TGT Suspected To Sabotage Fantasia’s ATL Performance!!!



TGT [Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank] are suspected to have sabotaged Fantasia’s recent Atlanta Civic Center performance, while the songstress was opening for the group — leading her to walk off the stage.

That’s after Fantasia announced to the audience the TGT headlining group didn’t allow her back-up singers to do a sound check. Know why? Sources say the trio of girly-men didn’t want Fantasia to sound better than them.

“During the next song Fantasia’s background singers’ mics were cut altogether.”

Here’s what Fantasia told the audience, which reportedly made TGT irate:

“My background singers say they can’t hear. See here’s the problem ATL and you know I’m gone keep it real, real, real. Sometimes we do shows with people and they allow to get our sound checks. Sometimes they don’t. But that just only lets me know one thing…and I’m gone keep that to myself. So we are not haters. We like to perform with people. But sometimes they don’t like to perform with us.”

Is Tyrese Gibson just like a Victoria Secret model? Of course. Know why? Because when Tyese orders food at a restaurant he chews his meal and spits it out into a cup, rather than swallowing it, to maintain his figure. Don’t believe me.. Ask Ginuwine.



    • Publicity stunt, to get ppl to come out and see if its really going on. A good promoter trying to make his money and he’s going to make sure everybody sounds good..Fanny don’t have the fans she used to and shes thirsty, just like she was with Antoine…ppl don’t respect her after she took ole girls husband…so wtvr to “tasia”

      • speak for yourself, because fanny has PLENTY of fans in the southern region. jut because you aren’t a fan doesn’t mean other ppl don’t feel her music. fuckin CRAB

      • Come on…say that Shellee. No one can deny Fantasia’s raw talent, but its so much easier to respect the “around the way girl,” her character and gifts. Fantasia chose to show the world that she could have it all, including someone’s husband. And God showed her that He gives and takes away. How will she ever redeem herself? Maybe never, since she’s not even being received by other artists. I vowed never to buy her music. Her behavior was despicable for a Christian woman.

  1. Ok, drugged out shitty performance, sabotaging other ppl’s performance, what next? Bunch of dumb ass sons of bitches…

    I want to know who’s actually going to buy this piece of TGT shit cd? Why? Especially for the ladies, why would you support artists who don’t support you? Tyrese has made comments that lets you know he really doesn’t respect black women, he’s always saying some demeaning shit. Ginuwine….really? He doesn’t really respect black women either, just ask all his baby’s mamas & his oldest BIOLOGICAL daughter about that. It’s also questionable if these 2 even like women period. I have no beef w/Tank…

    These LSG wannabes is already a fail from the jump. For various reasons, the main issue is bad karma. Tank would’ve been better paired up w/other, more competent singers as many have suggested, such as Jaheim, D’angelo, etc. Bottom line, Tyrese & Tank don’t need TGT, Ginuwine does, & he’s the main 1 acting a fool & is the weakest link. Tyrese & Tank still have some life left in their careers, but Ginuwine’s is on life support, done burnt too many bridges I guess. Ain’t nobody checking for new Ginuwine music. Say what you will about Maxwell, who like G came out in 1996, but he has longevity, can still sing, & is still RELEVANT.

    BOYCOTT TGT-teach these male heffas to stop disrespecting black women! Btw, like someone else suggested, would they have done Fantasia like this if she was light-skinned or white? Maybe it’s because she’s more talented & puts on a better show?

  2. I’m sorry but ever since viewing Jacky Jasper’s parody video “Ty’s a Punk” I can never take TG seriously again. All I have to do is hear or read his NAME and the track “Cause Ty’s a punk, punk, punk, punk” starts playing in my head and I’m done!

  3. I really like Tank… The others not so much. I’ve ALWAYS had a creepy feeling about Ginuwine. And Tyrese? I get the impression that he thinks he’s better than he really is. To me, he sounds whiny and constipated.

    • Ginuwine IS creepy, your intuition serves you well. Too bad mine didn’t. 🙁 I agree Tyrese takes himself WAY too seriously, & for what? Tyrese = Go to Jacky’s Ty’s A Punk video. 😛

  4. Why oh why is Fantasia opening up for them?? They should be opening up for HER. She is much more relevant, talented, enertaining (pick any). They suck! She can sang!

    • True. And to whoever was talking about Ginuwine’s career, it pretty much crawled away and died once Timbaland stopped working with him in favor of Justin Timberlake. Speaking of which, there seems to be few ’90s R&B & Rap artists who aren’t struggling in this new, dead Industry. Sign of the times, I guess.

