T-White Pulls Biggest IRS Heist In History!



Social Media Got The Best Of Him?

HSK Exclusive – We’ve learned the identity of the Atlanta man reported to have pulled a fast one on Uncle Sam … after cashing in on tax refunds listed at more that $46-million dollars!

Sources reveal Travis Deangelo White [aka T-White] cheated the IRS through “stolen information and social security numbers.” We’re told the 29-year-old Atlanta man “filed fraudulent tax returns over a three-year period.” That’s before the IRS sent 23,994 tax refunds, totaling $46,378,040 to — GET THIS — to one Atlanta address!!!


Here’s what CBS Atlanta is reporting:

“According to a 2012 Treasury Inspector General audit now gaining renewed attention through social media.”


Here’s what a source exclusively tells HSK:

“T White got hot in Atlanta from flossing on Instagram and twitter — so he had a going away party and moved to Houston. That’s where he got popped. Tee had a three year run, but he recently got busted and he’s now locked up in Houston.”

Back in 2010, our insider says T-White suddenly entered the scene — balling out in clubs across the country, from Atlanta to Los Angeles. We’re told aside from blasting his Benjamin’s and possessions all over social media, T-White was far from laying low — “always buying over 100 bottles of champagne and making it rain on strippers”.


T-White was in that fight video between Ray J and Fabulous, in Vegas. His “No Line Gang” members were also a part of Fabulous’ scamming crew — with Ruggz, who did credit cards and robbed athletes, rappers and other artists.


Is T-White now facing a not so baller life behind bars? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask “No Line Gang Records’ rapper Scrilla.



  1. I hope he enjoyed his run. The party’s over now. And folks generally don’t like to associate with federal felons, for obvious reasons.

    And the sad part is, is when he’s released, he’ll either have to take a shitty job, or turn back to a life of crime, and once you get pinched & go to prison, the subsequent prison stints/numbers come much faster, your P.O. will see to that one.

    Did he happen to use any of his ill-gotten gains to purchase an education? If not, that’ll give him something to do while he’s in the pen.

    Maybe he can write a book or something. Jacky, you available to ghost-write for homeboy?

  2. Good Goobly Goop!

    46 million smackaroonies. I bet he actually thought that he would never get caught.

    Crime pays but, only for a little while.

    • That’s the truth. I read an article once that said the average career criminal makes just under 25k a year, when adjusted to reflect certain circumstances, such as time when no $ is earned due to jail/prison stays, payment of court fines/costs, driver license reinstatment fees and attorney fees.

      And there’s no pension, 401k, paid vacation or sick leave, educational cost reimbursements.

      • Ms Reg Says!
        Didn’t know that was your word, thought I was making up a new word. Don’t want to jack nobody’s word. LOL

        • LMBAO 🙂

          BP I jacked your Good Goobly Goop!
          I think this is an equal “jack-ortunity” environment

          • Christa,
            Naw you ain’t jacking nothing from me. Feel free to use any word that I have used in any of my comments.

            It’s all gravy, but, not in the Navy. Can’t believe I said that. Hahahahahaha

        • BP,

          Girl, you are welcome to use “smackaroonies” as I straight jacked it from one of those WB Looney Toons character YEARS ago…it wasn’t Bugs but I can’t exactly recall which one it was. I just said it earlier to my friend who lost a bet!

  3. Anytime someone fawks over the IRS, I’m happy, but these knee grows here want to get on social media and start bragging, like nobody will be able to identify their black asses, good grief, SMH.

    • So you think that it’s cool that he stole from the IRS, even knowing that he’s really stealing from honest tax payers?

      • Skinnymark:

        The IRS is stealing (pimpin – FORCING) innocent tax payers to cough up their money like hoes. It is all a calculated scheme by Jhews to keep us spending money so that we will never get rich…

  4. Any real individual whether black or white “should” know better and keep quiet. That means NO social media what so ever!!! Now uncle sam about to get in that azz and screw you with no vaseline…..

