Suge Knight Gay Fake Son Andrew Sexting A-List Hollywood Celebrities.


Andrew Knight Sexting Messages

Update: The man parading around Hollywood and sexing various DL celebrities is NOT the gay some of Suge Knight. He is gay, but the Suge Knight relation claim is a fraud. The man photographed above has zero relation to the Death Row founder Suge Marion Knight.


HSK Exclusive – We have exclusively obtained the sex messages sent from the son of Deathrow Records founder Suge Knight, Ms. Mr. Andrew Knight.

Andrew gets high on cocaine and sends racy photos of himself to various Hollywood celebrities. Including the one attached, which we have blocked out the receiver. Know why? cuz we want to see what it’s worth first mane!

Though, I will give you a multiple choice to see if you can guess who this message was sent to.

Which of the down-low celebrities listed below was being seduced by this message? A message that was ended with “NO HOMO”.

a). Puffy

b). Zac Efron

c). Jamie Foxx

d). Shemar Moore

Andrew Knight Sexting Messages

Andrew Knight Sexting Messages