The Motor City Dubs Kenya Moore a Gold Digger


RHOA: Kenya Moore Exposed

HSK Exclusive – Word from the Streets…

The newest cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is being outed as a gold digging viper who will do anything for money and fame.

Now, insiders are revealing former Miss USA (and Detroit native) Kenya Moore as nothing more than a “professional whore”. Don’t believe me.. Ask Mike Tyson.

Here’s the drop about the ‘Atlanta Housewife”:

“Kenya Moore is very brave to appear on a popular reality show. She’s the newest addition to Bravo’s RHOA, I guess producers of the show know Kenya is a professional whore. She’s been gold digging since her days in Detroit as a high school student at Cass Tech High.

Kenya used to date a drug dealer, his name is Mike Evans. By 16-years-old, she was a seasoned vet – I heard she learned that from her grandmother, who raised her. I was told her grandmother trained her and showed her how to be a proper sack-chaser.

When Kenya won the Miss USA title, all of Hollywood was after her – she went the easy route and got with Mike Tyson. She was spoiled by him, well taken care of by him, he even purchased her a home. But their sex sessions where so bad, she soon stopped seeing Tyson entirely. Mike didn’t care because I heard he video taped their sex acts. When Kenya started to act certain ways with Mike, he passed her to Keith Washington.

Kenya is all fake – her tits, ass implants and hazel contacts are all paid for by her sponsors. The only thing real about Kenya is her hair. Jacky, if you don’t believe me.. Ask Jay Z. After Jay was finished with her, he passed her over to his football player buddy Larry Johnson.”

Were Hollywood actors calling Rudolph Moise ‘Captain Save-a-Hoe when he married Kenya Moore? Of course they were. Don’t believe me.. Ask Martin Lawrence.


    • Hair is indeed real along with eyes and her tits were naturally big back in the day not sure if she has enhanced since then….

      • I knew her while she was still in high school. Her hair is long and pretty but she does add extensions to it. Her eyes are contacts (for real) and her breast are fake. She got them done after working for Honda at the Auto Show. She was always a pretty girl on the outside (inside is a different story)

        • I can tell her eyes a fake …. I have noticed the add ins she has long pretty hair but u can tell she wears clips…. fake booty thats why she kept putting those others down hmm . poor Kenya grown woman acting like that shes jealous and hateful . im sick of her on to the next one please … oh and wait her voice girl please.

          • Gurl I am too…so disappointed in who she has revealed herself to be..Kenya should of kept her fake a$$ off of reality tv. I did not believe the booty was fake until I watched tonight’s episode when she was with her trainer in work out clothes..SMH

            • Yeeeesssss! How you gon have a fake booty it looks nasty and stankin thats probably why walter didnt want her

      • I’m sorry but she has contacts. I wear colored contacts, and know for a FACT ol’gurl wearing contacts, so with that said…all the other stuff could be true as well…lol

    • Marin Lawrence didn’t marry her…he married the 3rd black Miss USA who is now married to Emmet Smith from the cowboys. Get your facts straight. Her eyes are real….

        • I usually laugh when someone claims NA too, but in Kenya’s case, I think she really does have Indian blood. Maybe not half, but I bet a grandparent was Indian. It’s not just her hair, it’s the cranial bone structure which looks more Mongoloid than Negroid(excuse the old school verbiage, but I don’t know what terms they using now.)

  1. Kenya’s hair and eyes are real. I followed her career since the Miss USA pageant. The informant sound like a hater. So what why do we need to know whose was in her bed. There is a huge double standard for men when it comes to sex. Jay-z and Mike Tyson she really has bad taste in men.

    • Me too,I remember when she won the title but was dissappointed when she was getting naked on those Trios movies or showing her booty on Smooth magazine. Looking back,I think those beauty queens were just BSin’,they prolly suck dick just to win.

    • I agree. If hoe-ing is bad then its bad all round, regardless of gender. I despise people who take the moral high ground when it comes to females and sex but turn a blind eye to men’s exploits.

