The Real Reason Behind Kevin and Torrei Hart’s Divorce…


HSK Exclusive – HSK has uncovered the real reason which led to the divorce of Kevin and Torrei Hart, earlier this year. Sources say Torrei didn’t sign up to be a stay at home mom, and strives to be a celebrity – like her comedian husband. Don’t believe me.. Ask Nate Smith.

Here’s the drop:

“Kevin wanted to have kids with a traditional wife, but Torrei didn’t see it that way. Torrei was jealous of Kevin, she didn’t want to be a stay at home mom – she wanted to be a comedian too and she was jealous of Kevin’s success.

Did I tell you that Torrei is a comedian? She only got gigs because she was Kevin’s wife, she’s a horrible comedian. Kevin moved his family out here for a better life, he got what he wanted and lost his wife.”


  1. Oh no, is this stand-up comedy or Therapy.Woman just get on the phone and call one of yo girlfriends because this is when Keep It Real goes WRONG…………

  2. I thought Torrei was Kevin’s manager. She stated she was the one with the connections. Stay at home so he can F*** every groupie in site.

  3. Wait a minute….Was that a comedy act she was doing?
    I thought she was giving her testimony at the divorce proceedings…
    Maybe she’s better at story telling comedy like Bill Cosby or something like that…That was a comedy act, forreal?

  4. Testimony?…Comedy?..Court-A good ass sketch- she is as typical as a Kevin Hart Stand up.Call it a day,they can make money together and just be mascots for an Choclate Eminem Commercial.

    • @Mel Ray Seals, u right. Why not partner together instead of envy. That is -good union or team work. She should invest in being a full-time mother(blessing)as long as he is securing the future for all them equally. I see if she have trustworthy family support to do part time. There is a need of more mothers to be full time at home than in a place that may end n not take concern of them when old or layed off.

  5. correct directives of how insignificant is marriage. I dont know why many others are envying. jacky all your headlines are rolling,today. this may take 5 hours to finish all them.

  6. well she might be funnier then him,because hes not that fuuny.i dont know whats going on but,eddie or richard,nor bill,not even the other short guy with the perm will he ever be.

  7. I think Kevin Hart is funny…In a coonish kinda way…My favorite comedians are Paul Mooney and that little pimp with the perm.

    • Ah Bro for real,Paul Mooney is my man,I dig Katt Williams too.For me it is Richard Pryor,Paul,Eddie Griffin(stand up:”you can tell him I said it”).And also Dick Gregory.

      • Yea, Eddie Griffin is also a very good comedian.
        Forgot about him…

        That guy who plays Dae Dae on those Next Friday movies is corny…Most of these other young cats are just copies of Don Rickles insult comedy act..

        They pick out people in the audience with disabilities and make jokes at their expense..Really cheap stuff…Rickles was good at it .

  8. Wrote in to say NO! This is not true.

    She had been his manager.
    She wanted for him to succeed.

    They broke up 1.because he cheated 2.Went Hollywood and felt he was too good for her because she’s black.

    She had already had children by him
    She was already supporting him in his career.
    He has stated as much himself

    • The Wayans told Kevin Hart to drop that dark skinned chick and get him a mulatto or a latina looking chick if he wanted to be considered for prime acting gigs…

      Its part of the programming that is currently being done to push the mixed race campaign on black people…THEY NEED OUR MELANIN and they are trying to get enough of it from us to survive…

      Thats why you’ll usually NEVER see a black leading actor with a brown skinned wife or actress playing opposite anymore…Thats why VIACOM will not hire a brown skinned host for 106 and Park…Theres an agenda and it has nothing to do with camera lighting or that other nonsense they say…LOL

      • Denzel Washington real wife is brown skinned and in the movie John Q the actress(can’t think of her name) that played his wife was brown skin, i could go on and on.

      • Denzel’s wife is black(and dark skinned) and so is Courtney B. Vance’s wife and SHE’S a leading black-dark skinned actress(Angela Bassett)! There are others but those are just off the top of my head 🙂

    • I think this sounds more plausible. This new tea looks to be spilled by Team Kevin, who incidentally is a bitter color struck nego trying to discredit his ex wife.

