The Real Reason Behind Martin Lawrence & Shamicka Gibbs Divorce


Real Reason Behind Martin Lawrence Divorce HSK Exclusive – After just two-years of marriage, Martin Lawrence and Shamicka Gibbs have officially called it quits.

So what’s the reason for the split? Hollywood insiders say it’s all because of Shamicka’s disgust with Martin’s rapid weight gain, adding the comedian’s alcohol addiction has also led to the pair’s divorce. Don’t believe me.. Ask Martin’s manager Michael Greene.

Here’s what a close friend to the estranged couple told me about the situation:

“Shamicka came home one day and told Martin she wasn’t happy with their marriage.

Martin let himself go, he’s gained a lot of weight and he’s heavily drinking again. So Shamika told him just that…Martin told her ‘If you’re not comfortable living in a $23-Million dollar home and what I’m offering, you should get to stepp’in.”

Martin Lawrence and Shamicka Gibbs dated for 15-years before they married in July 2010. Now, I’m beginning to believe marriage can ruin a perfect relationship. What do you think?


  1. After my last comment on your blog regarding the content and ever so often “okay” gossip, I want to write you Jacky and say that the past few weeks of current and interesting entertainment has been a nice change on your site. You are definately hitting all the marks with keeping me clicking on your site during my work day. Thanks! (I’m not saying you made changes because of me, I’m just saying I notice a change and enjoy it.)

  2. At least Martin wont need any padding for “BIG MAMA 8”

    Where Martin goes undercover in drag with his male grandchildren trying to break up a ticket scapling ring.

  3. …..OKAY as a woman I do not like to call other women GOLD DIGGERz, BUT being from LA everybody knows Martin had gained weight and was heavy for about 10 of those 15 years of their “dating”. Please also tell me because I missed the memo of Mr Lawrence every being sober (check with the waitresses at some of La La’s top clubs). Soooo she wants us to believe that she was fine with his weight and alcohol consumption enough to have 2 not 1 but 2 children by this FAT ALkey while waiting and hoping to receive those “PAPERS”. If she chose to leave with no children= NO MONEY-BUT if she waited, had children and got those “PAPERS”= Alimony and Child support! Ladies please back me up on the fact that after 15 years you kinda know a dude…at least the fact that he’s FAT and a DRUNK! No hate cuz she played the game but I’m just sick of women bringing in additional players (kids) to secure a win no matter how the rules of the game will affect their world. Money over everything and anything…I guess. MHO!

    • He should have married the girl 15 years ago…Shes just trying to secure her financial future….Being a wife is much better in court than being a baby mama…Martin needs to recognize…If you not hittin that pussy right, you are going to have to pay.

        • Last time I checked women of all ethnicities are playing these games. It is sad and they should be ashamed. It does appear that she waited a long time enough to get the “papers” and secure her future but I am not her judge and neither are you.

    • i agree w/u 100%. I hate when these woman choose to have children as pawns in their schemes. You must admit, Martin bears responsibility for marrying yet another gold-digging hoe. He should have learned his leason from Pat. Honey she was a piece of work.

      • Well, dear it goes both ways. If, men didn’t think with their dicks and didn’t boo up with a female based on superficial notions like, looks then they wouldn’t be such easy marks to unscrupulous women.

    • I don’t know the “young” lady in question and I don’t like to be judgmental, but everything you’d was right on point!

  4. I am burning up with 103 temperature but even in my flu haze I seem to recall something about for better or worse. In sickness and health. For fat or skinny. In death do us part. Wonder if he had a prenup.

  5. I’m all in MARTIN’s corner on this.

    Bitch, if you can DO BETTER on your OWN SKILLS, then DO IT.

    I sincerely hope Martin has his shit legally together so that the bitch walks away with NOTHING since she ain’t “happy no mo’ “.

    I’ll tell all you brothers who have any assets worth noting:

    Do NOT get married and MAINTAIN SEPARATE RESIDENCES from all your WOMEN.

    Bitch is always “happy with you” ’till she ain’t – (usually over some other dick (not that it is necessarily better, just “different”)- so make sure SHE keeps her shit and you KEEP YOURS.

    • “Do NOT get married and MAINTAIN SEPARATE RESIDENCES from all your WOMEN.”

      Oh, right that’s perfect advice for the already fatally fatherless Blackistan. Dude are you nuts? Marriage is the cornerstone of strong communities. Just ask all those highschool dropout jailbird bitter babydaddies (who sound like you, btw) if their parents married!! It’s obvious you’re beyond bitter about women morphing into KKK territory-yes I’ve read your post. I smell a homothug/closet case trolling as a pissy misogynist.

        • Then get your own Multi million dollar cribs and hundred-thousand dollar cars…nannies…vacations…jewelry…ON YOUR.OWN.

          What’s that Bitch? Oh, you would still be answering telephones or working the MAC counter if it wasn’t for the MAN you LATCHED ON TO?

          Sell that shit to someone who believes in Fairy Tales.

          Because until YOU BITCH, can have that lifestyle BASED ON YOUR OWN WORK, you can kiss my ass.

          • Yup this thing is a powerless,bitter homothug.

            Homothugs LOVE to call EVERYONE bitch, lol. So obvious. Closet Queens are very identifiable, always bitching cussing fussing-mainly about females- like a chick on the rag LOL. Cause you truly hate chicks.

            Poor misogynist peon. You’re now on PCK’s “Nignore” list, LOL.
            Bye, bye, Miss Thang.