    • Exactly! This is some of the stupidest BULLSHIT I have ever seen – and that’s saying something as a longtime reader of this blog. Mike Tyson, the retarded rapist; Jay Z the crack dealer who sold to black children and shot his brother – ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What do you mean “passed her on to . . .”? She’s a grown woman, I’m sure that if she is as you say a “golddigger” that she had sense enough to get up and walk on and find another stupid trick who is nothing but a clown that the media used and spit out (all of them). Please with this bullshit about calling women whores and supporting the rapists, pimps (you) and crack dealers – masquerading as STRAIGHT men! Thank you in advance.


      • Um sweetie…golddiggers will screw anyone in the circle until they hit paydirt and most golddiggers arent too bright

      • Looks like the left breast implant has a ripple.. not sure. They need to post more pics to be sure.

  2. I don’t think she was married to Moirse. When that came out it was publicity for the movie they shot Haitian Nights(google it). I think she wrote and directed it. I could be wrong but I don’t think she’s ever been married.

  3. Kenya hair and eyes are real. now i don’t know about the rest, the butt, breast or her life story and affair. please black people stop acting like black people don’t have long hair and light eyes.

    • It has nothing to do with race,where my comment is concerned. If it had been Jessica Simpson,I would have said the same thing. Hair,short or long,can be extensions in my experience with the industry.

    • That a$$ might be fake but damn it’s nice! If you dig deep all these ladies have a troubled past. So lets no just beat up Kenya but they all have had their problems before and are fake to a degree!

  4. Look , a whore is gonna be a whore…The article says she was raised to be a whore , so whoring is in her genes…Let her do her thing like the white whores are allowed to do…

    She provides a service to the public…A necessary service and she is not raping anyway…Shes selling her own ass and only to those who contract the transaction with her willingly.

    Go Kenya…Do your thing and be a classy whore…Pimps do provide a necessary service because sometimes a whore gets confused when they dont have the proper management and start to confuse an orgasm with love.

  5. Haven’t seen/heard about Kenya since she was in that horrible movie Trois. Never knew she was married. That is her real hair. Can’t speak on the rest.

    Never heard about her whoring around, but who knows. It sort of comes with the territory out there, doesn’t it? I think if she had taken some acting lessons she could have gone further in her career. After she goes on RHOA and coons it up with the rest of those fools she can kiss what little acting career she had goodbye.

    • Justme,

      Exactly. Because she definitely is going to be cooning on that trash of a show. Sad though, because she is still a pretty girl.

  6. @SB keeping my ass off television, not fucking for tracks (be it hair or music), keeping my clothes on not having every inch of skin on display and last but not least keeping my sex life behind closed doors(meaning no sex tapes) makes me a super duper pro-black progressive thinker.

    Thank you very much

  7. Sorry, but Mike Tyson? There is not that much money in this world to make me want to lay down with that monster. There are some men that if you take your time and get to know they are not what they appear. I have been in his presence and around his circles — and sorry, would not pick him as my benefactor. Don’t know what Robin Givens and Kenya were thinking — or I guess they weren’t. Another rich one I wouldn’t lay down with is Dennis Rodman.

  8. She sure is pretty. wow.


    A beautiful woman chasing after money and men willing to pay because she’s beautiful. Nothing new. I won’t pass judgement like she’s a murderer or something.

  9. She dated rich men and they gave her expensive gifts. That makes her a whore. I don’t understand that. Here’s the thing that broke men don’t understand, when a rich man dates a woman he really likes he buys her gifts. If he doesn’t like her he dismisses her quickly and quietly without any gift giving. When other races of women date rich men and get a gift that’s just called dating, but for black women it’s whoring. If Jay-Z and Mike Tyson are the only rich men she has been linked to that hardly makes her a gold-digger. And when did she have time to gold dig when she was winning beauty pageants and graduating from a university. Just a FYI, most black men will call any woman a whore if she refuses to date/have sex with him. This is how the coddle their bruised egos. LOL.

