Teisha Brown: Ratchet ‘R&B Diva’ Exposed!


Teisha Lott Brown R&B Diva Exposed

The Rhythm Of A Home Wrecker?

HSK Exclusive – There’s a new ‘R&B Diva’ bringing her Brownstone to TV One’s block, but she probably won’t tell you — or Syleena, Monifah, KeKe, Angie and LaTocha — the skeletons said to be stored in that dirty house.

We’re talking about Teisha Brown. The former 90’s girl-group singer may claim to be a Christian, but is word from the streets of Detroit is Teisha Brown is a known adulterer! Don’t believe me.. Ask Monica “Mimi” Doby.

That’s why we’re told Tesiha’s first husband left her just three-days after tying the knot with the singer. This after sources say he found out she was having an affair with a married Pastor, before “throwing all her stuff in the middle of the street”.

Wait…There’s more!!!

Teisha Brown’s second husband is reported to have been a married man when she began dating him. Can somebody say ‘home wrecker’? Sources tell HSK their affair led her to becoming pregnant — with him divorcing his wife…to wed Teisha. We’re told when their son turned two-years-old, she left dude. Know why? Because sources say he didn’t make it to the NBA. OUCH!!!

Here’s the drop:

“Teisha left her second husband for Michael Winans. When his money ran out, and his scam was uncovered, she threatened to call the FBI on him. Michael kicked Teisha’s ass. She’s now back home living with her parents.”


      • whoa – I’m not the same “anonymous” from the original post, but did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?? lol

      • atl

        Stop playing games.
        #1 She is a registered and proved whore.

        #2 That horse hide on her head aint hers.
        Her real hair is nappy as one of Erykah Badu’s nappy heade wigs..

        If Im lying, Im flying. An Im not flying. So I must not be lying.

        • Okay, I’ll take the “nappy headed” comment back but at least leave me the rest…

          Im sure she is not nappy headed under that thing that’s glued or stapled to her dome 😉

          • I think we need to continue to talk bad about women not just black women who use weave. It’s the visual lie, and I hate being lied to.
            Asians are making a killing off of women buying that yaki, horse, sheep hair bullshit. I do know it makes black women look absolutely terrible, that fake shit does not enhance the black woman’s appearance at all. And thanks to black women who showed me how to spot fake hair.

        • Okay that could be true for alot of women who wear weave, wigs but why come out like that with nappy headed comment?hmmmmmmmmmmmm

        • It was the exact same phenomenon I observed with the Imus comment he made a few years ago when he called that womans college basketball team some “nappy heaed hoes”.

          Heres what amazed me about that as far as black women were concerned. They didn’t mind so much being called whores. That didn’t even register on most of their radars.

          Where they took the most offense was being called NAPPY HEADED!!!
          Being idenitified with what their NATURAL HAIR TEXTURE was under those toupee’s and chemical dome jobs and being identified as having the hair texture of an African descendant was what really infuriated most of yall.

          The whore thing (which I felt should have been the part where any civilized person would have taken the true offense at) didn’t seem to bother most sisters.

          Speaks fucking volumes about how sick a society we live in today.

      • She has made some hoe moves but the men are as much to blame. Never understood the fascination with wanting to seriously date or wife someone you cheated with who has a bad track record. Men aren’t sometimes the brightest bulb in the box.

        And her hair is probably nappy, not that is a bad thing, just not the hair textured desired by most people.

        • When , in history did our natural hair texture as children of the Nile become a “BAD THING”?

          That’s fucking crazy. Think about what you just said . The white man has really don’t a great mind fuck on us and our racial self esteem over these 400 years.

          • What was really funny about the Imus “Nappy Headed Hoe” Comment was the physical response of the ladies of the basketball team.

            I recall they made a group appearance on some popular TV show at the time and all of the sistas who were wearing their hair in braids and cornrolls type hairdo’s took that shit out and came out on the stage on that TV show in long ridiculous weaves and heavy heavy chemical perms to make you think they were from the Navajo tribe and not the Nappy Headed Hoe Tribe. LOL

            So they wanted to prove to Imus that they weren’t nappy headed, but they said nothing and did nothing to refute that they weren’t whores. Which to me was the real insult, where a stranger who doesn’t even know them DEFAMES their character and accuses them of being whores. I would have taken Imus to Civil Court and sued him and put the burden of proof on him to prove they were whores.

            The Nappy Headed part he could have easily proven by having them jump head first in a swimming pool and watch that hair coil up into tight luscious naps.

  1. Who cares. All of them are whores. And isn’t Monifah a raging lesbian? Never understood why Heavy D was so smitten by her. Glad that he didn’t have children with her.

    • Heavy D… was part of her life career wise..production..never heard of her and him being anything more than friends, music associates…Monifah is a lesbian YES and not in anyone’s closet last I checked..Her love interest is often featured on the shoe.what is a raging lesbian?

  2. Dang this hoe done gave the art of hoedom a bad name. LOL

    I bet she got back problems too. LOL

  3. Get out of here, isn’t Michael Winans married to Stephanie! Whoo Who is Teisha Brown? Don’t remember her.

  4. Black women and their insecurities are killing our black boys. Our boys watch our behaviors grow up… Our boys remembers mamma wearing long silky hair when he was child. This child eventually becomes a man. Well, if his mother shows that she dislikes what GOD gave her(like coarse, curly hair) and wears ridiculous silky straight haired wigs. He subconsciously chooses women who remind him of his mother. Black women we gotta get this shit together. If not, we are going to continue to lose our boys to confusion…