Terrell Suggs’ Cheating Wife Exposed!


Terrell Suggs Wife Candice Exposed

Baltimore Raven Forced To Leave The Nest?

HSK Exclusive – The marriage between one Baltimore Raven and his new wife may soon prove to be a union lasting Not For Long. That’s because HSK has exclusively learned Mrs. Terrell Suggs is using the time her linebacker husband is away on games to canoodle with other men!

You may remember Terrell Suggs and Candice Williams tied the knot just one-month ago – three days after a protective order against Suggs, filed by Williams, was lifted. Now, sources say the football wife is posted up in their joint home – smoking weed, and inviting other men to smash!

Here’s what Candace Williams’ BFF had to say about the newly married football wife:

“Terrell Suggs wife is one of Baltimore biggest ho’s, and she’s a dope head. They live in Randallstown, Maryland, and the only thing this bitch does all day is smoke weed. Candace has one room in the house called the smoke room. She has random people always stopping by to smoke.

People come by all the time because Candace gives her number and address to everyone she meets. Guys constantly drop by to get high and fuck her, while Suggs is at practice or away games.

Candace drives around town in a white Ranger Rover, she tells everyone she is Suggs wife. Terrell and Candace ate at I-Hop on Liberty road for two weeks in a row. Know why? Because Candace doesn’t know how to cook.

She dresses their children in cheap shit, while she wears the latest Jimmy Choo.”

You may remember back in November, Williams alleged Suggs had punched her in the neck and dragged her alongside a car he was driving while their two children sat inside.

Terrell Suggs Wife Exposed


  1. I hate to say it but these ignorant Bama-ized color struck negroe athletes and their obsession with half white hoes.
    no offense to mixed race people, but yall know Im not lying.

      • Im not mad and I have nothing against anyone because of what shade or hair texture they were born with.
        Im just an observant person who notices a trend that is hard to ignore and Im just trying to figure out whats really going on in my peoples heads.

        • You are better than me .. (by not cussin out anonymous at jan 18 10:01) .. Im sure this knucklehead notices the trend that you speak of too, and is obviously one of the “new breed” …lmao! Only nerdy white boys and the new breeds respond so tastelessly.

          • Afropuff,

            I promise I was trying to be quiet & let this pass but I feel EXACTLY as you do about anonymous at jan 18 10:01. The previous anonymous has every right to their opinion & to speak of their observations.

            Quite honestly…just in my basic day to day travels I notice how more & more black men are opting to date & procreate primarily out of wedlock with women outside their race. I’m all for “live & let live” but that is becoming a prevalent scene of our current time.

      • Since black “DARK NAPPY HEADED” MEN hate themselves & don’t want to be with the women that LOOK JUST LIKE THEM…they shall continue to get exactly what they deserve….no sympathy for this self-hating idiot…

          • O it is definitely self hate.. There is an undeniable trend that most professional athletes who date black women will only date those who are biracial or light skinned. Rarely do they date dark skinned sistas. If she is black rarely will she be dark skinned. It is a common trend and alot of these brothas have to know that if they were not wealthy some of these sistas WOULD NOT GIVE THEM THE TIME OF DAY!So you pay for what you get. Personally I don’t feel any sympathy for this guy! When you base your love on superficial factors you get what you get. To his wife have a smoke-a-thon and whatever she desires on that idiots! #Youcan’tturnahoeintoahousewife! Black men are the only ones who attempt this!I guess they believe they can buy morality,character and integrity!

            • Your comment that these “light-skinned” women wouldn’t give them (the dark skinned brothers)the time of day indicates that these women are color struck as well. Or did you mean something else? smdh

            • Women are color struck? what I meant was they would not date them if they did not have money(dark,light/bright or whatever)! Has nothing to do with the woman being color struck because afterall she is being choosen on the basis of her color. SOME OF THE BROTHAS ARE COLOR STRUCK OR HATE THEIR DARK SKIN!IT IS COMMON TREND THAT it is very noticeable!

