Tasha Marbury Traumatized Over Stephon’s Bromance w/ Isiah Thomas!



Basketball Wife Blues?

HSK Exclusive – In about two-weeks, Basketball Wives LA will be returning … minus Jennifer, Royce, Kenya and Keisha, with newcomer La Tasha Marbury added to the VH1 cast. And, guess what? You won’t have to wait that long to get the drop on the cheating scandal that reportedly left Tasha traumatized. Know why? ‘Cause HSK has it first …


Sources reveal Tasha Marbury — wife of former NBA player Stephon Marbury — who was most recently in China, playing for the Beijing Ducks — has seen her share of heartaches from being a basketball wife. Know why? We’re told during their marriage, not only did Tasha discover Stephon was cheating on her with other women — he was also involved in a secret bromance with Isiah Thomas!!!

“Tasha felt she couldn’t satisfy Stephon Marbury when she found out he was in a relationship Isiah Thomas.”

According to our insider, back with Stephon Marbury was playing for the Knicks, he had a fall out with Isiah Thomas — leading him to threaten to expose Isiah, causing Isiah to attempt suicide.


Here’s what Stephon Marbury had to say when his BFF Isiah Thomas wouldn’t let him start in a 2007 game:

“Isiah has to start me. I’ve got so much on Isiah and he knows it. He thinks he can [get] me, but I’ll [get] him first. You have no idea what I know.”

Here’s what Isiah Thomas’ reply to the statement:

“It seems like he and I kinda go through this every November. And then a couple of weeks go by and we kinda kiss and make up and we get back to the business of trying to win basketball games. Hopefully, in the next couple of days this will be resolved.”

Did Isiah Thomas attempt to kill himself by overdosing on sleeping pills, before being rushed to White Plains Hospital Center — all because he believed Marbury was going to take to YouTube to blast him? Of course. Don’t believe.. Just ask Isiah’s gay son, Joshua.



    • He learned from Magic Johnson. Back in the 80’s my father swore up and down that Magic and Isiah were gay. I remember when Isiah attempted suicide and I fugured it has something to with his homosexual lifestyle. When Magic and Jermaine Stewart were throwing those all-male parties up in the Hollywood Hills Magic was getting turned out and it didn’t take long for Isiah Thomas to join the club. For too many of these men, being with another man comes more naturally to them than being with a woman.

      • Wow, I saw a story by jacky that said just ask Kobe Bryant, it was in reference to a tranny…I personally think these men, have so much sex with thousands of women, that they lose the natural desire for it and then they turn to men. it new lol, I noticed in the story above, she was referred to as ex-wife….child please, I agree story line, not that their isn’t any truth, u never know….but back to Kobe, nooooo, lol

        • I mean its new, and she wasn’t referred to as ex-wife, so shes not to distraught…im not sure about this with Isaiah, bcz once he was going to expose Majic, so why expose someone if ur on the dl urslf…and I do rmbr that suicide attempt last year I think, but I didn’t associate it with being on the dl…Stephon teln his wife what to put out thr, all these celebs care about is money and fame and how to keep it going…by any means, lies, selling thr soul

        • Tiff:

          I don’t buy that shit. Men know that even if you have a million women on deck, nothing will get you bored enough to get a hard on for men and want that nastiness! With all of the varieties of breasts/nipples, colors, sizes and shapes – you can’t get tired of them! If you get aroused by men, you are GAY, not horny…

          • It has nothing to so with being gay straight it has to do with being sex addicts. Sex addicts will screw every and anything.

          • I agree with you guys, I was trying to make some sort of sense of it, why a guy who liked women for years would go way left

            • Des Reply:
              August 7th, 2013 at 19:26

              “Not true. Please get your facts straight. A sex addict still has a preference.”

              Des give it a rest I am a former mental health professional and you are way out of you league debating human sexuality with me lol.I worked with sex addicts and I know what I am talking about. They will sleep with anything and it has little to do with the addict’s sexual preference it has to do with them dulling their emotional emptiness. They compulsively have sex with anyone or anything in order to fill an emotional void, and during their sexual conquest the void is monetary filled, however after the act is over with the void comes back stronger than ever and they have to find a way to fill it again. A full blow sex addict will usually have sex with every and anything.

              Tiff Reply:
              August 7th, 2013 at 04:46

              “I agree with you guys, I was trying to make some sort of sense of it, why a guy who liked women for years would go way left.” Kinsely one of the words leading sex expert believe that no one is exclusively hetrosexual, or homosexual that human sexuality is more like a pendulum that swings from one end of the sexual spectrum to the next. In other words one person can be 100% heterosexual at one point in their life and be bisexual and another point, or exclusively homosexual at another. Check out the site for more info. http://www.kinseyinstitute.org/

        • Straight men never lose their desire for women. You can get drained of your energy if you are ejaculating 2-3x a day and in such a case you don’t feel like any type of sexual activity of any kind for a few days until your battery re-charges and the semen level is back up to full.

