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Terrence Howard Marries The Side Chick?

December 4th, 2013

Terrence Howard Marries Jumpoff

HSK Exclusive - Terrence Howard is said to have recently put a ring on a Canadian woman ‘he’s been dating for just one-month’ — but we’re getting word that’s far from the truth! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Michelle Ghent, who previously accused the actor of cheating in Toronto.

That was back in April, when then-wifey Michelle “found phone numbers for six women in his bag … and promptly called the women while Howard was in the room.” Now, a Toronto tipster exclusively tells HSK Terry’s Canadian bride, Miranda, is one of those women — which would make the newlywed pair connected for at least eight-months, NOT 30-days!

Here’s what a source told the press:

“Terrence called up Michelle to tell her about the marriage and taunt her about it. She needs to cut him off for good. It’s another one of his outlandish moves.”

Did Terrance Howard act like he was going to commit suicide after Michelle Ghent discovered he was cheating? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Terrence Howard’s cousin Donald Faison.

1st Wife and Mother of Howard’s three children, Lori McCommas

Aubrey Howard, Heaven Howard, Hunter Howard


17 Responses to “Terrence Howard Marries The Side Chick?”

  1. Sunni_Daze |

    He must really hate himself as a blackman. None the less they can have his woman beating ass.


  2. anonymous |

    Terrance we know what you need



  3. Zanfir |

    Thought a lot of Terrance as an actor, but the guy has issues bigger than Mount Everett.His ego needs to be put in check big time.


  4. Aiko |

    Howard will must likely pull the same stunt with his newest wife.


  5. Anonymous |

    So he hasn’t been acting all this time…dude is really crazy


  6. Black Pearl |

    Dang! Even with his micro-mini Vienna Sausage. He still be pulling in the women, white women that is. Must be the money. LOL


    toomuch Reply:

    Must be the fame! This are famewhores who want to be seen with a celeb. There are tons of them out there.

    I guess this one had some fresh baby wipes for Terence.


    lily Reply:

    Lmao I think hes attractive..but after seeing that..


  7. Ms. Gemini |

    He has issues. And so must she if she’d marry this particular man after only 1 month.

    To marry anyone after that short amount of time is crazy (I’m looking at you, Khloe & Lamar), but for a woman to marry a man who’s divorced twice already & is a documented abuser…whew…she must have as many issues as he does, if not more.

    I hope they have some good health insurance. If not they better check out http://www.healthcare. gov LOL


  8. Anonymous |

    He’s gonna marry my Pilates instructor next. She’s just his type- white, lol.


  9. Tyrone |

    The Darkside of Fame

    Terrence Howard reminds of me Lou Rawls. Lou portrayed himself as a god-fearing man, but, he beat the s**t out of his white queens. Trying to pull a Khloe/Lamar episode in this day and time, he’s starving for attention. The powerbrokers in hollywood love his type, a true friend indeed. Movies are the biggest american export to those around the globe, Howard serves his purpose oh so well. If Howard was actually comfortable in his own skin, he would be the light-bright Denzel in the minds of women all over the world. Today, he’s just a whiteboi with a tan.

    Below Zero(Ice Cold)


  10. Lea |

    Give it a few months HSK and you’ll have another article on here about him slapping her head so hard her head will twist around more than that girl’s head in the Exorcist movie.


  11. dimeone |

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  12. Cassandra |

    I think it is a shame that this guy clearly have some sort of self hating issues going on. Terrence and other men like him want some docile creature they can control and abuse.He knows if he tried a sista like that he would be getting his ass whooped.


  13. lily |

    Its not about if your black or white..when u get with a man who has that persona and those issues its too easy to get pulled into it. When u never in your life thought you would put up with something like that. I been there and wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. I myself always thought I was too strong to be broken down by someone like that but it happened. And as much as I wanted to believe the opposite..they never change


  14. StaLae |

    Terrence Gay as Hell…GAY,GAY


  15. migypoo |

    He sounds like a sociopath


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