            • When Halle Berry parades around with white men does she hate herself? You probably won’t answer, lol.

        • So if you date or marry outside of your race, you hate yourself? That’s about the dumbest shit that ever heard. Mindsets like that is what’s wrong with society. Love who you want.

          • JD: In case you forgot, Halle Berry’s 1st two husbands (David Justice & Eric Benét) were Black. She dated Brothers for most of her life, up until she got with Nala’s father.

      • wow self hate is a terrible thing! As a people we do more berating and tearing each other down than any other race!I guess ignorance is bliss for some of you.

      • You’re obviously a low I.Q. ratchet because the observation the woman made is spot on. Only ignorant coons deny the fact that our people are on a slow boat to nowhere, socially speaking.

    • You are not lying – the stupid fools think that because the woman is light, bright, damn near white that she is wholesome and pure and a good woman (slave mentality). Then when the woman turns out to be trifflin and humiliate that brother, the man has the nerve to want to get mad. And I do believe it is self hatred with the Black men, you don’t know how many times I have seen my Black brothers who have children with black women and they treat their kids like crap (wont pick them up to take them to a mall, wont spend any time with their Black kids.) Then these same brothers get with another woman (latina, white, asian etc.) and have a child with these women, and they are there everyday parading around their biracial children with pride, damn near holding the baby up to the sky like in Roots. It is disgusting. Alot Black men hate their black skin, and are confused that is why they don’t want to have nothing to do with their pure Black babies, yet they can’t wait to do everything for and with their biracial children. So sad.

      • @Peace: truth all day
        These men APPEAR to love their half-whatever kids, but they don’t because they hate themselves and have no love to give to anyone. They divorce these non-black women, if they marry them at all. And more likely than not, their daughters end up like yesterday’s blind item (Denyce Lawton) — a total slutbucket whore.

      • You speaking some truth there. I love our Black men who love our Black women… however, the ones who get rich always gotta go buy them a half-breed woman.. look at Kevin Hart, he did the same thing. That girl wouldn’t be seen dead or alive with him if he didn’t have the notoriaty and dollars. We are living in sad times when a Black man rather buy a half-breed who is only there for the duration of the good times, rather than wife up a sista who gonna be there through thick and thin. smh

        • Just because a woman has dark brown skin, doesnt mean they will be there through thick and thin…LOL

          Dark skinned women have distinction too. Dark skinned sisters like attractive men also. They’re not desperate just because they are dark skinned..Its just that this white dominated and controlled society sets the standards of what beauty is and isnt and the white man places his women at the top of the totem pole and we all have to march to that tune while they are in charge.

          Its just the way it is, until we decide to set up our own culture with our own standards as the water mark…

          Im telling you right here and now, I know LOTS of gorgeous black women who are not light skinned, even though they will never the light of day on your television, movie screen or magazine cover, because your open enemy reps self and kind…Which any sane people would….

          Thats just the way it is until you make your own Hollywood, your own CBS, your own Universal Music etc…
          still in all, I cant help noticing what I notice and I bring it up from time to time to remind myself that I am sane in an insane society.

          • Good point, and I’m referring to all the well-educated, lovely sistas who would go the distance for a brotha like the ones we’re talking about in this thread. I didn’t mean “All” but there are definitely many sistas who will go the distance for their man unlike a lot of these breeds who only after what he got.

      • @Peace I am not taking exception with your statement. What I would like to know is your opinion is as to why Yt men seem to be attracted to dark skinned sistas every bit as much or more than biracial or High yellow ones?
        Naomi Campbell has been paired with 1/2 the yt tycoons of the world for 20+ years. Clearly dark skinned women are every bit as beautiful as their lighter skinned sistas. Is it really as simple as brothas wanting to obtain their polar opposites for reasons of self hatred? If that is really the truth, Lord help us.

