Stylist Dariel Pulliam Revealed to be a Boy Scout for Ludacris


Dariel Pulliam Mysterious Death

HSK is learning more about the homosexual hip hop stylist who died mysteriously, after letting it be known that he’d announce his inside industry knowledge.

Now, new information we have uncovered about the late stylist could reveal the ongoing scouting role he played for Ludacris. So, did Dariel Puilliam know too much? A source tells us: “Dariel was connected to Luda…I’ll say this, Dariel wasn’t ashamed of being gay…he was proud, he wanted to put everything on the table and he suddenly died from mysteriously contracted illness.”

Here’s the tea about Keshia Knight Pulliam’s deceased brother Dariel:

“He knew Puffy and Usher were taking care of boys in Atlanta. He was a stylist and a connector, he was Luda’s boy. Dariel wanted to come out with his platonic and sexual relationships, we spoke a week before he died.”

I asked my source: “I broke the story about Luda being gay two years ago…were Dariel and Luda dating?

“Ha ha…Jacky, you’re too much, what I’m telling you is no big secret in the gay community, all us fags know about it.”

Is Ludajuice a gay man hiding in a closet in Atlanta? Of course he is. Don’t believe me.. Ask Mr. Collipark.


  1. I didn’t realize he was little Rudy’s brother. I remember him from keisha Cole reality show. Why Don’t these rappers just come out the closet. I can tell there is zero chemistry between Luda and his med school girlfriend. He does have a daughter so was he turned out after he got in music industry?

    • A lot of gay men have children. It’s just that hollywood and the music industry brings ALL of the gay out in these people.

    • didn’t know it either until you said it. I read about this cat in sister2sister,I glanced at the article but didn’t remember anything about him and “Rudy” being related.

    • I understand everybody who blogs wants to make money, but as a blogger you need to stick to facts and also have some respect for the family. Dariel and Keshia Knight Pulliam ARE NOT RELATED.Not brother and sister or cousin’s – Nothing…. I don’t know anything about him and Luda but I know that Dariel was a very humble young man and gay or not I don’t see him as the Kiss and tell type. He was been gone over a year, Please allow him to rest in peace. This whole post is wrong and disrespectful on so many levels.

  2. What I don’t understand is why these “people” who want to write tell-all’s let it be known that they plan on spilling the beans. You’d think they would be smart enough to quietly write their books and then go into hiding. Everyone who threatens to “out” celebrities end up dead. The smart thing to do is save some money, write your book, send it to a publisher and then go into hiding.

  3. Wow! I didn’t realize that he was Keshia Knight Pulliam’s brother. I always thought that he had such beautiful hair whenever I saw his pics.

  4. I don’t see it anywhere (other than here) that he was known as Keisha Knight’s brother. The family sought donations upon his death…wow!

    • I just finished looking in Google, and you are right. This is the only site that states that he was one of Keshia’s 3 brothers. Also, Dariel grew up in Maryland but Keshia & her family lived in NJ then moved to Virginia.

      • I looked too and what I found stated that she had 3 younger brothers. But, in one of his interviews he said he was the oldest of 6. He only had one brother from his father. I don’t think they were siblings.

    • Right, I’m confused about that too, because nowhere is it mentioned there siblings. However, Pulliam is not a common name. Maybe they had the same father, different mothers??????

    • this is what I not get of some ppl. they are so cool with homosexuals but uuh of ppl. with aids. homosexuals and beastals are the primary root of aids and other stds. Gonorrah is the composition of salmonella that chickens primarily carry.

      • So let me get this straight the millions of people who are infected with HIV in Africa are gay? Makes no sense to me pun intended lol. I guess you must be a Nobel prize level forensic virologist who can track the origins of the HIV virus back to gays lol.

        • First you need to prove that millions of people in Africa has AIDS.

          i DONT believe it..I think its a lie..

          #1 Millions of Africans dont have medical insurance to make such an outrageous determination.

          #2 The World Health Organization is a Satanic Organization who is apart of the European plot to use poisonous pharmeceuticals to DEPOPULATE aFRICA , in order to steal the vast mineral resources.

          The AIDS Paradigm is a HOAX and MAGIC JOHNSON was a willing pawn, in order to sell and serve AIDS COCKTAIL DEATH KITS to the innocent and he was GIVEN GREAT wealth as a reward..

          I dont believe for one minute that Magic jOHNSON is a financial genius…The dude is functionally illiterate…HES BEEN SPOON GED WEALTH in order to maintain his status as the aids pharmeceutical POSTER COON.

          • Man it is official some of you guys are just plan crazy yes the Illumanti controls it all…. man I was so wrong thank you for bring me to the light lol and thanks again. Damn I weep for the future lol. I am officially out of responding to any more discussions on this post.

