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Brooke Bailey

Draya Confirms Brooke Bailey Was Cut From Basketball Wives Cast

September 13th, 2013

Confirmed: Brooke Bailey Cut from BBW

Back on the Stroll!

Draya recently spilled the beans about her relationship (or lack thereof) with her BBW co-star and frenemy, Brooke Bailey. According to Draya, come season 3 of Basketball Wives LA, it’s a wrap for the urban escort. Confirming HSK’s exclusive report of the same on August 24th of this year. Continue Reading…

Basketball Wives L.A. Makes 4th Season … Without Brooke & Gloria

August 24th, 2013


Scoring Overtime?


HSK Exclusive - We’re getting word that producers of Basketball Wives L.A. are making tracking blog reports their top priority. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Sundy Carter, whose countdown as begun to her official mark as a Basketball Wife.

Sources say that would be after Evelyn and Co’s season wraps. We’ve learned Basketball Wives L.A. is set to return to fill the Miami Basketball Wives’ time slot. Continue Reading…

NBA Wizards’ James Harden Signs On As Brooke Bailey’s Sponsor!

July 15th, 2013

NBA's John Wall Trickin on Brooke Bailey

HSK Exclusive - Brooke Bailey has landed herself a new NBA  ‘Trick’… literally! We’re told Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden is the latest to trick off on the BBWLA’s known opportunist. Continue Reading…

Brooke Bailey’s Basketball John Exposed!!!

March 4th, 2013

Johm Salley Smashing Brooke Bailey

Meet The Sponsor: John ‘Buyin’ Butts’ Salley…

HSK Exclusive - John Salley appears to be serving as much more than just a mediator during those BBWLA reunion specials. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Brooke Bailey, who we’re told has none other than good ‘ol Johnny to thank for forking out the funds for her butt augmentation.

Sources tell us from the moment Brooke gave John the green light to smash, the 48-year-old retired NBA player has been opening his wallet for her. Our source says they’re not surprised Brooke would bag a married man just to hustle her way into her desired figure. That’s because we’re told she landed the cash for her giant ta-ta’s by scamming a “fake ID” seeking woman named Lashawn, during her days working at the DMV. Continue Reading…

Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion UNCUT!

December 14th, 2012

BBWLA - Black Santa Revealed

Update: Black Santa Give His Side of the Story!


  • ‘Black Santa Claus’ Named
  • Bambi’s Smash Session W/ Jezzy Told
  • Gloria’s Edited-Out Response To Bambi Revealed

HSK Exclusive - We’ve uncovered the identity of the man dubbed ‘Black Santa Claus’ by two present-seeking ‘Basketball Wives’.

You may remember Bambi and Brooke Bailey recently broke down their now squashed beef over their secret sponsor, during BBWLA’s reunion. Now, a source exclusively tells HSK — though he may have deep pockets, he’s no basketball player. We’re told his name is Harold Porter, and he’s said to be nothing more than a street dope boy. Continue Reading…

Was Smashing Chris Brown Draya’s Ticket To Stardom?

December 13th, 2012

Brooke Bailey vs. Draya Michelle

Brooke Bailey Says ‘Yes’!

Draya is being outed as a woman who smashed her way into the spotlight. Shocking? I think NOT! That’s the word Brooke Bailey is letting be known, adding Draya Michele was never really a model, but rather is a woman who has used her body to get what, and where, she wants. Continue Reading…

BBWLA – Bambi Sets The Sets The Record Straight

December 11th, 2012

Bambi & Brooke Admit to Being Hos

“If You’re A Hoe, You Have To Own It!” ~ BBWLA Unmasked

HSK Exclusive - They may be dubbed LA’s ‘Basketball Wives’, but their recent round table reunion revealed what many have known since the beginning — they’re not really ‘wives’, per se. They’re hoes, or hoes who have been either offered a haven – or wifed up – by their basketball husbands/tricks. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Bambi, who spilled the beans on the woman who Matt Barnes recently married.

Here’s what Bambi had to say about Gloria Govan’s whoring: Continue Reading…

Brooke Bailey Delivers Jackie Christie A Beat-Down?

October 30th, 2012

Brooke Bailey Delivers Jackie Christie Beat-Down

Brooke Goes Out With A Bomb!

She came to the party sporting a “Trust No Bitch” necklace – and left with that same necklace being thrown at her – but Brooke Bailey is reported to have got a good one in on Jackie Christie. Basketball Wives LA took it back to the reality television show brand’s original format of bitchiness, back-stabbing and bombs – as viewers got a glimpse of of Brooke and Jackie getting down at none other than an alcohol-serving establishment.

Despite the fact that VH1 decided to cut the exact moment of physical contact between the clashing pair out of its broadcast, sources say Brooke Bailey didn’t disappoint her crew and is the the reigning champion of the fight. Continue Reading…

Brooke Bailey Past Peddling Gov’t ID’s Exposed!

October 15th, 2012

Brooke Bailey's Real Name is Toi Kingsbury

Hustling History Of A Hoe?

HSK Exclusive - The newest addition to Basketball Wives LA is reported to be more than a working girl who hustles men for money, she’s also said to be a women who once used her former position at the DMV as a stage to commit crime. We’re talking about Brooke Bailey – who we’re told gained her ticket to BBWLA from f*cking known super-trick John Sally. Continue Reading…

Meet Brooke Bailey… The Unauthorized BBW Biography!

September 11th, 2012

Meet Brooke Bailey

The Stats On Basketball Wives LA’s Newest Addition!

HSK Exclusive - She may be Basketball Wives LA’s newest cast member, but the only basketballs Brooke Bailey’s close to are the ones she had implanted into her buttocks.

Sources say despite the 37-year-old urban model’s claim to fame – being the exclusive lady in Vernon Macklin’s life – Brooke Bailey, a single mother who has a habit of abandoning her three children, serves as nothing more than an L.A. jump-off to the 25-year-old power forward. Continue Reading…

Brooke Bailey is the Newest Cast Member to Join Basketball Wives LA

July 16th, 2012

Brooke Bailey Exposed
It appears that Shaunie O’neal and Mona Scott are battling it out on the bottom of the barrel for the casting of their respective reality television empires. Know why? Because it been reported that the newest woman to join the Basketball Wives Los Angeles cast is none-other-than the woman who HSK previously revealed to be homeless, video hoe, Brooke Bailey. Don’t believe me.. Ask Rashard Lewis!

According to BallerAlert:

The Basketball Wives franchise has added yet another girl to the Los Angeles mix. Move over Draya, Brooke Bailey is the [newest] vixen in town. Continue Reading…

Brooke Bailey Got a Birthday Beat Down!

April 16th, 2012

Brooke Bailey Beat Down

HSK Exclusive - Word from the streets…

Brooke Bailey’s karma seemed to have caught up with her. After she rang in her 36th birthday with a beat down. She may have tried hard to keep it on the low, but now it’s all coming to surface again. It happened in Atlanta back in 2010. Don’t believe me.. Ask Chelly.

Here’s the tea about the situation: Continue Reading…

Video Model Brooke Bailey Is Homeless

April 13th, 2012

Video Chic Brooke Bailey is Homeless
Video girl Brooke Bailey has appeared in music videos with Lil Wayne, P. Diddy, The Game, Webbie and Bootsie, but guess what — The streets are saying 36 year old Brooke Bailey is now homeless in Los Angeles. Don’t believe me.. Ask Saniyyah Samaa.

Here’s what the streets are saying about Brooke Bailey:

“Brooke is homeless, she’s squatting at anybody’s spot who will let her. She has her three kids separated and staying with various family members. Continue Reading…



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