T.J. Holmes Fired For Not Giving It Up To Stephen Hill?


Stephen Hill TJ Holmes Accusations

Victim of Homosexual Havoc?

HSK Exclusive – We’re learning dirty details behind BET’s decision to cancel “Don’t Sleep” – and TJ Holmes’ sleeping on Stephen Hill’s homosexual advances may be behind it all!

If you recall, the show was shelved in November 2012 — amidst reports of “overwhelming viewer demand for a longer show segment” — just a little more than a month after its October 2012 debut.

Now, an insider reveals both T.J. Holmes and “Don’t Sleep” may have been axed because the former CNN anchor did not adhere to the BET President’s sexual advances! Now, T.J. is back in a network news anchor – freelancing for MSNBC. Stay up, T.J.!

Here’s the drop:

“BET hasn’t been relevant in years – because of their shady dealings. Stephen is a closeted homosexual – there’s nothing wrong with that – however, he causes a lot of disgruntlement at the work place, particularly with the hetero male staff and celebs. I wonder why T.J. Holmes show got axed after a month? They didn’t give it a chance.

T.J. Holmes – who’s apparently straight – didn’t play into Stephen Hill’s games of sexual favors for a show.”

This isn’t the first news exposing Stephen Hill as the type of man who uses his position to make his male employees put out sexually, or get out. You may remember HSK first introduced you to former BET producer-turned-author David K. Far-El – who revealed, like T.J. Holmes, he too was previously blacklisted from the network over his failure to comply with Stephen Hill’s sexual demands.

Here’s what “BET, DBRAD & ME” author David K. Far-El previously revealed about his BET experience:

“I’m not talking from a homophobic aspect here, I never in all my life felt so uncomfortable around a gay person the way I felt around the current President of BET,” says Far-El, of his Hill in-car experience in which he did not comply with.

“When I got out the car, my man gave me this limp wack hand shake, he looked at me with disgust in his face, like he was disappointed — I walked out of BET Friday, the golden child — I came back to BET that Monday, suddenly I was the black sheep.”


  1. I don’t know what’s happening to our men (not all). But this DL sh’t is becoming too much. I question sometimes if real men still exist. I watched American Idol last night & it appeared that all that black males were gay…..I feel like our race is targeted & attacked but we fail to wake up every single time. But we must take alot of the blame, when fathers abandon their sons- you have boys & young men seeking the love of a man but then you just have freaks out there who fuq anything with a hole. These are the times we live in and unfortunately it will become worse….I fear for our next generation.

    • When I saw that big dude bawling like that my only thoughts were “Please don’t have children”.

      That big-ass baby going off like that because he hit a bad note, gtfoh.

      I’ve got three gay male cousins and the one that dresses in drag for a living is more of a gentleman that many of these dl men.

    • White people OWN THE MEDIA….movies, television, music, radio, print etc….They screen who they want to be be before ther camera and microphone ON THEIR MEDIA OUTLETS…

      White homosexuals run the entertainment biz.

      To get through the screening, you have to do gay stuff.

      The only men who would agree to do gay stuff to get on the TV, or a movie role, or a music contract or a video is 90% likely to be A GAY BLACK MALE.

      mystery solved/\

      • Amen! They want all the straight black men out to not even be seen and want all the black gay males front and center. This agenda to project these images is to produce a sentiment among the world and especially to black and even latino women “Look, all your men are gay!!!!!” This is a tried and true method of derision. Hold strong Kimmy. It’s not the case at all!!!

        • Im a black man and I know Im not gay …Most black men ARE NOT GAY.

          I would estimate that well over 90% of black men are not…

          With white men it would be an even money 50/50 toss up.

          • BET is a joke! IT is AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People who is up for a boycott of BET if this story is true! I think we owe it to T.J. HOlmes. He was an awesome host and I LOVED the show! BET always muck up their programing and now I understand. THis simple simon ass is sexually harassing men and allowed to get away with it? WOW! Please lets start an email campaign to boycott this network and viacom! ITs wrong

            • I am so PISSED off that this show has been cancelled. Dammit!!! I LOVED that show! I thought it was the only thing worth watching on BET. I looked forward to it every night (when it aired nightly) and every Wednesday when they made the switch. I will never watch that station again. Assholes!!!

    • so true ! to hell with bet this mess is running rampant in our community amongst our black men its ugly we appear weak and wide open for attacks from out siders the black man image has been so whimpified and water downed over the years on tv internet ect its shame and sin.the fathers needs to stay in the homes and so should the mothers and raise the children up right.

