Terrence Howard Gets Off Seeing His Brother Smash His Women!



HSK Exclusive – Terrence Howard seems to be a man who takes brotherly love to a whole other level!

A source extremely close to the actor exclusively tells HSK… Terrence has shared at least one of his women with his brother, Antonio! This, while Terrence reportedly watched his brother smash his then-girlfriend! Don’t believe me… Just ask May Seng Yang, who’s said to have engaged in a threesome with the Howard brothers!

According to our source… it went down back in 2008 at Terrence’s home, ironically in the City of Brotherly Love. That’s where Terrence reportedly “persuaded May Seng Yang to let Antonio join them for sex.”

Dig the drop:

“Terrence, his brother Antonio and May were all drunk and Terrence started to undress May in front of his brother. Terrence started to have sex with May and told his brother to join in.”



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