    • co-sign big time!!! it sounds to me someone is really hating on this woman, she must be one of those sistah thats through with the brothas and now some insider trying to put her on blast to deter her getting a good man!!!but really she has bad taste in men,i can’t sleep with men its hard for me to look at no matter how fire the body is and just cause nobody has seen her in movies lately doesn’t mean she hasn’t invested her money well. people just don’t understand you invest well you can be rich!!

          • There isn’t a magic book you can read..and for anyone who is making less than $35 per will NEVER achieve real wealth, its just mathematically impossible. But for those earning a significant income the road to life long wealth is a rather simple one if you are willing to invest a short amount of time learning what the 1% already if you aren’t banging 2000 per week, get there first..

    • Couldn’t have put it better myself. These trifling men who talk smack about women are a joke. I mean who are these dudes laying with if not hoes? Game recognize game. Calling out a Ho when she is just like you is not particularly smart.

      With regards to calling females gold diggers. Can’t have it both ways, fellas. It feeds these wealthy guys ego to have a beautiful woman hanging off his arm and spending his money when it suits HIM. When things turn sour all of a sudden the woman of your dreams is a whore. Funny, how these so called men never choose a woman who is their equal or at least with good job/ own money etc. There is good reason for that.

    • I disagree.

      Jacky’s called Jennifer Love Hewitt, Angelina Jolie, and plenty of White bitches hoes.

      Hoes have no color

  10. No offense but a lot of rent been due since paegent and college days. She gotta be 40 now. Jus sayin

  11. If she was a paid white whore like Lindsay Lohan Jennifer Lopez or Katie Holmes, we’d be lining up to pay to see their movies and giving them great praise.

    • That’s right, because nobody talks shit about Lindsay Lohan, right.

      *ignores every tabloid ever calling Lindsay a crackwhore*

  12. And you know what….If I saw Kenya I would open the door for her like she was a Queen and I would pull her chair out for her until she was properly seated as if she were royalty…She’s out sister, if she is a whore or a physics professor.

  13. go back to her picks when she was a beauty contestant her overall looks is real !!! who ever wrote this is doing some hard hating and need more people. she’s one of the few beautiful darkskin black women in hollywood, if i was her i wouldn’t have let anyone touch me that damn easy!!!

    • looks dont pay the rent…She had the option of putting in an application at the Post Office…

      She chose to sell pussy…Free will.

      • no due, but still i don’t believe for one minute she didn’t have her own money. but then again how do you know thats what she did. im still side eyeing this one. someone is hating that she has dumped and don’t want, yet he’s hating cause another man as an opportunity to get at what he lost and clearly needs to get over it.

      • No people don’t love her – her publicists make it look like people lover her. She’s the most hated woman…and her fame will be up by year’s end. She’s pure trash…and I will personally go and knock upside the head the next Black man that goes up in that. Kanye is just a joke and a publicity whore. The two of them publicity whore together. It’s all fake.

    • I don’t know, but if she was props to her.

      He may have been my Daddys age, but he sure was a cat daddy.

  14. Where would kenya have gotten her own money? And whitey wrote off kim k a looooong time ago. Aint no cure for jungle fever in their eyes

    • And that other whore Paris Hilton is laying low. She’s been exposed so much with her filthy herpes trap. I dare any Black man to go up in that raw. Go ahead, make my day… Paris and Kim Kartrashian are nasty. Your dick will blow up if you go near the stench.

      • Not o mention that blow hole Paris said ON TAPE “I hate N_____Z. That proved to me that she has way worse problems than herpes.

        • Thats interesting considering she was best friends with Nicole Richie who is half black plus her adoptive father Lionel richie is black

  15. And # 3, Kenya Moore is not properly representing beautiful brown skin Nubian sisters…

    The hair fucks everything up…What the heck goos is it to be an attractive brown skin sister in 2013, if you are going to follow the crowd and wear your hair like Sandra Bullock?

    If she was rocking “a natural” a fro or some type of braids or locks, she would get plenty of dap from Joe and Jane hood…But she only gets daps from like minded confused, white fixated negro women and negro men who really want a white woman …Or of they cant get an authenic white woman, then a negro woman who aim is to me a competent facsimile of one.