          • Dice..You are 100% right… It’s terrible when ppl can’t see that they are being played. Magic was not trusted with a secret but utilized to fool the world…

            • Anonymous is right. Robert R. is that patient. But there were 2 Europeans that were credited with the spread of AIDS among gay men. AIDS was being referred to as “gay men’s cancer” back then.

          • after a comment was made about magic years ago it got me to thinking: why would his wife not abort knowing her man. may have infected her and the baby? why even take that risk? back then the disease killed quickly. so I suspect he never had it. my opinion.

          • Wow Dice:

            Not only are you misinformed about HIV/AID’s but you are saying some very irresponsible and dangerous things, because a person who is HIV positive could read your ramblings and decided not to seek necessary treatment. African Americans are not being infected with HIV or dying from AIDS because of some type of X-File shadow conspiracy it is happening because as a people we are being misinformed about the facts of HIV/AIDS. Regarding Magic he has done more to bring more businesses to the African American community and to bring more jobs to the black community than another other former or present black former or present baller that I know of.

    • what get me is ppl. that say they for homosexuals but uuh at ppl. with aids. what do you think is the root of these homos and beastals carrying these serious infections? Gonnorrhea is a composition of salmonella,that chickens primarily carry.

    • Brother I am not too sure you are talking to me? First of all if you are talking to me lol your Internet threat is as empty as your IQ is low lol. On the serious side threatening to kill someone or to do bodily harrm to someone is considered tp be a terrorist threat as per ” the patriot act” And you are dumb enough to put it on line All I world need to do is to report you and they can find you through your. IP address so cut the threats out and start taking your meds again lol

  5. We live in a world of witchcraft that is the reason these celebrities do crazy stuff. Just a pawn in the Illuminati’s master plan. Wake the fuck up people! Homosexuality, human sacrifice, calculated murders, demon possession, orgies, all feed the energy of Baphomet (Satan).

    • Wow yes we live in a world of witchcraft but celebrities are not the people who are in the majority who are guilty of engaging in the satanic practices you are trying to put on celebrities lol. I been around a lot of celebrities, I know them on a personal level as I been to many of their homes and we attend the same church and I have yet to see them pull out a satanic alter to anything Satan adjacent lol. Where do you guys get your info lol. Will and Jada where greatly responsible for setting up a Christan church in the valley.

      • Dave, do yourself a favor read the rest of the site. Actually do your own research on withcraft, Satanism, Illuminati, New World Order. Presidents have mentioned it in speeches, it was a card game before 9/11, New World Order has been mentioned a lot in Movies & televisions shows these past 5 years. In wrestling in the 90’s. They are way more open to shoving it in our faces now a days. They do it through symbols & signs. The all seeing Eye, the skull & cross bones. They admit to being in Secret societies. Bush in particular, on a interview with a guy who later died.(killed)Once again being around celebs doesn’t means shit. Do u hang with them on a day to day basis? Have conversations on the phone with them? Not all celebrities are Satanic but most on the top or who have power are. This site is a great source of Info, Thanks Jacky. But not my only source. I’ve been reading & researching these topics and varies more for the past ten years actually. Family in Military and a family member that practices witchcraft. So I just don’t jump to conclusions. Going to church is the same act of them having a wife when in fact these actors, athletes, rappers really enjoy the dick down. If you are Christian your a horrible one. Worship your false idols all you want Dave, these devils don’t fool everybody. Will takes the dick, read past Jasper articles, Jada loves puss, and I do believe they have been donators of the church of Scientology in the past if they aren’t members themselves in secret.

        • LOL you still keep trying to engage me when I signed off on you and your ramblings lol So I will humor you this last time. I am and have been a born again Christian since I was 21 and now I am a lot older than 21. I have also worked in ministry for a large African American mega church where several of the celebrities talked about on this site in Los Angeles. Additionally, I work in casting so I have met and worked with many of the actors this site talks about, and yes I been to their houses, events etc have you? lol. So I do know a lot more about them that you do. As a Christian my true obsession is with God and not with Satan or any shadow organizations you seem to be obsessed with. As I Christian I know the power of God and of the power of the Holy spirit and I know that nothing Satanic, Demonic, or any type of witchcraft has any power over me or anyone else who believes in the power of Christ. What is interesting to me is that it seems like you are very obsessed with these male actors taking dick, and in pronouncing the power of Satan. If you ask me you sound more like a prophet of the devil that I do lol. Jesus said “what is hidden in the heart comes out of the mouth.”

