The Real Eddie Murphy Exposed!!!


Eddie Murphy Life Exposed

“He has a miserable life, but all the money in the world.” ~Insider close to Eddie Murphy’s camp

A Comedian’s No Laughing Matter?

HSK Exclusive – A source close to Eddie Murphy has spilled some SIZZLING tea in HSK’s direction! The shocking set of proclamations paint the legendary comedian as an insecure, depressed, narcissist who may suffer from extreme paranoia. Know why? Because in their own words about Eddie, “everything around him, his friends, his life…is a penchant of evil.”

That’s said to be why Eddie chooses to surround himself with ‘yes men’ – one of whom is reported to be Arsenio Hall. The other? Johnny Gill, who we’re told had enough of Eddie’s antics before he hauled ass.

What’s worse? The source is outing Eddie as an absentee father of kids who’ve basically raised themselves. That’s while the source says Eddie forces his boys on payroll to join him in watching hours upon hours of a documentary — all about HIM!

We’re talking about a reigning comedian who’s reported to suffer from OCD, eating the same non-nutritional meal everyday; a troubled actor who’s said to be extremely jealous of Michael Jackson and Denzel Washington; and a suspected lost soul who may have all that glitters yet lacks love.

Here’s the drop:

“First and foremost, Arsenio is Eddie Murphy’s the biggest groupie in life to Eddie Murphy. Assenio, as we all call him, literally competes with Eddie’s ‘women’
for his attention and affection. This includes sitting wide-eyed and starry eyed at Eddie Murphy’s television monitor in his ‘office’ while Eddie makes everyone watch his two hour ‘special’ about his life.

Yes, this nigga actually makes his ‘guests’ aka groupies, whores and male errand boys watch his biography special over, and over and over again. Arsenio actually cheers while watching it, basically salivating at the fucking mouth like Jerry Sandusky at an inner city boys scout meeting, unsupervised.

What’s even weirder is this black gum Nicca actually is featured in the damn biography, so it’s like got damn nigga…you acting like you ain’t neva seen this shit in your life, and you in it. GTFOH.

Next up…he’s also been on Eddie Murphy’s payroll forevvvvvvvvver. Eddie Murphy and this ass clown with the ‘ET’ fingers and high booty, fell out for like ten-years and Assenio just managed to get back in Eddie Murphy’s good graces once Johnny Gill and Eddie Murphy fell out (about 6-7 yrs ago)…. as soon as Johnny ‘Mae’ Gill had packed his shit up from the guest house… Assenio swooped in to fill the space of Eddie Murphy’s personal bitch boy and number one groupie.

Eddie Murphy actually and truly Despises this Nigga to his core, along with basically everyone around him, his children included. Eddie Murphy thinks everyone is out to use him, (which they are) — but it’s only because he’s a supreme dick wad with a terrible attitude. So ironically, he keeps low rent, losers like Johnny Mae, his cousin Ray, endless low budget groupies and Assenio around because no matter how badly his films flop, or how whack/non existent his career is today — and yes that shit bothers the fuck out of Eddie Murphy despite all his money — he really wants respect (which no one gives him). Eddie Murphy knows that as long as he has Niggas around who really don’t have shit, he’ll always be able to be the top dog and money man pulling all the strings for these Niggas.

Arsenio is at Eddie Murphy’s house like he’s the fucking maid, chef, wife, son, daughter, gardener and everything in between. It’s ridiculous.

Here’s some more tid bits…

Eddie Murphy stages all his photo ops at coffee bean with whatever broad he’s fucking that week. The white bitch (Paige Butcher) he’s been toting around lately is only around because people were so fucking shocked he took a snow bunny to his comedy special, and white boys went crazy because she’s a skinny anorexic bitch with a little boy’s body.

Eddie Murphy hates that people think he’s gay. He’s borderline homophobic. But the funniest part is, if you get him to sip on something (he hardly drinks) and give his ass some strong weed (he’s a weed head) his ass will be vogue-ing and; snapping his neck like a real bitch. (remember vogue-ing in your bowling alley Eddie??? lol).

Eddie Murphy eats the same shit everyday!!! the Nigga spends like 100,000 a month on like three chefs, has thirteen course meals made everyday but the Nigga only eats one time a day, and its french fries, a fucking burger, a Coke. The nigga is Addicted to Coca Cola. I think it’s why his fucking baby teeth are disintegrating. He single handedly keeps coca cola in business. FYI: I have never seen this ashy dry mouth Nigga drink any type of water.