  5. Please with the he got caught because of social media ..all gigs come to an end when the criminal sends the evidence to a familiar place so he got caught because they were already eyeing him….the IRS takes about 3 years for their records to catch you so it was his time..I do not care if he never logged onto social media he was going to get caught

  6. First of all you dont mess with the IRS and second you dont make them look like a fool either. IRS wont even have a hearing they will just sentence his but to 40 years.

  7. @Anonymous
    Since eventually all crimimals get caught
    How come most politicians and thieving wall street bankers never get caught?

  8. soo dumb…

    this is why the world is against us: dumb ninjas like these…

    he shudda took the money and went ghost.. produce shit.. open a biz or somethin i mean if ur gonna get caught, go out with bang! let them arrest you in a suit muhfugga!


    • From what they’re saying in Georgia and Texas he has businesses commercial property and made investments with some powerful people. However you cant beat SAM SAM was designed to beat you even while you think you’re flossing with that lil income tax check HE already flipped 12 times.

    • People always say lay low but u never had mills so you dont know how you would act i grew up with so yall know the saying acting like a nigga who never had nothing he did mo shit in a three year period than alot mf will do in life

    • Damn, I woulda put my coin in a Swiss or Cayman bank and moved my azz to Rio. They can still look for me, but they have to FIND me.

  9. u dont f*ck with the I the R or the S…niccas are built to self destruct…dont believe me than ask big meech.

  10. Now this Dumbass reminds me about 6 years ago when 6 young dudes rob an armor car truck of unmarked bills totally up to $20 million! One of the boys was working for the armor car company out of Columbia, SC! So to make it where he didn’t know who did, they had to shoot him in the shoulder. Anyway, these dummies went to body shops got cars, and had to nerve to go to these flismy ass clubs in Florence, SC makin it rain and burning money inside the clubs. That’s how they got caught. Another dude left his mom 2 million in the air vent of her doublewide trailer and this bitch called the cops and turn the money in! Here she is today wishing she shoulda kept the damn money. They got 5 of the boys but the lady who son left her the 2 million, the cops has yet to find him! Thay shoulda been me with that money! Wouldn’t see me! LOL!

      • Lol!!! Smh!!! I’d kept that money. Aint no sense in “him” going to jail n hv no “book” money. Shidddd…..think about it for a min.

  11. These fools have forgotten the #1 rule in the game. LOW PROFILE, everything ain’t for everybody and everybody business ain’t nobody business. I swear I thik the FEDS run FB, IG and TWITTER just to catch these clowns slipping and tripping.

    • I thought he was still with his wife. They be posting pics together all the time. Must be his new wife. I heard his ex wife was crazy and she with some broke guy now that’s why she started trying to bring them all down.

  12. Yea dat shit that happened wit him and old girl was to fishy, he was in her indictment but didnt get indicted. It was pics of him all in his ex wifes case … He a flaw nigga i wouldnt be suprised if Scrilla ratting

  13. LOL @ 2turnt. But seriously, he was going to get caught sooner or later. He was being watched and they finally decided to get him. Like with any other CRIME, he should have never started and then he wanted to get greedy.

  14. Jacky Jasper get da real story…y he added Scrilla on it. ATL niggaz already kno scrill a snitch…1 he snitch on his ex wife Kat (divorce when she in da box) n she get a year. 2 snitch scrill get scooped up las yr for IRS like twhite, but he back out FAST! hmmmmmm how dat happen? snichin!!! now white juug an scrill mgr locked up for wat snich scrilla was in for BUT they in for a long time…not dat snich bitch scrill doe…we know ur snich ass reading this 2 nigga…streets gunna make dis rite! FREE WHITE n put dat bitch snich @SCRILLA in jail.

    • You must be the ex wife who agreed to take the charge for the nigga but then he broke up with the rachet girl then blew up! If you wanna know the truth that’s why she got mad and started the snitch on her bullshit. Plenty real niggas got girls taking charges for them. You would have done the same thing if a girl agreed to take a charge for you.