          So far in all of your posts you have been extremely negative in your words and in your intentions towards me. Jesus also said “he without sin can cast the first stone,” and all you been during tonight is casting stones at everyone. You called me a bad Christian and I would agree with you that I am a” bad Christian” because Jesus said that “no one is good except for the father.” As the Apostle Paul said “the weaker I am the more that I have to depend on Christ and so I am glad that I have to depend on Christ.” It is Christ that prompts me to taking a more civil tone in engaging you. You said that you done a lot of research on all of the supernatural organizations and beliefs , and what I learned is that one who is obsessed with darkness as you seem to be only invites darkness into their lives. I struggle every day to be a better Christian than I was yesterday what about you? Man at the end of the day I come to forum like this one to exchange ideals not to get involved in circular arguments, and I am only I interested in exchanging ideals. One thing I learn while working in ministry and in my Christian walk is that challenging a person’s belief systems is a unwinnable battle unless that person is open to change, which you are not. So you believe what you believe in and I believe what I believe in and I am very cool with that.

          • @ Dave … i feel sorry for you!
            Seeing is not believing, a mature Christian like you claim to be, should know that.
            All your “credentials” are extremely worldly and don’t speak for anything, but for your hidden love for the money and the fame.
            Don’t let yourself be fooled by a front, but rather let the Holy Spirit unveil to you what is real and what is fake … we live in the End times and big numbers and a lot of money are just some of the illusion tools used to blind the masses.
            Just because you know how and when to throw around scripture doesn’t mean a thing. The devil knows the scripture “by heart”.

            • Where In my posts did I say that I am a mature christain? I am a Christian who struggle like all Christains to do the Lord’s will and to be more like Christ. Please spare me your condescending and false pity because all you want to do is to elevate your self by putting me down for taking an opinion that is different from your myopic and misinformed perspective. You call me worldly yet you attack me with the skill of a Pharisee, or a common street thug be for real brother. You said “truth can’t be argued.” of course it can if it is your perceived and subjective truth. ” You accuse me of loving money” where in my post did I said I loved money because I don’t; I value money because earning money allow me to do many positive things for my family, for my church and for others so don’t hate on me because you are poor lol.

          • Oh, I figured that you had some type of connection with “Hollywood ” for you to defend them they way you do. Just because they attend the same church as you does not mean that they haven’t taken the oath, and as you and I both know a lot of devils are in the “church”.

            • TRuBeeLeever, I agree, I am reminded of when I was a prayer minister, I met one of the other minsters in one of our monthly meetings. She told me that she was Jewish and that she was converting to Christianity. To make a long story short, she told me that there was/is a huge beautiful church in downtown San Diego. She went on to say that at Sunday service, the church and it’s members look and act all Christian like. But, in the evening they participated satanic rituals and worshiped satan in the basement of the church.

              Now looking back on it, now I am wondering why she told me that? I was going through so much in my personal life at the time, I guess I wasn’t paying her that much attention. She told me the name of the church and everything. But, for some reason I can’t remember it. Maybe it’s for best that I Can’t.

            • I am not defending Hollywood;I was just giving my perspective and I just because they attended my church doesn’t mean that they took and oath to Satan either . I mean what you are arguing is that if a person is quote a member of Hollywood they worship the devil? That is the same nonsense that the white save traders used when they enslaved our people saying they were doing so because Africans where devil worshippers and they were bring them to America so they could come to know Christ.

    • @ Killuminati
      Tell it like it is, tell it like it is!!!

      It’s not conspiracy, it’s TRUTH!

      • To Dave and others….
        “He prepareth the table before me in the presence of mine enemies” ask Whitney Houston.

        I recently changed churches for a few reasons but also due to the number of flirtatious men trying to holla at me. I’m not a homophobe. We’re all sinners seeking a better life and brothers and sisters in Christ. None better than the other and it’s not too late for ANYONE to find Jesus and recognize his sacrifice but don’t wait til tomorrow because the end is at hand.

        If you think just because you attend church with them they aren’t sinners you need to study more and observe your industry (and “mega church”)better. Unless you are under a spell or mind control it’s not hard to see especially in the larger churches with the Masonic preachers and deacons/ eastern star deaconesses. You really cant become a “mega church” unless the pastor is a mason. Watch the hand signs of all speakers and singers from now on.

        We have to WATCH and PRAY. Even Jesus hung with sinners. He had no choice. We are all of the flesh and thus sin and must beg His forgivenes. People hating on homosexuals you are no better. Were you married before having sex or children? Do you curse? Do you kill or steal? Do you have tattoos? Do you hate your mother? Have you ever checked out a hot body longer than a you should? It’s all sin. We think sin and dream sin and need Jesus every minute.

        So I wasn’t running from my old church. Infact I still attend on alternate occassions but with an educated eye and an awareness. I just didn’t think it was right for men to lick their tongues at me while I’m walking to the collection plate.

        Thank you Killuminati for the comment on the usage of sexual essences as well. That was spot on!

        Lastly if you don’t believe it’s the end check your man JayZ and Rihanna at the Olympics this summer. They are the main entertainment as though the world wants to be exposed to their music in that size of ritual.

      • Type illuminati backwards and and it in .com. See what website it directs you to, then tell us if the illuminati is a figment of our imaginations.