          Straight men don’t go from women to Tyler Perry unless Tyler Perry is in them in the first place.

          • So true. The above person wanted me to do my research. Look at Halle Berry ex-husband, he stated he was an sex addict, but he’s not gay.

            • He was NOT an addict. That’s the lie he told his wife to try and stay in. It is the thrill of having sex, particularly risky sex that the addict seeks. So if a man goes into a porn theatre looking for a woman in a booth and can’t find one he may stick his junk in a man’s mouth to get off. If y’all don’t know you should be quiet and learn.

      • As a kid, barely school aged, I never understood the kiss on the cheek when he and magic greeted each other or even their girlfight beef. Could have swore I witnessed a liplock. Somebody turned lil EJ Johnsons flaming housemother acting self out though. That boy is too much for me.

        • Straight men kiss each other on the lips all over the world the United States is the only country in the word outside of it’s counter part the United Kingdom that it’s men’s sexuality is so fragile that almost every sincere jester of affection towards other men is consider to be gay. Grow up people.

          • Perhaps mid eastern butt raping eunuch arab dominated or euro countries, study greco roman history. Men are affectionate to each other and its not uncommon to see straight men hold hands in places like Nigeria however my part African self will not allow me to agree that two grown unrelated men kissing on the lips or even lockerroom ass pats are natural heterosexual male rituals of pda. Maybe that is where EJ gets it from.

            • non importante:

              I hear you but it is ironic that you said “Perhaps mid eastern butt raping eunuch arab dominated or euro countries, study greco roman history.” However, homophobia in your country is also an import from the same countries/ cultures that you listed above. Homophobia in it current incarnation comes from the Christian and Islamic imperialists.

        • I use to think the cheek kiss, was them trying seem classy, they didn’t impress anybody. I read smwhr wher Majic say that he has helped the black community so much(and he has) that he was so disappointed that we(bc) basically ridiculed and laughed at his gay son. First of all its not that serious, and second, we can believe marriage is between a man and a woman. To me Majic wanted us to choose his son over what God says…His son didn’t just come out, he turned flips, and did a jig, I mean waaaay out. live and let live, but we don’t have to endorse it..to each his own

      • Right. I remember when Magic announced he was HIV+ AND Isaiah told the world that Magic needed to tell the public the TRUTH about how he contracted the disease.
        When Magic appeared on Oprah she asked him if he wanted to address that and Magic said he was not going to. He was hot with Isaiah too.

    • Lord, true or not, she has to have a storyline to be on BBW Miami,(no morals) even though HSK referred to it as the LA, dang proof read, but b4 u hit send, lol…..so does Maubury have the goods on him, or Maubury is on the dl to? Anyhoo, off to class and real life….how shockn, that she would put herslf out thr, for ratings- not! please these ppl laugh at the stories we buy

  1. I see Isiah is up to his old tricks again. I used to fly with his first wife back in the day. Oh the stories!

    • Maybe it was the priests at that Catlick school in Chicago that turned him out??? St. Josephs, we see you.

    • christa,

      Do you remember back when “Isiah was cheating & the furniture he bought for the side piece was delivered to the home of him & his wife?”

      And… BOTH Isaiah & Magic have gay sons?
      Things that make you go….huuuummmmmmm
      (just like Arsenio use to say)

      • No, I did not know of that story, but if true, it’s hilarious as hell! Can you imagine?
        Yes it is mind blowing that both dudes have gay sons. Of course I learned about EJ along with everyone else when he went on the PR spree in full Chanel drag last winter, but I had NO idea that Zeke’s boy was also gay. I finally put 2+2 together(slow on this one) and realized that gay son must be the child of the former DAL F/A I used to fly with back before she married I.T. They were college sweeties so she was with him at that time, but she didn’t quit the job until she tied the knot.
        Of course it’s possible that the gay son folks are referring to could be a love child, but I kinda doubt it. Oh, and how apropros that you mention Arsenio when we are discussing the old NBA BFFs! *wink* at A.H’s saucy self 🙂

  2. Huh??????

    Isaiah Thomas gay ???? Since when? I still remember him from his Detroit days, and when was seeing a local news anchor chick behind his wife’s back.

    Uuhh uuhh Jacky, I need some elaboration, and explanation on this one. I mean Isaiah grew up in the mean streets of Chicago, he comes from a street basketball playing dynasty, and when gang members came around trying to force Zeke into a gang, his moms came out with shot gun and chased them off the porch. I remember him from his Indiana days when he could barely be understood , because his grammar skills just sucked.

    I know a lot of things about Zeke, but gay ain’t one of them.

    • Maybe Stephon was talking about Isiah’s sexual relationship with that female employee for Madison Square Garden.

