The Wade Union Exposed: What About The Kids?


Gabby Union Turns Her Back on Troubled Past

Gabrielle Union’s Drugging Details, Dwayne Wade’s Dick Comes First…

HSK Exclusive – While Dwayne Wade and Siohvaughn Funches continue to be at odds over the estranged mother’s visitation rights with her kids, the Miami Heat shooting guard’s real concern should lie in the welfare of his sons while in Gabrielle Union’s presence. That’s because sources exclusively tell HSK – in addition to not giving a damn about the young boys, the actress continues to be a tormented party girl who uses crack-cocaine.

You may remember just days ago, we first told you about Union’s initial meeting with a very married Wade is what ultimately led the baller to divorce his wife of 11-years, Siohvaughn. That’s before a judge granted Wade sole custody of the two sons they share – leading Wade to take the boys to Florida, where he and his sons now live under the same roof as Gabrielle Union.

Now, many are left wondering – what could lead a man to not only leave a woman he’s known since his childhood, but also take the very children they share with him in the process?

We’re told the answer is simple. Not only is Wade an obvious weak man, but Gabrielle Union is reported to be a tormented soul who looks the other way when the baller wants to play.

Sources are pointing to the ‘Single Ladies’ star, Lauren London, and ex-girlfriend of Marcus Camby, Andrea ‘Punkin’ Juarez, as just two of the known jump-offs Wade’s bedded during his relationship with Union. And, while the dog’s away, we’re told Union leads a cocaine-fuelled party life with BFF Kelly Lee, the ex-girlfriend of Steve Rifkind.

Here’s the drop:

Gabrielle Union and Kelly Lee are tight. You are your company, right? Well…Kelly Lee runs a Cancer foundation, yet she sniffs cocaine. They’re both party girls who don’t take care of their responsibilities. Nuff said.

Gabrielle doesn’t give shit about Dwayne’s kids. She doesn’t care what HE does either. She’s only
with him for the celebrity.

Last year, Dwayne was smashing both Lauren London, and Andrea ‘Punkin’ Juarez – and Gabrielle knew all about it! He even moved Andrea from Miami to Los Angeles, and he’s now footing the bill for her to go to school!

To Wade, the convenience of being able to to do whatever he wants – without having to answer or explain – is what keeps him with Gabby. He’s obviously only thinking about himself, not the kids, it’s all about him.”

With Union being a woman who appears to have no problem with taking another woman’s husband and children as her own, the actress could very well be using drugs to dodge having to confront her demons. But insiders say the actress was damaged long before her days in the spotlight.

We’re told back in the early 90’s, when Union was working as the manager of a Payless shoe store, she became a victim of rape. That’s beyond disturbing and something no woman should ever have to experience, yet it still doesn’t give Union a pass to damage the lives of others for what was done to her. Don’t believe me.. Ask Siohvaughn Funches.

Gabrielle Union Damaged Goods


  1. Now u js reaching jacky! I loved ur site but wr do u get off exposing abuse of some1? That’s js wrong and js *#$?’D up! She was raped y wld u want to put that on blast??? What have u gained this is js like the officers who leaked those battered photos of Rihanna! U have js stooped to a new low! It takes two to make a home and we r not in their bedroom soo y? Not a fan of Gabrielle or e ex but u r thirsty! U nid to take several sits!!!!

    • Money talks. I looked at some of the video his ex-wife did and all I can say is wow. These young entertainers sees paying child support as their biggest threat in life I suppose. Even though they are in the wrong, seeking full custody is their way out and bring their bevy of hos around to help raise the children.

      It’s not about her being a bad mother. It’s about him holding on tight to that money.

  2. I don’t see how Soviachnagelnkaiser is even putting up with this broad being her kids’ mother. I would have…….fill in that blank – you know the Feds be on these sites. Cuz, it wouldn’t even go down like that.

  3. @Rych it is common knowledge that Gabby has been raped. Jacky isn’t exposing anything new. She has spoken about it numerous times as well. Do your research and let google be your friend.

    Gabby does have issues, I will never condone a woman getting violated in any form but at the end of the day it is you the victim who is left with the demons to cope and deal with.

    So what do u do? U somehow find a way to defeat them. Never ever engage with them because that leads to drug use, promiscuity, mental illness etc. You need to heal it takes forever but there is nothing more rewarding then knowing that through God you have defeated those demons.

  4. Jacky…first paragraph you claim Gabriel was a crack head: That’s because sources exclusively tell HSK – in addition to not giving a damn about the young boys, the actress continues to be a tormented party girl who uses crack-cocaine.