        People better brush up on the Boulé. That would be the most applicable reference to Black people in the illuminati along with Masons and Eastern Stars. None of these organizations are myths. They’re real.

  6. I use to love me some Luda. But when he started getting acting roles in movies, I knew that there was something up. I know in order for him to get those plum roles he had to dance to the music, in other words he had to put out or butt out. LOL

    • wait who is tiffany evans? i seen her credits in somebody album. I will get back on this. did she sing in the winans” choir and backup for family? seem familiar,not sure.

      • Tiffany Evans was on beyonce fathers label and was in tyler Perry’s movie as a teenager she played the character of tyler Perry’s daughter who mother was a drug addict on diary of a mad black woman.. Keisha is NOT Daniel sister….not relation…..

        • Tiffany Evans is a artist who had the song called “Promise Ring”. She knows how crazy these ppl in the industry are. Here is something she put on twitter that I seen a while back. Check out what Tiffany has to say below.

          Russian Roulette= Suicidal Rate gon sky rocket!

          You gotta watch what u say. Because there are a lot of weak people in the world. They are susceptible to anything so anything you say or do some people actually do listen. So make sure its nothing bad. Its okay to be deep,but not murder deep.

          Man! I really wish I could tell you guys what the industry really is and what stars are apart of destroying this world. The stars who worship satan,and those who have killed to get the respect they have now. You’d be verrrry surprise. Some of your favorite people pretend to worship God but they only do that to save face. Or seem innocent.

          Satan was head of music in heaven. He uses influential people…to help influence the world. Think about that. Once u make a certain amount of money. Just know that that’s when they ask u to join. To get in you have accept the beast, worship. Once you join they assist u with ur career.make u huge.only if u agree and obey to destroy Gods word.and his children.

          Ppl listen and pay attention. Its a war going on right now between Good and Evil. Evil will rule this world for a min. The people that have this power are the people that RULE the whole world. I’m done I won’t say anymore before I get in trouble.

          • And We Really Haven’t heard ANYTHING else from her since !!!!! Things that really make you say HMMMMMM!!!!

          • Toy: You are spot on re: satan’s role. He was an angel in Heaven before he became God’s opposition.

            These entertainers are fooled into thinking God is the one blessing them, but it is indeed the devil. God arrives when HE is good and ready. He will not supply you with what you want, but what He feels you need to effectuate His work. The devil, on the other hand, is giving these people what seem to be abundant riches. But when he comes to take them back, the devil expects interest. You better cough it up or make those sacrifices he demands. That is why these people turn to drugs, alcohol, deviant sexual behavior, murder and suicide. And the worst part is, people fear too much for their lives and safety to speak up and warn the general public about the goings on in the industry.

  7. i HATE To be a crab in a barrel but 2+2=4


    Andre 3000
    Common Sense
    LL Cool J

    started getting major play , you know damn well someone was playing with their butt.

    • Lol, very true. Common was tight back in the day in Like Water for Chocolate. Once he teamed up with Kanye, that started his descent into the sell out realm. He won his awards, got into movies, now in a TV series. You know he was sold with titles like Universal Mind Control and that horrible movie he starred in with Queen Latifa.

      • Did you see that piece of crap basketball that Andre 300 made with Will Ferrel?

        They are letting him learn on the job like they did with Arnold and Elvis..

        They even let Arnold learn english on the job..

        I think Elvis was already such a huge star that he didnt have to drop trou…I bet Arnold did , but I bet he didnt mind because most white men are queer by nature…Thats why its no big deal to hear about Travolta or Cruise or any A List white actor because the queer stuff is right in their wheelhouse…They’re naturally inclined ..

      • It’s call having a career brother damn lol. Seriously? The goal in entertainment is for a talent to make as much money as they can which means that they have to work constantly. LOL Common is a talent how like most artist the more they work on their craft the more they grow and change. I admit that common cannot act his way out of a paper bag, but he enjoys doing what he is doing which is to create art (movies, TV, music, etc. The was a talented rapper before he went into acting and he used his rap career as a spring board into acting. Common also had money before he got into acting so why would he give up the ass or dick for a movie role? You guys fail to understand that the entertainment industry is a business and as a business a studio want to go with someone bankable /recognizable who can assure box office. Additionally, ,many writers will create roles with a rapper or actor in mind and they will approach that star for the role. Trust me I have made many calls to rappers/actors reps/agents with offers for roles without having to audition. So in most of these cases the casting couch is not even an option.