    • Well…I can’t exactly confirm that this story is true but I have a super saucy so-called straight male friend that played in the NBA, was mentored by Isaiah and is still pretty close to him to this date. My friend is a little younger than Isaiah. This is the 1st time I’ve heard of Mr. Thomas being gay, but I’ve been saying my friend was saucy for a loooong time. This is just the icing on the cake. I wouldn’t b suprised if he turned my friend out.

  3. Isnt it odd that both Isiah and Magic had gay boys.
    An I don’t care what Magic says, that boy of his has go to be a major embarrassment and disappointment.

    • I find it to be beyond odd. I am beginning to see a pattern with these celebrities and their children, and what I see is very sinister,and a very, very, very, sad situation.
      Wow, I have to decompress somewhere. The comment above, and certain situations that keep coming up, has completely messed me up.

      See y’all later..I just can’t right now…

      • True the sins hidden by the parents come out in the children.

        big beautiful physically superior black men fuckin’ in the azz.

        They deserve every disease the white man created for them

    • Wow, both of these bi-sexual fathers have homosexual sons? Is this what they call ‘generational curse’?

      • That’s the gay genes being passed onto the sons. This is why if I date a female and it can lead to children, I see if anyone is gay in her family and then I get away!

        • Homosexuality isn’t a genetic condition. It’s a spiritual condition. You’re going to be by yourself forever then because I defy you to find a family without gays in it. These gays have broke out of the close and burned the damned thing all the way to the ground. Sign of the times.

        • Josh you have issues with your own sexuality if you refused to date a woman if you think her son is gay. I mean really what sense does that make?

      • You can easily see that Magic Johnsons son has some severe emotional issues and was using food to deflect them for awhile…He needs to see a psychiatrist and then he needs to see a physician to get some testosterone and reset his hormonal balance.(which would include changing his diet and excluding certain foods from and consume only organic foods with no female hormones)

  4. OOOOOO WEE!! This is shocking and disturbing. Especially the part where both Magic and Isiah’s son’s are gay. What’s up with that? Crazy world.

    Use to love me some Bad Boy Piston’s back in the day. Hollywood be turning them out left and right.

    • Ms Gemini Interesting that you would say that. I have said for years that something is just a touch off w/Marbury’s dome…but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what IT was. I think he has multi indentations in his skull, more so than the usual cranial sutures we all have from our baby heads expanding.

      • Perhaps those indentations are creating shadows in the photo, if in fact that is the case.

        And I hope my hair never falls out – it would suck if I found out I had 50-11 dents / spots all around my head. LOL

  5. SMH Them athletes do like to tap one another on the ass on the court and field though! Oh…and in the locker room!!! Read the signs, ladies! Ya can’t tell me they didn’t see ’em — or simply didn’t care. Don’t you agree?

    • When I was very young and witnessed the on the mouth kiss prior to tipoff between Magic and Zeke, yes, I was quite taken aback. Back then there wasn’t a hint to outsiders that even Magic was questionable. But I didn’t suspect them of being gay, I just thought they were waaayy friendly and so open that it had to be legit.

      • @ Jason Collins See. That’s what the passage of time + rumors in between does to your memories.
        I actually BELIEVED that I saw a lip kiss tween the two ballers in my young days. Now that you have pointed out the true story, I realize how much one’s brain function can be altered and molded by anecdotal info acquired over time. I am sure that the Magic H I V speech of 1991 and other such teas(boo Jermaine Stewart’s tales)have slanted my memory accordingly. But I stand corrected now!

    • But when women touch each other’s breasts , sleep in the same bed together there is nothing wrong with it?

      • I always say the same thing about the double standard. I never got into the female n female action, but the same people that like that, have a problem with two men. You either like oth scenarios or you shut up. Lol

  6. Isaih Thomas also used to fuck with Scottie Pippen. And Im sure he used to fuck with the owner of the knicks and madison square garden
    A high level music industry insider told me back in the 80s hd was vactioning at an jamaican resort. 1 of the porters that were cleaning a room that Scottie and Isaih were in was complaining about the bloody sheets left behind and called them gotdamn messy f a g g o t s
    I remember when Marbury also had a mental breakdown a few years back and when tmz reported and filmed Marbury supposingle meeting a young fan at an airport to spend a few days with. The only thing was that the fan was an adult white man in his early 30s. He was reportly meeting the anonymous fan for the 1st time. Even tmz thought that was odd behaviour
    I used to wonder why no matter how much Isaih fucked up when coaching/managing the knicks, the owner would never kick him to the curb. Even after the settled lawsuit. Even till this day I think Isaih have an open door invitation to return to the knicks extended by the owner

  7. This is some hype, Tasha trying to get her shine and fucked up and said too much and now cant take it back. The Marbury Isaiah beef was over the white chick they were both smashing..at different times! Isaiah was jealous..but thats old news Tasha tired ass is just following the blueprint of :Old Washed up hoes and baby mamas w Jewelry Boxes part duex!

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