His kids do whatever the fuck they want. The sons are all a complete mess, losers and druggies. He doesn’t even like any of the kids he has that didn’t come from Nicole.
(like really nigga, you had this village of fuckin children, but you mad at them for being born?????)

Eddie Murphy is a compulsive liar.

Eddie Murphy is obsessed with Teddy Pendergrass’s gay ass!!! The Nigga dances and gets high in his bathroom watching old videos of gay ass Teddy all fucking day. It’s fucking weird and disturbing.

Eddie Murphy thinks he was, is and always will be bigger than Michael Jackson. The day he said that, I had to snatch the joint from his high ass because he was clearly smoking the bad shit.

Everyone around him hates him. He has a miserable life, but all the money in the world. It’s the saddest shit you could ever witness.

He wears black all day everyday and has something mentally wrong. One day he’ll be fine, then he won’t talk or get out of bed for days on end. His kids are raised by themselves, money and nannies. He’s barely engaged in their lives at all.

The only Nigga in Hollywood Eddie Murphy likes is WILL SMITH. (wonder why lol) He’s envious of Denzel, and brags all the time that he has more money than Denzel.

All in all everything around him, his friends, his life…is a penchant of evil.
Money does NOT buy happiness. Trust me. I’ve seen it with my brown eyes.”


  1. Jacky!!!!!!! (screaming loudly) Where are you dude! We miss you! It’s been a minute now, you can come out and tell us the truth…you really should. I’ve been trying to give this writer a chance,but she or he is totally wack!! Come on Jacky! No one can spill the tea like you can….

        • Are you sure it’s you Jacky or another imposter u need to get back on the day job because it don’t sound like your style of reporting.
          @deluk needs some proper hot tea.. Bring it jacky!

      • I notice the change in the writing and I said to myself Jacky back in full effect!!! Dont know why you left but, Im shole glad you’s back, bless your hearrt (in grandma voice).

      • It can’t be you Jacky. There are too many grammatical errors. I’ve been on your site for a while now and I don’t ever recall seeing ANY grammar or spelling errors…EVER
        These are back to back I mean how many times can you misspell Arsenio? It’s not your usual writing flow either. I can’t wait to hear what’s really going on with you.
        WE MISS YOU!

        • He misspelled Arsenio (Assenio) on purpose because he kisses Murphy’s ass. Jacky says he calls him Assenio. Reading is fundamental.

  2. LMMFAO@ The day he said that, I had to snatch the joint from his high ass because he was clearly smoking the bad shit

    oMG this is soooo fucked up and sooo many words, man, wtf, happened to Eddie, he needs to get the fuck up out of Hollyweird and visit the motherland,seriously,he needs to go to ISRAEL

    • If he did, no one would believe it. Do you know how many “Eddie Murphy has died” hoaxes have happened on the Internet? Tons. Everyday Eddie is dying in some freak accident.

      Whoever wrote these posts about Eddie is a comedian in his own right, so you know it’s not Arsenio.

  3. The writer circles all around the real issue with Eddie. He is a repressed homosexual who is living a lie. Living a lie eventually destroys one’s spirit. Until Eddie can be true to himself, he will continue this downward spiral until it all comes tumbling down.

  4. yea there are plenty of rumors about Eddie dying, but he’s depressed,and his life seems pitch black hell with no hope…Lord, I hope he prays to GOD until his lips fall off. This is sad and yes, I do believe that there would be a chance that he might try to off himself..js

  5. I thought looked so unhappy on his Showtime Special. I noticed it. So unhappy for a man who’s accomplished so much. Say what you will, Eddie is responsible for Black Hollywood as it is now; give him his respect. But i agree, he needs to get his life..

  6. The white bitch (Paige Butcher) he’s been toting around lately is only around because people were so fucking shocked he took a snow bunny to his comedy special, and white boys went crazy because she’s a skinny anorexic bitch with a little boy’s body.


    She doesn’t have a little boy’s body. She has the type of body that most white women want. She’s not anorexic, just skinny. If you like white chicks then Paige is a hot chick.