    • Dice..I love how you put your afrocentric spin on Damn near everything..its very enlightening..reminds me of that character in the boondocks

      • Im just playing a character on the internet on a very reputable hollywood gossip blog.
        Its all meant for entertainment purposes only.

    • Yep yep Thank you lil Huey. I can’t cosign the fro on Kenya because she too big, her face shape is wrong, and I’m afraid she would end up looking like Dr. J back in the day. But I can sure see her in some cute twists with just a hint of highlight in them. Not blond, but kinda a caramel on brown.

      • Why so she has to cut it off when shes tired of that style? I agree her hair is to strait but no she should not go get dreads, nor twists, nor braids all of those styles ruins your hair when its long and pretty like hers, she should wear it puffy and natural and straiten it on special occasions, thats it.

  16. I dont know if shes straight up nappy headed but I know damn well God didnt make her hair like that…Her hair rises towards the sun of its allowed a chance to play the game the way its supposed to be played.

  17. I never understood why black men who oherwise would consider themselves proud black men, would tolerate being in relationships with black women who wear their hair like Gweneth Paltrow and Lucy Lu?

    Its nothing more than enabling bad and low self esteem behavior and rewarding it with attention.

    Be straight up with the sisters from now on and tell them although you think they are beautiful otherwise, the hair they choose to wear is a personal embarrasment to you and your race ..Then proceed to explain to them that you would be intersted in pursuing a relationship with them, only after they made their own decision to wear their hair more in line that your ancestors would not be ashamed of…

    If in fact we are all made in the image and likeness of God and the black woman is the daughter of God, God must’ve have had kingly hair too.

    • My hair is NATURALLY almost straight as a stick due to my 300 year heritage.I cannot tell you how much hatin I have to deal with from my “sisters”. I have actually worn ethnic wigs from time to time just to deflect the issue.
      It’s really quite sad. We come in many shades of hair and eyes and yes even hair.

  18. Alot of women of all colors in Hollywood add something extra but Kenya has a natural thick head of hair. I bet the majority of it is hers and without a heavy perm. She can make some pretty babies.
    She’s still very beautiful at 40. She always reminded me of a Black barbie doll. Like old school Judy Pace. Last I heard Kenya was actually doing the producing on some of those straight to video urban films we love. It’s a check.

  19. Kenya IS so fine.. now I bet some of these “industry” men doin the same won’t get exposed bc they got waaaay 2 much power to be touched.. I can think of a long list of dudes who do the same game… rappers, singers, actors and moguls.. and I’ve seen with my own eyes..but I’m not sayin shyytt.. cuz them dudes got too much power..


  21. I heard in an interview that she was part Native American so I can believe that her hair is real. Let’s not pretend that non-biracial black people can have hazel or light eyes naturally. Vanessa Williams(and her brother), Jada Pinkett-Smith,Beyonce(can’t stand her) Shar Jackson, Terrance Howard(can’t stand him)just to name a few. It’s bad enough that black people are always ripping either other apart regarding our looks, but can we not hate on black folks that are natural. Btw I know plenty of black women with naturally long hair.

    • Thank you! I wish we had taught a class on this so Black men can see that they don’t have to go and get a white, asian or mexican so their child can have long hair. And I hear people commenting that children are beautiful because of their hair??? Are you serious? Just because a child is a product of a biracial union does not automatically make it a cute kid. Get real!

      • I said she was beautiful and could make some pretty babies. That’s my genetic preference: Tall, brickhouse light OR dark women with hair on their heads to offset my thin wavy hair.

        Because I like to make a fist in my woman’s hair does not make me color struck.
        Good hair is hair that you love and take care of. That’s why we can have good hair days and bad. That has nothing to do with wanting to be European.

