Suliman Facet Hasan & Marcus Blassingame Conning Models For Cash!


Suliman Facet Hasan & Marcus Blassingame Conning Models

Scam Exposed!

HSK Exclusive – The urban modeling world is being rocked as news of a scam surfaces – pointing to a pair of leading players of the industry as taking more than 50 models for big bucks, while capitalizing on their stolen pictures.

According to a model who has chosen to remain anonymous, Black Men Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief – Marcus Blassingame – and celebrity photographer – Suliman Facet Hasan (both previously dubbed the gay Black Bonnie & Clyde) – are using their positions to pull a fast one on both up-and-coming and established models.

Our source says she paid Suliman Facet Hasan five-hundred dollars for a two day photo shoot, set to happen during Houston’s All Star game weekend. We’re told she was promised the 150 images – including “two looks” – would be relayed to Blassingame, who was to use a chosen set for a Black Men Magazine spread. But, the shoot never happened. Know why? Because our source says after her deposit to Facet’s account cleared, not only did she not hear back from him — she also discovered the Facet Hasan-Blassingame pair have long been conning other models, like her, out of their cash. Don’t believe me.. Ask DJ Kay Slay.

Here’s the drop:

“Facet told me he would publish my photos when I paid. He lied, like he did to fifty other models.

I didn’t know Facet was on the rip off report. I found out he was slime after I paid him a deposit of five hundred dollars.

Facet is ripping off models that f–k with DJ Kay Slay too.”

This isn’t the first time Suliman Facet Hasan has been accused of such. Back in 2009, FlixChick Sonia Mckie took to YouTube to expose the photographer as a “shady” individual with “poor business dealings”.

Here’s was Sonia Mckie revealed:

“I’ve sent him celebrity clients, I’ve sent him clients that have paid him a lot of money, I have had three other photo shoots with him – which I paid. And, I might add — all three photo shoots, I can say I’m missing one or two more pictures that I paid for, but never received.”

Take a look:

Face Studios Scamming Models


  1. I wonder if Marcus Blassingame is related to hype hair former publisher John Blassingame. If so that would explain a lot.

  2. What ever happened to reading, writing and arithmetic as career starters? This new generation is so goddamned thirsty for fame. Thats the real problem. All this need for attention and acceptance. Damn shame.

    • Yep. The thirst leaves you a prime target for cons… It says more about the ” models” than the faggot Bonnie and Clyde. These people rely too much on their looks they haven’t acquired any sense to match their looks…

  3. This story doesn’t surprise me. After all there is no money in urban modeling anymore. The highlight of that time was when melyssa ford was banking between $30,000 and $50,000 a gig but now with twitpics, instagram, camera phone pics and an overflow of females who look alike-fake asses, fake hair, breast implants and mandatory stank attitude-there’s no money in it. These girls today may clear between $300-$500 a shoot which is why even popular girls like maliah end up going back to the strip club or whoring to make ends meet. Ask jacky. The saddest part is so many young girls continue to pursue it thinking they will be stars when in all actuality they will probably end up sucking or fucking some rapper/actor/actress/athelete for a few dollars. And that’s if they don’t end up doing porn. Smdh. Sistahs we gotta start wanting more for ourselves than to be someone’s sidepiece or spermbucket. I don’t admire chicks like kimbella, sheneka adams and amber rose. I’d rather have my own than whore myself out for someone else’s. Just sayin’.

    • There seems to be a lotta big booty white girls in urban modeling: Elke the Stallion,the Bronze Model,etc.

      • That ain no lie! Marcy diamond made that shit work for her when she dumped urban modeling and moved to soft porn! I’m a big fan of hers and both her and Virgo do web cam and make a killing now! No money in urbAn modeling! Girls yous gotta do cammin or clip sites that sells your clips for you

    • I find it questionable that, in “urban modeling”, anyone would earn $30-50k/gig. That is more money than some supermodels earn to walk the runway during NYFW. I remember top video girls earning $3k-5k per video, which may have included flights, hotel accommodations and even a per diem, but I have never heard of a video chick, especially Melyssa Ford, banking that much.

