The Cheat Tweets: Joseline Claims Hacker’s To Blame



“It’s all bullshit… it’s all lies.” ~The Puerto Rican Princess

They say there’s two sides to every story… but in Joseline Hernandez’s ‘cheating on Stevie’ situation, she says there’s three sides: His, Hers and a Hacker. The Puerto Rican Princess is now Reloaded with a new pair of social media accounts — @Joseline4Ever Twitter and @MsJoselineReloaded Instagram — to apparently back her side of the story.

Despite pictures and texts supporting the tweets — listing Drake, James Harden, Nelly and Kevin Durant — as names on her smash list, Joseline’s ‘hack job’ explains it all! I mean, most celebs catch a hack or two every once in a while. Just ask Gucci! It’s no wonder why Stevie and Zino ain’t buying that spiel for one second!

“Took her from the strip club & off her back & she sleeps on me with over 30 dudes even gay men. #staytuned.” ~Stevie J


Check it:

“She set off fireworks when she tweeted about stepping on Stevie J. She has allegedly been getting it on all over town. And worst of all she’s reportedly been “loving the crew” too as it’s being reported that she also got with some of Stevie’s friends as well!

She also posted pictures of text conversations she had with various people, which date back to 2012, so she’s allegedly been sliding to the left on Stevie for quite some time.”

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  1. He needs to shut up. He already knew she was a hoe, and so is he. She is doing the same thing he is doing to her.

  2. I predict a full Joseline Sex tape Next. Stripper trynna get paid, either she accepting $$$ smash session or just taken the money.

  3. Know what’s funny? I still like Hoe-seline. Her personality is endearing and really, She just doesn’t give a fuck. I wish she would clean up her hustle now that she has more options, but she is who she is.

    • I’m REALLY starting to dislike her. Money is making her VERY Nasty. She’d getting extremely bossy and controlling as well as thinking she’s better than others (AND THIS BITCH IS A SELF-CERTIFIED 2-STAR FORMER HOE!!) I like the fire and no-filter truthfulness she has but underneath it all I see a VERY ugly person.

  4. People said Ciera was a man too…until she had a baby. And u like Beyoncé, she actually carried her baby…

  5. Any man who picks up a wife/woman off a stripper pole or off the hoe stroll is a trick. So, pot meet kettle.

    • That slept with all of the men on the show so what gives him the right to say anything what you thinking now that’s she with you she stop she is not with him for love and not his looks she is after his money and then she will move to the next. So please don’t marry that girl but if you do the joke will be on you.

  6. I really like Joseline. If she’s sleeping around so what. She has been honest about herself from the beginning–now Mimi is another story.

  7. stevie likes the fact that jose is a freak and they deserve each other.

    theyu’re both hoes they both like to sleep with other people deep down stevie masturbates about jose sleeping with those dudes he might have suggested some of the ideas himself.

    stevie, jose and benzino’s funny head looking ass need to do a sex tape.


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