Tamar Braxton’s Ex-Husband Darrell “Delite” Allamby Is a Deadbeat Dad


Darrell "Delite" Allamby  Deadbeat
Tamar Braxton’s ex-husband Darrell “Delite” Allamby has worked and produced hit songs for groups like Silk, LSG, Gerald LeVert, Busta Rhymes — but guess what–Music producer Darrell “Delite” Allamby is a deadbeat father to his 12 year old daughter Sky. Don’t believe me? Ask Sky’s mother Cheria Covington.

Here’s what Cheria’s homegirl had to say:

“Darrell got babies in New York, Atlanta, he has kids everywhere. Tamar got with Darrell because he’s a producer and her new dude Vince Herbert is a producer too.

Cheria is a good mother, but Darrell doesn’t take care of his daughter Sky.”

Does Tamar Braxton f*ck for beats? Of course she does. Don’t believe me? Ask music producer Christopher “Tricky” Stewart.


  1. Why people got to hate on Tamar. This sounds like another jealous hoe that wants in on what shes got. You started off by talking about the dude being a dead beat father then flipped it on Tamar. Tamar is a beautiful and together woman, who dont take no mess. You can tell her and Vince are happily married, it is not a money or fame thing for Tamar.

  2. I had no idea that Tamar was married, prior to Vince. In her defense, were usually attracted to qualities that interest, compliment, even define us; therefore, why is it not acceptable for Tamar to marry a music producer? I believe that Tamar had the talent, ability, and resources to have inspired her own successes; and having a husband in the field is only an advantage. I think she’s phenomenal and wish her the very best, because Lord knows I’m sick of Beyonce.

  3. Wow!!!…I dont think Delite is a bad guy and i met Sky ,her brother and baby sister by another woman who modeled….Great people whom i met through Vincent B. My exboyfriend……i love Delite’s music…very talented man i must say…

  4. Look i dont believe Tamar sexed her way into the industry even if she did she would have more then one kid and if she got a abortion it would be all over tmz and wendy william and all the other gossip channels so dont go there cuz i happen to be very in love with tamars music. So just shut the f*ck up. With the rumors yall r mad cuz basically the only news she does have is how great her single and her album yall just mad cuz yall name is always in drama cuz it fits ur profile tamar is not a Angel and she is a diva but she puts that diva mentally into her music and in the streets so to mrs.tamar braxton herbert great job i love you and ur music when is ur next album love u tamar

  5. You know what? Focus on what is important for Tamar right now, her health. All this negative talk, it is not doing anything for anyone. Get well Tamar wish you vince and little vince (I mean Logan) much happiness. Stop all the hateing…….

  6. I like Tamar, but I think a lot of her "over-the-top" shenanigans caught up with her. She was being herself (maybe?)–but sometimes, especially when dealing with a broader audience, you do have to tone it down a bit–especially when advertisers and sponsors are involved. But look at all of the folks (especially females) trying to imitate the "so-called" ghetto & gay jargon/behavior they're accusing her of. Even Jeannie Mai and Adrienne repeated a lot of her "sayings" & behavior (Jeannie seemed to be competing with Tamar at times). Tamar has a fan base–unfortunately, it's a fan base that maybe the sponsors & advertisers of THE REAL don't care to cater to. That's too bad, because say what you want–Tamar brought a lot of FLAVOR to that show.

    And by the way, I'm a black female with a MS in education. I didn't have a problem with Tamar's "rolling of the neck and eyes"–I sure see enough white folks as well as others trying to do it – LOL. Some "intellectual" darkies & their cohorts need to calm down. Some things aren't meant to be so intellectually "heavy"–sometimes they're just meant to be entertaining. Some of US need to stop worrying about what other "races" think–they have their own "stereotypes" & shortcomings to worry about.

  7. My FAV was married to another producer before Vince….and your point IS? She wasn’t banging for beats she was married!dumbazz. TRICKY was family friend & they dated while she was very young. #MYFAVSASAINT #UMAD #FAVSTAYWINNING #TAMARSDASHIT


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