        • Dave, I heard enough of your garbage. Either your what they call a dis-informant of one of the above people mentioned, maybe a publicist or some hired stiff to do damage control. Or the other option, like P, above another herd of the sheeple. Asleep, reading and believing everything they read in magazines and on the news or radio. Why would Common give up ass or take a dick you say? Anybody who know about how the Illuminati operate know that this is common practice. Part of the initiation as well as a sacrifice. You say trust you a lot, really why should we? Do u live with these producers? So how would u know if they banged some ass? Lol, La La’s neighbor too at one point. Again you were “neighbors” you don’t have surveillance capturing every moment so u have no idea who she bring or bangs in her home. As for Sam L. Go watch Coming to America, to get from that role to where he is now done over 300+ films, he took plenty of dick along the way.

          • Man and I say this with love lol. Quit watching the X-File, stop taking drugs, and move out of your parents basement lol

            • Never cared for the X-Files, don’t do drugs and rarely drink. Definitely don’t live in my parents basement. You resort to what u think would insult me when in fact it shows how unintelligent you are and I say that with love dick lol.

        • Dave

          You contradicted yourself so many times in your comment, I wont even bother to go back and forth on this one.I’ll just let it stand as a testament of cyber damage control.

          • Gee Dice thank you for being so gracious in your condescension lol. It is just amazing how people want to hold the negative lol wow.

        • I believe most of it because some of these entertainers/famous ppl have spoke out about the crazy/bad behavior of the industry n who would know better then the people who are/were actually in it. Too many saying it for it to not be true. I was looking at Nicki Manaj video yesterday for Beez in the trap. She was in a bathing suits the whole damn video looking like a live mannequin. Can’t nobody tell me it’s nothing going on. These people get paided to act stupid and influence gullible ones

      • I’ll put it to you like this..

        Samuel L Jackson had to let George Lucas play with his butthole to play Mace Window in Star Wars and he studied acting at Morehouse…

        Will Smith used to “mouth” the other actors lines during his first season and a half of the Fresh Prince…So Quincy played in his butthole for the chance to LEARN ON THE JOB.

        Hollywood is a business and they dont let you learn on the job unless you prove yourself by compromising your soul in exchange for the chance…They’re demons and they feed on the blood of the innocent.

        Butt , they only suggest , they dont force anyone to do anything they dont want to do…I only feel sorry for the child stars who are ruined before they are of age…That , I consider rape.

    • Cee-lo has really changed his tune in recent years. He was about the music, not so much the money revealing a lot of stuff too. Don’t tell me he’s been submerged too.

      • He has so many visible demons I don’t believe there’s any human left. He looks inhuman. I am also very leary of people who NEVER remove their glasses. You can see demons in his and Puffy’s eyes.

        Didn’t you see his satanic hand sign on the recent Jet cover which told alot about him AND Jet.

        Didn’t you see that black mass satanic church service he and madonna brought you for the superbowl?

        WAKE UP he’s a beast!

  8. i tried to give the link to Dariel’s homegoing, but i guess i was prevented from doing that, no known people were there except Neffe and Tiffany Evans. i don’t think he is Keisha’s brother, but i know she has a brother. google Dariel’s homegoing.

  9. I just cant believe a website is allowing me to say these things uncensored…

    This Jacky Jasper must be the real…

  10. And if you need any “documented” proof that Kanye is a queer, then all one needs to do is download the clip when he was “Punked” on that Ashton Kutcher TV show..

    Check the clip…Look at how he runs away when the faux cops were trying to confiscate his Master Tapes…All the bitch came out that nigga when he tried to run away in his skinny jeans….That was a candid moment that is etched in video history.

    • ROFL. I don’t watch Punked. I gotta look that up online. Dead @ All the bitch came out that nigga when he tried to run away in his skinny jeans. Whew!

      Don’t know why people can’t see the gay in this dude. He’s all but admitted it.

  11. He’s not related to Rudy. but Luda hates women and is very disrespectful first hand knowledge of that…I’m not surprised about his fondness for dick at all

    • P, let me rip u a new one. Of course you don’t believe, u don’t want to. Listen to the first album = brainwashed sheep which u are. You have no clue what this world is really about your stuck on the Hollywood trance. Read the rest of the site before saying something that stupid ever again.

  12. Luda been gay. His lips were made for cock suckin. Puffy and Ursher have been turned out and have turned out many a man in the ATL. Ditto for Jermaine Dupree. Bow bow been bent over. All of B2K and Immature.

    Homosexuality is a right of passage and a way to keep artists in check. Both the females and males are subjected to same sex sex acts. Take a look at Kim K. and her crew…. Nicole Ritchie, Paris Hitlton, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguliera….. All these chicks use to like each others snatch at one point in time. Some sti do. LaLa, Kelly Roland, Solange, Serena Williams, Alicia Keys, Queen Latifa, Ciara and Missy Elliot… All are either gay or gay for pay.

    Both men and women in Hollywierd go both ways. That’s how you get a head…. You give head.

    • LA LA used to be my neighbor back when she was working Radio in LA and trust me I never saw her hook up with another female, she strickly had men rolling through her crib. Many of them were abusive but she had only men up in her crib.