    Then in the another paragraph it reads: With Union being a woman who appears to have no problem with taking another woman’s husband and children as her own, the actress could very well be using drugs

    So which is it, is she or isn’t she??

    As far as the rape, she has spoken about this in the past so this is no news, ITS GOSSIP at it’s worst.

    You know i have love for you mane! But i don’t want to you to turn into the NATIONAL INQUIRER or MEDIA TAKE OUT or SARCASTIC AZZ “SANDRA ROSE” who seems to trip over her words with corrections…

    • the rest of that sentence (could very well be using drugs) is “to dodge having to confront her demons.”

      it reads very clear and consistent to me!

    • I feel bringing up the rape has nothing to do with your story, it actually makes a person dought your gossip when you feel the need to throw everything at the wall and the kitchen sink (the rape). Good gossip is just gossip but don’t take someone’s pain and try to mix it in to make your gossip seem authentic……

  5. I guess D.Wade didn’t care about Gabby sleeping around being that he was doing the same thing WHILE married.

    Gabby thinks she’s gonna get wifed up. *side eye*

  6. She talked bwt it yes but jacky is attacking her using it not cool!!! I get it I’m not e most knowledgeable person with regards to Gabrielle but hello its a gossip site yes but we r feeding the monster with not drawing the line at wats sacred or not she probably wld talk bwt it to help others not sure how if she is really a crackhead but to use that to discredit her is like saying she deserved to be raped not right

    • Are you reading the same article as the rest of us? No where does it mention she deserves to be raped or no one has made a comment to that effect. #Reaching

  7. one of my boys was gang raped as a teen on the basketball court just cuz he was a pretty boy and he ended up being gay.. would he have still been gay had he been not raped? I’m not sure.. but its not for me to judge

    • That is disgusting. Anybody who heard of that shit should have called it in.

      I swear, sometimes you cannot tell the difference between white and black folk. We are so fuckin’ jealous. Smetime I think that rope on the tree is the only thing that kept us in line.

  8. The ex is bat shit crazy. Last lawyer had to tell it to da judge to get off her team. Multiple personalities is what he said to a reporter afterwards.

  9. Bullsh*t!

    Don’t believe a word of it. Wade’s ex already lost custody BECAUSE she’s a well-documented LOON.

  10. I don’t believe that his ex, Siovaughn is crazy. I could believe that, in that moment or period of her life she might have been acting crazy…but I don’t believe that she IS crazy. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have gone through a traumatic period in my life where everything felt as if it was falling apart, I felt like I was losing my mind, and I couldn’t cope. My behavior and feelings were not a true representation of who I was or what I was about during that period of my life. I would be willing to bet that if any of us lost our childhood sweetheart who had moved in with us during our teen years, helped him study and keep his grades up, rose from the ghetto together, exchanged vows and made babies with one another, and were received as the toast of the town/rich celeb status…we’d be acting a little “off” for a while as we tried to navigate through and process everything which had happened. To make matters worse, there is a rich and famous “new chick” posing for pictures and such with the love of your life. I’m sure that they both made many mistakes (I mean, look at how young they were when they got together), I’m sure that she may have reacted crazily (or immaturely) to the dissolution of their marriage…but I doubt that Siovaughn is crazy.

    • Please she has been through 12 attorney’s. The last one who said on record she is crazy…She also claimed he gave her an STD when she was letting nigs bust in her raw…Please miss me with the her situation made her crazy…

      • You obviously don’t know a damn thing about the lawyer situation! D Wade has played the media and the everyday ppl for a fool! That negro isn’t going to tell you there was always more than one lawyer working the case! As in a team! Or that he sued four of them for failing to use his initials in court documents and they quit b/c of them being sued. Another lawyer was diagnosed with cancer and quit. And any after that were threatened or saw the corruption going on with the case!

        D Wade and his poodle don’t mind reporting the big stuff, but we never hear the aftermath! Like recently when she was arrested, turns out Wade blew that our of porportion! Everything that woman has be charged with, the charges have been DROPPED!!! Public records! Go check for yourself!
        And Both he and his wife were mentally evualated and both were said to be stable!

        D Wade use to punch his kids in the chest! Ask that crack baby who Mr.Fist is!! His own step mother testified he did and that he got Mr. Fist from his sorry a– daddy!!
        He has been investigated by CPS three times!!