    • Funny how she’s the alledged heaux and it’s HIS fault? How so? She’s a HEAUX and that makes HIM an ‘ignorant bama’??? Women on this site are sounding like they blame men for all of THEIR shortcomings. Not a good look.

      • That makes him an ignorant bama for not looking beyond the surface! He choose this female to be the mother of his kids? Not smart at all! Once again that’s why he has earned the title ignorant bama!

    • You said it perfectly! So many of these brothas are completely lost in the fantasy. It is amazing just how many STAY and REMAIN lost. So sad. Not only are sistas deemed “ugly” in society, our black men deem us the same way and giggle and cheese against us with these “new breeds”. Quite amazing the level of unconscious hatred that black men have toward beautiful, vibrant, passionate, black women. And being Bama-ized!! …lmao at that one! Seems to be the case. Another lost cause to be excited about. IF you are paying attention …

      • As a black woman I have to say that we can be our own worst enemies in some instances.

        Look at how our community divides itself over light skin/dark skin and “good hair” versus “nappy” hair.

        We are passing this ignorance onto our children and we wonder why we (black women) aren’t considered the “prize?”

        Furthermore, who is raising today’s black men? BLACK WOMEN.

        Now how many of us are TEACHING our sons to value black women and choose them as mates????

        How many of us are TEACHING our sons what’s happened to black men historically when dealing with white women?

        I have a cousin who was tickled pink that her son was dating and took a white girl to the prom, but raised holy hell when her daughter couldn’t get a date the next year because the guys in her class followed her brother’s example.

        Some of us have such SUPERFICIAL BEAUTY STANDARDS.

        Look at the hell Gabby Douglas got from her own people about her hair while she was realizing her dream at the Olympics.

        Or the shade we’ve thrown about Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, and R. Kelly (ex).

        They CHOSE BLACK WIVES (dark skinned ones) and folks have made many a negative comment because they didn’t fit the mold and hence weren’t considered good enough for these men.

        Look at how (and I almost hate to say this name) Usher was deluged with haters for marrying Tameka.

        Or how the world turned on Robin Givens when she was married to Mike Tyson.

        Or folks that ask why Beyonce would want Jay Z?

        My intention is not to stir up any debate as to whether or not these folks were/are equally yoked.

        I’m merely suggesting that instead of tearing folks down, we should applaud them for REMEMBERING and TAKING A LOVE WALK WITH A SISTER/BROTHER.

        Until we celebrate and value ourselves, no one else will.

    • Isn’t it funny how the same people who have the most racial hatred toward bi-racial people, are the same people who worship Barack Obama? Irony, how most black women with low self-esteem will rip into a women for being black and white, yet they overlook the president, Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Sharmar Moore etc.

  2. How is is that all of these “BFF’s” on here are always trashing their so called friends? Dont understand that

    • Renee, as much as I am loathe to say this, women of ALL races seem to be somehow wired to cut down friends and even BFF’s out of sheer competition and jealousy. It absolutely sucks, but as a woman I know it to be true in many cases.

      On the other side, I do believe from time to time, Jacky uses the term BFF rather loosely. Just because you hang with someone for 6 months socially doesn’t really make you a BFF.

  3. Dudes better pray T. Suggs dnt catch they ass, he will rip their heads off. He has a real bad attitude.

    • He should have a bad attitude! He should turn his foot around and give himself a good kick in the rump! Stupidddddddddddddddd! Dudes better pray t.suggs dont catch them? WOW…ummm why are they in his crib(alledgedly)? How did they find his crib? Hmmm sounds like he shouldn’t be mad at the dudes maybe the hooka wife? In other words they are in his crib(allegedly) because she invited them!

  4. If Terrell Suggs walks in on somebody banging his wife, its gonna make the news. This guys looks like he already has a screw loose , plus he’s on those anabolic steroids that shrinks your dick…Thic chick is playing with fire.