      • its called out with the old in with the new the music biz is a revolving door somebody’s always coming in and out and around.

  5. What a bunch a little bitches. How you gonna hate on the only headliner on your stage getting you publicity? Idiots.


    Everyone else would have called their cousins, Pookie, Ray-Ray, Man-Man, and Dequan, to handle that. In a nutshell ,they would have gotten their silly asses kicked over the moon, and under the sun.

    I swear fo’ god, if that happened to some of the people I know,Pookie an’ nem would meet them at the stage.

  7. Chile please, you know good and well, Fannie would love to suck Ginuwine’s dick if given the chance. She likes light skin dudes. Tyrese ain’t checking for her and Tank doesn’t want to be bothered.

    • Would she really? If she knew where all his dick has been, ETC., ETC., I don’t think she’d want to put that in her mouth. Btw, Ginuwine is not light skinned. Some ppl have posted alot on him having naturally good hair-NOT. His hair texture is from a jar of perm. Just sayin’.

      • Not that I care about hair and I certainly don’t use the negro term ‘good hair’ (as in closer to white hair. If that is GOOD hair, then anything opposite must be bad?), but when there was a TVone show on him, he looked like he had the same type of hair from childhood.

        • I agree w/you Josh & that’s my point. On LSA, etc., either G or his groupies have made multiple posts in the past about how G doesn’t perm his hair, that it’s naturally straight. What are they trying to prove & what difference does it make? It’s like they tried to go out of their way to say G doesn’t have course hair, as if that’s wrong. I get the impression that G, like Tyrese is a self hating black man, who does not fully embrace his blackness. I don’t support ppl like that.

      • *In my best Eddie Murphy/barber from “Coming To America” voice*

        Hmph!!! Dat ain’t nothin’ but Ultra Perm!!!

      • Thank YOU for telling that truth!
        His wife is fair skinned. He is not…
        Not that it even matters.

  8. I just hope that TGT can keep it together because they have a good chance of bringing real R&B music back to the forefront.

    Thought Fantasia would have been the headliner. Don’t know why these singers and groups can’t get along while touring.

    I am reminded of En Vogue and the beef they had with Luther Vandross while they were touring.

    Anybody know the skinny on their beef?

    • BUMP! LOL. I need some Dawn Robinson tea!! That bish can’t keep a group.

      Luther was probably more divalicious than En Vogue for sure!!

    • it was a girl fight envogue let luther know they was’nt gonna tolerate his gay chit behind the curtains.

      kind of like back when dennis rodman was dating carmen electra and he was wearing her clothes.

  9. Damn, just blow up that old outdated leftover TGT before it hurts someone, and Fantasia don’t mess with them outdated explosives they are dangerous, stick to performing on Broadway and continue doing your own concerts and festivals they are much safer!!

  10. She should make sure her rider includes sound checks.

    I could not name one TGT song. Who the hell is buying tickets to that crap?

    • My guess is a bunch of women my age (mid 30s to 40s) that thinks they gonna get those girlymen’s attention from the audience.

  11. they aren’t touring together because fanny just had a concert her in miami last week & tgt had one down her 2 weeks ago

  12. TGT I’m sorry but just not interested. Genuine you need to go solo. there are plenty of great producers besides timbaland aka mr i apologize

  13. I went to see fantasis in concert and she sounds better live than on ablums and she actually give you her money worth and besides about her being a husband stealer shoot we all have made mistakes and if you ask me the ex wife was in on the scam. also I went to see Tyrese in concert as well and i ended up leaving his show early just sayin

  14. These three-legged bitches can’t outsing Fantasia. She would sing these little bitches under the table. And if that tuxedo picture is supposed to make women drool, never have I been so turned off in my life.

  15. so what if fantasia slept with a married man.

    all these celebs had sex scandals.

    if bobby womack can marry sam cooke’s widow and then go with his daughter and still be a soul legend.

    diana ross was fooling with a married man and she’s still a legend.

  16. All you bitches need to STOP what is the difference in being with somebodies husband or somebodies man? Nothing and every person dead or alive has fucked somebodies husband or man whether you knew it or not so all you fake holy rollers get ready for the club and pick up a taken man tonight and then go to church on Sunday and after service go to the liquor store and have a brawl by 7 post it on facebook and go to work and brag about it on Monday.