      Stupid ass just trying to get attention like you know these niggas and you part of there crew.

      Hate rumor spreading ass people

      • Nah if I was with dem…Scrill woulda had my ass in da box 2. I dont ride with fucc niggas like snich Scrill n u…ride wit real niggas don have 2 have bitches do ur work..he prob got slick Pull locked 2. Hate a snich, n snichs ppl, George bush ass

        • Ok you just wanna sound important. Talk about shit you know about. Wanna be real as nigga. Talk about your life and stop fronting like you know about others. Hate free

          • Talkin bout dese dumb niggas make me sound important? Ya u lame…why u ain say nothing to no other niggas? Cause u Scrill n u know we pulled on u at the video shoot las year…u ain do shit! So stfu bitch ass snich nigga…

            • Scrilla trying to get @ me on twitter now the Negro is leaving comments-Like I Give a Fuck!!! Somebody tell Scrilla we taking this to “American Greed”-Jacky shoots & he scores…

      • …. If you werent around her or him back then … Then you dont know shit. Fuck what you heard I know both of them, he did some f*cked up shit. Sad that people dont know the facts but just wanna be heard. He moved on, she moved on and is married and got theiir own businesses living well … so wtf are folks talking about. I hate to see ignorance. Dont go by what you hear, even in my own life. If you werent there 1st hand while this shit was going on or know these people personally then shut the f*ck up.

        • U stupid…I was…like I said went up on em but they was scared at da video…u must be on his new team…Dat snich nigga ain got no legit biz…lmaoooo…u gotta be Scrill tryin to cover yo ass…y’all late nigga, should been dun did it…ya she move on, Scrill a broke snich, wat she gonna get from a broke nigga? Some lame over 30 mixtape…this his last bit of looks…better enjoy it….yo ass gonna be knowin when u in jail with white slick Scrill manager n any1 who fucc wit diss nigga…this a hood public service announcement…worry abou Cobb or Gwinnett where u from fucc nigga

          • Im not on either side…. Was saying he did her wrong. Now she got a business and doing good for herself. This shit happened yrs ago, dont really speak to either anymore. Just sad to see 2 people who once loved eachother be talked about.

            • @Jada1 MY BAD then…thinkn u meant Scrill had a legit biz.Dats what was craccin me up. Good she rite now n he ain, karma get u @Jacky he was on IG saying dey was gonna sue u for “defragmentation of character” then even da street niggaz was clownin saying they dumb af n it’s defamation…can’t sue da truth!!! I jus looked, snich ass deleted cause he kno he retarded. …Ain just score, foul on 3..4pts for my nigga Jacky!

  15. Jacky Jasper get da real story…y he added Scrilla on it. ATL niggaz already kno scrill a snitch…1 he snitch on his ex wife Kat (divorce when she in da box) n she get a year. 2 snitch scrill get scooped up las yr for IRS like twhite, but he back out FAST! hmmmmmm how dat happen? snichin!!! now white juug an scrill mgr locked up for wat snich scrilla was in for BUT they in for a long time…not dat snich bitch scrill doe…we know ur snich ass reading this 2 nigga…streets gunna make dis rite! FREE WHITE n put dat bitch snich @SCRILLA in jail.

    • People always act like they know the real story calling people snitchs and all just to look relevant. Don’t know shit stop blogging all that he say. If the nigga scrill would have been locked up for the same thing he wouldn’t be out right now either. Think about it the Feds ain’t that dam easy bitch I know!

