The Story Of Jamie Foxx’s All Nude B-Ball Game W/ The Boyz Told!


Jamie Foxx Morris Chestnut Broke Back B Ball Games

Boy-Bonding Over Balls?

HSK Exclusive – A lot of balls are said to have been bouncing across Jamie Foxx’s former Woodland Hills backyard — as an insider reveals Foxx and Morris Chestnut once battled it out on a basketball court –– IN THE NUDE!!!

It’s a situation which we’re told understandably caused comedian Cory Holcomb to pause and refrain from joining the bizarre game. Don’t believe me.. Ask Tyrin Turner. Now, Prince’s reported ‘Blouses versus Skirts’ basketball game seems to be PG-rated compared to this story.

According to our source, it all went down back in 1998. Though we don’t know the exact identities of all the players involved, we can tell you Foxx is said to have been captain of one team — while Chestnut reportedly headed (no pun intended) the opposing team.

Here’s the drop:

“Jamie Foxx had a 5 on 5 broke back mountain basketball tournament invitational back in the day.

Them Ni–as is crazy. Jamie and his boys mix men’s cologne with perfume, and they think that shit is hot.

Jamie Foxx is a past being gay, he’s like one of them ancient Roman dudes. Who plays basketball with nuts and swords hanging out? Corey was disgusted.”


  1. I hear he was sniffing around Braxton’s butt hole too… But either way, he’s one hell of an actor.

  2. Jamie Foxx wanted to go Hollywood, and now he is all the way Hollywood. He lost his manhood card a long time ago.

  3. Okay, I hope this is all just vicious gossip, cuz thats nasty. I dont even believe this, its not that Jamie isnt suspect b/c he is, but Im saying, 1998, and they just talking about it? Sounds to me like somebody is just mad.

  4. ummm wouldn’t that cause injuries? like men act like their ball and penises are sooo delicate and vulnerable.. guess they wasn’t playin rough

    • Well, if you are on hard, then your dick & balls don’t move around as much as if you weren’t. But I’m sure the game was more of a cover, than anything else. They probably weren’t really playing rough. It was probably more of an excuse to get physically close to each other.

  5. I don’t want to put too fine a point on this, because I’m sure that we all agree the dude’s gay and that’s that. But what REALLY convinced me that he’s trying to reign in the “Gay as Little Richard” reputation he has been earning in Hollywood was the way he began acting on interview shows before Django Unchained was released.

    The Hollywood Academy voting elite is weird. They are at least 1/2 homo, so it’s not like they are traditionally homophobic. But they like the gay leading men to conduct themselves a certain way. If you are the kind of man who throws naked hoops games, and then brags about your many smokin hot women- then you not gettin no nomination and Oscar. And he didn’t get nominated for Django, did he? IMHO, he deserved a nomination.
    So, ever since he didn’t get the nomination, he has gone on all the talk shows very fatherly…raving about his(very lovely) daughter, and never discussing partying or all the hoes he pullin. He took his daughter to the Oscars instead of the usual PR arranged date.
    What I’m saying is, I think we may have seen the beginning of a discreet new Jamie. And when he does party with “the boyz” it will be in hotel suites with non disclosure agreements….just like Eddie and Will do. And I think he’ll keep his daughter on his arm as long as she’s agreeable, to stave off the “beard” rumors.

    But I would LOVE to see a video of the infamous naked game, cause I love he some Morris!

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  7. Corey was around back then? I guess what I’m really asking is, he had access to Jamie back then (not that Jamie had that kind of “power”, or was even mainstream, just saying)? So funny though, I read somewhere that Corey was gay and that he is a deadbeat dad…then again, that could have been some bitter person, who knows.

  8. I’m not saying this entire story isn’t true, but Corey Holcomb didn’t come out to LA until 2000.

    • Longchamp in Japanese?
      Why are you writing in Japanese on this OLD thread on HSK?

      Just asking…

    • Longchamp + c in Japanese?

      I’m not doing any further translation for the HSK readers here….
      YOU bringing that Japanese script here is going to get Jacky & his staff on your ass.