      • They are lucky to get 300 to 500 dollars, including melyssa. if melyssa makes thousands, some dummy paid her who isnt familar with urban modeling which comes at a rate of 0 dollars an hour or worse a paid price by the models. since when do models pay to be seen? shouldnt it be the other way around? so the only overhead this magazine has is taxes owed on income. i done seen it all!

      • @Bella-hey i was going by what i heard but then again that figure may have come from her. Lol. You know miss ford may have wanted people to think she was balling more than she was. And @anon-yeah i noticed that too. There has definately been an influx in white chicks with asses like black girls in the game. Could be to try to push out the black girls. And can you even call it urban modeling if the star chicks in it are all white? Hmmm so many questions.

        • I know that certain feature girls were well compensated in the mid-90s to early 2000s, during the era of Hype Williams. Once upon a time, rap videos starred Wilhelmina models who fit into sample size garments, not these wannabe Hottentot Venus heauxs in different shades.

          These girls today can call themselves “vixens” all day long. They are poorly compensated strippers and/or prostitutes. They are too ugly and overweight to garner contracts from legitimate porn companies. Steven Hirsch doesn’t want these hos, neither does John Stagliano or anyone worth their salt. So they hook on Craigslist, bump uglies with some thirsty athlete for a plane ticket to Miami and a Salisbury steak at Grand Lux, only to be forgotten about by the time he ejaculates.

          Tahiry (whoever the hell she is) claims to be a model or video model in Burberry circa 2005. Erica Mena claims to be a model. The bitch worked at Dash and was fired on Keeping Up With the Kardashians for not showing up to work and being a horrible employee.

          If homemade sex tapes and Instagram photos constitute these chicks being models, then YES, they’re models. I don’t acknowledge any models who aren’t signed to Ford, Wilhelmina, IMG, Elite and the like.

          • Dying at the salisbury steak line! Lol! As for tahiry i didn’t remember that until you brought it up. Her real name is stacy cause that is the girl who was fired. Where the hell she got tahiry from is anybody’s guess but when you got girls named elke the stallion(WTF?! REALLY?!! Well mr ed and frances the talking mule were taken so…) i guess you need some weird name to stand out. And yeah we both know these girls’ futures which is why i can’t understand why so many are willing to get in that business knowing the outcome. I mean if you just wanna be a prostitute skip the urban model stuff and go straight to the corner. Save yourself some time but i guess they need the pics to advertise to future clients. Nothing says you can have me for a happy meal and a grey hound bus ticket like a pic of you bent over with your ass in the air. Classy.

            • I am hollering re: Mr. Ed and Frances!!! Funny story: Elke had one of her photos “Simpsonized” (sadly, the cartoon characters, not OJ). The way she looked as a Simpson is EXACTLY how she looks in reality. I only wish I saved a copy of that image. She should call herself Elke the Duck.

              I regret to inform you that the Salisbury steak story actually occurred. Some stripper, groupie, wtf she is arranged a pump and dump with Kenyon Martin via Twitter. He flew her to Miami, where they dined on the fine fare at the Grand Luxe Cafe. This Bama ordered Salisbury steak. He took her back to the hotel, screwed her and gave her the boot. I don’t think he ever spoke to her again.

              The worst part of that story is I HAD TO GOOGLE WTF SALISBURY STEAK IS!!! THIS HO ORDERED A DAMN HAMBURGER PATTY WITH GRAVY!!! I was sick! LMAO. A mfing hamburger patty!!! I couldn’t deal.

      • Melyssa ford at her highest point yes she did that is absolutely true. Melyssa ford contrary to what you think has seen a million dollars go check her out on celebrity net worth. I used to date the dude that did Melyssa’s Books in 2001-2002 and yes she was getting up to 50k for some gigs not all but some

  4. Wow it’s crazy how people can just spray some people. It’s seems the more angry that they didn’t get in the magazine but y’all arent what the magazine wanted at the time. I guess but is he really gay though?