  14. Seriously People I work in Casting and I have yet to see the casting couch in action. Meaning that someone is offered a role in exchange for sex. Also Samuel L Jackson was asked by George Lucas who is married to a black woman to do star wars and Jackson agreed to do it as long as he had his own unique color light saber. Look at the films his saber color is different that all the rest. Also Sam was worth over 100 million dollars by the time the star wars prequels were released why would he need to sleep with anyone? What I would tell you as some one who works in casting that I have so many actors male and female always throwing ass my way thinking that they would get cast. Many of them are either married or in so called committed relationships. Are there gay actors/rappers/ singers in Hollywood on the DL of course there is but they are also probably your coworker sitting in the cubical next to you.

    • Dave, dude, stop it!
      you sound more outlandish than the craziest conspiracy theory … again, you throwing around these “credentials” is pathetic … you’re most likely a little errand-man that is so in delusion about his little job in the “industry” that you think you know it all.
      c’mon do us and yourself a favor and just STOP!

      • Themetawhateveryour name is lol:

        The only delusion I have is trying to have a cogent, intelligent, and factual conversation with you. Thanks for the ad hominem by the way is shows me that you are very shallow intellectually, and you strike me as an individual who thinks because he can yell the loudest or hurl the strongest insults can win an argument without providing any referable facts. You also seem to be a typical angry person who resents anyone who offers an opinion other than your myopic one. So do yourself a favor read a book or two so that you can be tolerant of others who pose a different point of view than your own.

        • first of all, stop using words you can’t spell and don’t know the meaning of!
          second, i would punch you in the mouth only for the stupid shit that you wrote in your many comments, not because you have a different opinion!
          and my last point, tolerance does not have anything to do with reading books, dumb arse!
          unlike you, I don’t need to list my credentials to defend my image and or opinion!

          • Brother wow I am quaking in my booths over here on your empty threats of violence lol. Brother you don’t list your credits because you don’t have any lol. You seem to be they typical thug who threatens people with violence when they disagree with you lol you are probably a woman beater lol. Brother trust me you don’t want any of this lol if you met me in person you the last thing you would do if you are wise and judging by you texts you are not wise you fall more in the ignorant camp is come up to me talking violence. You are just full of hot air lol that’s right I called you ignorant lol.

  15. Rebel you know that you are gay right? lol No one who doesn’t have some type of sexual conflict going on with all the over the top homophobia you keep sprouting on this

    • just cause anyone or someone disagree with the lifestyles doesnt make them scared. Next pedophiles be with this pedophobia. Stop it, you ppl. run ppl. away from you bc u nagging trying to force your tricks and sneaky lifestyle on ppl.

      • And just to clarify homophobia would mean that a person is AFRAID of homosexuals and honestly…ain’t nobody afraid of no gay people!!! IJS

  16. This dude wasn’t Keisha Pullium’s brother. Her brother does work for Luda tho, I believe has his personal assistant.

  17. Exactly. The claims that dude was Rudy’s bro are wrong….It’s gossip.

    None of it has to be true. Some of it is true, but Most of the stuff on here is a lie. But it is entertaining. If you believe everything on here MTO, YouTube or Bossip you are an idiot.

      • The word or root amen, certainly means “what is hidden,” “what is not seen,” “what cannot be seen,” and the like, and this fact is proved by scores of examples which may be collected from texts of all periods. In hymns to Amen we often read that he is “hidden to his children, “and “hidden to gods and men,” and it has been stated that these expressions only refer to the “hiding,” i.e., “setting” of the sun each evening, and that they are only to be understood in a physical sense, and to mean nothing more than the disappearance of the god Amen from the sight of men at the close of day. Now, not only is the god himself said to be “hidden,” but his name also is “hidden,” and his form, or similitude, is said to be “unknown;” these statements show that “hidden,” when applied to Amen, the great god, has reference to something more than the “sun which has disappeared below the horizon,” and that it indicates the god who cannot be seen with the mortal eyes, and who is invisible, as well as inscrutable, to gods as well as men.
        Like I said above, go worship your false idols Dave. Those Egyptian Mystery schools sure made you their bitch.

  18. Jacky, I love you website & I read it daily.
    I love the tea but Dariel Pullium was not Keisha’s brother. He is from Baltimore, MD born & raised. I know ppl in his Pullium family & many of his friends and he died from complications of HIV/AIDS. The infection he had lead to his early death.

  19. Wow man I don’t know what to say for you guys who seem to be obsessed with devil worship and butt sex is very disturbing. Give glory to God not to the devil which is what you guys are doing by accusing others of doing so without proof. I mean seriously please give some concrete proof that these so called rappers and actors are having butt sex? I will wait (jeopardy music playing) lol okay nothing lol. Also please give me a scripture where Jesus condemn people to hell like you guys are doing? Yes homosexuality is a sin as is lying, stealing, adultery, etc. Sin is sin in the eyes of God except for the unforgivable sin which is to deny Christ as the Lord and Savior of all Christians. Also are you saying that heterosexual couples who engage in anal sex are worshiping the devil? Also if you find gays so offensive why are you cursing a blog that primary talks about men who allegedly engage in homosexuality? Research constantly shows that men who are extremely homophobic are closeted gays themselves ask Ted Haggard.

