Tahiry Jose’s Marital-Money-Love, Herpes & Hip Hop…


Tahiry Jose Marriage License

Ratchet-Rearing Infector Revealed?

Tahiry Jose is being exposed as a whore-turned-wife-for-hire, who could be to blame for infecting some of the industry’s leading performers with herpes! Don’t believe me.. Ask Trey Songz.

It’s a situation which – despite a February 2011 marriage certificate confirming the union – the LHH cast member flat-out denies, while she somehow believes her role – both on and off ratchet television – is one which is “leaving a positive impact on young ladies”. Um…can someone say delusional?

This news comes as details surrounding Tahiry’s life outside of the ratchet television spotlight reveals a business agreement-turned-marriage to a “wealthy man” named Nicholas J. Brown.

We’re told part of pair’s the marital arrangement involves Tahiry being rewarded an unspecified monthly allowance, which sources say is Tahiry’s sole reason for being involved in the union.

Now, as news of Tahiry being infected with the Herpes virus surfaces, it seems Mr.
Brown may have gotten a lot more than he banked on when he put a ring on it. Don’t you agree?

Here’s what Gossip Daily is reporting:

“They sent a warning in the form of an email to Mona Scott Young to inform her of Tahiry’s alleged situation, but got no response. They also sent a copy of an alleged marriage certificate to the website that they claim belongs to Tahiry .

The source said Tahiry herself would come clean with all of this in an upcoming documentary, and they even suggested that lawsuits against the reality star are sure to come.”

Here’s what Tahiry Jose took to Twitter to say about it:

“Taking this timeout to thank all my supporters who don’t believe everything that they read. I knew coming into this what to expect, and I’m focused on leaving a positive impact on young ladies who can relate to my story.

Again, thank you for all your support, it means everything to me! Love, Tahiry.”


  1. dag, say it ain’t so.I saw her on a youtube video with Joe Budden once, it was sad.it seemed like he was abusing her mentally and emotionally.I wonder what would make a person stay in a crazy situation like that.The apartment they were in looked real small so I was like it can’t be money.Now with the herpes allegations maybe that’s why she stayed with him so long.

    looking back it seems like Joe and Tahiry always wanted to be on reality tv.

  2. Such an atractive woman, she may have a better chance o acheiving fame and fortune in a more respectful way than dealing with a druggie. Joe Budden had mental issues!!!

  3. Well what else is new? And i don’t feel any pity for her “husband”cause why on earth would you marry a ratchet ass video hoe anyway even if it was just a business arrangement? Men need to do better. Smdh.

  4. I will assume this “husband” is a man of means. If so, did he not think they should get tested before “marriage”? Unless…she’s his beard.

  5. Hmmmm?? If this is true, and as someone mentioned it above, then Will Smith, Trey Songz and other celebs have it as well. This does sound like a “business arrangement” type of marriage. I wouldn’t be surprised if he already knew about it??? Hmmmmm?? There are so many couples in Hollywood or just generally speaking who have some type of “arranged business” marriage. Hell, he ain’t faithful to her and she obviously has not been faithful to him. And of course, money was involved.

  6. I call BULLSH*T! How come all this comes out, soon as she start getting a lil shine though? I mean Tahiry aint new to the game! And how come she work as a damn waitress if she so call is/was married to this very wealthy person and gets monthly allowances! And the sleeping with rappers and shit I’m sure their is some truth to that ahh she is obviously in the entertainment circle and these are the type of men she is around so I’m sure she knocked off a few of those names, hell that’s her circle! Now as far as the herpes situation, I don’t know until Tahiry or her ob/gyn confirms that she is infected that is basically a rumor! It honestly sound like somebody is very very mad at her and coming for her in a major way!!

    • I’m going to agree with you: until proven (ewww not that I even want to know), I can’t give this story any credence. If its a malicious plant {story} I would definitely vote Raqi Thunder or whatever her name is! I like IP (industry p—-); it’s says it all. She seems to have taken to several media outlets lately saying some very nasty things about Tahiry, Joe, and Consequence. Side note: I met Tahiry at a birthday party in Detroit last weekend, she was very well spoken, she dressed classy and wasn’t at all like her “character” on LHH. There is nothing REAL about Reality TV.

  7. It does make sense in a way.
    You’re right,
    she IS just getting her shine & in the process she’s also doing that with an ex that she admits to still be in love with.
    Hell, girlfriend even got in the kitchen & was cooking this man a meal.
    That really isn’t a good look for whomever this arrangement was with.
    Now he looks like a fool to the same people he was trying to front for & everybody else.
    Most people with that mind-set tend to be very vindictive when things don’t go their way.

    • Keepitrealnot, I am out of pocket responding to you on one thread about another one. But I am very interested in knowing how you feel about Mad and my
      attempts to pull a few “anonymous’s” heads out of their behinds about succeeding in the YT man’s world in the Lindsey Lohan thread from the weekend. I value your opinion and I know Mad does too.