    • What better way to diminish our population than to put the males in prison and encourage the rest to become gay? I agree with you 100%.

      I hope that the ever changing drug laws will help keep our men and women users out of prison, but we may be shutting the barn door after the horses are already loose.

      • The funny part is that by percentage, the highest users of illegal narcotics are by far and above, Caucasian-Americans, but black people seem to be the ones targeted and do the majority of the PRISON TIME…


  2. I also wanted to add Stephen Hill needs to leave if BET. This is probably how he got his position…suck a lil’ dick…give up alotta ass. Now, he’s just doing what was done to him. I wonder how many male interns have been propositioned by Hill….and how many gave it up to get ahead?

    • I agree.If this story is true and I believe it is Stephen needs to be let go.I only believe the story because a person could easily get sued for false accusations as these.Black listing etc.

  3. He causes a lot of disgruntlement at the work place, particularly with the hetero male staff and celebs…blacklisted from the network over his failure to comply with Stephen Hill’s sexual demands…Stephen is a closeted homosexual–there’s nothing wrong with that…WTF??????…why is there nothing wrong with that jacky…next the boyscout were the only way to get a merit badge is to give it up to a openly gay cub master…if they will take advantage of celebs and stars…whats to keep them from using their power to molest young boys and girls??? and by the way ebt tv is not watched in my house…fuck a minstrel show.

    • Yeah? why is there nothing wrong with that? Caught my eye as well. There is reason to believe Jacky has to play it safe for the life of his blog and everything is associated with it!

  4. Stephen Hill should be ashamed of himself.

    But he is employed by a white corporation named Viacom.
    They are the ones who should be held responsible for not providing a safe work environment.

    • They don’t care about the work environment when Blacks are involved. Stephen Hill is pimping his own people. Those who base their self worth on the illusions that the media produces will fall prey to the bullshit. Instead of being someone who can further the culture, Stephen rather play a role in the degradation of it, perpetuating stereotypes and promoting ignorant images as the totality of the Black experience. A minstrel show indeed.

  5. @Kimmy
    There are a LOT OF REAL BLACK MEN out here trust me. Unfortunately if you look to the entertainment industry you won’t find many. REAL MEN WANT REAL WOMEN. Real Black men (not GROWN BOYS,THUGS etc) are having just as hard of a time of finding REAL BLACK WOMEN. Entertainment industry and the media has not been kind to our image. A lot of fatherless kids are raised on tv programing and the streets then IMITATE the idiots on tv. There are REAL men out there Kimmy. I know it seems bleak but we do exists. 🙂

  6. Well we all know that in order to make it in the entertainment industry one has to be willing to do the do with both males and females.

    That is why we always see the same actors, actresses, singers, musicians on scene. Because they are willing to do whatever it takes to get the part/role/job. Ain’t know shame to their game. LOL

    Hoedom and Homo sex are clauses in industry contracts.

  7. Stephen Hill has bent over too many times to mention in order for him to get the position he has on BET

    I remember reading that someone overheard Ryan Secreast saying something to the effect as. I know they didn’t do that or I know that they didn’t let me host or something like that. They said that Ryan went on to say, do you know how many dicks I had to suck to get to where I am today.

    No I don’t know how many Ryan but, I am sure that it was a multitude of dicks, because you are mega rich now. LOL

    • I heard on some old gossip sites, prob CDAN, that Ryan Seacrest was Merv Griffin’s houseboy. It was also stated that when Merv died, he left Ryan a substantial amount of money. It was also told that there was a horrible accident involving a sliding glass door.
      It was an old Ted C blind, to anyone who is a gossip hound like myself.

      • I don’t often say I KNOW something to be true unless I absolutely do. Seacrest was Merv Griffin’s butt boy for approximately 4 years PERIOD. He would be working at Starbucks in West Hollywood right now if it weren’t for his benefactor Griffin.

        • Yes, I’ve heard the rumors too. Ryan played his cards right and was mounted by all the right men in the lavender mafia.

  8. THis story is TRUE!!! I worked at BET for 5 years and Stephen Hill IS a homosexual that tries to have sex with his male employees he tried it with me and I was let go! I had a hand on creating programs there and NEVER got the credit! I was in the running to become and executive producer there and was fired by this man all because I would not play to his advances. If you notice all the higher ups at BET are homesexuals…. This story is FACT!

    • Rem, if this is true why havent any charges been brought upon him? Is it for the sake of embarrassment that people would rather not come forward? Is anyone ever compensated with severance pay?
      This is sexual harrassment, and if this is the case, and there are more people who were fired for these reasons, why were no charges or class actions taken against BET?

