The Time Diddy Broke Kim Porter’s Nose…


Diddy's Violence Against Kim Porter

Story of a Woman-Beating Bad Boy?

HSK Exclusive – P Diddy seems to be a man who lives by the motto ‘bite me and I’ll bite you back’. Don’t believe me..  Ask the Bad Boy Records founder’s baby momma Kim Porter, who sources say on at least one occasion suffered a broken nose after Diddy punched her in the face.

HSK has exclusively learned the alleged incident went down after Puffy’s secret surveillance led the music mogul to learn Porter was cheating on him with former Def Jam Vice President Shakir Stewart.
We’re told that’s just before Diddy took Porter on what she thought to be a ‘romantic vacation’ – where Diddy would confront her.

That’s the stage sources say Diddy orchestrated, before attacking Porter. According to sources, after Diddy broke Porter’s nose, he arranged for a plastic surgeon’s presence to reconstruct Porter’s injured nose.

Back in the U.S., Shakir was confronted and the former Def Jam executive was physically attacked for his involvement with Porter. Don’t believe me.. Ask Harve Pierre.

Here’s the drop:

“Shakir and Kim messed around and when Diddy found out, Shakir got beat up at a party and so did Kim while on vacation with Diddy.

Kim actually had a broken nose by Diddy and had to have a plastic surgeon flown in while they were away on one of their romantic trips.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you more about Diddy and his craziness with Cassie.”


    • he made those underground mixtapes dissing 2pac where he made sure nobody outside the ny area heard them.

      puff and big dissed dogg pound at a gig in europe yeah diss a crew across the other side of the hemisphere where you’ll feel safe.

      puff and big arranged for the dogg pound to be shot while filming that video after big went on hot 87 and dissed dogg pound saying ya’ll need to get at them.

  1. Cot Dayum!!!
    these Broads must really be mental!WOW Aint No damn Body putting their dang hands on me and im still sticking around,FOR NO AMOUNT of Blood Money,.NO!

  2. A question from the UK:

    How come nobody has got to Diddy yet? Is his security really that good?

    • No his security isn’t that good, Diddy’s just a fast runner. No lie, knew him since he was small. He was the only kid going to a catholic school with a bodyguard because he was always scared and couldn’t fight a lick.

      • Thanks Stand4sumthin. That explains many things.

        So, are some people/enterprises in the USA all but untouchable? Or that the untouchable ones are the level above them (behind the scenes, not faous).

        Or is it the case that it’s harder to take down rich people with expensive lawyers, so let’s go after lots of little men instead?


  3. i believe this, she used to be really pretty, but now she looks rough and her nose does look like surgery has taken place. but if Shakir was messing w/Kim & Chance, he was really trying Diddy.

  4. I heard this story before and believe it.. Many men on the down low (undercover gay/bi) have violent tendencies towards women. This guy thinks he’s the shyt, always has, and even though he routinely screws alot of women, he won’t allow the women that he’s dealing with , or who he has children with .to move on and date who they like. He’s dirty.

  5. Your facts are wrong, Shakir (r.i.p.) was beat up at la Reid’s wedding in Europe, NOT in the U.S. puffy hit him wit a champagne bottle.

  6. Gay Diddy is a known woman beater. He used to whip Kim’s ass on the regular. Him & Misa (Justin’s Mother) used to fight also, but she fought him back. There was another time when Gay Diddy found out Kim was creeping with gay ass model Tyson Beckford. He beat her ass & told her to move out of his Hampton house. He was really mad because him & Tyson had slept together also.

    You can only imagine how he treated J LO & his other baby mother down in ATL (Sarah). He also beats Cassie down but as long as she keeps aborting his babies, she can live the good life (without actually working).

    Pathetic bitches.

  7. Um….when is it ok to stay with someone who breaks your nose and has the doc on standby to fix it? I would be like NWA…100 miles and running.

  8. puffy would’nt fight suge when suge was screwing misa.

    wu tang clan wanted to test puffy’s badboy but he ran from them.

    boot camp click wanted to woop puff’s ass too but he would’nt fight them that’s why they joined forces with 2pac in 96.

    as long as puff can afford protection he does’nt have to fight.

    puff’s dangerous but he really took his anger out on alot of women kim, misa, cassie, danity kane, sara, wendy williams the cast on i wanna work for diddy where puff says he was gonna mindphukk them all until he climaxes.

    puff loves playing headgames.

    • @ Yadda Yadda an ENT or plastic surgeon with a specialty in rhinoplasty surgery can repair a broken nose. No shots fired just thought I’d share…

  9. Puffy and his flaming fruity booty ass just got jealous and mad that Kim was sleeping with his man/boytoy. (everybody and their mama knows about Shakur Stewart he got around industry men) Puffy doesn’t like it when his women try to get with his men. Puffy is the hiphop George Michael

  10. lol Another story of the Toothpick Whisperer’s shitty attitude and bad temper getting the better of him. Sounds like something he’d do, just ask Misa. But back to Kim–She’s lucky she wasn’t signed to Bad Boy, or she’d be a lot worse off. As for Puffy’s ‘craziness with Cassie,’ the sex pictures that 50 Cent claimed someone sent him and informed Puffy of wouldn’t be a part of that, would it?

  11. He looks like a fag with that thing on his head…

    If Cassie is having all of those abortions she’d better stop, they’ll come a time when she wants to have a baby and she won’t be able to.

  12. This is actually old news. At the time Puff and Kim did some magazine interview where they claimed she tripped on a rug on the yacht and that’s how her nose was broken. I knew even then that was some bullshit. They also discussed in the article how they were going to try to have a girl so this tells you how long ago this happened.

    I’ve always wondered what makes Kim tick. I don’t know how she copes with selling her soul to this devil. No amount of money is worth your self-esteem and self-respect. This is just a very sick relationship and I feel sorry for those little girls she’s raising.

  13. So, is this the reason for Shakir Stewart ‘s suicide? And is Diddy the reason for Al B’s cryptic FB message? When some sinsister Ish go down in the industry Diddy always seems to be lurking in the shadows. I’d be too afraid to even be around him let alone date or work with him. He is ruthless and cold.

    • I believe he does have something to do with shakir death. He was still angry at the fact that shakir slept with Kim and from my understanding Kim and diddy were no longer together at the time.

    • …Speaking of Shakir, one thing I’ve noticed is that in every picture he looked troubled, which lends credence to his fiance’s comments about him being ‘in pain’ and ‘depressed’ shortly before he killed himself. After reading the posts and some comments on him here, I have an idea of what he was in ‘pain’ about.

  14. Yes, Shakir was I voiced with Kim. Puffy Caught wind of it and swore revenge. There is a tape of Shakir giving LA Reid head, that Shakir was being black mailed with. This drove him over the edge. And, was the alleged cause of his suicide.

    It is also being alleged that the recent suicide had something to do with the victim getting one of Puffy’s side pieces pregnant. Capricorn is allegedly pregnant with the dead man’s baby.

  15. I would’nt be surprised if Diddy had something to do with Chris Lighty’s “suicide”the details of where and how he was found is sketchy. There definitely needs to be an in depth investigation
    regarding his death.

  16. @R in NYC I remember that story too. I think it was in one of the bloids. I think they were in St. Tropez… I remember thinking “wow that’s what money can do for you.” Not thinking that she was beat. I’m sure the details may be different, but the bottom line is she was beat for whatever reason.