The Countdown To Lil Boosie’s Prison Release Begins…


Lil Boosie Pending Prison Release

Plea Leads To Being Free

Lil Boosie has landed a get out of jail free card. You may remember about a year ago, the rapper began serving his eight-year prison sentence. Now, sources say in less than 60-days Lil Boosie will be a free man.

This news comes after the Baton Rouge recording artist plead guilty to smuggling drugs behind bars, and beating a murder charge. We’re told the rapper was found to be set-up on the drug charge – which is what led to his expected early release.

Here’s what Hip Hop Enquirer reported:

“Torrence Hatch, better known as Lil Boosie, a chart-topping Baton Rouge recording artist will in fact be released from prison in less than 60 days because as they classified it, he was setup on the drug charge.

His legal team immediately jumped into high gear once he accepted the plea after realizing that his plea was made under duress. He is expected to walk out of prison in mid-February of 2013.”


    • man i though boose was the realest street nigga entil he sold his soul i woulda layed down and did that little 8 years but u never kno when niggas change

      • Mane fuck all yall nigga yalll dont kno wtf that nigga going thru half of yall pussy nigggas like cheif keef cant even do 60 days yall punk ass


        • He is… indeed a fuck boy. Dumb coons you guys should have your own water fountains still…. its a shame

          • Dumb ass pecker wood watch yo mouth fuck boy fo a nig have u looking like a coon around the eye area G P T in this thang

            • Grant Parish Thug. Trill entertainment mayne. Free Boosie yall hur.

              Here’s a verse I just free styled for my boy boosie.

              I smoke so much WEED , Man ya CHEAP
              I hired ya ASS So you could buy yo GRASS.
              Can’t touch these STACKS.
              I got RACKS on RACKS.
              Always Burnin that GAS.
              In my brand new ride.
              Mayne yo ass should RESIGN.
              So much SYRUP my mind FRYIN’.
              NIGGA I ain’t LYIN’.
              Smoke that PURP all tha TIME.

              Man ya BISH got ahold of ME.
              She tore up that pole for me.
              I made her hit tha streets.
              Now she bringin’ that doe to me.
              killin’ beats on tha daily.
              Bugatti, I own tha key.
              Money come so easy.
              Can’t keep up tha scow (score) with me.
              This flow can’t be beat.
              Nigga I bring da show with me.
              Trillest niggas can’t fuck around.
              Never rise above me.

              When I go wild.
              I’m Surp fueled.
              actin cool.
              Act a fool.
              Niggas hustle that’s tha rule.
              Got goons they tha mules.
              Cocaine thats tha game.
              When ya start, aint the same.
              Go insane.
              Gain fame.
              Haters hate that’s a shame.

              Make a name fo ya self.
              or be dust on tha shelf.
              Man wipe that record off.
              old as kermit tha frog.
              Goin ham on ya ass.
              can’t B-Ball don’t pass.
              All i got is tha game.
              I bet all on fame.
              When all that fell threw.
              I knew just what to do.
              I hit tha streets.
              Might have sold it to you.

              Crack is addictive.
              so is fame.
              now i’m hooked.
              to tha the money that came.
              Cornered off like a picture frame.
              now i’ll never be tha same.
              Never know no shame.

              While you getting high, I’ll be sittin’ low.
              Pigs nosy, but i will never show.
              Makin’ a living is all i’ll ever know.
              You girlfriend is a ratched ho.
              All she eva know is camel toe.
              What you wishin’ for i ain’t yo hero.
              Get off ya ass you fukin zero.

              This is free stylin nigga.
              You’ll neva be a winner
              can’t afford a chicken dinner.
              My lines colder than winter.
              Your just a beginner.
              My material be goin hard.
              you shit get left in tha yard.
              Neva step up to tha plate.
              Cause you always late.
              No Bitches go home an Masterbate.
              While i contemplate.
              Bath salts eat ya face.
              Nigga it aint no race.
              Left you in tha dust.
              My rhymes you can trust.
              You worthless like leftover pizza crust.
              Can’t handle this genius.
              It takes greatness to lead all of us. BITCH!