      • I dug it. I dont understand ppl who would rather starve than work within the system. To each his own i guess. Ive studied ppl i dont give 2 shits about but i take a lil bit of erbodys game to complete mine.

        • You do u and ill do me. I dont even know why ur addressing me over christa’s post. They were not my words so therefore i do not know who she was addressing. Further by ur own admission u dont know either so please move around.

      • Ppl call Tiger a sellout. Some ppl say the same bout mike jordan. But who do u think lebron is modeling his shit after? At some pont he will shift to magic johnson mode. Take a lil from here – a lil from there and get it in.

      • @christa-But in asking that be aware that not all the anonymous are bad people. But i am beginning to worry if this site is becoming too one minded. Darla once said she wondered if hsk was going to continue having a sociopolitical bent or become more of a group think. I think the latter is happening. It’s starting to become a place where if you have a dissenting opinion or express a differing view you get attacked. Healthy debate and expressing ideas doesn’t require name calling and general ugliness but it is becoming quite common on here as of late. Now i won’t hesitate to defend myself and i know you won’t either so if as someone said this site is slowly turning into bossip it isn’t our fault. But there are good people here whose opinions i enjoy like tisme, nba is fixed, josh, reneeblack26, black pearl, mama, you and a bunch of others whose names escape me right now which is why i keep coming back. I’m quite good with computers and i think you would be surprised if i told you some of the things i know. I’ve found out a lot of interesting things but that is a conversation for another time. But for now let’s continue to enjoy this place that jacky has provided and i will see you later. Oh and by the way -Queen Madraven? You doing way too much! LOL!!! So i guess that makes you princess christa. Oh boy an uncle tom queen and her polite sycophant lady in waiting, yeah the devil is sitting in hell with a parka on wondering why it’s so cold! ROTFLMBAO!!!!!

        • Interesting that she would be concerned about group think when she begins many of her posts with the word “we”. Thinking is discouraged here period. Just agree with the regulars and you’re fine.

        • I have only changed my name once thank you very much and it is no secret who i am. The people who know me know who i am. Although the same can’t be said for you. There are those like Darla who hide in the anonymous darkness for reasons that she explained and i respect. So what about you? Yet another internet bully who chooses not to have a screen name so you can throw rocks without hiding your hands? So what next are you going to tell me i’m an uncle tom? Or maybe you’re going to post some profanity laced rant calling me everything but a child of God. You all seem to have an agenda of making hsk into another place where it’s all about degrading folks so hit me with it i’m a big girl o can take it. As for you KEEPITREAL idk what you read but christa likes you and if she said anything off base or whatever trust and know it wasn’t directed at you. @Anonymous9:50-Like keepitreal said to you the conversation was between christa, him and i so why did you feel the need to intervene unless the comments we made described you. As for the rest of it you seem very quick to want to call someone a police officer all the time. Are you the police? Could that be why you’re always throwing shade my way? To be fair you don’t need to be a cop to get the goods on someone like their address, phone number, real name and what they look like. All you need is th right equipment and hacker level computer knowledge but we both know i’m too stupid to have either of those right?

          • And on a side note you asked me why would i care about someone else’s opinon and yet you made it your business to comment on one of mine. Curious.

          • Not trying to be funny but fuck y’all opinions. I just want to hear some gossip! Now Madraven, tell us who’s hiding behind those anonymous names!

  8. If 1 in 4 ppl have Herpes then A LOT MORE PPL have it but just don’t know about it. Ppl feel more stigmatized for having Herpes then HIV! I guess when you have HIV ppl pity you but w/Herpes ppl think you’re “nasty” GTFOHWTBS I’ve had coldsores since I was a KID & I wasn’t suckin’ dyck! Herpes is TOO easy to get *skin to skin* for us to be stigmatizing folks!

    I think what we need to focus on is testing so we can find out who has it & who doesn’t! Until I see Tahiry’s test I’m not throwing no salt on her! Especially for a disease that is THAT easily transmitted. If you wanna know who’s infected w/ANYTHING demand testing BEFORE ANY PHYSICAL INTERACTION! But I guarantee tonite most of the men on this thread will be jumping RIGHT in some pumpum w/o knowing the origin of STD/STI results. Then skin up their teeth like somebody is “nasty” for catching something.

    Her being married sounds like she looked out for someone to get legal in the country & never divorced him. I DGAF I still like her as a character on the show.

  9. She is fine as fuck with major ass….BUT, I NO LONGER WANT TO HIT…after reading this….fantasy officially ended

  10. Why are these sites publishing people’s medical info? That’s crazy. Some things are too personal. And if you’ve had chicken pox, which is A LOT of people, guess what? You have the herpes virus in your body. If you get cold sores, that’s herpes – HSV 1. You can spread herpes to someone’s genitals if you have an open sore in your mouth. Everyone doesn’t contract it by sleeping around. Some people get it from their cheating spouses. If she does have it, maybe some a-hole gave it to her. Who knows. At any rate people, pop a Valtrex, strap on a condom and live your life. It’s not the end of the world. Why do people “report” on nonsense like this. Get a life!