      • Im sick of it too, and im biracial! But i get hated on because my child has a black father and his hair came out more like his father, so black people look at me like “why aint yo babies hair long and silky aint you half white?” Its gets on my damn nerves how racist blacks are of thier own race, its sickening

  22. That is Kenya’s real hair and eyes! Stop fuggin’ hatin on a pretty sistah. If these dudes spent loot and gave her the good life then what she was sposedta turn it down??? When you are beautiful and ballers want you then you get that type of lifestyle…rich niggas got they drama too
    I hate mfers who hate on pretty black women

  23. She also looks like Natalie Cole with the brown skin, light eyes and naturally long hair that I would be happy to pull.

  24. This woman is a beautiful sista, what’s up with all the hate? Note to HSK, 95 percent of all women have been with several men whether they rich and famous or not, I do not think that makes her a whore.

  25. Whore…plain and simple….if you are apart of Hollywood then you’re a whore for the white man….that goes for the men too! She ho’d it up to have some sort of name. Nameless dicks have penetrated that broad just like all of them other broads.

    Yeah women want financial security nowadays but they don’t want the real protection and security needed. Hollywood is no good and until our ppl see it we will continue to see these double agent niggas propped as good folks.NO THEY ARE NOT

  26. You can tell the white fixated negro sisters in here…THEIR ONLY ISSUE IS TALKING ABOUT IF HER HAIR IS REAL….thats because 90% of african american women dont feel beautiful unless they wear their hair like white women….Come on with this old tired “I GOT INDIAN IN MY FAMBLY BULLSHIT”

    Just like during the IMUS “nappy headed hoe” flack…The sisters didnt care anything about Imus calling them hoes…It was the “nappy headed” part most took exception to….LOL

    and thats real, and thats realer than real deal Holyfield and yes Kenya Moore was hooking(high end clientele) and now all them hookers and hoes know how I feel…

  27. Them mutha fukkin Indians aint checking for you niggas…They dont want nothing to do with you and they are down with their white side because most of them have bene genetically white washed and its mostly white people with ponytails who are pretending to be Indian now…
    The Cherokees tried to push you Indian lovers off the reservation and off that lucrative casino lootski…Most of those Cherokees and other Indians are really white people with maybe 10%-25% genetic relation to the original Indians..

    The original Native Americans are the Moors and the real Moors and BLACK, and they were here before Columbus…Dont believe me…Go to Central Mexico and check the Olmecian mammouth statues…They are the originators, like Little Richard and the architects of American life.

  28. kENYA,

    I definitely would need to do a CBC workup and a test for STD’S, but if everything came back negative, I would definitely hit…You would just need to keep your bra on…Those titties are creepy.

  29. That’s funny but I’m feelin the tits. A nigga likes him some ample bosom. But on the real only 3%of blacks got Indian in em. Biggest myth ever. Talk to da genealogy folks. They will confirm.

    • I know…But they want to believe they’re anything except what they are.
      At the same time, I dont blame the victim…We’re all victims of this holocaust and we have been intergenerationally brainwashed and mentally beat down to hate our own image, which is the bible is true, is the image of the Creator.

  30. her grandmother on her father’s side is my great aunt, i have no relationship with kenya though other than the normal 10 year family reunion

  31. Well I guess it’s true a black women is a golddigger if she wants someone on her level or higher. I guess this is the reason why professional and educated black women have to date and marry down, like thugs and deadbeats with no education or job. It’s funny how black men will never marry a single mother with mutiple children struggling because that is beneath them. Black men are always like for a come up. Which is sad because men are defined by how they can protect and provide, but thugs and deadbeat men ain’t trying to hear that. If they hate the baby mama then they hate the child as well. Thugs and deadbeat are the only intelligent creators that abandon the children to the wild without protection. You wonder why some women are trying to leave Blackistan. The men won’t protect them or their offspring.

    • You are taking this way out of its proper context.
      The article is saying that the lady was/is a paid prostitute…Period.

      No one is passing judgement on prostitutes/whores….everybody who works on a job they don’t like for someone they know they would never socialize with outside the workplace are whoring themselves…

      If a person doesn’t want to be classified as a whore/ prostitute, they shouldn’t sell pussy.