  20. Does anyone other than me finds it kinda funny that Ludacris is gay?

    Its like finding out the 3 Stooges were gay.

  21. Since when was this guy related to Keshia Knight Pulliam? I never heard that and it was not mentioned when news of his death came out. Also, if that’s his sister, why was family asking for donations to pay for his funeral? I’m confused. Luda being gay doesn’t surprise me. It seems that everyone is accused if being gay in the industry, so I don’t know what to believe. However, him being the brother of “Rudy” surprises me.

  22. Luda has a new r & b group. Rap mogul Ludacris has a hit on his hands with his new R&B group called Untitled. The Disturbing Tha Peace Records R&B Group Untitled presents their first official video for their Silk sampled single “Don’t Stop”.

  23. I don’t worship the devil. It’s not my fault dudes choose other dudes over some women because we are more sexual by nature STEP your fucking bedroom skills up. I’m one of the niecest people on this earth but it’s people like you with your ignorant comments about gay people that makes me be mean spirited all the time. butt sex = demonic newsflash some women get fucked in the ass too do they worship the devil!

  24. WE can all disagree all day but do you honestly think these celebrities are going to come out of the closet when people will treat them like shit if they do.

  25. @dave; you’se a big dummy!(in my redd fox voice). Lol.let me stop. I dont want to b a internet bully. Here is the deal. Ive been n the church all my life too, and ive seen al lot of people sincere with their walk with god and some whose walk is not sincere. I remember this guy i know who can really preach very well ask me to giv him a blow job in the park in the middle of the day. He used to go to my church and work with me also at my job in the hospital.i didnt understand the request, being i was just asking for some spiritual advice. I think inwardly, that u must b seeking sum type of truth, otherwise u would not b visiting this type of website. It seems awfully stupid to waste ur time and energy reading and responding to any of these comments. Jesus wouldnt do this because he ia very wise god. So i pray that god open ur spiritual eyes. Any how somewhat on the topic, google the name “kimberely lindsey” cdc official, it will sort of show sum of the character of sum of the people in charge of center of disease control.

  26. You are correct that I am a seeker of truth and I go to many web sites,read many books,talk to many people ,and I have traveled the world in my search for better truth and understaning of the world. I also thank you for your sincere amonishment, and once I got wind that many of the people who responded to my posts were coming from a dark and misinformed perspective I stopped my interaction with them. As I said I Visit many websites that interest me and being that I work in the entertainment industry with a background in behavior science I am very interested in want people’s think about the industry. What amazes me about many people who co mets about the so called inner workings of the psychosexual aspects of the industry is how little they know about the industry and man off the people in it. Are there gays snd perverts in it of course no different than the ones you find in the church , in the government, in our children schools, etc.

    Usually during the rare times I do comments on a blog I do so just to share my persective with the hoes of engagng in a stimulating dialogue . I actually found most of the negative comments to my posts very funny and a title sad lol. I mean the wheels started falling off the wagon when my faith, my sexuality and my persons was attacked for sharing my pespective and Shem the woes of the world was blamed on shadow groups. Lol

  27. @dave; i didnt/wouldnt/couldnt even read ur response to my comment. God resist the proud,but giv grace to the humble. God only honors confidence/faith, & courage. Im positive that u r a dis-informant agent and u reprobated minded. Wen u come into christ jesus, old things pass away,all things bcome new. All through all ur responses u r high minded and a braggart. If u friends with the world(all ur hollywood friends) u cannot b a friend of the lord. With that said, @dave, hav a good nite!

    • Anonymous:

      Brother could it be that you did not read my post because you cannot read too well? LOL just asking brother and brother I am bless and I am very proud of all that God has given me. However you simply engage in the Ad Hominem which is a fallacy of a logical argument in which you cannot find logical fault with a person argument so you attack their character. So attack away brother cause if you do not accept my words then my words are not for you Brother you are correct I have many friends in Hollywood, and in other industries who do more for Christ and for others than you will ever do and I am very proud to call them my friends. I make no apologizes for being who I am Brother I sincerely hope that you are not calling yourself a Christian to others who don’t truly know the Lord, because I can say that you don’t represent Christ in the least bit brother. Oh yeah I will be flying to Japan next week and I will be praying for you on the flight lol

      • fool, god do not want anyone to b proud of anything. God only want you to hav confidence and trust. He only want u to rejoice in him. If u have “hollywood friends” that u put above god’s word, that means u r a enemy of god. The first sin committed was pride by satan. That is y he got kicked out of heaven. There is no teaching u. God bless u.

