stevie or LAHHA.

  6. Y’all believe that bullshit if y’all want to,Mimi is one delusional’s pitiful to watch,she’ll be dickwhipped for the rest of her life.She probably was sucking Stevie’s dick when jacky was posting this story

  7. Those are two lovely, classy ladies. I like the fact that both of them a dressed like a Michelle Obama type. I don’t watch the show, but I have seen Mr. Joselyne and another one and they sure weren’t dressed all lady like as these are. I bet one of them is the one who started her own housekeeping company.
    That is what you look like if you want to attract a good man in these days of hoes and strippers.
    Like somebody said, Claire Huxtable is back in style for the men on the rise.

  8. chile these two right here! mimi so fake on and off the show they were never foooling anybody! arian attention and obssesion over mimi and who she ws sleeping with on they were just too damm close t was some what werid i would be like wee the hell is arian man at shes never in a scandal or busy chasing her dude.mimi gts to have twoo men fighting over her and arian dosent have not one she can fight with.mimi aint nothing but a deranged abusve drunk but its no secret these two have a licker license just last year it was reported how mimi would particicpate in treesomes wit josline and stevie.

  9. Mimi is far from beautiful and classy BUT shes not ugly…I just find her kinda weird and seemingly fake. This season she’s trying to act tougher which is making her look crazy.
    Neeko is a very bad choice and yes, he definitely looks sick.
    Me personally, I like Stevie J’s persona on screen.

  10. Another thing, why is Arian even on this show? she reveals nothing about her own life and adds NOTHING to the show to make her worthy watching. she’s getting paid for CONTRIBUTING NOTHING.