      • Damn dumb ass if u get sentenced 8years you only got to do have of that nd do tha other half on parole …damn if u aint a street nigga nd dnt kno what u talkin bout then dnt open yo fuckin mouth nigga 1900block 4life

        • He’ll naw Bruh in my state doc time 85% Bruh goin do 6 out dat 8 but niggas don’t his case so dnt nobody know shit

      • He didnt sell his soul “they” tried to keep him in prison longer with the murder charge he pleaded not guilty so “they” failed

      • bitch ass niggas like you have no fucking idea what the fuck you are talking about. Shut the fuck up before we slurk the shit out of you kind You don’t feel good for people who are let out of jail early? Oh I see.. You being a Hater now? Hatred only Breeds fear.

    • Boosie is cumin home its a blessin if God for ya who can be against ya i been rockin with mi nihga form day one it aint gonna stop form fb to hollar free boosie in mi music he touch an help people TO TURN THERE LIFE AROUND #RE-UP FORREAL

  1. I don’t even know who Lil Boosie is, but I do know Louisiana well. He most likely was set up.

    Is he with Young Money?

  2. never liked his rapping he sounded like pimp c on helium.

    he sometimes sounded like da brat with a penis.

    now vmaybe he can make another album that sounded like his last one.

    • Shut up u fucking hater that yo ass back to 8 mile u fucking honkie he sounds nothing like the brat nor pimp c & if u really want to know he last album was a hit

      • never was a boosie fan my rap phase is over anyway
        heard his music he talks the usual drugs, guns, call girls ho’s the typical gangster rapper who always keeps it real yeah went to jail yeah he’s really trill now he been to prison now he’s a true og.

        prison is the black man’s college.

        somebody needs to start a telethon on donating more money to lock up more black men and have every dumb azz thug rapper sagging or wearing skirts as performers.

        • Why u gotta get yo racist asd on hear and talk shit if u dont care
          Why u gotta get your thong all up in a knot for ur on hear hatin on ppl for no reason dumbass hope dis shit tru about boosie tryna hear somethin new free boosie so he van get loose like a goose again lol

        • You a puck ass racist lil boosie ain’t never been fake I met the man and I’m white. Stuff like that will get you beat up.

        • You bitch for saying that even more knowing that there are white people trying to act black lil boosie makes more money than you so that’s just some petty hating that your saying

          • Lil Boosie is only worth $4 million, Lil Wayne is worth $95 million, gucci mane is hated by most people in america and he is worth $15 million, on top of child support he has to pay (about $2,000 a MONTH), and his insurance for his “So Icy” lamborghini’s is very high and he still is worth $15 million, so to cut this short you need to shut the fuck up about the music and focus on the money, out of every Lil Boosie song i have herd i only liked one, Boom, and that was remixed by Lil Wayne then that became my favorite song that still had a trace of Boosie in it.

          • looka hea im white and i looove boosie what does color have to d with anything?? i love me some boosieialways have and always will…i can tell you nah a nigga aint rat on nobody! if anybody got busted they got busted on their on stupidity i hustled since i was 16 and only your fuck ups is what gets you busted! fah all yall wanna run off at the mouth and ACT real…yall dont know shit bout the streets and rap and why boosies lyrics hit home fa half of us! nah im a whole female and can school all yall on the streets…stfu if you only on here ta hate bc i aint wit all dat BS!

        • Now I have to agree and disagree prison is a black mans collage. because of how messed up the justice system is.They lock them up say they have to pay there “debt to society” and then throw them back into the real world after 5,10,15 years with nothing to hold on to. Since they have a record its hard to get a job and after while there servial skills kick in and remote back to what they were doing in the first place. I watch my boyfriend struggle all the time because he want to do good and he is its just hard to maintain because he knows it so much easier to do what been doing to get what ever it is he need but he decides to do it the right way IMJ UST SAYING THERE IS HOPE ALL BLACK MEN ARNT WHAT THE SEEM BUT KNOW ONE CARES TO TAKE THE TIME TO FIND OUT!!!