    • Tisme is correct. Kevin has done what many black men do when their ride or die is no longer relevant..they go lighter and lighter to be accepted especially when said ride or die no longer fits the mold

  9. Pushing the Mulatto Agenda…….I was walking in this conventient store as this Heavy White Lady got my eyes and complimented me on the color of my eyes.But,I asked her:what if my Pupils were black?She asked:You have pretty eyes.She said asked if I was part white and I answered.She said my Son is black and white or bi-racial yet he doesn’t have green eyes like yours.Then to say:But his hair is silky Ha he has better hair-she repeated with that that deep Texas accent with her gap teeth.As I walked away offended in a sense thinking….. who slept with her, looking back at her son after buying a product and thinking………..Didn’t the man who slept with her have the Kinky hair like mine or is he a Prince?Pity on the son.

    • It never ceases to amaze & disgust me how people are still on that slave-ass ‘Good Hair’ bullshit. And you made a good point about whoever ran up in her most likely having kinky hair. Then again, we shouldn’t expect much in the way of intelligence or even common sense from a fat, dirty redneck like her.

    • That story goes into prove one thing that black folks need to realize…A white person can sleep black and still be a racist…They can even have children with a black person and still be a racist…

      Imagine for a moment the racist non-sense and racial self hatred and confusion she instilled her her biracial child…She actually raised a child of someone she thought was inferior to her, so by definition she raised a child she believed was racially inferior to herself…Imagine the confusion for the child.

      • You have made a strong and valid point. But we should not be shocked. There is another type of parental prejudice that runs rampant through varying cultures and backgrounds and is colorless. And this is when one raises both male and female children and nurturing them in the belief that the female child is weaker, inferior and of lesser value than the male.

        Depending on the particular background this mindset can have brutal consequences for the female.

        • Oh Really

          It always amazes me when someone mentions racism, that someone will come behind immediately and attach everything to the bandwagon…
          homophobia (FEAR OF HOMOSEXUALS)
          gender bias
          age bias
          disability bias
          anti-khazarist bias

          Its like everyone jumps on our back once we start to wake up and recognize that something is not correct…Then everyone piles on and dilutes the original issue…Same thing happened
          during the BLACK CIVIL RIGHTS struggle of the 50’s and 60’s….The only ones who made again gains from ALL OUR HARD WORK and the dogs, murders,economic punishment we suffered were WHITE WOMEN…lol….They reaped allthe rewards of our hard work and hijacked our movement.

          • Are you making reference to my screen name sir/madame?

            please follow me on twitter when you have time available on your schedule.

          • He didn’t make this thread about race.

            The post is about the reason Kevin Hart and his ex wife split.

            1.It’s because he cheated and 2.because she’s black.

            It was always about race.

        • There are only two groups that are oppressed and marginalized in EVERY country. . . dark skinned people and women. Therefore, I co-sign.

      • Oh my goodness Dice 1234 when I make this comment people look at me funny. I am black and my sister married a white man and my nephew was the first by-racial child in the family. Now his dad and grandparents was not racist but the family has a long history of being racist more like redneck racist. Now a couple of them have now had mixed babies.

        Perfect example of Hallie Berry and her dude calling her a nigga and talking abouy his daughter is not black. Dude is really trying to live off of her.

        • I thought this was about Kevin Hart’s wife and divorce, how is race an issue lol? They’re not getting divorced because she’s black! Obviously that’s not the issue because I believe he knew she was black when they got married Lmbo!

  10. Y’all talking bout white folks stealing some sort of pride from black people are just as racist as they come.Kevin hart is black his wife was black. If he says he wants a white girl now… how is that white folk trying to steal something y’all are dumb I think Kevin is the racist here and Kevin is black. It doesn’t have to do with race if an individual makes comments about a specific race then that person is being prejudice

  11. I read everywhere, where Torrei Hart receives child support but nowhere where she received alimony or a spousal settlement. Did she? Internet has nothing! I pray and really want to know if she got something after 7 years of being married to a midget who had the nerve to be cocky. Someone please let me know if she got something.

  12. Hey.
    Who gives a damn?!?!
    Do you know them?
    Do their lives affect you?
    I doubt it so, shut up and get ur own business tobe in.
    Just sayin…

  13. […] The real reason behind kevin and torrei hart’s divorce… Hsk exclusive – hsk has uncovered the real reason which led to the divorce of kevin and torrei hart, earlier this year. sources say torrei didn’t sign up to be a. […]

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