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The Shocking Dirt Behind Lisa Raye’s Split From Michael Misick – WTF?!?!

March 29th, 2010


I really don’t think anyone new to pop culture even knows of Lisa Raye anymore, but you may remember her from starring alongside Ice Cube in “The Players Club”…

What I find shocking about this exclusive find, from my sources, is that Lisa is said to have admitted the real truth behind her break-up with her second husband, Michael Misick…and that admission is a shocking one!!!

Get this, I’m told Lisa openly admitted to walking into a room where she discovered her then husband, Michael Misick, getting fellatio from Duane Martin…WTF!?!?!

Now, I’m wondering if Tisha Campbell knows?

12 Responses to “The Shocking Dirt Behind Lisa Raye’s Split From Michael Misick – WTF?!?!”

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  5. yesyesyall |

    doesnt this make tisha campbell a dyke then?

    im just trying to do the math of all this.


  6. keicia |

    omg!! these dl brothas; with these successful sistas. why cover up?? just b
    who u r.


  7. rudee |

    Sounds like Duane Martin has 100,000 miles on those lips and tongue. Probably got an upper and lower plate so he can take it out and gum um up. Nasty freak suckin the hengez off of a dick.Tisha ain’t sleep, there is a reason why a woman hangs on no matter what.


    Anonymous Reply:



  8. rhonda |

    LOL that shit makes me laugh. What’s done in the dark comes to light. We are definetly in the last days. Are there any real men now. Just don’t get it.


    Anonymous Reply:

    Tru dat, last days/times.

    It is a spell, a demon conjured up to come over our men.


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