COTW – The Real Onika Maraj (aka Nicki Minaj) Exposed


Infamous Says:
June 7th, 2010 at 19:06
Who is Jacky Talking About Now? HSK Blind Item!!

I happen to have known this person some years ago, she was always sorta b*tchy, but her biggest shortcoming is that she’s super money grubbing and self centered (cuz of her dad’s not providing due to his drug addiction). That being the case she ended up movin in with her 19y.o. boyfriend when she was 15 cuz he gave her money and a stable (more stable at least) place to stay until she cheated on him and he kicked her to the curb.

Being a cute girl in the hood, cats stayed sweatin her and lyin to try and get into her drawers, but she was good at gassin em for whatever and mostly not givin up the goodies, so to her, sex, lies and money were a way of life. She doesn’t even like rap, she just wants to further her acting career cuz she used to do voiceover for some aaron mcgruder online flash series and did some bs in hs ( and considers herself an actress. Think about it, b*tch raps like garbage and didn’t even know who Eric B. was!!!! C’mon y’all. Later, she got on with Full force member Bow-Legged Lou’s son in a group called Loustar and the Hoodstars (intergenerational wack as f***ness) and started tryin to make it under their so called tuteledge.


Fact is despite her appearance she is totally self conscious and has very low self esteem, hence all the augmentation, fake teeth, fake hair, nose job etc. She’s also (as you might have also guessed) very superficial and conceited, which seems to contributes to her being so averse to the truth, because the truth might make her examine herself and realize she’s wrong, and she can’t have that can she. I wonder if she can even perceive right and wrong anymore. For her, she feels because she had it rough at one point she’s justified in whatever she does to get by no matter who she hurts, so selling threesomes to little girls is aok to her long as it pays the bills. Couple that with the fact she’s dumb as a box of rocks and you’ve got the latest shuckin and jivin rapper sellin his/her soul and their people down the tube for a buck. I don’t even consider her black anymore. Hey, at least she’s a cornball magnet, so you know if one of your homies or your girl is checkin for her, to cut em loose.

Btw that a$$, as if you didn’t already know, is completely fake(check the old video),she’s always been self conscious about not havin an a$$, so lil wayne bought her one as a down payment I suppose.

jackyjasper Reply:
June 8th, 2010 at 17:15

Thanks for the information…How do u know Nicki? Did she fuck u over 2?

Infamous Reply:
June 9th, 2010 at 00:00

Nah, I can’t say she f*cked me over per se, she was just an a-hole at times.Our paths crossed, and we were cool for a bit, tried to get with her til I realized the immaturity,emotional baggage and clear gold digger mentality (always lookin for the bigger better deal) would of left my efforts in vain and me feelin like a fool, so I cut my losses and quit it cold turkey. Heh,it’s funny, I actually felt sorry for her so called fiancee SB before she officially kicked him to the curb, I could see it comin a mile away.IMO too many dudes with real money around her for him to be there at the end, he served his purpose though as a submissive/obedient male love interest to keep the behind the scene shananigans from the low-mid level rappers and producers to a minimum while she played the slut role on the mic to forward her career and get real attention. Then she could just pick the right d*ck(s) to ride to get her to her final destination. As far as I can tell men are really more things to be manipulated then to be in love with for her, hence her bisexuality, which I can confirm is legit. It musta been sick for SB tho, with the slick mouth she got,and a gassed head the size of Jupiter, she musta been talkin to him like a dog. Especially since she was bringin in the dough.

Anyway, so now she’s on to Puffy, with zero knowledge of Puffy’s history of cheating his artists and probably no one not directly aligned with Puffy sitting at the negotiating table. She kicked anyone who helped get her to this point, everyone who really cared about her, to the curb and doesn’t realize she’s swimming with sharks, but she’ll be allowed to swim until she’s of no use to them anymore.

People always wonder… why is a wack, fake, annoying female rapper with a head as inflated and empty as one of those Barbies she waves around gettin all this shine without so much as an album out? It is because she serves a purpose on multiple levels, in some ways the same purpose that Katy Perry, and Rosie O’Donnell before her, served hosting the the Nickelodeon teen choice awards. The same network thats sells Nicki’s Harumika doll. Don’t you find it strange Mattel has not sued Ms. Minaj for brand infringement, which they do all the time? Its not by accident and its bigger than hollywood…

jackyjasper Reply:
June 9th, 2010 at 10:23

Wow!!! U know the tramp…any pictures?