  7. I think I will create a blog. I have so much tea on so many situations/ppl that I could start my own brewery.

    To answer some questions:
    Yes EM hates SNL. Why? B/c they clowned him after that tranny incident. Despite him being a comedian and making fun of everyone for a living, you CANNOT make fun of EM. EVER. Hell, if you laugh at this niggas jokes TOO hard he’ll get mad. The nigga’s crazy.

    EM really liked Rick James. He even paid for the niggas funeral. Along w Red Foxx and a couple other cats who were dead broke when they died. I think in another life EM wishes he was Rick James. A nigga who did what the fuck he wanted, when he wanted, without apology. Everyone remember, Rick James fucked a couple she-boys back in the day, but never had 2 fucks to give about what ppl thought about him. EM wishes he could have that freedom.

    EM paid Nicole 1 mili per kid b/c it was the pre-nup. For almost 20 yrs & 5 kids Nicole really didn’t get shit, compared to what EM’s worth. Hence why she kept having kids. But she’s blown all her $$$. EM still keeps her a float (despite her being with Michael Strahan & she sometimes shows up to the house to drop their youngest girls back off, Michael will be in the car waiting, and Nicole will still be begging EM to come back home. He always rebuffs her, so she sashays out, hops in the car with Michael, and acts like thats where she wants to be. Nicole never graduated high school, and is really just an unintelligent ghetto princess w light eyes. But she knows ALL his secrets. So he’s forever indebted to her.

    Yes he’s borderline homophobic. He even rants about how he can’t understand how folks think he’s gay when he has like 10 kids. (as if kids make you straight smh). I personally, do believe the shit about Johnny Mae. Why? It’s not b/c EM ‘acts’ gay, quite the contrary, he’s very alpha male..shockingly so. BUT it’s the people around him, their mannerisms, and relationships w him that make his apparent ‘gayness’ obvious. (i.e. Miguel Nunez, Assenio, Johnny Mae) three of THE gayest niggas you could ever be around.

    Also, EM had an affair with his bull dyke butch barber! And this girl is like a super dyke. Never been with a man before or after. He cheated with her on Nicole. I’m sure he did it, b/c to him she was like a virgin. She might not fuck men, but she WILL fuck me! type of mentality. nicole found out and was livid, b/c the bull bitch was always up in her house, smiling and shit in her face. He also later on paid over 100,000 for this butch dyke to have in-vitro for her girlfriend, they now have a couple kids thanks to EM’s money.

    Anyone in his circle, is a vulture. They don’t like nor want ANYONE new around EM. not b/c they care about the nigga, but b/c they only care about THEMSELVES. If you come in, you threaten to take some crumbs that could instead be thrown to them.

    It’s really a sick, disgusting world up at his house. It’s like Count Dracula’s mansion. And that nigga is THE COUNT.

    I can tell you any day at anytime, EXACTLY what EM’s ass is doing, without even being up at the house. How, you ask? B/c the nigga does THE SAME shit, at THE SAME time, every fucking day. He drinks the same coffee. Goes to the same coffee bean. Watches the same movies. All on repeat. Day in and day out.

    As far as Paige, there was a time when EM would have NEVER been caught w a white bitch. That’s one credit I would give him. Even though he made sure to get with a woman as close to white as possible (nicole). White broads, including Miss I dated/bearded for Tyson Beckford, & Russell Simmons, after fucking dame dash – Paige butcher–love bearding. They accept whatever comes their way, as long as fame, fortune/lifestyle and some money is attached to it. she’s no different. She probably has NO problem w/ EM being cool as fuck for 3 days, then disappearing for 10. All those suspect niggas date the same bitches. b/c the nigga before him, already gave his stamp of approval for her bearding.

    EM is/was VERY GOOD friends with Raaphael Saadiq. Raaphael publicly/briefly dated hollywood slore, Rocsi Diaz. For EM to then so publicly date her after, and for such a short time, tells me that it was NEVER about Rocsi, EVER. he clearly had some sort of falling out w Saadiq and just did that shit to say “I can fuck ya’ ol girl too.” EM never gave 2 shits about yuck mouth Rocsi. AT.ALL. He was sending a message to Saadiq. Nothing more nothing less.

    • Awww Sookie, Sookie now. Thanks, I Know these Niggas

      You gots some steaming hot tea. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

      EM has more money than he will ever be able to spend, yet he is a miserable broken, lonely man. All that glitters ain’t gold.