        If you read his book you will see he is giving you a piece of the story! Like my wife attacked me, but he’ll leave out he got caught f-cking around! The whole story about him beating his wife came out when he was being sued by this fake European guy. The guy said he saw the pictures!

        Watch those videos of Siohvaughn’s tapes and compare them to his book. You will see exactly what was going on! He’s been creeping with Gabby since late ’06! In 2007, while his wife was pregnant Punkin was pregnant by him too!! She has over three abortions from him in ten years! I think he dropped Punkin which is why you are starting to hear her name more! It’s in one of his testimonies that he and wife got into an altercation. Claims his wife tried to prevent him from “seeing a friend who had just lost her baby”!

        Jacky, Gabby has unknowingly admitted to drug use! She tweeted one time about not abusing drugs! Somebody replied don’t you mean NOT using drugs?! She and carpet muncher Sanna are a mess!

        Y’all don’t see Gabby taking shots at that mans ex wife on twitter all of the time?! Go look! Him too! She is hella disrespectful!! Plus, he’s doing his best to clean up his and her image! Gabby has said she doesn’t care for children at all! Why would a man with three kids even be bothered with a bird like that? I blame his parents for not raising him!

    • Speak on it! Most people doesn’t know what it feels like to lose EVERYTHING you worked so hard to get. Losing material possessions is hard enough, but losing your whole family and watching some other bitch step into your place when the bitch has done nothing but reap the rewards of your blood, sweat, and tears is enough to make you go loco. Souivaughn lost a lot so I clearly understand why she temporarily lost her mind. Her whole world has been flipped upside down. Dwade thinks he’s doing big things now, but watch it all come tumbling down. Gabby Union will be around as long as he’s hot, but when the next big thing comes around, she’ll be gone! Michelle Obama better keep a close eye on her man. Gabby works as an ambassador for Obama, with her Monica Lewinsky homewrecking ass.

      • Thats Right!! It is a tough thing to go through. That’s why my fav LHHA cast member is K. Michelle because she is real.. In regard to people calling her crazy, her response is, “Yeah I was crazy, you would’ve been crazy too, if you had gone through what I went through.” Love Her!

  11. I knew something was wrong with her when she chose to party & take red carpet flicks with Whitney Houston’s corpse & coroner van on the scene…

  12. Sorry but Funches-Wade is certified…Don’t believe me just ask her 12 attorney’s who have quit her….This story sounds like bullshit…That is all

      • Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen’s ex, is a basehead. Drug addicts can clean up very well when they have money. Gabby is in Hollywood. Between sexual proclivities, drug use and chasing paper, she may be on drugs. I hope not. She used to work for a modeling agency as a receptionist, and the agency began booking her for modeling gigs. We all know the REAL modeling industry (not this ‘urban model’ BS) is rife with drug abuse. I was shocked when I learned that girls shot heroin between their fingers and toes so they wouldn’t have track marks. Anything is possible.

  13. I think Siohvaughn Funches made this up. She looks like she would go the this extreme to bash Gabby name. She is still very angry. Nothing like a woman scorned she takes revenge.

  14. You can view the entire full episode with Siohvaughn’s interview with Kietta Mayweather-Gamble at

    Siohvaughn speaks out after years of silence. She tells why she decided to speak out, why she sued Gabrielle Union &why she feels the custody case was bias towards her…And its nothig to do with beng unbalanced or crazy. You gotta see this tell all video.

  15. Siovaughn & her mother always seem like they throw “we took him in” in his face. it is as if Dwayne owe them something and when, he got rich, he could have went back and bought them a house, a car, but should have went on with his life and somewhere on down the road, he and Siovaughn may have got back together. Dwayne married too young. i remember when he got in the league and they said “he was married”, i couldn’t believe it. Charles Barkley even said “that’s like bringing sand to the beach”. i believe Siovaughn and her mother pressured the relationship, cause they knew he was talented, and that is why she isn’t with him now. many women have been left and left out, yes it hurts, but life goes on. that is when u know it wasn’t true love, when someone goes crazy. if u choose to love someone, u know, that u win some, loose some. being that he was a athlete, that is even more reason to know, let me just enjoy my time here. u never put all your eggs in one basket.

    • Yes, but when its your husband or wife you are supposed to put all your eggs in his/her basket and most do!

  16. @ aries…no offense, but you speak as someone who is single. I am not trying to attack you or anything…I’m just saying that you come across as a person who has no concept of what it means to “build a life” with someone.