      NOT DOUBTING you at all, I am just curious.

      • The industry is REALLY REALLY Small.. Aks Jacky!

        You cause trouble in one place no one else will fuck with you. If not just to avoid the drama which is already hard to avoid. Unless you have a name that generates MONEY.. you can be sgut out of an industry you worked your whole life to get in… and the rest are faking talent or hard work cuz they are not SKILLED for any thing else.

        Entertainment biz is a HUSTLE!

    • Man…..I feel for you ( I really do). But my question is why didn’t you sue this joker? I mean, someone needs to take him down and I’m sure your not the only one so you would have a defense backing you. Someone has to speak up or the saga continues

      • I think because as someone else said, the Entertainment Biz is a tight circle of players and if you buck the system you may as well look for another line of work because HOMOSEXUALS RUN THE ENTERTAINMENT BIZ…They are at the top of the totem pole (every pun intended)…Either you shut your mouth and deal with it or open your mouth and deal with it…But if you want to fuck with Showbiz, you’re gonna have to deal with it and them.

        • Thank you.

          How many victims come forward and are dragged through the mud or murdered for doing so?

          That is why victims stay quiet. No one wants to be victimized twice!

          As for TJ Holmes, I could have told him going to BET was a bad move. Who in the hell leaves CNN to go to BET. This was a bad career move of epic proportions!

    • Well apparently he bent down to get the show We know about TJ in Atlanta.Don’t get it twisted at least Don Lemon wasn’t on DL

  9. And as long as people keep dishonoring and blaspheming Jesus on this earth there are going to be a magnitude of problems!
    I mean seriously, the topic was on Stephen Hill not the King of Kings. SMH!

  10. I find it beyond hilarious that, between D.Brad’s story, Andreas Hale’s expose a few years back (http://shawnpwilliams.com/2009/09/08/betcom-executive-editor-andreas-hale-calls-it-quits/), and those banned ‘Boondocks’ episodes (‘The Hunger Strike’ and ‘The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show,’ for those who don’t know–Look ’em up and watch), BET has been completely and rightfully exposed, to the point that the channel has gotten WORSE over the years, due in no small part to Stephen Hill’s power-crazy, bottom-feeding bitch ass. Seriously, how much criticism can a channel and the corporation behind it take before they even TRY to not make their audience look like stupid, obnoxious/loud, ghetto, morally repugnant criminals? Or maybe what others (‘The Boondocks,’ for example) have said about the powers that be at BET actually hating blacks judging by their programming is true.

    Whatever the reason, as time goes by it becomes more and more apparent that BET is one of the biggest blights on the black (American) community.

    • @ Raheim Are the “lost” Boondocks episodes available on You Tube? If not, where can I access them? ty

    • As the person that Jacky quoted in this piece I will say this: one of the main reasons why it still goes on within places like B.E.T is b/c when people like myself come out and speak on it…majority of the masses do NOT SUPPORT us and look at us as TROUBLE…..haha…it’s kinda funny, everyone talks bout what is wrong then a person comes out and substantiates what is wrong and suddenly the people turn away from them and ONLY LISTEN IF A CELEB SAYS IT…then ppl like me are left to DIE….luckily I am built for war and I’m back like I never left….

      • Ahmen!

        Everyone demand that the truth should be told, that the wrong doers be rougher to justice…. And when the victims come forward,they are called liars.

        The world is totally messed up in the worst way.

      • Do you then, but watch ya back. Someone has to stand for truth….I pray for your safety…..when ppl think their untouchable their devil horns show forth.

      • @ David K Far-El

        This question is for you , or anyone else for that matter. But do you(Or anyone) think or know of any of the former male hosts of BET’s 106 & Park, going thru these types situations with Stephen Hill?? Serious question bcus I know thats the biggest show on BET.

  11. TJ and his wife just welcomed their first child into the world. Stephen Hill likely used that to lure TJ into his web. I’m glad TJ didn’t go for it.

    Maybe “Don’t Sleep” was cancelled because of low ratings. I tried viewing it. It should’ve been called “Don’t Watch”. It wasn’t to my liking.

  12. I’m shock people because still watch BET. Who, What, When; this article just reminded me of BET. BET has been played out since 2000. Ever since Midnight Love, Video Soul, and other various programs went off the air, BET then birth the body shaking network that degrades Black women everyday. I can’t believe people still watch BET. It’s nothing but a piece of SHIT!

  13. My Bestie freelances there Its super ghetto and unprofessional and they purposely dumb down everything. SH had been known to walk around in skirts.. And he sends these long bipolar emails to his staff.