  5. He looked so unhappy in the wedding picture he posted on facebook.the Baltimore Sun posted the 911 calls she placed to the Baltimore County police to have Suggs mother removed from a home he bought for her.She convinced a judge to give her posession of the home due to “domestic violence”. She sent locksmith to change the locks on the home titled in Suggs mom name. The Mom refused to allow it. Calls back and forth to the police. She embarrasses him. Calls the police on him. Defensive player of year . No endorsements. We actually feel sorry for him here in baltimore.

  6. This bitch looked like a straight up junkie in their wedding photos. If he married this woman it is because either he himself is a junkie or he knows he doesn’t deserve any better. You get what you are looking for.

  7. I actually KNOW A LOT pertaining to this story… but since I have nothing to gain and this report is a bit one sided I will say nothing.. doesn’t matter anyway but some dudes just like white women or light skin… nothing wrong with that..

    • Too many black men like white women or half white women.

      Its too many to be just brushed off as coincidence.
      Someone needs to do a study, to see whats really the deal.

      I know too many beautiful dark brown skinned sisters, that dont get their due, even though they are very attractive….Im not saying all dark brown sisters are the Queen of Sheba, but many many are.

      Im not saying all light skinned sisters are beautiful or ugly, but hell, some are plain with light yellow skin…
      I think a big thing is HAIR.
      Hair messes up the minds of both black men and black women.
      When is the last time you have seem a black women with the guts to wear her hair in coordination with her natural hair texture in some way?
      Our people are braintrashed throughout both genders.

      I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for anyone who thinks that their natural qualities are not the best and not good enough and thats what black women are saying when they wear their hair with Indian weaves and perms and black men are saying black women are not good enough when they bypass the Nubian queens for white Europeans, white Latinas and white asians.

      • But the joke is always on the brothas who do that. They wind up broke or supporting the whole bum family of that white/latina girl. Or, the kids turn out totally fucked up. Self-hatred is a demon and it fucks these men up. I believe that we sistahs are being blessed that we are not up in that mix and we don’t know it. And as someone said on this site which was classic, white women are the gateway to homosexuality. I know a couple of dudes who are suspect as hell, but with a white woman. And most of these DL brothas who are into to this skin color thang, esp. the ones with money. Once these DL black dudes move up the ladder, the darker skin sistahs are erased from everything. Remember the 1990s, look at TV now.

      • @ anonymous 7:07
        I am as confused and disheartened as one can be by the preoccupation with skin tone and hair in our community. It divides us almost as much as the important issues which really matter for the furthering of ourselves as a race to be contended with.
        But I would like to give a shout out for the ladies like me, who ARE light skinned, but choose to marry a dark skinned man due to racial pride(as well as love.)

        • christa
          You should not be confused.The systems of racism and organized crime is very similar…Many times in organized crime when a group wants to carry out their criminal enterprise without receiving too much attention, they use what is called buffer.
          That buffer(see Obama) is put in place to take the rap and give the enterprise legitmacy when things go south…White people set up their orgainzed racist system as a hierachy with them on top, blacks on the bottom and mixed people in the middle as the buffer and those mixed people(coloreds in South Africa) are given concessions and accolades that the blacks on the bottom are deprived of in order to create:
          1. Motivation for the buffer to want to protect the ones at the top because of their mid range treatment
          2.A biological strain that would look black but in 50% of the cases have loyalty to them.

          • And what usually happens with the mixed race people who consider themselves black, many times, I think they have a latent and unconscious refelx to want to make excuses for those who created this racist system when the convo comes up…When the topic of racism comes up they have a Pavlovian reflex that makes them deflect the conversation to gender, class, politics and anything that would tend to prosecute their white fathers and mothers and I think that is a natural reflex..Its a natural desire to protect your DNA link.

            • Good observation. Question: When ur watching the news and there is a gang related arrest. What complexion is more often seen in black gang members? Dont kill the messenger cus Im asking what you see.

