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Super Bowl Champ Dwight Smith Plotted Drug Scheme While In NFL!

September 3rd, 2013

Dwight Smith's Tampa Bay Pot Business

Natural Born Detroit D-Boy!

HSK Exclusive - He may be recorded as “the first player ever to scoreĀ 2 touchdowns on interception returns in Super Bowl history” — but there’s another score Dwight Howard is said to have banked on, during the time he played for his Super Bowl-winning team … a $25,000 drug score!!!

An insider exclusively tells HSK, while Dwight Howard was playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he was looking to “flip” about 10-pounds of Florida pot. Now it appears, either the NFL couldn’t take the Detroit D-Boy out of the Super Bowl champ — or — the football safety player was looking to launch a street safety net, knowing NFL is Not For Long.

Here’s the drop:

“He’d always roll with a shady crew, enforcers and all. Dwight was planning to use his crew to start his street biz … flippin’ green to green.”

Has Dwight Smith since launched a self-noted “game-changing new recruiting website for high school athletes”? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Katie Witkowski.

9 Responses to “Super Bowl Champ Dwight Smith Plotted Drug Scheme While In NFL!”

  1. Jesus |

    Detroit, lived there for 8 years ,,, Gratoit And Milner ,,,



  2. LMAO! |

    uh…..u need to make a correction….U have his name listed as Dwight Howard in the article instead of Dwight Smith…….lololl


    billy elliott Reply:

    thank you so much. . . i thought it was the pinot grigio tht i had last night that was making me see dwight howard!
    feel much better now, thankx. . .


  3. Anonymous |

    Damn, I heard the Detroit school system was pretty good for an inner city locale. Can’t these kneegrows make a living with a criminal element?


  4. Anonymous |

    He look like a damn thug.


    Big D Reply:

    Let’s see how you look ASSHOLE!!!!


    Anonymous Reply:

    Not like some damn thug.


  5. Jojo |

    This is a bunch of bs fake article get a life this never happened


    Jacky Jasper Reply:

    My source was very close to Dwight-


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