Suge Knight Scared Dr Dre Straight …To Death Row!!!


Suge Knight Scared Dr. Dre Straight

Ambitionz Az A Ridah!

HSK Exclusive – We’ve learned the chain of events said to have forced a fearful Dr Dre to fuse with Suge Knight.

An insider exclusively tells HSK the Death Row Records Wardon is was one of the few West Coast ridah’s to not rep the “We Want Eazy” club. Know why? ‘Cause Suge wanted Beats by Dre backing his imprisoned-recording artists.

“It was more than a year that Suge planned to get Dre away from Eazy.”

Dr. Dre & Suge Knight Exposed

Here’s the drop:

“Suge was serious that night. Like he TOLD Dre to beatdown Dee Barnes. Then, he took Dre’s keys. Suge was driving Dre’s black Corvette down the 101 freeway … with Dre in the passenger seat of his own damn car. And you know Colin [Wolfe] was following them — yeah dude has a Pathfinder, that’s it, it was red.

Some fuckin’ couple happened to be riding up beside Suge and Dre. So get this … Suge blew that man’s broad a kiss. So her dude told Suge to fuck off … and you know Suge striaght pulled out his piece and shot at that ride.

Dre was shook man. He came back and told everybody Suge was crazy. A few weeks later, Dre left Eazy to fuck with Suge.”


    • Because Dre left Death Row with nothing, even his masters, Suge owned.
      In the end Dre’s getting the last laugh. The smartest thing Dre did was walking away.

      • I am sure all of that happened at the direction of the Jhew. They told that Tom, Suge, to rape Dre and then they got Suge. The Jhew always wins in the end.

        • Always gotta be someone else’s fault, don’t it? You really need to come up with excuses for Suge. Maybe “The Jhew” won because he wasn’t out killing anyone, beating down producers, etc. You know, crimes?
          SMH swear some people will blame others for stuff, never really knew a person of that religion and think they know everything about them. It’s really sad, holds people back more than they’ll ever realize.

          • suge gave his goons the orders while dave kenner, jimmy iovine sat back and made all the millions and they got rid of suge and sold deathrow an took dre and still made money off 2pac after his death.

            yes suge is a big idiot.

            like robert crumb said with jews you lose.

  1. I Like these “DEATH ROW RECORD” stories but, “DR DRE”, please, please put out that “DETOX” album HIP-HOP/RAP as we knew it is dying a very slow death, records labels officials are lazy, uninspired, cheat, stupid and worse of all signing weak talent in just about all genres of music, people write letters, tweet 2 record labels, A&Rs and get them to be inspired again, let’s help make the 2010’s, going in 2020’s be some of the best years in music yet (BRING BACK REAL, GREAT, HIP-HOP/RAP)

    • Aint gon happen, music industry has gone to hell in a hand bag. And its getting hard for Dre to find new unknown beatmakers to make tracks for him to jack. Dre is damn near 50, if he does make an album that shit needs to be called “Geri-Tox” with a hit single called “The gun is in my hand, it shoots dust”….lol” he can use a sample from Funkadelic’s “Bop Gun”

      • Lol @ hand bag! Just how all these sissified rappers heading there. A big, bright, glittery hand bag.

        • Lol…..with a skirt, kilt, dress…..whatever they want to call it. The entire industry is full of vaginal secretions. Wearing dresses and carrying purses, takin date rape drugs and letting themselves get violated. gangsta rappers talking about they hard, but they forgot to add in there that they are are because they are looking at all the dudes in the crowd….SMH…..preserving their sexy and kissin they paw in the mouth. Wearing leopard print stretch pants. Wearing them lil girl knockers in their hair to make ponytails in heir head….lol

      • dre neva made an album on his own he had snoop and doc who dnt get creditnow he about to use Kendrick lamar bend ova u on ur way

        • funny how kendrick’s album came out when you had folks on the label longer who never dropped an album on aftermath ask bishop lamont, last emperoe, hitman, dawn robinson, joelle ortiz, ms roq, and slim da mobster.

