Tae Heckford’s Down W/ Nelly’s Paper Play On Ashanti!


Tai Hecksord Ashanti Nelly Money Play

“Nothingness is absolute and behind Anything, I am here.” -Tae Heckford

HSK Exclusive – Is Nelly banking on Ashanti’s pocketbook? Insiders say that’s what it is, revealing the “Real Husbands of Hollywood” actor ‘got back with Ashanti to lean on her for financial help.’ Know why? Insiders say “Nelly’s damn near broke from his drug and gambling addictions.” Don’t believe me.. Just ask Tae Heckard, who’s said to have turned to social media to let it be known that she’s down with Nelly’s paper play!


That was two days before Tae — who, more than a year ago, Nelly got with after kicking Ashanti to the curb — blasted this cryptic message “aimed at Ashanti.”


Here’s the drop:

“Ashanti is a fool for getting back with Nelly. Back in the day he used to beat on her when he had them steroid rages. Oh, and she lent Nelly $250-thousand that he never paid her back. Nelly got chased out of Atlanta and ran to L.A. so he could be closer to his BFF T.I. Don’t be surprise if you start to hear rumors of Nelly, Ashanti, T.I., Iggy Azalea, Puffy and Cassie swinging together.”



  1. I thought Ashanti let Nelly hold $500k. Either way, that’s a HELL no. Nelly is a trick with a stripper fetish. He impregnated not one but two strippers (if memory serves me correctly) in the time he was with Ashanti. Girl, let that negro go.

    • The Jamie Foxx, Bey, Jay story recently posted was taken, quite brazenly from Lipstick Alley.
      Another site Jacky (Faux Jackie) fails to credit.
      That cretin Sandra Rose does that same thing.

      • SR broke the Apollo Nida arrest, though. I can say that Bossip must steal from Jacky, too, because the Kerry and her husband story conveniently landed there after Jacky reported it.

  2. On The Breakfast Club interview he made it seem as if Ashanti may have stepped out on him. I watched his VH1 Behind the Music and he talked about how he use to ride around with his baby mama making sells. I use to think Nelly was cool, but I think he does exploit women. Ashanti you deserve better get you a good guy that’s not in the music industry. Don’t let him trick with your money on a video h**

  3. Ashanti is a complete idiot if she has really gotten back with Nelly. How much abuse does she need to take before she gets a grip? She reminds me of someone who was abused as a child and has no self worth because her self esteem has been torn apart. She needs therapy and to distance herself from the entertainment industry.

  4. Nelly is not all that. And Ashanti boo get out why you still can before you go broke tricking yo money on this fool.

  5. Damn, Nelly is broke? He was one of the biggest artists smokin in the late 1990’s early 2000’s

  6. Tae was in Nelly’s”Grills” video some years back,so trust and believe this courtship between her and Nelly has been going on way before the public got wind of it.

  7. This is the definition of reaching. How is that pic a dig at Ashanti? Did Ashanti say something about being let down? I don’t get it. Anyway, I think that it’s funny that Tae would post anything about self love considering the fact that she is nothing but a side ho. And Nelly must be pimping her out to help with his alleged money problems since she been hosting all those parties at clubs lately. SMH

    Anyway, Nelly nor Ashanti have admitted to being back together. They may still be sleeping with each other and probably never stopped, but I doubt they are a couple again. But if he did run back it’s probably because Ashanti was being linked with Desean Jackson and was getting her career back on track. Sorry ass men like to show back up when you start to move on without them. But I would bet that Ashanti used Desean Jackson and the rumors surrounding Nelly to help promote her album while at the same time to mess with Tae. She’s not completely clueless.

  8. Well I wish her the best of luck – without him sponging off her. Kick him to the curb and make a fresh start.

  9. @ENT Goon, Remember when Nelly got signed to play major league baseball? Nelly took that money to get a record deal. He paid the league back but if he would have played baseball he wouldn’t be so broke. Remember the Tip Drill video? Where do you think he got that money from? Ashanti! He had to pay them strippers something for that video.

    • Nah,because during the TipDrill days Country Grammer was a huge success and Ashanti wasn’t his girlfriend in those days.Home girl came years later.Nelly’s homeboy from St Louis already outed him for being broke tricking off on Ashanti and steroids.Jacky once interviewed the guy.

  10. I guess that Pimp Juice money never worked out for him. I haven’t heard anything about it since 2003.

  11. On Panache Report, one week Nelly is a multimillionaire, the next he’s tricked his money away on gambling and strippers.

  12. Nelly has been having financial problems, which may explain why I don’t see those Deeerty Ent. Phantoms I used to see riding through my neighborhood. He was flashing for a few years, then suddenly, nothing.

    • That usually how it works in the RapGame.One minute you’re hot next minute Cold.Ask Damon Dash.

  13. first off all this time i thought both shant and nells was broke when was the last album or matter fact any albums she put out sold over 2k?


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