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HSK Exclusive – Swizz Beatz’s deadbeat dad reputation could be attributed to characteristics running through his veins. That’s because Swizz Beatz’s mother is far from being the only woman his dad conceived with – count ’em…one, two, three, four, five!!!

HSK has exclusively learned 52-year-old Terrence Dean (not the Hiding in Hiphop Author) – Swizz Beatz’s dad and founder of Terrence Dean Entertainment Management – has a total of FIVE different baby momma’s; doesn’t have a job; secretly lives off his producer son; and is currently shacking up in Harlem, New York with his youngest son’s mother.

We’re told Terrence Dean has continued to provide little to nothing in child support to the quintet
– leading the group of ladies he shares children with to be served with several evictions over years past.

Here’s the drop:

“Jacky, Terrance Dean be stitching on himself on instagram all the time.
Swizz Beatz dad is a womanizer, he got 5 different kids for 5 different baby momma’s.
Swizz Beatz got brothers and sisters, I’ve been trolling the fam on instagram.

Terrance’s kids reaches out to him on instagram, he kicks it with them, but he don’t support them.

Terrance be jocking his son’s groupies, he need to stay home and leave the young chicks alone.”

If Terrence Dean doesn’t start to put a condom on it, he could soon end up being an infected grandpa — if he isn’t already – making his baby momma drama just a drop in the bucket. Don’t you agree?


    • That nig probably run around bragging to these lil young stupid hoes, that he is Switz Beatz Pappy. And them being foolish, stupid and young they up the goods to this old man, thinking they gone get some monay!!! But the joke is on them, dont yall think??

  1. We guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree considering Swizz stays jumping off with his side ho’s. #DEATHHHH

  2. Well don’t be mad at him. Be mad at the stupid women that having kids by him. Which stupid chick decided she would be baby mama number five? who was that dumb?

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