  5. Anyone who watched Lisa Raye’s reality show would know that Marcus was shady. He posted a booty shot of her during her time as the First Lady of Turks & Caicos on the cover of Black Men’s Magazine. She was livid. Suffice to say, I would not appear in anything like BMM, Show, or any publication that lacks any sort of credibility or journalistic integrity. IMO, Smooth, BMM, etc. are beneath women like Kenya Moore and Lisa Raye. Leave that garbage to hos like Elke and Jenna Shay. That’s all they’re good for — escorting, web cam shows and booty magazines, despite the fact that they are both badly built, overweight and sagging. Black men think that isht is cute.

  6. Thank you 4 responding. The father John loves him some barely legal gals. Well i believe the legal age of consent is 16yrs old and he likes them 16 in a half or barely 18yrs old.
    He used to have those pageant shows at the roundtree hotel. I met him when I was 24yrs old and was to over the hill 4 him. Met him thru a friend who had a shyt fetish. Lol.
    (you dont want to know the details) lol!

  7. U know, every dog has his day and we can call these street hookahs low rent and low brow all day long, but if they can pay with their sexual wiles and have these negroes busted up, look out. If one of them get the right muscle, these negroes gonna and should get what’s coming to them.

  8. Yep Elke is an escort u will c her ads on Eros same photos uses no name Jenna was charging 300 – 400. / hr then releases shots with Molly-Ed out solja boy and some trick nba players cash and now says she’s 1000/ hr . She makes cash from cams.. No celeb or athlete in there right mind would pay these out of pocket low level track type hoes.. And the D boys that do must be long and difficult clients. Most top notch escorts will not even date black men especially the hood or thug type. That’s not an easy client. The magazines are promotion for hoes that’s it. Those photographers aren’t even talented they are making big bucks selling dreams of getting published.. They outsource for inexpensive photoshop… They get one popular model to shout them out via twitter and its on and poppin. Stay in school ladies. I have a BA and still do my side dirt. That’s like a he diploma in this economy now .

    • Yeah unfortunately there is a sex tape of elke out there getting her swollen lipped sloppy fat fake silverback gorilla ass plowed by some bottom of the barrel rapper. I’m wearing dark glasses right now as my retina heal from the visual assault. And if the video wasn’t bad enough you should hear the audio track. She’s making noises like a constipated moose. Ugggh!!! @Bella-that’s why i fell out my chair over the salisbury steak line!!!! Yep girlfriend gave up the goodies for a hamburger patty with deep brown gravy! Damn shame!!! She might as well have let him take her to burger king-at least she would’ve got fries and a shake too. Mmm mmm mmm coochie ain’t worth what it used to be. Smdh. And why am i not shocked that’s a true story. Pretty soon these hoes will be giving it away for a donut and a cup of warm tap water. So sad.*prince singing voice-siiiiiiiggggnnn of the times!!*

  9. First off I told them way back in 2009 Hasan was a scam. I’m not a model nor did I do pictures to be in a man magazine. I did them for my owe personal collections for my eyes only. Hasan blackmailed me by saying if didn’t take the video above down that he would release pictures that he doctored up to make me look fat and ugly on the internet. As you can see I’m neither however I didn’t remove the video and he posted half nake pictures of me all on the net I had attorneys remove most of them when I found out. YOu girls didn’t listen. He was a bum then and is a bum now.

  10. Umm the thirst instagram models and so called urban models. You have to check references bbb reports, rip off reports and YouTube. Just cause you a certain basketball “wife” featured on his instagram doesn’t make it legit.