Anonymous Reply:
June 9th, 2010 at 12:43

Knew her,yeah but sorry no pics, but those shouldn’t be too hard to find if you “retrace her steps” so to speak. May not be worth the effort tho, her wackness can’t go on much longer, and I get the sense people really do hate her, which I knew they would.

jackyjasper Reply:
June 10th, 2010 at 01:08

Do u think her & Cassie are getting it on? or are they just acting?

Infamous Reply:
June 10th, 2010 at 05:26

I would think they’re gettin it on, assuming Cassie’s with it, Cassie is the type of girl she would like, lightish brown complexion, very attractive and very feminine, which is really just a function of her incredible narcissism, but the summer jam pics I saw seemed to indicate she was more nervous than anything. I think Diddy has set Cassie up in Nicki’s mind to also be a motherly figure because Nicki has kicked all her original inner circle out of her life she will feel a little lost sometimes and he wants to make sure she doesn’t start reconsidering if and when things go sideways. Its like a pimp who puts a rookie ho with his bottom b*tch to learn the game, and Cassie has all the things that Nicki respects, money, good looks, fame and a strong protector in Diddy, for Nicki to be a very attentive student. The sex simply adds to the dynamic making Nicki feel she can trust her even more because she and Cassie can share something she and Diddy never can, and something she holds in relatively high esteem, lesbian sex.


  1. nicki minaj is fuckin awssome she beautiful sussful talanted && she’s got it all soo all yuh haterz SHUT DA FUCK UP && GET A LIFE cos ur jst jellous of wat nickki has of how beatiful she is && how she actully made sunthinq outta her life!! her a$$ && boobz && hair may bee fake buhh SHE’S NAT!!,,so insted of tlkin shit here, y dnt yuh bunch of low life bitchz GO DO SUMTHINQ WIF UR LIFEZ CUNTZ && leave nicki alone!!

    p.s i LOVE YUH NICKI && i can rap every singel rap of ur cos ur amazinq!! LOVE YUH ur ma idol

  2. I have no idea how I got onto this page, but I can’t help but to laugh at how poorly some of these comments are written. I couldn’t even make out what half of them were saying. With that being said, I am going to assume if you can put a sentence together cohesively, then you must be a 13 year old pissed off girl.

    And it’s also obvious how blind and naive you are.

    I always wondered that myself as to why she was never sued for using the logo all over the place. I totally believe that she was bought out by them. And as for her being able to write, that’s a total joke, all rap is today (mostly the stupid Young Money group), all they do is use metaphorical writing.

    Such as….

    Going to the supermarket. Hungry.

    Really now, I would like to just say that since when do you have to be hot to be a good artist? Last time I checked, looks didn’t impede your ability to sing. But that’s the music industry for you. It all went downhill when Jimi Hendrix died.

  3. I just wanna say that ya’l lhating her ain’t gone take away from her fame and success whether she got there the right way or not and if her body fake doesnt matter to Nicki fans they like her music they’re going to buy her music and ain’t shit none of us can do about it so get off the computer and find something useful to do with your life and this is coming for a 15 year old who is own her trail to success the right way All ya’ll well know my name by the time I’m 21 Don’t trip 🙂

    • True, properly put for a 15 year old. I’m only on here trying to research her as my 14 year son has been a fan of hers before she made it big and still is regardless to what ppl say about her. She is the most flawless person in his eyes.

  4. Everybody including the haters, the fans, and the so called realist, I just wasted my time reading this childish bull shit, lucky I was extremely bored today and had nothing else to do, maaaaan to be real all of yall and I mean all of yall are childish as fuck and I mean that from the bottom of my hear, because you all really sat here on the computer stated un-called for opinions that caused opinionated arguments on the subject of another human being, that bleed the same blood, breath the same shit the same shit, and put on clothes the same way, I personally you all should have a conversation about the truth of yourselves instead of gettin pissed off about what another person saids about a “celebrity” and I mean another human being, get over it and go fuck yourselves, you childish fucc

  5. DUUUUDE! u got a real obsession here… instead of wastin ur time writin bout how much u hate nicki, y dnt u do something usefull. i agree with the first comment- ur not well. nicki might have self esteem issues, so what? so do a load of ppl. shes an insparation to thousands and (unlike yo) actually has a life, n wants to live it. so get ur rude ass outa the internet ya fake hoe. love ya 😉 :* xxxxxxx

  6. you need a life… no i actually feel realy sorry for you. your hate is really unhealthy, considering you never met the poor girl… please see a psychiatrist, he/she can help you, trust me, you wont regret it. good luck 🙂

  7. u dnt know the girl! WHAT is ur problem writing that shit? ur bloody well obsessed, and need a life. GET CHECKED… seriosly… and for an adult ur REALLY immature, that comes from a 15 year old with adhd.