        • STRAW-WOMAN

          “thou art loosed”

          I rebuke thee in the name of all gossip blogs and the Wizard of Oz

          God bless Wikipedia
          God Bless Hollywood
          God Bless The United States of Africa and Marcus Mosiah Garvey

        • You seem to have time aplenty to assign StrawWoman arguments and then argue amongst yourselve(s)

          And wheres Dorothy?

  32. Lots of jealous sistas and fronting negroes on here…sistas, stop being lazy and take care of your hair and you could grow it long too, don’t take the easy route and throw in a cheap weave and have your funky scalp smelling like hell…..

    And for you couple negroes on here acting like you even had a woman in your life any where close as fine as Kenya Moore please cut the bs….you all would kiss her feet if she gave you the chance to.

  33. So she had a boyfriend in high school, she as a single adult date two athletes a rapper and a singer then eventually got married. All of these men gave her nice gifts so that means she was selling sex. So are you implying that black women should never been given gifts from her boyfriend because this makes her a whore? Are birthday and holiday gifts excluded from the whore list? LOL.
    Listen up black women if you want nice things you have to buy them with you own money, because if your boyfriend really likes you and wants to buy you a nice gift that makes you a whore. Don’t forget if you are married and your husband buys you nice things that also make you a whore. This is according to the black man of course. LOL.

  34. I attended Cass Tech with Kenya. She and I had a few of the same classes. She use to model for Hudson’s. This was of course before the boob implants and other work. She was much. Prettier, and natural then. I know she.did the implants and surgery to compete in hollywood.

  35. I have had numerous women more attractive than kenya and many with more money as well. The sweeping generalizations are a tad bit off putting. Speak for yourself and your own experiences. Kenya has been in maybe five low budget films. Don’t act like her ass is meryl streep up in here. Her goal was to use her looks and coochie for a come up. Didn’t quite work out. She kept rollin da dice. The magic number that separates good girl and whore is open to interpretation. Kinda like the definition of classy. Folks are entitled to their opinion. My issue is a woman bitchin bout she can’t find love but only checkin fo ballers.

  36. Kenya the Diva is not a whore but a woman who likes the finer things in her list of men reflects that.. This double standard has to stop. Men who “pass” around women are what? The long nasty list of Mike Tyson and Jay Z I am sure is much longer than hers. Why should she date penniless men when they will treat her like crap anyway instead of dating men with money? I would rather play the game fully dripped out in luxury as opposed to being played in a rats nest..

  37. I love how niggaz are trying to act like NOBODY calls Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, or Kim Kardashian hoes.

    What are you motherfuckers, blind, deaf, and or dumb.

    They get called whores everyday by damned near everybody. White folks are harder on them than we are on ours, because they don’t excuse hoish behavior because they’re of the same race.

    I mean, John Hamm from “Mad Men” just went after Kim K., Gwyneth Paltrow is going after Kim K. and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. White folks don’t like them bitches.

    And guess what, just because SOME White people tolerate them doesn’t mean that MOST or ALL White folks do.

    • right,at the end of the day a whore is a whore.there is no reason whoring should tolerated or even encouraged likes it’s the thing to do.

  38. […] That’s according to one woman who says she once dated the boxing legend – adding, not only did the former champ have sex with a long list of female celebrities, but he also taped each lady and himself in the act. Our source exclusively tells HSK Tyson still has all of that footage! Don’t believe me.. Ask Kenya Moore. […]

  39. Kenya has been in the game for years. Yes she did date Tyson…yes her hair is real….EVERYTHING else is fake including her eyes. I don’t know where her mother is but her father helped raise her. He is high yellow and she has a high yellow younger brother and sister. About a 10 year age difference between she and her brother and sister.

  40. Kenya is a beautiful black woman. I am brown and I have long REAL hair like Kenya. I hate that some many of you are wasting your time hating on this lady. She can date who she wants and she worth a few million herself… I am sure she wants someone who is just as ambitious as she is. There is nothing wrong with that. Whoever wrote this is a hater clearly!