      I did hear a while back that when Eddie makes his movies, he insist on having a black crew or as many black people on the crew as possible. If that is true, got to give him much credit for that.

      you dropped the serious Earl Grey.THIS IS what I have been waiting for from this site!!
      Keep it coming

    • So Eddie doesn’t hate Loren Michaels? There was a rumor (I believe it) that Michaels always resented Eddie because he “saved” SNL. Michaels wanted SNL to tank after he left, and it didn’t happen that way. Eddie is considered the most successful SNL alum, and it happened without Michaels.

      I always respected Eddie for saying he would not date white women. I guess he’s changed his mind.

      Rick James really never cared what people thought. He was sincere in that! Rick James was always Rick James. That’s what made him so cool.

    • Wow.. You’re back.. I’m so ready for second dose of the Tea you brought to the table last night, that I have to take a pause and get ready before I start to read. You know how it is when you are having company over and you get everything ready. The snacks, cigarettes, chilled wine the table you’ll be sitting at, all because you are anticipating the good time you know you’re about to have. Woooo!… I’m Ready… lol

    • Actually, EM is mad at SNL because of a skit David Spade did on their new reel, when they showed Eddie’s picture and he said, “Oh look, a falling star!”

  8. The only person not named in the original tea was Miguel Nunez. Miguel did you write this tea?? I KNOW personally that back it the day it was you hating on the girls that Eddie brought home. Telling them how you were not going anywhere and what the 2 of you had was special. LOL. @”I know these niggas” Simply love your addition to the subject! Love it!

    • @Anon…could you be EM or one of his DO-Boys? If not why are you trying to divert attention away from the subject of IKTN’s comment re: EM!….by now I knew your TEAM would be lurking Jacky…..many of us know IKTN’s SPEAKS FACT!!…to get a GOOOOOD cup of HOT tea, you gotta sip it @ a table in Holmby, BelAir or Hollywood. You would be surprised how many time the host will burn themselves ; )


  10. @I Know These Niggas,
    keep steaming the tea on the stove cuz I luvs my tea hot. Lol.
    If u do decide to start a blog please come back and holla in this thread. I will be checking back periodically
    Dang. EM do the same systematic thing at the same time day after day? No joy. No change. No happiness? Sound very depressing and hopeless.
    Well at least he is filfthy rich and can afford to live this way.

  11. I am stunned!!!! This is not living…in fact Eddie is barely surviving. It sounds like his soul is dying.

  12. Wow. This site is entertaining but you guys gots to be kidding me. Eddie is one of the nicest and most welcoming celeb I’ve ever known. How is it saying he’s been down exposing him? Everybody goes through misery whether rich or poor. I had to read the other links you’ve posted about Ray. You guys are so off. Why can’t Arsenio just be his boy? Don’t you have friends that you hang out a lot with? Ray likes all types of women. I’ve seen the girls he’s dated in the past and the ones he’s been interested in.

    • You’re a damn lie. You clearly don’t KNOW EM. And I’m sorry boo boo, but being 1 of the 3000 groupies/flunkies/fans/youngins that run up to his house every time he has a ‘fight’ party or ‘bowling’ party, aka “hey all you broke niggas come up to my house, gawk at all my shit, and walk around wondering when or IF you’ll even catch a glimpse of me at my own damn party’ while I sit in the office, w/ my chosen piece of the night, smokin dat herb, crackin’ jokes and being entertained by my court JESTERS. (Assenio, Miguel, Ray, Johnny Mae etc)

      I dont know what the hell anyone else posted about Ray, but what I said is FACT. period point blank. there aint no room for misconstruing a Got Damn thing about none of that twitter shit.

      I dont know why Assenio can’t just be his ‘boy.’ Maybe b/c normal ‘boys’ which I assume you are referencing as a straight male ‘friend’ most of those ‘boys’ don’t compete with women for said friend’s attention/affection; nor do they have a general disdain for women in their day to day life. Also, most MEN I know, don’t believe in living off of, or benefitting from another MAN’S work/money. What grown man do you know, pushing his 50’s, who would prefer to be up under another grown ass nigga, both of them have children, but would rather sit up under each other ALL.GOT DAMN. DAY.LONG. My grandfather didn’t do that. My father doesn’t do that. No man I know, who doesn’t have some type of serious issues, (whether sexual/mental/emotional/financial) wants to live that life. A real man, wants to be around a woman/women PERIOD.

