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Teisha Brown: Ratchet ‘R&B Diva’ Exposed!

June 7th, 2013

Teisha Lott Brown R&B Diva Exposed

The Rhythm Of A Home Wrecker?

HSK Exclusive – There’s a new ‘R&B Diva’ bringing her Brownstone to TV One’s block, but she probably won’t tell you — or Syleena, Monifah, KeKe, Angie and LaTocha — the skeletons said to be stored in that dirty house.

We’re talking about Teisha Brown. The former 90’s girl-group singer may claim to be a Christian, but is word from the streets of Detroit is Teisha Brown is a known adulterer! Don’t believe me.. Ask Monica “Mimi” Doby.

That’s why we’re told Tesiha’s first husband left her just three-days after tying the knot with the singer. This after sources say he found out she was having an affair with a married Pastor, before “throwing all her stuff in the middle of the street”.

Wait…There’s more!!!

Teisha Brown’s second husband is reported to have been a married man when she began dating him. Can somebody say ‘home wrecker’? Sources tell HSK their affair led her to becoming pregnant — with him divorcing his wife…to wed Teisha. We’re told when their son turned two-years-old, she left dude. Know why? Because sources say he didn’t make it to the NBA. OUCH!!!

Here’s the drop:

“Teisha left her second husband for Michael Winans. When his money ran out, and his scam was uncovered, she threatened to call the FBI on him. Michael kicked Teisha’s ass. She’s now back home living with her parents.”

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31 Comments on "Teisha Brown: Ratchet ‘R&B Diva’ Exposed!"

October 19, 2013

Black women and their insecurities are killing our black boys. Our boys watch our behaviors grow up… Our boys remembers mamma wearing long silky hair when he was child. This child eventually becomes a man. Well, if his mother shows that she dislikes what GOD gave her(like coarse, curly hair) and wears ridiculous silky straight haired wigs. He subconsciously chooses women who remind him of his mother. Black women we gotta get this shit together. If not, we are going to continue to lose our boys to confusion…


June 18, 2013

Rachet City…


melrose man
June 9, 2013

Well…she should fit right in the washed up punk Ho Club.


June 8, 2013

Get out of here, isn’t Michael Winans married to Stephanie! Whoo Who is Teisha Brown? Don’t remember her.


June 8, 2013

Damn she do look like a smaller Kelly price…. Lol dead ringer


MissK Reply:

Thought the same thing when I saw her picture..Kelly Price


June 8, 2013

Thought the same thing when I saw her picture..Kelly Price





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