  41. At the end of the day, rather or not her eyes, hair or body are real, and the men that she’s slept with are truly irrelevant. There is no doubt that she is physically a pretty woman, however watching her on the show has caused me to lose a respect for her because she portrays herself as a very insecure, drama creating, and unclassy WOMAN. I haven’t heard her say a nice thing about anyone on the show, and if she attempts to, it’s chased with a back ended complement. So who cares if she’s physically real? Her personality is the horrendous, and I’m sick and tired of seeing this type of behavior be put on tv like, this is how it’s cute to act! It’s not! So, whatever man is attracted to her by her behavior…deserves her and the drama that being with her will most certainly bring. That’s just my opinion.

  42. Whomever wrote this article is a hater.what happened to supporting other woman instade of calling them degrading names.What a shame , get a life!!!

  43. Kerry Washington is the most all around amazing woman in Hollywood. Her incredible outer beauty takes second place to her inner beauty.

    And she is smart as a tack. I saw her on the panel of Bill Maher bout 6 weeks ago and she was droppin knowledge all over those white politicians. I loved it.

  44. Mixedrace women are most beautiful you all know it. Stop pretending . Stop the hate and speak truth. Mixedrace women have most beautiful faces, natural hair, gorgeous skin tones and warm hearts. No need for dead fake hair, bleaching like black females. And no need for tanning like white females. Stop lying to yourself and appreciate the God made Mixedrace beauty. Inbreeding is a sin.

  45. @mamainjesus they’re pretty people in all races…and a lot of you sound really well, bad!!! First off nobody really goes all natural every time you get a shape up or a girl gets hair done …you/we do it because its a social standard, just cause a chick wears an Afro and another a relaxer makes either more/less authentic than the other I think it’s more of the reason why that is important. As far as Kenya visually she is a pretty woman minus the caked up skin…but she is so insecure it’s ugly! When you go around talkin about the features that make you look good it shows just how unhappy you are about the ones that don’t!

  46. i’m not hating, but she wears colored contacts and this is coming from someone who use to wear them back in the day. Nothing wrong with wearing contacts if that’s her thing that’s her thing she paid for them. Everything else I don’t know about.

  47. Her eyes are fake hair is real . I remember when she had no butt. Regardless to all that I like her this is a doggy dog world either you come up and stay up or you lay down and stay down.

  48. I don’t believe Kenya’s a fake. She does wear clips in but who cares. She may behave oddly at times but the majority of these so called celebrities are all a mess.

  49. Listen I no weave wen I c it n she is wearing it, she’s old her hair might b long but it probe thining out. You can so tell dat is weave! I fink her eyes might b real she quite dark bt still my lil sis is more brown n her eyes r hazel, so I believe dat, dunno about dat body dnt really care. The main issue is she has sum issues, I not slure if its sum kinda of special need well it probs is I mean I’m nt sure if she is mentally younger then her age has just regressed beca she well jel f younger woman, bio poloar or just straight crazy ca dat ain’t normal

  50. No matter what she has done in past. I’m not concerned with that but Kenya is annoying as hell and I believe her butt is fake, what is a ass that doesn’t shake? no I don’t believe she wear weaves, because from what I’ve seen on women who wear weave, their hair seems stiff, but I believe she wears clip-ins. Like her I have long hair,my fiancé said he doesn’t want to date a women with weaves, i don’t but I do wear ponytails and would love to try clip-ins. People never seem to let you forget about some things you rather forget.

  51. What is wrong with her butt?? it is so odd looking! LOL it looks like a cone pointed outward, ewwww something went wrong with the implants OMG

  52. U afrocentrics atent going to want to hear this but pure blacks can be harsh and aggressive with bad attitudes, and whites can be stuck up and corny, i am mixed with both and have been rejected by both for not being black enough for the blacks, and not white enough for the whites, and i figured out that they are both evil on seperate sides of the coin, mixed breeds are better because they dont have those extremes, they tolerate all races since they themselves are mixed, ive.never met an arrogant self righteous mixed person, but ive come across many arrogant blacks and whites

  53. You never know about what people do….until it comes out…she was always not out in the open..Havent been anything much, but now she is all out their running her mouth….. so maybe her dirty is coming out along with her….