        • I don’t think Christa or any other light skinned broad should get special recognition for marrying a dark skinned guy … what, you want a cookie? It’s just more or less melanin … black is black…

      • I agree and you make some good points. To piggyback on the euro girls, that’s why I’m a happy nappy today and have been for some years. I can’t help but notice how brothas see my natural beauty and acknowledge me as a queen, whereas in the past it was all about the fake hair. I got tired of defining my beauty based on fake hair. Now when I attract a brothas attention, I know it’s genuine period.

        • Congrats sister!

          Whenever I see a sister with her hair styled in her own natural texture, I literally have to walk up to them (if they are not with a man at the time) and compliment her and tell her how much I appreciate her beauty…Its like finding a precious jewel in todays ass backward white ruled society….

          Sisters dont realize how blessed AND UNIQUE they are to have the hair texture that they were blessed with naturally…No other race of humans or animal has the coarse thick crown except for the lamb.
          And that has a special symbolic meaning for those who know…

          And most times sisters who wear their hair naturally usually also care to eat a right diet and exercise as well …So they actually smell better than the regular sisters who can only wash their scalp, 3 or 4 times a year…The dont have to pat those maggots to sleep so they dont take that weave train off the track.


          • So true, but black women are waking up and accepting their true natural beauty. A new report states that relaxers are on the decline. I myself am in transition and am no longer relaxing my hair. I can’t even begin to tell you how free full I feel. Our hair is rare, unique and was given to us for a reason.

  8. Why when the ish is caught cheating, the dude who owns and pays the bills has to leave the crib? That O would be out. Black men stop letting this shady issue be in your crib. Bang them at their crib or somewhere else. Some of brothers get weaker and weaker by the power of the P. Plus, this broad was only there for the [mist].

  9. I always find it hilarious when BLACK entertainers, athletes, etc find it “ok” to have babies and relationships with black women BEFORE THE DEAL. As soon as he makes it big and becomes wealthy or successful, she is now ditched for a lighter, brighter, thinner version of who he was probably raised around. IJS -___-

  10. I agree with many of the comments posted. I also think that light skinned/ dark skinned women have adopted a lot of bad practices from our white counterparts which have led all men to look at us in a certain way. We were always looked at as Queens, strong black pillars in our churches & communities but look at how we’re depicted now. Where goes, sluts, gold diggers and ugly while white women (the Kardashians) are beautiful (although fake), smart business women ( although Kim popped on the scene with a sex tape) and wifey material ( did I mention she was sucking the skin off of Ray J’s jank). Ask urself y if Kim and Karren (super head) are both known for doing what they do, how is it that Kim gets endorsements, marriage proposals, tv shows/ appearances, center folds, and impregnated by one of the biggest known rapper while Super head is called all types of dumb hoes.

  11. it’s obvious all of these brothers are color struck, the majority of the athletes you see today all have white, bi-racial or latina women, you rarely see a dark skinned spouse of a athlete, i guess that is the ultimate trophy, but in the end they the athlete either gets injured or retires falls on hard times and that trophy moves to the next one. And hell look at Suggs if he was a regular dude nobody would even pay attention to him.

  12. All this ignorant talk about how horrible white women are for black men is BS. What does it matter what color skin someone has. I am not white trash nor do I expect a man to take care of me. I have my own money I don’t need a black man or any man to take care of me. Not all white women are bad!

    • Preach sista Red, it doesn’t matter what your skin tone is, what matters is what’s in your heart. The sooner people realize that everything else will take care of it self.

      • It’s so ridiculous. I love my black men, always have. I’m just as good as any woman. Black, green, orange, striped or any other color you want to put out there. If a black man likes another race, get over it! People like who they like. You don’t see me bashing black women who date white men. If that’s what they like then so be it. This is 2013!

        • Black women are beginning to realize their options. Once upon a time black women would never eve consider a white man or any other non-black man because of a sense of loyalty to their race. Because in this world ,white men,again, white men, control every aspect of power in this world. When black women marry these powerful white men , they encourage them to contribute to the betterment of the African-American community. Check it out Mellody Hobson convinced her billionaire white fiancé to produce Red Tails and to contribute billions of dollars to education. There more opportunities to help the AfAm community if black would explore better options for marriage.

