Teddy Riley Sues Own Daughter!!!


Teddy Riley Sues Own Daughter

NOT Daddy’s Little Girl?

Remember the daughter who Teddy Riley reportedly delivered a beat-down to back in 2009? Well…she now seems to be suffering the wrath of her father, again! That’s because Teddy Riley is suing his second born child – Taja Riley – for copyright infringement, citing the 21-year-old claimed a songwriting credit and partial ownership of a song that she allegedly had nothing to do with.

Here’s what’s being reported by The Hollywood Reporter:

“According to the complaint, in September 2009, Lady Gaga shared with him her concept for a composition that was originally titled, “Show Me Your Teeth,” which ultimately made it onto her Monster album as the song “Teeth.”

The music was written by Teddy Riley and lyrics came from Lady Gaga.
Riley says his daughter was “desirous of starting her own career in the music and entertainment business” and aware that her older sister Deja Riley had been “granted a gift of songwriting credit” by their father.

The lawsuit states that “after completion of the [“Teeth”] song, and its selection for inclusion as a track on Lady Gaga’s album, he and Taja had a discussion about whether he would be willing to similarly gift a songwriting credit to Taja Riley to assist her in starting her musical and entertainment career as well.”

The famed producer implies that he never came to such an understanding with his daughter. Afterwards, Taja Riley is said to have signed a deal with EMI Music Publishing and EMI Virgin Music and claimed co-writing credit and a 25 percent interest in “Teeth.””

You may remember a few years back, a then 18-year-old Taja Riley was granted a temporary restraining order against her father — after the music man reportedly “punched, kicked and bashed her and her older sister before kicking them out”. Sources say that incident stemmed from Riley’s daughters’ protest against his dating a women their age, calling the woman a “gold-digger”.

Looks like the war of the Riley’s continues. Don’t you agree?


  1. He is disgusting. Hopefully one day he won’t need his daughters to take care of him. With all that he has under his belt y couldn’t he just give her the damn credit….it was partial credit anyway. Smh. He is gonna answer to karma sooner or later. I bet that young gold digger splits before its all said n done

    • @Alrighty Then
      Right its never that serious, not your own daughter, and for her to be only 18 at the time of the incident where he beat her….that shit is sick. Greed is a vicious, and ravenous monster, it knows no end. I pray for her, I just cant imagine a father doing THIS to a child, I just cant.

      • Hey listen to this. These kids out here sometimes need a whooping. Did you ever get yo ass whooped when you was younger? If not that’s why you stripping at magic city Cuz your daddy didn’t. These kids ate ducking out of control nowadays and just don’t give a fuck. He rich she spoiled she wanted a maybach he said no she threw a fit went to the cops said daddy beat me now he go to jail… Get it. Bullshit. I never had the ordacity to talk back to my parents and did what they said the first time or what momma do. Slap up side the head. No more problems. Bet you let your kids fuck on your couch while you cooking bisquits in the kitchen. Get the Fuck outs here. Somebody need to teach these little shits right from wrong before they end up dead

    • Sharia, you are funny but wrong. I pray these ladies get away from this fuckin’ beast POS and I hope the gold digger takes him for everything. Furthermore, they are obviously intelligent girls if they are callin’ their father out on his BS.

  2. @ alrighty then: thank you for saying it first.
    karma is real people and he will get that back. it would not have hurt him one bit to help his child. if you wait – people will always show their true colors.

    • Real talk. I know teddy very well. He loves all his kids and takes and took great care of them. His baby mommas just bitter and it reflects in the children. He ain’t punch nobody in no face. His kids was being bad and disrespectful. What black parents do in the old days when we got out of hand????? Beat that Ass. Hell I just snacked my kids before I wrote this for being stupid. Teddy good luck with everything. Sorry you going through what should be considered nothing but discipline. And for all y’all that think y’all know what’s going on get to the source first before you go in on this stupidity. And please feel free to discipline your kids before they become gang bangers rapist thrives or all the other bad things society deems before its too late!!!!

      • He sued her Cuz he can’t Beat her! No more. She so damn hard headed and bad. Probably how her momma raised her to. Baby Mommas be some bitter ass people Cuz they lost that good thing and can’t get it back. Baby mommas make they kids hate the Daddy even when he is good as hell to them. Its just that absence of a father figure that brings em down. And also baby mommas be controlling as hell so when thedaddy ddon’t bow to they bull they take it out on they kids making them hate they daddy. That sent right. So stop judging the man. We don’t know the whole story

  3. Teddy Riley is in my opinion a straight Azz Hole. I can only imagine what it was like to be the daughter of such a narcissistic maniac. I suggest they educate themselves, become self-sufficent and get on w/their lives.

    • Y’all making this stuff personally. Teddy a nice person I have met him and he loves all his kids. Who ever you are you need to stop hating Cuz yo kids wards of the state. You know you had yo butt spanked when you was little. Probably still getting yo butt spanked now Cuz you stupid. Do you still from yo parents? And if you did and got caught what they do to you? If you white you was in time out and got ice cream. If you Black yo momma knocked yo ass into next week. Get real people

  4. teddy’s hard for cash anytime he’s working for snoop dogg and formed a production trio with snoop and quik called qtd and they’re not producing any hits yep teddy needs cash.

    teddy working with snoopp isn’t a big deal since snoop’s still kind of relevent but an underground artist like quik that’s a downlow for teddy.

    nothing against quik used to listen to him, amg, hi c and 2nd to none.

    • And you don’t know shit!!! All 3 of them Nigga is paid!! Look them up on celebrity net worth. You the broke one muthafucka

    • Do you let your kids steal from you Nigga? Noooo or better yet you can’t even have kids Cuz ya dick don’t work

  5. First, let me say that juvenile insults coupled with poor spelling and grammar doesn’t help you make a point. Further, if he did those things that’s horrible. However, we don’t know him personally so there really is no room to judge. Moreover, why reward your child for stealing? That’s a rhetorical question. Children learn nothing by riding their parent’s coattails or by stealing.

  6. Did the guy really have to sue his own daughter over one half a credit. Didn't this guy produce dangerous, how could his net worth be what it is according to celebrity net-worth. Didn't he make a crap load on all the albums he produced, or do don't producers make much compared the the sogn writing artist?? Even though, didn't Dangerous sell like 35 million or something crazy