  28. LOL I thought you were not reading my posts and serious brother you need to lay off the lead paint chips. You forgot to mentioned that since Satan’s fall his chief role is to accuse the children of the Lord, and brother that is all you been doing since you started this dialogue. Christ never accuses he only redeems and forgives. Correction Christ did accuse ones such as you a person claiming to know and love the Lord while all the time condemning, and bringing judgement against those who threaten their perceived power or religious perspective. Chew on that and next time you want to quote the Lord bring some scriptures brother.

    • Dave, you are officially a HYPOCRITE!
      go back up and read ALL of your comments and responses and you will find dumb, stupid, hypocritical bullshit!
      just stfu!

      • Lol naw bruh I won’t stbleepup lol and call whatever my words or me whatever you want to brother . The truth of the matter is that I know what I wrote unlike you I think before I say or write something lol; so there is no need for me to go back and reread anything. I think the only hypocrite here is you because you professed to know things only to become threaten when someone takes and maintains a point a view different than your own lol . I am not going anywhere cause I refuse to allow Internet bullys any quarter cause I learned a long time ago the only way to deal with myopic bullies is to stand up to them brother. If you don’t agree with my words then I say it again they are not for you and you should move on from talking to me however I suspect that you tiny ego cannot deal with anyone opposing you on any level lol.

  29. This is why I love this website people are allowed to express their views without having to sugar coat shit in fear that their comments will be deleted

  30. Dara no case is not closed you should have better said my mind is closed. You have qouted a few sentences out of the study and totally disregared the other study i proposed nor did you responed on the homophobss I listed in my original response to you.All you have done is is cut and pasted a sentence from the study why do’t write your own words to defend your point. Lol if you want to debate a social issue then let’s debated them with researchable facts and not conjecture or subjective opinions like your case closed lol

  31. Wow brother it took you a week yo go to Wikipedia to cut and paste your paranoid and demonic ramblings just to respond to my posts I woul be flattered if it where not so sad. Brother I guess that you volume of ramblings is suppose to expose me a a follower of .the devil while you go on about charka points a witches covens etc. You sound more like a follower of Eastern religions and you are most certainly dwelling place of darkness and the only spirit I have in me is the Holy spirit and I rebuke you oh son of the morning star. You pretend to know things of spiritual nature and of the power of God but you don’t. I will concede that Satan is a foe to be on the watch for but he has no power over Christ who lives in me. Also in all of your ramblings is that Satan is a defeated foe as are you in our conversations. I will pray that you will be delivered from your shackles of spiritual darkeness and I suggest that you read John ch 14-16, and 1 Corinthians ch 13 about the true nature of love and Romans ch 8 I live my life on those principles brother and you should too. I pray that one day you come to the true love of Christ and exit from your spiritual darkness.

  32. That wasn’t Keisha Knight’s brother… I think if he was, it would’ve been publicized as such.

    As for this story… I don’t know about Luda… but Puffy, now anybody who believes Puffy isn’t a tutti frutti needs Jesus lmao

    I don’t know, there’s too many crazy stories about all these rappers sucking dick and tricking that sometimes it’s crazy to be true. Not that I think any story of any rapper doing that is false but the stories I read are still unbelievable.

    And what is up with that dude in the picture? Jesus but may he RIP. Sorry about his loss. Sounds like a Jermaine Stewart type of story…

  33. the fact that this man is not related to Keshia Knight Pulliam, but Jacky states it like its a solid fact makes me give ALL of his credibility the side eye. I guess this site is another site full of lies just like MediaTakeout and Sandra Rose.

  34. Some of you are totally wrong, most of you have a an idea of what’s going on….however because the information we give you is so obscured all you will be able to do is hypothesize……(Hint) if I murdered someone and your present with no blood on your hands do I let you live to tell or do I include you in……

  35. Here is another hint…..GOD is nether male nor female, by addressing the creator in the wrong context you disconnect yourself from your/ the higher conscious…..

  36. Link exchange is nothing else however it is just placing the other person’s weblog link on your page at appropriate place and other person will also do same in favor of you.

  37. He and “Rudy” are not related, lol. This story is a mess. The other parts may be true, but if one big part is untrue, I question the rest. This man could not even afford his funeral, because he had no life insurance. His family was asking for donations to bury him; I highly doubt he is related to Keshia an she never mentioned him. secret cousins? maybe. siblings? no.

  38. I watched Dariel grow up as a young kid in Baltimore MD and he lived with me for a time in the early 2000s when he moved to GA. He was not related in any fashion to Keisha and he had No relationship at all with Ludacris. This site is publishing flagrant lies. You are a fool if you believe this garbage and Jacky somebody needs to p@ss on your head for disrespecting the dead.

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