    • LOL Wow, the way you described BET was exactly how it was portrayed in those two banned ‘Boondocks’ episodes. No wonder they had to go. I remember years ago (2004 or 5, if I’m not mistaken), the rap group Little Brother said that BET refused to play one of their videos because ‘it was too intelligent for our (BET’s) audience,’ so that, along with other incidents, is proof that BET is ratchet as hell.

  14. This is good information and again, Jacky is tellin’ us what time it is.

    This is why I don’t support gay rights. These queers are controlling, full of hate for heterosexuals and wouldn’t know love if it jumped up and fucked them in the azz. Sex for gays is about domination.

    Of course, the jwes can get a Stephen Hill to do this. Who do you think Mossad uses to get at the Palestinians? yup, the gay Palestinians. Do not support or feel sorry for gays…they are here to destroy everything, the black community in particular.

  15. Do you think all these baby mamas and street drug selling thugs (baby daddies) and none of the young black kids getting an education might play apart in the destruction of the black community? Your analysis needs further investigation!

    • @Anonymous 4:17:

      Yes, those baby mamas and street drug selling baby daddies make fodder for gay recruitment. And gay = black destruction.

      • In addition, what is the fodder for baby mamas? In addition, what is the fodder for drug dealing baby daddies? Moreover, what is the fodder for intelligent conversation here on HSK?

        • So according to your theory, the “lowlife queers” are the reasons why the black community is in complete shambles. Rid the world of all these “lowlife queers” and the black community would be back up and running educated, prosperous, productive, and thriving?

          • Of course not. Your simplistic argument for the sake of argument fails. The choice of being a queer is a sad commentary on the state of the black community.

            Yeah, blame the baby mommas and the daddies in jail, on the corner, sellin’ drugs and robbin’ and rapin’. they ain’t watching the kids who then find a “sugar daddy” who gives them attention and material things and thus, a fag is born.

            Those queens then bring BS to our community through the entertainment industry and the educational system.

            And BTW, rid the world of lowlife queers and my taxes won’t have to pay for free HIV meds. And don’t quote stats to me about black women, a fudgepacker booty bandit disguised as straight gave it to her.

            • Therefore, if the baby mamas and drug selling uneducated baby daddies (Thuggs) shouldered their responsibilities to the cursed children they bring into this world, the community would not be ripe for the “Sugar Daddies” et al to come into these fertile grounds and reap such a sweet harvest (all harvests will be reaped by someone). If that is the case, the solution lays within the problem long before we get to the “Sugar Daddy” and the “Lowlife Queers”. Shouldering some responsibility makes problem solving so much easier for everyone. Options: A) Point fingers (requires no commitment or energy)
              B) Remove/eliminate the core of the problem (why allow your Treasures to be so vulnerable)

              • Who said the children were cursed? Who said that responsibility was not to be shared by many in the black community?

                You have nothing but non sequitur statements trying to pass as plausible arguments. This is about a booty bandit who is trying to force his sexual perversion on others.

                And again, you cannot divert away from the fact that gays are made not born.

  16. And I wont even blame Stephen Hill…He is just a sick bastard and he , himself is just a victim and an employee.

    If I would sue anyone, I would go after Viacom…The parent company…I wouldnt even fuck with Stephen Hill or BET…Thats small potatoes…Thats like buying a hotdog at Dodger Stadium and suing the hotdog boy.

    • well, buying a hotdog with a roach in it…

      But by definition a hot dog in and of itself is enough to sue someone for passing it off as food.

  17. “Stephen is a closeted homosexual – there’s nothing wrong with that…”
    REALLY? Closeted or Openly gay…there is plenty wrong with that shit! Niggas walkin around lookin like bitches…bitches walkin around with they pants saggin like they thnk they got a dick…shit is all fucked up!

    • Baby mamas’ parenting skills (or lack there of) are making a poor showing. Stop pointing the finger all the time, take some responsibilities for your part of the problem, and gain some credibility…

  18. There you have it folks…It’s no longer about your skin color…it’s ALL ABOUT SEX…If you GAY…it’s VIP…but if your S8T…it’s bread crumbs…4 YOU!!!!

  19. It doesn’t help to spread rumors. If the person who insinuated that TJ is undercover based on some Atlanta gossip doesn’t have proof (like pictures [not photoshopped]of him being butt naked and bent over in a bathhouse), I’m sticking with what’s in front of me. He cleans up well.

    TJ is a good looking man. Nice voice.

  20. McLyte said it best!. I need a RUFF NECK! need a man don’t snitch like bit$ch, shed tears or SWITCH!