        • Wooow
          So saids the back woods boy that has a family tree with a straight down effect. Ay let’s go steretype for stereotype. For every one you have I bet I got three more for you. Church and the boy scouts is the whiteman’s never never land

          • Fuck this shit, boosie ain’t raw, boosie ain’t kno shiiit. He sounds like a fuckin 2 year old on crack. Yeah reading poetry through a fuckin mic sure takes some skill. Sike

  3. Nah, he ain’t with Young Money. He down with Trill ent. which was started by Pimp C. Boosie and Webbie did alotta stuff together.

    • He not with Trill Ent. No more, he fell out with Mouse n them cats. He had a diss song and everything. He has his own shit called Bad Azz ent.

  4. If he gets out and blows up all of a sudden…another soul lost. Yes he was well known before but I mean mainstream media advertising him.

  5. BOOSIE BOO!!!
    He wasn’t suppose to in there from jump..
    Welcome home, can’t wait to her all the music he already recorded that the laws had position of due to this bitch ass case!

    • Louisiana One (law enforcement is some setup mfrs). Always have been! The system is a setup….it’s a business.

  6. First of all, who in the hell is little bootsie? I never heard of him. Who cares about this typical rapper/go to prison/get out and make a come back ass hole.

    • Hey fuck you homie u aint racist or nuthin your a pussy ass white boy niggas probly a BITCH i bet all the money in my pocket (More than you will ever make workin) that if i spit on you and called you a you would sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up now paddna and thats a BET cuz i know you

  7. By under duress they mean he agreed to help distribute drugs to feed his codeine habit. He is by his own admission addicted to lean. He agreed out of that addiction. That is the duress they speak of…

  8. aye free my niqgga lil boosie bad ass they cnt hold a real nigga down wtf they talkin about u a free man my nigga aye !!!!

  9. Shut up u fucking hater that yo ass back to 8 mile u fucking honkie he sounds nothing like the brat nor pimp c & if u really want to know he last album was a hit ……he told y’all he was coming back welcome home my nigga boosie boo shit trill over here

  10. was good boosie when u out man get yo ass to Cali get a house or some land build hoses for ur family man if u want some one to help u find some good land an away from anybody hit me up my names Ryan heres my Email have ur family or ur self contact my email ill give them or u my number ill help u out

    • man boosie is one of the best lyrical rappers there is in the game then fuck you tricks an these lame ass hoes on here dissin him even though hes realer than anyone on this site he helps more people in a day than yall lame niggas would in 100 life times so shut the fuck up bout sumthin yall hoes will never understand

  11. Ay was that shit true about webbie set boosie up i doubt it is im just wonderin cuz the shits on youtube

  12. im so gald u gettin out boosie i love yo fucking music foreal its awesome. cant wait untill u come out with some new music.

  13. i love u boosie cant wait until u get out bra. cant wait untill some new cds come out. enjoy yo self

  14. I’m going to end this discussion when ever lil boosie gets out just know there won’t be chief keef there wont be lil Wayne and for damn sure there wont be Rick Ross u gotta remember that nigga ben locked up for some years and he going to destroy any one that was talking mad shit while he was in jail and besides chief keef is brand new he got him self locked up already over some dumm shit tne nigga New he was on probation

  15. Say boosie my nigga you basically raised me, in my darkest hour you gave a nigga hope please please my nigga make this count this tyme you ain’t got shit else to prove, you
    Made it thru the storm Itz how everybody got sim crazy shit to say and don’t even know the half,.make this shit count this my nigga god bless you in your affairs moveing forward , who said a black man was in the illuminatti last tyme I checked they was the biggest racist party…!!!!!!