      • Riiiiiite Feds don’t help snichs, so what da witness protection program about? Dat fake 2? Ya u don’t know, dats why u posting on a blog…n not in fed prison. Look down, ain’t the only 1 that seen his wife paperwork..dte made a video wit Kat n showed it!!…white was runnin it n they wanted white, every1 know Scrill followed white around like a groupee, niggaz lame tattoo whites name on himself…like bitchez do they nigga. Nigga snich on wifey than damn sure snich on a nigga….I just wrote a long ass message n u prob jus Scrill…u lame nigga. Streets been waitin for a real nigga like jacky to blast yo ass..can’t hide NO MORE!!! He doin American greed now…u breakfas toast fucc nigga…

        • A game got locked on Dat case 2 not jus Kat…a game was in a group with Scrill before then…then every1 go to fed but Scrill…diff case same story. Ain’t never f*ck with jacky but he goin on every1 CO Ross, cartoon kanye, closet fagits..and snichs. Rap need this…2 many fucc niggas sneak in da game kiss these fagits ass n nobody countin heads till now…stay on da real JJ

          • This sounds GREAT. I missed it when Jacky first posted it in July. I am looking forward to American Greed~~~~~~keep the ish comin’ JJ.

    • Zone 1 gunna and jacky jasper some real fucc niggaz zone 1 gunna who are what to real name p*ssy nigga u don’t know shit about scrill and u don’t know shit about no line gang zone 1 gunna u will never say who u are until I do that shut da fucc up

  16. They thru they own under the bus…wtf dumb enuff to send 24000 tax returns to the same place…shit they drove da bus 2. Jacky jus reportin…it’s a he 2…pic of him on top of page, y’all niggas slow af

  17. Yall dont know wtf yall talkin bout. I know all of them.. Its Cat not Kat and she held the nigga down when he aint have shit for a fact wasnt no White or nobody around then. She didnt take his charge it was her charge. Her and all her co D’s were his people he didnt get indicted… But she took a risk to feed her and him at the time. He a disloyal nigga.. Fuck all that shit we talkin a wife not a gf. Nigga aint put a dime on her books or did shit for her while she was down and that nigga threw the dirt her way like he aint have shit to do with it. She lost hella shit behind having a nigga back and he act like that shit cool. Facts are facts. If u were around around that time i would know it. Aint nuthin stand up bout that nigga Scrilla . Hell if it wasnt for Cat & White in my opinion he wouldnt be shit. She divorced him anyway. Get yall facts

    • Nah I do…didn wann spell it rite so she on blast like that…know her las name 2 but I ain put that either. Real shit tho…Dat ain da ain why I said it, point Scrill ain loyal like u said n any1 he f*ck wit get locked up…jus wann da streets to know 2 stay away from dis fucc nigga…bet he got niggas doin dirt wit him now, don want them locked 2..dese fucc niggas killin da streets.

  18. Fuck all them people. Who the f*ck even knows this nigga outside the A… This nigga 30 plus and tappin and still aint and wont make it. I mean lets not make a mfer more relevant than they really are. Ballin out in the A was done in BMF era and it died there. Fuck them shit just lame as f*ck. Grown men dont respect that bs

    • Wasn’t he stupid as hell?
      I agree with you. Why talk about someone that damn dumb. He couldn’t open a legit business, have a nice whip or two, a nice home & carry himself in an intelligent low key manner. Instead he’s in clubs buying out bars & burning money?

      We surely shouldn’t talk about him…
      other than to say “how dumb he is.”

      • See you put the cherry on top with your comment Ms Reg! He didn’t have to live like a monk with his new money. He could have bought a couple of nice cars, STARTED A LEGIT BUSINESS(which would have also provided him a way to launder some of the cash) and played low key upwardly mobile suburban man for 5 years, and voila! By 35 he could do a little flossing from that point on(if he even felt the need at that point, which I doubt that he would).
        What just kills me is that this man HAD to have a good head game to cook this scam up in the first place. There are Harvard grads who attempt to do similar things every day in their white collar world and cannot get anything of this magnitude off the drawing board. But then he ceases to USE his brain, and BOOM! the whole thing explodes in his face. ~~SMH vigorously~~ It was the COMMON sense he was lacking, not the brain power.
        Did you see the American Greed about the Black guy who was, and this was said by the Secret Service Feds who do nothing but try to track down funny money, the most capable counterfeiter they had encountered in many many years. But he too made a few bonehead mistakes which could have been avoided and now he’s in jail. I’m not encouraging criminal activity, but if you’re going to involve yourself in white collar crime, do it well all the way through.
        What I really would like to see are opportunities for these sort of brains to make their marks in the legit world thereby making an indelible mark on society for the good. But as a realist, I know that a young man(and I still see 30 as young) with a record can’t just waltz into the offices of Goldman Sachs and announce: “I have the mind to make all of us a whole lot of money, so give me a job.” It will be great to see what Jacky turns up in his personal investigation into this and any other AG stories.

