‘The Baldwin Hillbillies’ Set To Rock Comic Strip World!


Baldwin Hillbillies Premiere

Lil’ Skeeter and Uncle Tuck both have their hearts set on heading to Hollywood, as ‘The Bookers’ go from broke to the big time!!!

In this hilarious account of one Mississippi family’s destiny to try and make their Hollywood dreams happen, The Bookers strike Hair-growing GOLD in their own backyard!!! It’s only a matter of time before we’ll find out if Lil’ Skeeter will make it rockin’ the mic; and if Uncle Tuck will finally meet the woman of his dreams, a TV character who he believes is real.

Coming straight from the mind of the man who brought you Parks & Recreation’s Perd Hapley, Jay Jackson introduces ‘The Baldwin Hillbillies’ — whose country quirks and values meet LA shallowness and ambition….

Be sure to check back every week as The Bookers go from broke to big time!

Jay Jackson's Baldwin Hillbillies


  1. SWEET!! This should be funny. I hope if you’re gonna be hosting a set of these comics that the entire ongoing series can be read at one time since this seems to be a ongoing story rather than a single punch-line per week.