Tatyana Ali Duped! ‘That Girl’ Gets No Love At TV One



“[Love That Girl] Cast member Bresha Webb goes to front and center this season along with comedian Huggy Lowdown.”

HSK Exclusive – We’ve learned the real deal behind Tatyana Ali’s absence from “Love That Girl” … and it all points to ‘That Girl’ not gettin’ her Guap-O-la!

Just days ago, the forth season of the TV One sitcom kicked off … WITHOUT their leading lady. Despite conflicting reports [which make no sense] — citing Ali’s “contract stipulations” with BET’s “Next Generation Wayans” as why she “elected” to pull out of the cast — we’ve learned it really all boils down to the actress not receiving the money she’s due! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Martin Lawrence.

Here’s the drop:

“TV One and the producers of Love That Girl owe Martin Lawrence money too.”

Here’s what “Love That Girl” producer Bentley Kyle Evans had to say:

“Imunique, played by Bresha Webb, was kind of the breakout star anyway so we centered the show around her. You run into a little bit of difficulty whenever you have to make changes like that but we had a little bit of time to pre-plan it so it was kind of seamless and the show must go on.”


  1. This show, along with the BBW franchise were the biggest waste of my hard-earned money. The roommate has been bitching and complaining because the $hit was in my name but right now, digital TV and online streaming are much better. They just got Aspire in my area but I’m gonna wait because its mostly reruns.

  2. Is that why Tatyana is still listed along with Martin Lawrence as producers of the show..they can show legally that they haven’t gotten paid and the show would not have had a another season..smh..do better Jacky

  3. Imunique was the break out star!!!! Oh please. I watched that show for a few episodes and had to turn it off. Imunique, with her coonery, got on my last nerve along with the dude who played Tatyana’s brother. He was not funny. I was wondering why Tatyana was even on this type of show. Tatyana can do better and will. I’m surprise the show got renewed.

    • Right. I figured she got out because the show was garbage and she was above it. If that’s not why, I hope she decides to go that route because she is above this show. I’m sure she will find something of more quality soon.

  4. i couldnt with that show to much coonig bucking and all over the place hot niqqarish mess just an embarrasment!i was surprised to hear they were renewing the show tati did the right thing jumping and already sinking ship.

  5. I actually like the show. At least its keepin our people busy makin profits. Dont discourage others who havent seen the show from supporting our actors who need to make a living and who need our support.

  6. Sure it keeps our peope bsy but at what price? When the decision makers see that we will settle for crap, we get more shit. Black actors who have to take this crappy wrk to get a chevk and to at least work in the field that they love, don’t get to stretch and grow which leaves them unable to truly compete with actors who have better material. Time to step up for real.