    Of course he owes his wife fidelity and respect. After watching the interview, it seems that the interviewer was more so pushing that they took him in. They were just answering the questions that they were asked, IMO.

    Whether my husband was an athlete or not, I would never look at my marriage with the mindset, “Just let me enjoy my time here”…wtf? Who does that (unless they married for money)? What I saw in the interview was two people who genuinely look hurt and disappointed by his actions. Statistcally, speaking, there would probably be no Dwayne Wade if Siovaughn’s mother hadn’t taken him in. How many talented little black boys actually make it out of the ghetto with no support system? The odds were completely against him…I’m not God, but I seriously doubt that he would be where he is at if it wasn’t for them…
    BTW, stories about Gabrielle hoe hopping, partying, and doing drugs have been out long before D.Wade. I heard that she and her ex-husband were swingers waaaay before D.Wade was in the picture. I don’t know how true this is, I’m just saying.

    Didn’t the Game put her on blast in his song, “Wouldn’t Get Far”? Like, he had sex with her in the backseat of his car or something like that? If its true, sounds like she was on something then…what grown woman with her own money and fame lets some random guy bone her in the backseat of his car without being under the influence of SOME THING?

    • just like your name saids “whatevs”. i have my opinion, we all do. and i believe Dwayne as many athletes would have made it with or with out them, her & her mother are not God. the mother said that she help many kids, so why didn’t baby girl marry one of the other chilren that she help.they had an agenda once they saw the talent. that is my opinion. whether u marry an athlete or a non athlete, u know that a marriage or relationship CAN end, do u not? and yes, you will be hurt, but you HAVE to move on. maybe u r one of those women that will stalk the man afterwards and end up crazy, i am not. Siovaughn concern should be getting custody back of her children, but no, she is still bashing this man.

      • No Secert D Wade’s ex kept him at B average in college! She did all his work! He’s a below average student! And he can blame her mother for pressure, but don’t pretend that college didn’t push him to marry too! Colleges are nouterious for pushing athletes to get marry when a child is involved!

    • whatevs, you can’ explan anything to some women. Nothing is sacred to them and a fuck is a fuck is a fuck.

      Gabrielle is in the wrong period. She and Dwayne will suffer because the are taching those two BLACK boys the wrong thing. they will grow up to disrespect women, do drugs, run with the wrong crowd, etc.

  17. Im not quite sure why ppl think just because a person has achieved some level of fame or notiriety that they magically become smarter, classier or free from poor judgment. Ive seen (up close and personal) many famous women bone random dudes just like they never left the hood just like rich athletes who get busted for $1500 drug deals, dog fighting, guns in cars, etc. Like they say you can take a nicca out of the hood but you cant take the hood outta a nicca. Gaining fame dont make you smart, claay or absolve your prior demons. These celebs aint special. They jus niccas who hit a lick. Gabby has always had hoe tendencies. They can re-surface at a moments notion.Stop worshipping these ppl who barely have a fuggin GED!

  18. This crazy ass bitter woman dont love hersons cause if she was a real MOTHER she wouldnt steadily try to bash their father every chance she get. Anybody with common sense can she that interview is a bunch of made up lies cause she knew she gonna have people that willingly believe untruths. At the end dwade, gabby, zaire, zion, and dada are living their lives and letting the haters carry on worrying about their lives while theirs are in shambles

  19. Jacky, I have to comment on one of the pics of Gabby and the kids. One of the kids is seen hugging her from behind, kids usually don’t do that to someone that doesn’t care for them or doesn’t like them.. children are very perceptive.. just sayin’

  20. ole funny built self. you don’t have to convince me that dwade is a lowlife cheating dog. she is the type to stay for celebrity. damaged probably so with divorce, rape, on/off career. no excuse though to be a homewrecker. damn is lauren london sleeping with everybody? didnt sanaa lantham date steve refkind too?

  21. they are both frauds trying to project an image of themselves as this wholesome couple and two wonderful people. please, they need to have a whole stadium of seats. yes, the ex mrs. wade went HAM and needs to own her behavior in this mess but measure her behavior very, very carefully so she can get her boys back.

    the thing is, he didn’t want to be with her anymore ok i get that he was with her since high school he wanted to be free to stick it in any and everything, fine relationships change, but at least let the other person, your wife, the mother of your children come away with her dignity intact, but he naw doesn’t have to do that he’s DWADE he can treat anyone any way he wants without regard because he has money and celebrity he is allowed to treat is then wife like trash when she’s about to give birth running the streets … i guess that big contract changed him for the worse.

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