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Mona Scott-Young

Mona Scott Young: From Reigning Reality Queen To Disgraced Defendant?

March 17th, 2014

Mona Scott Young Reality TV Disgrace

It was only a matter of time before Mona ‘Shook One’ Scott Young would publicly address the detailed LHH script-scam allegations surrounding her now-tarnished name.

Today — exactly one week after being smacked with a $50M lawsuit — the legally-exposed fraudster is revealed to have produced a pitiful response to the documented evidence that points to Young as a greed-fueled VH1 force who plotted to pull a fast one over the true creator of LHH’s premise. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Nickie Lum-Davis. Continue Reading…

Mona Scott Young Bumps Nicki Minaj For Her Stable!!!

September 24th, 2013

Mona Scott Teams w/ Nicki Minaj

To Pimp A Pop Hoe?

HSK Exclusive - Move over K Michelle … Nicki Minaj is set to takeover your top spot in Mona Scott-Young’s stable! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Yandy Smith.

“Nicki’s music career is in the toilet … so you better believe she’s gonna do what she has to so she doesn’t become a has-been.” Continue Reading…

Jazze Pha’s Bromance Put On Blast!

July 19th, 2013

Jazze Pha is Downlow

HSK Exclusive - A Bravo bromance is being revealed, surrounding one “The New Atlanta” cast member. Sources say that’s why Jazze Pha is pulling BFF Jevon “Vawn” Sims into the spotlight. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Mona Scott Young.

“The New Atlanta” reality show is set to being airing on the network this fall. But don’t expect Jazze and Vawn to be open about their DL relationship. Know why? Not only is Jazze reported to be trapped in the closet, he’s also said to keep his sponsoring of Vawn’s monthly living expenses on the low.

Wait…That’s not all!!! Continue Reading…

K Michelle Living In The Bottle?

May 15th, 2013

K Michelle is a Drunk

Enabled By Mona Scott Young?

HSK Exclusive - K Michelle said it for herself — she’s “in love with Jack Daniels”. So, it’s no surprise the noted “out of control, raging drunk” is ratchet television gold.

But, even with the rest of LHHA opting not to work with her, sources say K Michelle’s spot on the VH1 show remains secure. Know why? Because we’re told Mona Scott-Young is managing the singer’s music career. Continue Reading…

It’s A Wrap For ‘The Gossip Game’!?

April 22nd, 2013

The Gossip Game Canceled

HSK Exclusive - We’re getting word that VH1 is looking to plug the on ‘The Gossip Game’. This news come less than a month after the reality show’s March 28th premiere.

That may be because the last thing Vivian Billings, Sharon Carpenter, Ms. Drama, JasFly, K. Foxx, Angela Yee and Kim Osorio are talking about — IS ANYTHING BUT DROPS.

Highlights from the latest episode included Kim’s overweight lover demanding a threesome, Ms. Drama playing model for a photo-shoot, and Sharon Carpenter fighting for her dream to become the new E! Entertainment chick. Continue Reading…

Mendeecees Victim Testifies That She Was Coerced & Paid For Sex

February 6th, 2013

Mandeecees Harris Victim Testifies

Tales of the Sick & Perverted!

The alleged victim in the teen-sex trial of Mendeecees Harris testified yesterday that Mendeecees told her she was “better than [her] mother” after coercing her into oral sex by revealing his knowledge of a dark secret from her past.

Speaking in a barely audible whisper, her voice sometimes breaking, the now-19-year-old woman told jurors in Hackensack that the former “Love & Hip Hop” personality went from being a “father figure” she could trust to someone who forced her into sex for money after she moved into his Lodi home in the summer of 2009. Continue Reading…

Mendeecees Harris To Make Sex Offender Registry!

February 4th, 2013

Mandeecees Harris - Child Sexual Predator

Secured Fame After ‘Love & Hip Hop’?

HSK Exclusive - Mendeecees Harris’ has a hell of a lot to think about while he’s currently locked up in his Bergen County Jail cell. That’s because even if he accepts a potential plea deal offering, sources say his name will forever be listed as a registered sex offender, the worst kind of sex offender; he who preys on children. That could mean when he and Yandy’s son starts school, Mendeecees won’t be welcomed to PTA meetings anytime soon.

Just days ago, Bergen County officials updated Harris’ current case, revealing charges we didn’t know about before — namely “Promoting Prostitution”, involving his then 15-year-old “stepdaughter”, the alleged victim. Inmate records reveal the former ‘Love & Hip Hop’ cast member has been assigned the lower bunk of a 6 by 8 foot cell. You may remember just last week we told you Harris’ trial began, which could end with him facing up to 20-years behind bars. Continue Reading…

LHH Frenemies Yandy & Kimbella Fuse For Football!

February 1st, 2013

Frenemies - Kimbella, Yandy and Somaya

A Reconstructed Somaya Weighs In…

HSK Exclusive - Yandy Smith and Kimbella Vanderhee seem to be setting their differences aside this weekend — all for the love of the game of football. That’s because sources say the pair of noted ‘frenemies’
are throwing a Super Bowl bash in New York City.

Now, Somaya Reece is weighing in on the pair’s party, calling Yandy “a hypocrite”. Know why? Because the former LHH cast member says Kimbella has Yandy to thank for being cut from the ratchet television cast. Continue Reading…

Joseline Working Reality TV & Paying Johns…At The Same Time!!!

January 15th, 2013

Joseline Hernandez is Super Hoe

Strapped Hustlin’ Ho?

HSK Exclusive - Joseline Hernandez may boast about her retirement from the strip club business, but she could have just taken her street hustle even deeper — all to save face.

HSK has exclusively learned the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta personality is working as an escort, “pulling tricks ’cause them TV checks ain’t coming in fast enough and she’s addicted to shopping”. Continue Reading…

Yandy Baby Daddy Mandeecees Harris Molested 15-Year-Old Step-Daughter

January 10th, 2013

Yandy Smith Mandeecees Harris Child Predator

Love & Hip Hop Reunion Hosted by Chris Hansen?

HSK Exclusive - Kirk Frost isn’t the only accused child predator Mona Scott-Young thought would be a perfect fit for her ratchet reality empire.

After months of hearing the rumors, they are now CONFIRMED! Yandy Smith’s baby daddy,  Mandeecees Harris, was arrested and is facing trial for molesting the 15-year-old daughter of his other baby momma.

Mandeecees (34-years old) is charged with performing various sexual acts with the 15-year-old girl and inappropriately touching her at his former home in Lodi.

Here’s what’s been reported by Kibret Markos of the The Record: Continue Reading…



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