        • true dre never made an album by himself he can’t rap so he needs snoop, doc or whoever to write for him.

          dre really never wanted to rap not even in the nwa days he had to play a bigger role when cube left which was why you heard dre rap more on 100 miles and runnin and niggaz4life.

          but dre then was hungrier and not as rich as he is now dre now says phukk making albums i made my money got my own label; i can put out another album whenever i feel like it.

          dre’s strength is playing keyboards and picking out what samples to use and he does know how to arrange a tune and bring out the best in an artist but let’s not compare him to quincy jones, or legendary bandleaders like cab calloway, duke ellington, count basie, louis jordan, and james brown.

      • You screen name is hilarious!!!!

        But seriously, I know you’re just kidding but you may not realize what you’re joking about could very well be the formula to a hit song…

        “The gun is in my hand, it shoots dust”….lol” he can use a sample from Funkadelic’s “Bop Gun”

        I’d like to suggest you quit “kidding around” & start a journal of your ideas…you may really be on something!

  2. THAT TURNED DRE ON! AND like leaving that Hollywood cult sciencetolligy DRE planned a careful exit Ans best believe HE got serious secrets on sugar bear that’s the only reason he still breathing. But not a day goes by Dre don’t watch over his shoulder & Suge waits for the perfect time he has tried lol but the high in commands ( White folk) squashes it before attempt could be made lol lol ITS A REASON DRE BS with albums he didn’t want to he has to to LIVE he’s played the game accordingly with high commands( gay ones love him)=beats. By Dre=$$$$$ Suge was pist but dosent have constent reminder like hearing his music in airways


  4. Dam
    I wish Tupac and Big had used their chance to get away
    But as far as that Detox follow up, it will never be
    True soul(s) have left or have sold out hip hop
    Hip hop will never be the same

  5. When Dre and Suge were broke they were tight as fuck then the money started to pile up and shit happened which is why I always say money is the human creation, it was never, is not and will never be good

  6. You know, they kind of have to be cool with each other to a degree since they have sons that are half brothers. How do they get along regarding their sons?

  7. They don’t Suge sees his daughter and Dre son with michella I think passed away but they NEVER saw each other at family functions

    • ^”devils come in all colors”

      True, but in this world, there’s no question who the biggest devils are (Hint: They’re not black, cigar-smoking, manipulative ‘Gangsters’ from poor black neighborhoods), especially towards blacks.

  8. starting to believe those rumors about suge and dannyboy back in the 90’s.

    most of suge’s crew was ex cons who were used to gay sex in jail and prison suge was always too comfortable around dl thugs.

    kokane I believe said bsck in 94 that snoop took part in dl sex whern he was in jail for a year.

    kind of funny that kokane started working for snoop in 99-2000.

    the eastsidaz was kind of strange duded named goldie loc and tray dee was a ex con before he was in the rap game he has some stories to tell plus he was around in the deathrow days.

    doggy’s anghels had that whole lesbian thing going for them chan was in that girl gangster rap group gbm with ruthless shortly before eazy died.

  9. suge said dre prefers the white meat.

    guess suge miss that old girl dreill.

    too many gay hints these dudes throw at us and then they get mad when the world call them gay.

    latifah too how many times she’s gonna deny her true self while grinding on women on pics but she’s not gay.

    maybe the code is some reverse psychology type chit.

    when an artist says it’s none of your business who they’re sleeping wioth it means they’re gay or lesbian.

    when there are pics of 2 duds kissing and the only defense is we on some mafia chit or i’m showing my boys love it’s gay.

    too many rap songs where dudes talk about i love my homie or i love my niggas or i’ll die for my nigga i miss that nigga or me and my homie chill out and smoke weed together phukk all you bitches.

    love 2pac but i question him sometimes even.

    like in the hit em up videop he was the oldest duded in the group with his shirt off with the outlawz who were all teens except one and even he was’nt 21 then all laying down in a damn circle.

    no women in these gangster rap songs are loved or spoke of in a good manner except their moms.

    these dudes never talk about their wives or numerouis baby mamas.

  10. Have black entertainers historically been dl, but since the internet its more widely reported. Teddy pendergrast, sammy davis, flip wilson, etc

      • ask the tranny that sucked his dick but hey teddy said he did’nt know weong teddy did’nt care all he was doing was getting some head ain’t that right mister cee.

      • sammy was all about getting head from guys too he hated anal sex though.

        miles davis told somebody if they wanted in his band he had to give everybody head starting with him forgot who it was.

        flip had a crossdressing fetish behind closed doors and was a serious nympho.