    • lmao right on 🙂 I’m not even sure why I’ve read this but it makes me sick a 15 year old having more common sense than a fucking adult hahaha BTW if ya care since you seem to I’m 20 years old and a female not exactly a fan of Nicki’s but i respect her for making something out of her self from literally nothing id don’t care what she had to do to get there she did it and it worked what ever it was i say WTG but you you know nothing will ever change haters are going to hate 🙂

  8. Can y’all shut the fuck up already? Damn … nobody gives two fucks anymore. this blog is old and i wish i could figure out a way to stop getting the emails. people don’t like the ho. big whoop. lets move on now.

  9. Here is the truth. It is hard as hell to make it in the industry as a woman passed a certain age unless you are willing to do some questionably moral things. You will have to sleep with people to have a business relationship with them, and to get ahead. Everyone is trying to “be somebody” and everyone is using each other. The dream is that the help you give each other is mutually beneficial but that is never the case. In most cases, someone is getting over and someone else is not.

    No one is your friend in the industry and the way this article sounds Nicki submerged herself 100% into it. Her life is the industry and becoming a star. When you run into people like that you can’t expect them to acknowledge you IF they make it. You actually can’t expect it period. It is not personal, it’s all business. The business is to get ahead and not look behind. Then when you do get ahead you spend the rest of your career finding new ways to remain as relevant as you were when you made it.

    I don’t know the validity of this article or who wrote it. If it is true, I can sympathize with your issue. However, the game is the game. It’s just like the Game of Thrones, you win or you die.
    Nicki is very successful and I don’t care how she got it, or who she had to shit on to get it. Men do this daily in other fields of business and they make no apologies about doing what they have to do to get ahead.

    How do I know all of this? I used to be a model and I was dragging my feet casting to casting, I barely got work. I got to the point where I was thinking to start having sex to get ahead and that’s when I decided to quit. Some other model at my agency slept with a rapper and got booked for work regularly because of it. She continued to sleep with anyone she could to get ahead and was more successful because of it. 3 years later she made it to Italian Vogue. I kept my legs closed and 3 years later I’m working at a law firm. See the difference?

  10. Nahh, you got this all wrong. How is Nicki conceded at all. She is a role model for girls everywhere..You got me so mad right now. There is no reason to hate on her. Damn. She’s is in no way fake boo. She is a beautiful, young, talented.. girl. She gets me through the day an I would give anything to meet her.When you listen to her music its just like your heart opens up. An in her song autobiography .. you just feel for her cause you know she REAL an had a hard childhood. Tell me again how she fake. nahh. she aint.

  11. Hey, all ya nicki haters…
    Nicki has got talent…something u obviuosly dont have. so pls…give da girl a break and just appreciate her already. she is unique!

  12. Plz people stop hating nicki ,I think we have ugly past..if U̶̲̥̅̊ hear the story of her past frm her ..U̶̲̥̅̊ will see tear dropping frm her eyes.plz do nt judge her..every body has their life to live..we are not perfect,we try to be perfect

  13. you is a dumb bitch and you need to get checked because you are you are sying some hurtfu shit dont say merry christmas hnsa fuck u.

  14. So, I’m a Nicki fan. But seriously, all you “Barbs” commenting in this section,
    Please do your teacher a favor and write in comprehensive English. You’re only proving the point that most of Nicki’s naysayers believe – she appeals to the simple-minded. We know that’s not true, but reading the rebuttals has given me a headache. And no, I’m not a. “Hater”. The most overused word in life.

  15. Yeah, everything about this chick is fake. It’s the immature to say your opinion. Especially about this. It’s kind of like you hope they see it. Haha! Role model? Goodness. What’s this world coming to. LETS ALL BE FAKE!
    High five to person who posted this. Seriously.

