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The Game Fires @ Shyne

November 14th, 2012

The Game & Shyne Feud on Twitter

Feud of the Bad Boys Continues…

“Only reason u had a career is cause Diddy’s d*ck being stuck in ya throat made u sound like BIGGIE !!!” ~Game, weighing in on Shyne

Game is letting it rip on Shyne – calling the former Bad Boy Records recording artist out as a man who may have got Diddy’s dick wet. This is latest development of the continuing feud sparked last month, after Shyne voiced his constructive criticism towards Kendrick Lamar.

You may remember that’s before Game stepped up to defend the debut album of the West Coast’s newest lyricist.

Here’s what Game took to Twitter to say to Shyne:

“Only reason u had a career is cause Diddy’s d*ck being stuck in ya throat made u sound like BIGGIE !!!

U bust the 1st shot at the ceiling like Police do in movies & sh*t.. Then yo scary a** shot into a crowd & hit a black woman. If that make u gangsta…. I don’t wanna be 1, u fake jew, cute curly sideburn havin a** n*gga.

Suckin all that d*ck in prison… N*gga lost his voice. & that’s how u survived 10 years p*ssy. Tell us the truth C*M stomach.”

Is Game hinting that while Shyne was locked up behind bars, he was having jailhouse sex to pass the time? Of course! Do I believe it? I don’t know, but next time I’m on Twitter kicking it with Shyne, I’ll ask him.

12 Responses to “The Game Fires @ Shyne”

  1. Just Asking |

    Wasn’t it hinted that Game was a male stripper for males?


    Norman E. Mailer Reply:

    male strippers serve both sexes. dont believe me? as channing tatum


    Just Asking Reply:

    I guess my question has been answered lol


  2. anonmyous |

    Is Game joking? Doesn’t he provide lap dances for Iovine, Dr. Dre and his favorite 50 Cent????


  3. Anonymous |

    oh wow!


  4. mztina_lovely |

    Shyne is more respected then the game

    I hate how the Gayme use gay slurs all the time when he is game this fool been passed around in the music industry he only staying close to Kendrick Lamar because he knows he going to be Dr. Dre boy toy Shyne didn’t sell his soul that’s why Diddy did him dirty and let him take the fall if you all get a chance to see this Documentary called its a damn shame it will expose a lot the music biz the shame is a joke dude is bipolar all the things he had to endure as a rapper if I won’t be surprise if he signs to MMG first he going to have to do some behind the seen deals if you know what I mean


  5. Fresh |

    Game is callin the kettle black,there is no doubt that the game will do anything,with anyone to get on,he is a cum slurper forreall ! Dude was on change of heart and the bitch chose a real man as opposed to this maggot with that butterfly tat,we all know game is mk ultra victim!


    Rip Reply:

    lol @ MK ULTRA VICTIM! Hilarious


  6. mlondon |

    Game is Gay! Co-sign with all the skripper comments! Male skrippers work in


  7. mlondon |

    West Hollywood and give head in the back of Mickeys.. He would know all about sucking dick as he had Fiddy’s and Dre’s in his mouth long enough.


  8. Shyne Gets Back @ Game |

    […] The Game Fires @ Shyne […]

  9. Butch |

    Why do u people want Game to be gay tho? LOL…the man has kids and is trying to settle down. The Shyne kat would be suspect LOL…jail, no lady or kids…hmmm


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