      • “live yo life” – yup that’s the mantra of selfish anti-family male citizens of Blackistan. They don’t care about Black family and community. “live yo life” as only 50% of your sons graduate high school. Riiiight. That philosophy is working beautifully.”live yo life”

        • No – “Live yo life” is the mantra of men who have decided they don’t need some hyper-angry bitch giving them grief for the rest of their lives AND wind up having to GIVE them over half their shit – especially when all the bitch ever did was pop out a kid (which I could HIRE someone to do without all the hassle.)

          Aint NOTHING “pretty” about you except “pretty” ugly and irritating.

          And with YOUR attitude, you are the POSTER BITCH for why more and more Black men want nothing to do with the average black bitch.

          • Must be 12 years old with all the name calling.

            Seriously, we are talking about someones life and marriage and their children.

            This is not about hyper angry bitches and pretty ugly women that can pop out a kid while working at a MAC counter, are you serious with that kind of talk?

  6. Well, if this is true, men divorce their women all the time when they put on extra weight. So, pay back is a bitch, if this is true.

    IMHO, if you truly love someone, weight shouldn’t be a factor for you to leave the person, unless the person lets them self go to a point where they are Precious’ size. If you love the person, work out together.

    • So you are saying that eveybody deserves a chance unless they are over 250 lbs…

      After that weight, fuk em…Suppose they had a thyroid issue or had needed to be taking steroids for a lung disorder of cancer treatment?

    • I don’t think it’s quite the same in this case. “I don’t want you with that extra 45 pounds you’re carrying, but I WILL take my share of that $45 Million sitting in the bank”??? That doesn’t sound quite right.

  7. btw, Im going to stop using Precious as an example obesity….Picking on this young girl…They’re are plenty of obese caucasians we can use as an example of Obesity and overeating…

    the comedian RALPHIE MAY….
    lets start using this morbidly obese guy as an example of gluttony.

  8. There’s three sides to every story, his side, her side and the truth…Why would you leave him after all these years….Unless he became abusive because of his drinking or having an affair you’ve could of worked it out..Sounds like she had a plan to me. But if Martin’s dumb enough to be a victim for the Golddiggers that’s on him…Why did he get a divorce from his first wife again?

  9. When you are with a person for a very long time their body goes through changes (weight gain, hair loss, wrinkles etc.) that process of getting older.

    Men use that line “you gained weight” and “I want a divorce” because they met someone else. (same applies to women who use it too!)

    Another example: Your mate comes home /picks arguments, complains about everything out the blue.

    Then says something to the effect: I don’t have to take this! I’m out of here! That my dear is an excuse to go where they want to be and it’s not with you.

  10. martin’s not exactly young anymore.

    she did live off his money for the past 15 years and had 2 kids by him.

    same thing with eddie murphy’s ex nicole she decided to have more kids by him even after he was accused of being a tranny lover.

  11. No one knows what she was dealing with! I like Martin as an entertainer, but I dont know his ass to be making assumptions about him or his wife’s character! He prob was a pain in the ass and she got tired of it! He prob was a drunken SLOB! sleeping and drinking all the time. No one knows!

  12. If she “cain’t take it no mo'” the let her ass go gwt a job and get the all the same shit ON HER OWN?

    Yeah….just what I thought BITCH….working the MAC counter unless and until you can catch ANOTHER FREE RIDE.

  13. I really hope that Martin can get it together and get off the booze, he is one of my favorite comedians.

  14. You know, I’m all about loyalty, but let’s be real. If you love your mate you need to do some maintenance. Who wants someone sweating and wheezing while they grind all over you?
    Everyone has their ups and downs, but if it’s affecting your mate’s desire for you that’s a problem. Sex isn’t everything, but it is something. It bonds you and creates the feeling of closeness and sharing.

  15. Dang, Martin is gangsta.

    If she loved him, she could have joined al-anon, tried to get him help, cooked healthier foods and ate healthy together.

    Martin kicked her out like Pam.

    15 years??? They were better off not getting married.

  16. That’s kinda sad. I feel kinda bad, about this situation.

    I just got done watching the full series of his show Martin, and it really brightened my day. But now I find this, its kinda sad.

    I experienced a thing of fame once, and “fame” it really messes with your head. It changes your thinking. You think you’re all that, like you’re better then every one else, because they’re WORSHIPING you! People don’t think that though. I experienced it. Not any more, but I been through it so I know. All famous people man, kinda annoys me now. It’s like, you’re not all that.

    But I think that’s what he probably woulda felt. “if she doesn’t like it, then she can leave. I got my life set” The drinking, a lot of successful ppl do it, because of the pressure set on them. And after ppl get married don’t they like gain weight anyway, because they feel complete or whatever. They don’t care anymore.

    That’s my take anyway

  17. Please! She knew what was up….and so what he gained weight and drank…I made this money and I do what I’m dam pleased! She don’t have to work….and her ass got a problem there’s ways to talk about it not just ” I’m not happy about your habits and you fat now Martin!” B to mother f**kin

  18. Please! She knew what was up….and so what he gained weight and drank…I made this money and I do what I’m dam pleased! She don’t have to work….and her ass got a problem there’s ways to talk about it not just ” I’m not happy about your habits and you fat now Martin!” B to mother f**kin S! Just like a woman, they want what they got until something (dick) better comes along…

  19. Truth be told…none of us know what happened in their marriage or if his ex wife even said that. She is busy focusing on her health issue she suffers with which is lupus. I pray for she and Martin as human beings having the public assume and make up things about them and their personal lives.

  20. It was Martin who filed for divorce. Not Shamika. HE got to steppin’. So, what y’all sayin’?