Teairra Mari Turns into Rico Love’s Sex Slave to Save Singing Career


Rico Love Sex Slave Teairra Mari
Word from the streets of Atlanta…

HSK Exclusive – Rico Love may be a man who uses his success in music to nab his aspiring superstar prey.

Sources say the famed producer’s latest catch is struggling singer Teairra Mari – who’s said to now be shacking up with Rico Love and his wife Estrella at their Atlanta home. Now, it appears there’s a whole lot of lovin’ happening at Rico Love’s castle – where three-way sex sessions, and more, are going down. Don’t believe me.. Ask 112’s Daron Jones.

It’s all said to be nothing more than a classic case of supply and demand – Teairra Mari supplies sex, while Rico Love promises to meet her demand of helping her with her singing career. Sources say Rico Love’s wife is down with the whole thing.

Here’s the drop:

“Teairra Mari will do anything to stay in the music business. She’s out here doing threesomes with Rico Love and his wife.

She’s staying at their house. Rico and his wife are swingers, so Rico’s wife is down with his bullshit.

Word is Rico and Daron from 112 are running trains on Teairra. I ain’t seen the picture yet but I’m hearing either Rico or Daron is sending out sexting¬†pics with them doing double penetration on Teairra.

Daron’s wife doesn’t have a clue what’s going on but Rico’s wife Estrella is down with it all.

Rico and his wife are both into FDM dominatrix stuff. Rico threatens all the women he messes with, if they cross him, he’ll end their career.”


  1. Damn what’s funny is before he made it as a songwriter/producer he was a mediocre rapper on Usher’s (defunct)lable that couldn’t BUY a date..look what a little money does..no wonder he and Usher are so close..birds of a feather

    • I was thinking the same thing! We know Usher likes his threesomes/group sex, and rumor has it Grace does too. I’m sure they’ve had a piece of her as well.
      THATS why Usher uses him on every album lol. Pay off for pussy sharing.

  2. i wonder did Rico Love threaten Monica & Brandy, he produced that messed up duet they recently did. i saw Rico Love on reality show Love & Hip Hop helping Teairra Mari with her music career. i still haven’t heard any music from her. Teairra has been upset ever since Rihanna made it big and she didn’t. they both started w/Jayz at the same time.

    • I doubt him threatening Monica and Brandy they vets in the game unlike Teairra who I believe has been blacklisted and is struggling to make an album its easier to have Teairra jump thru hurdles when she’s barely cracked gold sales and who is hungry for that 2nd chance vs Brandy and Monica who both have sold over 20 million albums….and yea that duet was a flopper….they probably put this rumor out as payback for giving them a crappy ass song lol

    • GTFOH! That IS the same kat! Thks 4 that key 2 the door! It has been driven me crazy tryin 2 remember what I knew him from!

  3. All I can say is after all of Teairra’s sucking & fucking with Rico & his wife, she better hope for hit records & a career. Remember she sucked & fucked at Roc Nation & got dropped when Jay & the crew got bored with her pussy. Ask Shanell from Young Money, where’s her singing career? They are already bored with her pussy, but they still have Nicki Minaj & Christina Milian plus they always have their main “butt buddies”. Drake, Tyga, Lil Twist, Chuckee, Trey Songz, etc, etc. The industry is crazzzzzzzzzzy.

  4. Ok so this is the singer that had some hits back in early 2000s and was she not on love and hiphop?
    Well she’s a pretty girl and if she have to fuck for tracks then she have to keep that shit movin…,
    I’m sure RICO love gave her some options no one ain’t forcing the girl to lay down with his woman , fame can make you do the the craziest shit…

  5. I’d agree with this all except I don;t think you could call what T-Error-Marie had a “career”.

    A series of appointments to sing on the chitlin’ circuit with a couple of lucky (aka sucked several dicks and/or pussies to get) appearances in mainstream events is not what I’d call a singing career.

    Sounds like another Womp-Womp-Womp-Womp deal for T-Error.

  6. And if she doing all that screwin it still haven’t paid off becuz I still dont see any videos unless 106&Park playin her stuff.

  7. Not that any of it is surprising, but it sure is gutwrenching to read nasty and sad shit like this, every time.

  8. Is “worser” a word.? Maybe “are worse” would have sounded better..I’m not trying to be mean but if you talk like and u are an adult 9times out of 10 u probably speak that way around children.Little people that can really benefit as well as need to be taught the correct things in life..

  9. one of my favorite rappers in the game is Young Chris. He is signed to Rico Love’s label. Division 1.

    You have news on that Jacky? Well hope its not bad news cant wait for his “Alive” album to drop.

  10. Well I had a feeling something was going on with Teairra Mari…Oh well, I guess next we’ll see her struggling on the streets somewhere if she can’t make it back to her family in time enough.Hey if you can’t make it in music do acting…it’s more expanded over there. Girl you selling yourself short I tell you that.

  11. Maybe I’m in the minority, but if the wife is cool with it, he’s cool with it, and she’s cool with it, where’s the problem here? They grown folks fucking and he got a plug.

  12. im not surprised at all. when she first came out at 17yrs old with her debut how to make a girl feel good,talking about nigga this and nigga that i knew she was done. its tough already for moms to raise their daughters to be ladies as is with chicks like her everywhere !!!

  13. aw damn..she’s a beautiful chick so I don’t blame them for smashing but I am so disgusted with this supply-demand…I hold your future in my hands…blackmail b.s. Is anyone in Hollywood str8 up? Is anyone decent anymore? Is anyone just about business? Seems like all these producers and higher-ups abuse their power.