  16. Shout out to my nigga boosie ya herd Meh whn I make it n this rap shit am gon fuck witcha real shit no mercy soldier aka dope runners

  17. I have 3 kids and we all are big fans of boosie!! Congratulations to you and your family!! GOD HAS SPOKEN!!!!! 2nd chances are rare to many in the justice system, and you have beaten the odds!!! GO GET IT BOOSIE!!!!!! REAL MUSIC TIME!!!!!!!!


    • another street rapper who did dubm chit to get locked up and now he’s an ex con oh yeah his street cred is secure boosie is a g straight up hardcore he’ll kill yo azz for even looking at him.

  19. Man dis some str8 bullshyt gettin a bytch hopes all up n shyt fuck u wit a sick fuckin dick who evea the fuck u r bytch is the the25 when he get oit the 28??? Fuck.outta hea

  20. I love boosie very much . Im a boosie fan
    dats my baby. Welcome home love.
    Ms.keke from tht H_Town

  21. Dis nigga done sold his soul toda devil. He gon be an Illuminati ass nigga now cuz. Shiiiit. Aint no other nigga on da planet catchin a murder charge for 8 years n walkin dat soon. Yall crazy as fuck. HE SOLD HIS SOUL!!

  22. Who gives a fvck about a nigga you don’t know personally is coming home or is home from prison , a count down really ? Dick riding shyt . And he garbage ! Never like his rapping at all , never.

  23. Lil boosie is the realiest nigga in the history of rap. He’s my favorite rapper I listen to him every damn day. #FreeBoosie. And how do I find out when he get out is there another website I can find out.?

  24. 4 al yal talkin shit bout realist nigga dats rappin lil boosie yal al can go to hell my nigga go to town to town Putin it down makin money ballin n tear it down n dis bitch got niggas getin dey ass handed to dem n even if he sold his soul r nt he stil go b d truth n d street so keep it real n stop talkin shit cuz it’s bout makin n he made it stop hating cuz he makin more money den anybody on here even y he locked up Boosie can’t wait til u drop some more real shit

  25. What it do !!!!! Man Lil Boosie my most favoritest rapper, he be spittin some real shit dawg… You gotta kno what its like in the struggle to feel his shit, an you gotta really love yo moma and kids to tha fullest to feel dat shit… People should’nt judge dat man, they dnt kno how he grew up or what it was like… Plus when you growed up in tha struggle and you finally get money, shit fuckin rite you ganna cut up an show ya ass cause its fun… Dont hate dat man cause he came up… If anything pray for him… As far as him smoking weed an poppin pills an shit, still dnt judge him cause dats a hard monkey to shake, been thete done dat… Thats something he gonna have to stop on his on, Only person can help him with dat is Boosie and God… Me personally i dnt see nuthin wrong with weed, i just cant smoke cause im on parole… I’ll be glad to see dat nigga get out tho, i kno he gone drop some fya ass shit an ima be on dat shit… One luv 4 me CJ…. FREE BOOSIE, No Parole either.. LoL

  26. Fuck all that hating shit yall talking fr fr lil boosie is one of the best that nigga a hood nigga and he keeps his shit 1000 i been listening to this man for the longest im glad he getting out and he didnt sell his soul he wasnt suppose to be in there in the first place yall need to stop hating fr fr cause all that other shit is unnecessary

  27. They cant never keep us down for too long free dat nigga boosie bokey sanford reppin florida hang zimmerman fuck ass we here now 407 area code whhhiiiinnneee

  28. niggaz hatin on da great boosie smh…niggaz got false info n all..on here soundn dum azz fuck…nigga kept tril did wat ge new how 2 do 2 make n survive dese wrecknless streetz u fraud azz niggaz running from…free da nigga boosie ASAP (T.I. Voice)

  29. Yall mfz need to jus sit the fuck back n observe, DAMN. Learn sumthn n stop dick ridin all ya lyfe let these ladies speak a min, u nigaz worst den deez females!!!!! Yea. You nigaz. Yea you. NIGA. You nigaz the reason why nigaz get fuckd up rat now diday……smddz. Let deez ladies speak n stop runnin yall dick suckaz!!! PUSSY.

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