T.I. & Kanye Doin’ Their Jobs The Ratchet Way?


“Bloodstone are seeking an injunction and punitive damages, claiming they didn’t allow Kanye West to sample their 1979 original composition.”

Sample Scandal!

T.I. and Kayne West may have just been doin’ their jobs when they produced “Doin’ My Job”, but that doesn’t mean they got the green light to run with the music they copied!

That’s exactly why 70’s R&B band Bloodstone is now suing Universal Music Group for failing to get approval to license their “I’m Just Doing My Job”.

Here’s what CourtHouseNews is reporting:

“Bloodstone did not know that UMG had granted the license to TI and Kanye West until late 2011/early 2012. Since that time Bloodstone has sought to find out who granted the license to TI without any authority, and recently learned it was Universal Music Enterprises.

Plaintiffs do not approve of their song being sampled in a hip hop or rap song.”

Do old school Funk and R&B bands lack respect for hip hop music production, because it involves sampling with vulgar rap lyrics? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Larry Blackmon.


  1. I wish folks would stop stealing music from these old bands. If they don’t want their music sampled, that is their right to refuse.

    So many of these young dudes feel entitled to just take what they want, and lack any type of respect for the singers/songwriters/bands that they are stealing from, all the while they are rappin’ ’bout how THEY get respect in the streets & will shoot a muh-fugga for any type of disrespect.

    No real respect for the game exists anymore, it seems.

    • They should just hire these bands to MAKE them some beats – if those bands still have the urge to make serious, tight funk.

      • Thank you! I’ve been saying this for years. Most rappers & other artists don’t understand getting tracks made this way would give these older musicians a chance to share their music with a whole new generation of listeners & offer them a opportunity to gererate a relatively steady income doing what they know & love to do.

        But no, I guess it’s far easier to steal a track, don’t pay the original artist or band then hide behind the record labels.

        I hope Bloodstone gets every single cent that’s owned to them plus damages. Furthermore, I hope more artists sue the labels more often. They need to start with Will I Am & Beyonce’s camps & work their way down!

  2. love me some Bloodstone, Natural High, Go ahead and cry, I had never heard this one. I hope Bloodstone win.

  3. One day these rappers will get old, the tables will be turned & the same thing may happen to them….karma is a cold blooded bitch.

  4. Its a lame sample to begin with, lazy work, just speed it up and lay down some boring typical drums, two loops. Even still, you’re already rich lol, is it really that much work to ask permission to sample it? Don’t you have people that will do that for you anyway? I’d be pissed too and I like to sample, I know Kanye will ask permission if its Daft Punk or somebody like that, get them involved and steal their whole robotic style, I’d be mad too if I was Bloodstone, what, we’re not even worth contacting? Oh thats right, you are a god…