  11. Doesn’t surprise me at all. NIGGAS + the modeling world = a hot ass mess! They have turned something that was supposed to be a legitimate, specialized industry into a breeding ground for basic b-tches aspiring to be whores, celebrity thumpers and FAT BOOTY SLUTS! None of these so-called models could ever grace Cosmo or Vogue and this whole “urban modeling” bullshit is just that… bullshit! Nobody really pays real money to shoot these heauxs!!! They’ll be lucky if they collect a couple coins from a music video. There is no such thing as URBAN MODELING anymore and it’s sad that there are so many young girls aspiring to apart of this fuckery! Modeling is not a hobby. A model is in the industry to MAKE money, not give it way. If your dumb ass is stupid enough to not do your research and hand your money over to some sketchy photographer or loser with a failing magazine, you deserve to be scammed!

    Ladies, wake your dumb asses up! Half of you don’t even have what it takes to be a model. Try something else BESIDES chasing fame! School teacher, doctor, business owner, scientist, engineer, chef… hell anything besides being half naked and bent over in a magazine!

  12. … who PAYS for photoshoot??? isn’t it supposed to be the other way around. i see now why some of these chix aspire to model. they’re too dumb to do anything else.

    • Depends on the model. Newbies to the game will pay an established photog to get started. Or the photog gets her to pay by making promises about getting published, etc. Well established models (and that term nowadays really has no meaning whatsoever) can ask for money based on their popularity…the more exposure she has, the higher rate she can ask.

      The other thing is, the whole point of modeling is to get published in mags that have wide ciruculation, maybe get a contract as a result. In reality, some of these photoshoots never see the light of day…

  13. How did tjis “buyer beware” article turn into a model bashing blog? Smh. There are still legitimate and well mannered women in the urban modeling industry. The sad fact is people like everyone bashing on this very blog dont want to see the “good girls” u want to see the punk ass fame chasing wanna be reality star stripper hoe bitches you hear and read about from rappers songs or media takeout.. the real issue is these women need to collaberate and file a class action law suit. I was also a victim of Hassan. He tried to fuck me, rudely and aggressively kissed me at one point at the shoot, saw my reaction to it and claimed “he was trying to add passion to our shoot” i have never dealt with Marcus so i cannot comment on his side of the scam. Hasan promised myshoot would be published in black men and that was the reason he couldnt give mey pics. After a year of not bn published i asked for the proofs and was told i never paid him for my shoot. After i sent a screen shot of the paypal payment he then said i owed him 60 dollars for a full face and all he did was eyelashes and blush on my face even tho he stole my mac bronzer. I never sent the extra 60 and i never received my proofs. Hadan is a scam artist. Most models pay via paypal so the idea of a class act law suit isnt that far fetched. He should be sued.

  14. First of all Melyssa never gotten 50k… No urban model has. Second of all even back in da days models fucked rappers to b in videos, hence Karrin Steffens… Third of all Elke the Stallions real name is Elke.. fourth, her Simpson character wasn’t made by her but a fan. Fifth, there is diff types of modeling, NOT just runway… Catalog, cars, videos etc…so everybody in here talking all this BS, get the facts straight… And hey, work for 8 bucks an hr or get 4k to Fuck an NBA player? I know my choice is made…maybe some of yall r bitter not to have access to those men that pay but instead stuck at home w some looser that takes your money and cheats…

    Without women like Tahery, Maliah, Cubana etc there be no videos, no magazines, NO industry!!!!!!

  15. Urban modeling still makes money but its the websites who do now, what happen was the internet has taken over with digital cameras and photoshop being readily available to anyone now every girl can do it and just get on a glamour site. so now its the websites who makes the money and not the magazines or the girls

  16. If he’s such a horrible person and scam artist, why isn’t he in jail or like some of you are insinuating other people to do, file a lawsuit against him and take him to court for your money. This a big named photographer that continues to work with celebs and make his money. Clearly, he still doing something right! I love his work personal and I have seen him publish numerous no name models. What if he takes y’all to court for slandering his name. If any of this was really facts, why haven’t you taken it to TMZ, Vibe magazine, not no damn blog.. Whoever have history with the man, fuck handle your business and hire you a lawyer or is it that a lawyer won’t take your case….

  17. what happened to my post about how he got me published!!!! and was very professional on and after my shoot