        • christa,

          I can’t give a black man who was savvy enough to acquire THIS kind of money from of ALL the places on earth…
          “the damn IRS” & end up the way he did any of my good energy.

          I’m being extremely honest when I tell you that I ALWAYS cheer for ANYONE who gets the IRS. For this guy to have created a way no matter how illegal it may have been to “stick it to the IRS” was brilliant in my book, however, his behavior described in this article “totally killed my whole vibe!” Soon as I read “balling out in clubs across the country, from Atlanta to Los Angeles. We’re told aside from blasting his Benjamin’s and possessions all over social media, T-White was far from laying low — “always buying over 100 bottles of champagne and making it rain on strippers”….<<<TOTALLY KILLED MY WHOLE VIBE. *__* I was DONE!

          Like you, I DID in fact see that AG episode with the "counterfeiting brother" & that was yet another time when I was excited for the "alleged bad guy," in this case a "BLACK bad guy which is a very SELDOM occurrence
          on AG only to have my damn vibe killed in the end. That dude ZERO common sense I was mad about it! SMDH…

          I WISH Jacky would bring some of his flavored investigations AG!

  19. . Nobody knows who Scrilla is at all besides metro Atl strip clubs. If he is known at all its because White made him relevant and people f*ck with White, hell people f*ck with and respect his ex bitch too in the street. They made him, ask anybody. He been rapping forever, who ever said he “blew up” that nigga aint been on my T.V. Screen ever. He is not a major artist at all…and if he is 3O sumthin like yall say and still aint made it by now … He never will in that game thats obvious. I dont know if he snitched , but he was with that girl for a minute, gave her his last name so… Disloyal is what Id say. If u could do that shit to somebody you make a vow to under God then you would do

  20. Man yal dont even know the half of it.. Ppl jus came around a few yrs ago but the ones who been there know.. Yal can keep the hating goin but he will b released and he will find another eay to get it. Nigga its still FrankFam/KeyPlays/no line

  21. T Whitee hurt me deeply years ago. I was new to ATL and was intoduced to him through a close friend. He sexually assaulted me at his home and made another man, G-Code sexually take advantage of me too. I didn’t tell anyone because I was ashamed and felt so low. It was a feeling so unexplainable that no man has ever made me felt before. I prayed to God that he pay for what he did through karma. I’m GLAD he’s locked up!!!

    • Im sorry that happened to you. That nigga is gonna get his plus some. And hes gonna feel phucked up too
      The only difference is he deserve it

    • Bitch you didn’t get assaulted… probably was running after a check and attention being a hoe lol. get the f*ck out of here

  22. Yoooo i know that girl Cat, daaaaamn. I remember she was by Brenda house and lost her baby by that nigga around this time… Shit was mad sad n shit. I didnt know all this went down. Damn dat nigga foul as hell!! Sheeesh

  23. Only believe half of what u read. I’m from Atlanta and know them both… That’s all I have to say

  24. Gcode aka Gary Moore? He raped you? This nigga already went to jail for rape before!!! What is he raping you with? His dick is soooo small, smh sorry to hear that baby girl I hope he gets His!

  25. Scrilla got 7 years in prison and TWhite just got his court date after 3yrs and revived 18 1/2 YEARS in prison


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