  13. Black women are bitter and need to date white men and get out black men’s hair a lot of dark and sisters like white and Puerto Rican men anyway cuz they hate their selves and it’s normally the 1 that rock naturals & dreadlocks.. Oh and another thing its a lot of black whores out there smh….

    • I think you have it oh so wrong. The majority of black women are educated and sophisticated that marry the powerful white men.The skanks ad hoes are the ones that continue to deal with and are loyal to the black men who mean them no good and become the baby mama of the decay. You know, those black men that degrade and dog their women because they gave birth to low life’s like them .How stupid is that. White men don”t denegrate their women ,how can you denegrate your mama when that is who gave you life. Black men have it twisted some live in idiotville. And don”t end with non white men because they are bitter they just now began to realize that have viable options for the opportunity to be happy and live well and have a promising future to give their children. Seems responsible to me . No time to be bitter.

      • Its ironic when a black woman gets with a white man it’s okay but when a black man gets with a white woman he’s a sellout black women are cursed because they’re the 1s who started slavery… lookup Queen enzenga… BlackBitterWomen even when married to a white man still want a black man that’s why there miserable and still talking about us……. I have nothing else to say

        • Whatever one or the other want to do is ok. Once upon a time it may have been a concern when bla ck men only considered interests outside their black counterparts because black women have been extremely loyal to their men and never ever considered sharing life with someone other than a man from the culture. Remember when black men would justify being with a white woman because they would say a black woman didn’t understand him. I think that a black man was feeling so pitiful and petrified with the man in the mirror that he thought he would emulate the white man,like I said before,white men control every aspect of power in this world and that is a fact, so I can’t fully blame you,figuratively,for choosing to imitate his life and most only way you can do that iis to have a white woman. But black are now more often than ever in this United States , are expanding their options for a decent person to share life with not to emulate some ideal. They are considering their life and thir future . Black men are more concerned about being noticed. Point blank.

  14. Omg we are not in the twenties who cares If ur black blue green or yellow oh u know who cared hitler and he killed hundresds of thousands of people for their race and now he’s probably in hell getting what he deserves racist people disgust me black or white and its a lot of disgusting people in this site that’s supposed to be talkingaabout a girl not being good enough for her man and yall probably dont even know this chick but all yall can say is he’s dumb for being with a white girl or half white girl grow up stop being si damn ignorant and get a life ADULTS!!!!!!!

  15. WOW, just a few months into the marriage huh. These athletes will never learn. What do you expect when you t with groupies? Can’t turn a hoe to a housewife.

  16. Funny thing is she’s not even white or mixed with white so u all sound like ignorant racists and even if she was sooooooo what her “white” butt got yall talking about her thinking about her and envying her because if u didnt u wouldnt be talking about her have a wonderful day LADIES

  17. We black people are the most racist bunch of people out there but want to jump at some one for saying a racial slurr out of context…black brothers don’t want black women because its always something…and most of them don’t have education…living on welfare can’t keep a job but she’s at the club everyweekend…smdh

  18. Woah this blog is fantastic i like studying your articles. Keep up the great work! You already know, a lot of people are hunting around for this info, you can aid them greatly.

  19. I don’t understand why so many people here seems to think that the fact that she smokes weed & fucks around on her husband is somehow related to her being light-skinned? Why is this twat’s complexion even being discussed? Her Character is what’s at issue here.

    As long as y’all have been hanging out @ HSK, you should know by now that Heaux Come In All Colors!

    Maybe Terrell married her because she’s a devil in bed & he’s pussy-whipped. Maybe he married her because he clocked her ass & had to put a ring on it so she’d drop the charges. But even if she’d been black as tar, she could just as easily be cheating on him if that’s her nature.

    Yes, some Black men are color-struck, just as some Sisters are. But it’s incredibly ignorant to equate a person’s complexion with their character or lack thereof.