      And you say you’ve ‘seen’ the ‘girls ray’s dated, that’s funny. considering he’s MARRIED. Has been for decades. And regardless, any woman you THINK you see that’s ‘with’ Ray, trust…she’s only there in hopes of catching a glimpse of EM & jumping ship as soon as EM gives the signal. No one is up at that house, at any point EVER, besides to try & be up under EM.

      • It’s funny how what is being said on this site often is a contradiction. So you mean to tell me that Ray supposedly preferred Asian women but got into a fight because he was jealous that Jamal had white women? Hmm. Hello? That does not make any sense at all. Your “tea” about the ex wife and children clearly shows that YOU do not know them very well or perhaps, you do, but decide to lie about them for whatever reason. As far as everything said about Eddie, Arsenio, any of his friends, family, girl, I can tell there’s a snake in the circle. Be careful, don’t think you aren’t telling on yourself. Eddie needs to get rid of you like cancer.

        • Oh and by the way. How am I a damn lie? Eddie is the nicest dude ever to ME. They all have been mad cool. And nope, I am not who you think I am. I’m not sure what’s your vendetta or if you’re a crackhead that leaches off EM, but you need to gets the stepping. Why stay around if you’re going to talk shit about him?

        • Nobody brought up some asian broad. Like I said before dumb bitch, whatever has ever been said about Ray’s ass prior to this post, I don’t know shit about nor do I care. And nobody’s scared of being ‘out’ of the circle of hell that is EM’s life or the sad leeches who try to live in it.


          Im not THINKING about who the fuck you are, b/c I already know who you are. NO MUTHAFUCKIN BODY of relevance. B/c if you actually knew ANYTHING AT ALL would know to read this shit, shut the fuck up & keep it moving, b/c EVERYTHING said here was stupid on point.

          I’ve known these niggas longer than you been alive. From NYC to LA. Now you gon’ sit here and tell me you know these niggas better than I do??? What the fuck type of weed are you smoking?

          Word of advice, you living on here, trying to defend some shit you know nothing about, isn’t going to get you invited up to the house any more often, or any closer to getting anything, outside of some food left out by the chefs on the counter, a joint, a bowling game, & if you’re real ‘lucky’ a damn yeast infection.

          • Lastly, the fact that you call /label EM a fucking ‘celeb’ as if it’s some supreme being from another planet, lets me know you are the lowest of the low groupies. So low, that you probably only get invited up there by RAY or JAMES. B/c those 2 niggas can only attract the lowest caliber of women.

            Who the fuck refers to a ‘friend’ as the ‘nicest celeb they’ve ever met?” You keep being easily impressed bitch. Maybe one day you’ll get invited over by EM himself instead of the hired help. Your basic.

            • Well. Hmm. That’s what he is. He is renown for his work. He is celebrated. Thus a celebrity. And yes, I am a fan of his work. And he just happen to be dope person. Why are you so mad? LOL It’s almost comical. You must have insecurities issues and I wish you well.

      • Pushing his 50’s! You mean well into them. Eddie’s going to be 52 next week. Hope he does something fun for his bday.

        Geez sounds like Prince. Except Prince pounds on doors on the weekends, and reads the Bible to everyone.

    • ….told you his team would be lurking (this game never changes..just the names) and try to…well you will know who they are.

  13. I have been an Eddie Murphy fan since I was a kid. I watched him on SNL and watched Delirious when I was a kid (and remembered every line), even use to sneak and listen to his first stand-up album (the one w/ the leather jacket bow-tie and red flower in his hair). With that being said, I believe every word of this tea. I too agree that Eddie looked straight up miserable on his One Night Only Special, like he did NOT want to be there. In a nutshell I think Eddie got very bitter after the tranny thing. I think Eddie thinks his fans turned on him and black folks didn’t have his back. He turned bitter and decided the punish the public by doing the exact opposite of what we want and expect from him…he basically said fuck ya’ll, but what he didn’t anticipate is how much more that attitude would hurt him. In the long run I think his depression is based on the realization that HE destroyed his own career and he has not forgiven himself for it.

  14. Hot DAMN!!! The tea on this thread and in the comments is oh so hot and tasty. I had to pull out my crumpets and cucumber sandwiches!! Thanks y’all! I love this site!

