The Copy-Kanye Carters Exposed!


The Copy-Cat Carters!

“Jay stabbed Kanye in the back.”

HSK Exclusive – A tipster exclusively tells HSK … Jay Z is behind door number one, as Yeezus and Beysus remain at odds. Know why? They say J-Hova didn’t only lead his Missus’ to beat Mr. Kardashian to the punch, by dropping her visual album first … The Carters’ ripped off the entire idea from Yeezus!!!

But Kanye’s visual album idea isn’t the only thing The Carters reportedly stole. Our whistle blower is spilling the real deal behind Jigga’s BNY collection of leather jogging pants and boxers, revealing Kanye as the man who originally envisioned the gear. We’re told those are the reasons why Ye pulled a no-show at Tina Knowles’ ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ 60th birthday bash in New Orleans.

Here’s the drop:

“When Kanye wanted to drop ‘Dark Twisted Fantasies’ as a visual album, Jay and his camp told him the idea was wack. Jay stabbed Kanye in the back when he told Beyonce she’s look like a genius if she did a visual album.”

Did Kanye get the ‘visual album’ idea from another? Of course … Just ask Canibus.


  1. That’s how the Carter’s roll, soulless heartless blood sucking talent vampires. Sucking the creative energy of those around them and giving themselves credit.if Kanye is surprised he’s the only one. I don’t see why anyone would trust either of these two. Their energy is so full of trickery and deceit….just foul.

    • I was thinking the same thing. 50’s ‘visual album’ is almost 10 years old (‘The Massacre’). The difference is that many of the big artists of today (Including the three in this story) like to pretend 50 doesn’t exist because he’s dissed them all at one point or another, but the truth is the truth.

    • Great point. Seem like the artists of today think everything they do is groundbreaking and/or original. Reminds me of a couple of years back when Drake said he was the first rapper to successfully sing and rap. MF have you ever heard ‘White Lines’, ever heard of Bone Thugs, Lauryn Hill, Cee-Lo?

      • For real!!! When im on my Tony Montana white lines first song in lol lol BONE BONE BONE!! They’ll be doing a show in mpls in February I ALREADY GOT MY TICKETS!!¡! Bone thugs make real street music! S/O to all real music fans not that studio gangster rick Ross bullshit. REAL TRAPPEN MUSIC!

        • I feel you on Bone Thugs! They put on the BEST LIVE SHOW ever. Hope they still have it when you see them in MN.

    • It’s been done way before 50. The only difference here is Kanye brought the idea to Jay Z, he turned it down and then gave the idea to his wife. That is low but then again that’s business.

      • 50 CENT AKA CURTIS JACKSON is a true innovator and he should be given more credit than he is given in terms of talent and original ideas

        • Let me tell you, I think 50 is a very talented artist and businessman. I would even venture to say he has more money than Jay Z at this point. Think about it Jay is still putting out albums and selling out while 50 is chilling.

    • Actually, Streets is Watching was done in 1998… some time before Mr. West’s Dark Twisted Fantasy and The Massacre in 2005… Just my thought that happens to be factual.

  2. This is not original idea but if true what does Kanye expect? Jay back stabbed Dame. Will Kanye now learn from his master? O yeah he back stabbed Dame.

  3. Good Goobly Goop. “An Eyes Wide Shut Party”

    Well we know them Knowles always hijacking other peoples ideas, talents and visions. Thievery and trickery at it’s finest. Now who in their right minds would be jealous of these people.

    • You bout to make me pull out tha Sanford and Son DVDs …lol

      Hell Idol worshipping people of all ages still want to be these people. So many people are caught up and miserable to the point where they would want to be someone else, problems and all. I would never want to live like these people or give up what they give up, just to be able to buy expensive worthless material shit…..

  4. Kanye, there’s an old African proverb that says “If you don’t want a man to take your goat, don’t tell him where you keep it.”

    OK, that’s not old, and it isn’t African, I actually kinda bit it from someone & added my own little twist, but you get the point, right??? It’s even more dope if you say it using Djimon Hounsou’s accent. You’re welcome.

    (There’s also another proverb that goes “He who shares ideas with the Carter’s will get stole on & they deserve it. “ I think it was a HSK reader.

  5. Remind of Jermaine Jackson claiming that the whole “DREAMWORKS” idea was his brother’s Michael instead of the people who eventually took credit for it, Steven Spielberg, David Geffen, and Jeffery Katzenberg. Remember if you have a million dollar idea that tell anyone get it patton, incorporated, documented and come out with it, too many thieves in the world to let people in on your indiviual ideas. In the book “THINK AND GROW RICH (A BLACK CHOICE)” it said the average person comes up with 4 money ideas a year but most individuals don’t act on it ACT ON YOUR POSITIVE DREAMS

  6. soon as I started reading the first paragraph, I believed it, Jay z admitted he steals ideas, during his beef w/Nas, “yeah, I stole it, u wasn’t using it right” or something like that. I can’t wait til they really have to pay someone for their stealing.

    • Not only do Jay z steal ideals, he steals people rap personas and styles of delivery. Check out the rapper Camron on youtube exposing Jay doing just that

    • Yeah he stole just about everything. His name seems to be a derivative of a former friend of his Jazz-o, his flow sounds just like geechie suede from the group that made lucchini. His steez is from the alleged drug dealers and pimps that he met on the way up. Eventually he will fall, they all do in entertainment.

  7. Well here is something that kanye can still from Jay, IS PARENTING SKILLS! Kanye worry about parenting your daughter,still no pics of this man and his child smh priorities

  8. @ms.Gemini you just cracked me up lol I really thought it was a “African proverb” its true though

  9. Lay down with dogs and you come up with fleas. Let me break out my little violin for Kanye the serial copyright infringer.

  10. Beyoncé did a visual album back n 2006 with B-Day. Why are people up in arms cause Beyoncé release her album with no promo vital I-Tunes?

  11. The only difference with “The Massacre” and “B’day” vid albums were that were released sometime after the cd’s came out. If that be the case Grace Jones(One Man Show 1982), Duran Duran(RIO 1982) and Blondie(Eat To The Beat 1980) would be the first. Even though these would be classified as New Wave.

  12. Kunt-ye is a grown-ass man & calls himself a creative genius. If he ran it by Camel & dude thought that a visual album was a bad idea, STFW? Kunt-ye should have gone ahead & pursued his vision if he believed in it so much. Whether it was original or not, if it was his dream, he should’ve made it happen. Now he’s crying because Weave-once ‘stole’ the idea that he stole from 50-Cent but never followed through on? PPfffft!

  13. Hey, no one can say she’s not consistent! Swagger jacking is the one thing we can always expect from Mrs. Carter. She steals other people’s lyrics, choreography, video ideas, marketing plans, hair…

  14. Jacky,

    I like your site and try to make comments but this reloading is very annoying and a waste of my time. Please fix this or I may have to enjoy my tea at another black gossip site. Please dont take it the wrong way but….!

  15. LOL…if this story is true I wonder would Kanye step to Jay Z like the did to the skinny white teenager who, IMO, was paid to stage the “confrontation” with the media whore.

  16. The thing is Beyonce done this before only when she release her album B-Day she did it with promotion and this album she released without any promotion.

  17. No honor among thieves no loyalty among devils. Kanye made a deal with many devils, now he must deal with the consequences!

  18. what most dont seem to want to remember including yankie doodye himself is that waaaay before the itunes era bey did the visual open album once before remember bday she did a video for almost ever song on her album then too was it a ye ideas back then lol!

  19. and as for anybody wanting to copy any of kanye fashion ideas thats beyond me he cant dress himself of kim worth a damm !


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