  16. I agree seems like you are jealous of her.. She’s done no more then what other people have and the fact that you bring up her father and her relationships as a 15 year old is irrelevant she can easily not say anything about ur comments because she made it and your stuck in her dust!!:)

  17. I think ya’ll hatin ass bitches aint got any other shit to do with ur life. i happen to love my darling nicki. She is talented and i dont give a fuck how much of it is fake she got a nice body even back when she was 16 so go fuck ur selves to the haters and to the blogger of this whole website

  18. Why can’t you haters just leave her alone she wouldn’t even be where she is right now if she didn’t have any talent so fuck off

  19. ppl wat yol r dion aint gud jst let the poor nicky be its hr lyf nd she made hr own choices in lyf nd she ended up lyk tht [nd by the way i lyk hr]

  20. yall haterz trippin you hatin cause you she doin wat you cant so shut the hell up!! if yall dont lyk nicki den leave her alon.

    if u luve her she always be in yo heart
    if you hate her shell always be in yo mind

    either way sell always be with you !!!!!!

  21. Zhou dumbasses need help obviously any Tom dick or Harry is goin to say they knew nicki and dont you think that its kinda stupid and totally childish you these wack ass haters to come out the wood work to talk shit live yo life why you worried bout hers damn fuckin broke lifeless hoes! Chill tha fuck out!

    • hear what I think……… NICKI had a rough life as many she made something good out of it and that bitch don’t know NICKI she just wants to seem like someone….. don’t get caught up on being jealous and try to make something of your life….. Nicki’s body may be fake but it sure a hell look sooooooooooo fucking good. She tells it as it is and trust me I LOVE HER. All Fans keep loving her and all haters keep hating because anyway you take it she is getting richer and bigger by the minute. She is talented and so what if she doesn’t like RAP she is still DAMN GOOD AT IT!!!!! And trust me Nicki’s life is far from getting worst and everyday getting better…………………. BIG UP YUHSELF NICKI MINAJ KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING!!!!!!

  22. I mean it really dont matter if she fake or not she famous now like let it go she aint going anywhere so if they want cake let them eat cake lol everybody knows she’s got some fake stuff but owell she payed for it so owell

  23. Oh please this hater googled her real name and found a old picture of her on some website then created a fake backstory around it. It’s so obvious by the way he/she type that it’s just an obsessed stalker.

  24. Y dnt yall haters just chill. Everyting about nicki myt be fake but she’s good. Y don’t yall just get that and stop beefing the poor girl. Like it or not she’s has made it so I think yall shud find. Something else worth doing especially the ashole who claims he/she knows nicki. One question for both live in the streets together shey. My advice for you Go get a life.idiot.

    • Your stupid and damn near illiterate ass is on here telling others to ‘get a life’ while bringing up a topic from over 4 years ago to defend a plastic blow-up doll that doesn’t even know you exist? Whether you’re another one one of her pregnant, frustrated teenage Hoodrat fans or a failed adult one, you’re beyond pathetic. And learn how to fucking spell before you try playing ‘Captain Save-A-Industry-Hoe.’

      • I saw your name on the recent posts, so I had to check it out. This is just sad. really sad.

        She makes CB look downright eloquent. smh

        • lol

          People really treat these celebrities like they’re Gods, and it’s usually the stupidest ones (For example, Nicki Minaj & Tyler Perry fans) who are the loudest & most persistent in getting their barely legible messages across. As the saying goes: If they focused as much on their own (pathetic) lives…

  25. MEHN…..d girl’s awt there making her money..nd all u do is stay on d computer and type out shitzz about her..just say your jealous and nothing more..grow up dude..nd a big shout out 2 my fan..ONIKA TANYA MARAJ(NICKI ;INAJ

  26. I’m not a big fan of nicki minaj but…. What the hell you be saying all those stuff about her like u not even at her level…. 1, she’s a famous singer and you just hear writing all these craps about her past and 2, hate all you want she be making millions and millions dollars while you sitting at your home hating on her.


    Thank you

  27. To say she don’t like a dude’s dik is straight BS.I worked wit her at a restaurant back in 04 and she suck my dik and ride it then BOUGHT my cigs lol.And she did that shit on the daily wit mee for like 2 weeks till she quit the job and moved.

  28. Comment:Onika is beautiful without the pink hair,the boobs,the huge but….the pills and potions music video I mean you looked really beautiful you just had this glow in you…Onika I'm not hating buh I just wish that you didn't have surgery I prefer the old Onika Maraj the real Onika Maraj not Nicki Minaj….just saying though

  29. Comment:Onika is beautiful without the pink hair,the boobs,the huge butt….the pills and potions music video I mean you looked really beautiful you just had this glow in you…Onika I'm not hating buh I just wish that you didn't have surgery I prefer the old Onika Maraj the real Onika Maraj not Nicki Minaj….just saying though