  15. @I Know These Ninjas
    Thanx 4 keeping the tea brewing. Sometimes us posters can be slow as hell to catch on. Lol.
    U need to start a blog. Lol. 4 real. Anybody else u got tea on besides EM?
    U dont have 2 spill the tea, Im just thirsty 4 some more names. Lol.
    Thanx @I Know The Niggas

  16. Sound like Johnny Gill wrote this, or someone close to him. Someone who really hates Arsenio and they’re relationship…someone who’s been ousted.

    • Definitely had to be a loser around him. Because if they had it together, they wouldn’t have time making up lies.

      • lol. Really? and (in my Joe Budden LAHH voice)” what are these lies you speak of?” Nigga or bitch, whichever you are, I FORGOT more about EM then you will EVA know. Ya’ feel me?

        • oh my damn! IKTN you are on fire. I can’t believe how thirsty I am for more. Good stuff. Thank you for this.

    • Oh wait, I just figured out this is the SAME muthafucka’ postin’. It’s funny out of 48 or so comments, most niggas on here exercise some free thought, common sense, and God given intuition. You live with your EYES WIDE SHUT and I aint talking about a damn Tom Cruise movie either.

      You want to counter what the fuck I said? Then do that. With your own facts. Until then, keep peepin back in here & you might read some shit you REALLY don’t want to see.

      • So adorable. Now please seek help as you obviously seek validation from others and feel the need to lie about others cuz your life is so shit.

        • and yet you need your validation from a man who doesn’t know you exist? oh wait, HI PAIGE!!! *waving* how those yeast infections coming along? EM still telling you he’s never heard of a yeast infection & is only sleeping with you??? lol

          • See how crazy YOU look? This shit kills you mentally. People know the bullshit when they see it. You are one sad piece of work.

  17. I like your style @I Know These Niggas. Lmao
    Can u spill anymore tea on any more celebretities?
    I believe you. And like I said, if you have a blog or website I would like to visit.
    Your tea is Piiiiiping HOT! And very interesting I must say

    (dead at *and if your real lucky a damn yeast infection

    I remember reading some gossip on EM and AH in the 80s. How a they invited a groupie over, had their way with her than put her out. Those ninjas then jumped in a car, ( EM had a long winding driveway back then) followed the groupie in circles 4 the next hour heckling her and asking her do she need a ride. What grown azz established men does that in a pair?
    Maybe the groupie deserved it,( I understand the putting her out) but what part of the rest of the game is that? Smh

  18. Why y’all slandering Eddie murphy leave that nigga alone, from what I’ve read he aint harming no one but probably himself so where’s the beef coming from? I swear haters are like flies and one needs a huge fly swatter to dust these niggas off.. Eddie is a good nigga, although i suspect he’s a lil unstable and if that’s the case he needs help not haters..

  19. @Louis g
    In case u didnt get the notice, THIS IS A CELEBRITY/GOSSIP WEBSITE. Not a CELEBRITY public relations firm or FAN CLUB.
    And 4 ur information the info that I typed about EM and AH, came about in the 1980s and they were not very nice back then
    In fact EM was not very nice to Mel B when she had his child. Now maybe EM is a very cordial and kindhearted person that just got caught up. But like I said this is a GOSSIP site and people tend 2 gossip on a GOSSIP website

    • I co-sign!

      @louis g- Why do asshole HATER HAGS like yourself troll CELEBRITY/GOSSIP WEBSITES calling people haters????? Isn’t that kind of like stalking a CELEBRITY/GOSSIP WEBSITES for hours so you can type “FIRST” WTF???

      If you want real news, take your silly ass over to Faux News.

  20. The hottest tea I have read since Hayden Panettiere was exposed! It seems to me that Eddie has made a deal with the devil and he has almost completely lost his mind.
    One more thing, as many movie failures as Eddie Murphy has had, why does Paramount keep hiring him for starring roles? After Mission Impossible 3 failed, Paramount kicked Tom Cruise off the lot! For some reason, they keep Eddie Murphy and he hasn’t had a hit since Nutty Professor.

  21. When u sale your SOUL and forget who u r and who GOD is that’s wht u get a miserable life wth worthless souls around u

  22. I can believe this. Something always rubbed me the wrong way about Eddie for a long time. I actually want to know the truth about why he suddenly quit stand-up. It couldn’t just be because he wanted to be a big-time movie star (even bigger than what he was in the ’80s).