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This One Is Gonna Cost Kobe!!!

June 14th, 2009


Kobe Bryant is back in the press and this time it’s not for basketball it’s for adultery.

That’s right! Some new chic name Carla DiBello is Kobe’s new side fling. How do we know this? Cuz Carla is at every game and she’s always seated with floor seats.

Carla is also known to for taking pictures of Kobe on her camera phone. Ouch!!! Hey Venessa (I am talking to Kobe’s wife)… While you are arguing with Trina you can’t see whats really going on? Carla DiBello is at all the away games.

Guess What? The lakers are not allowed to bring their family to the away games it’s against the rules. Ask Phil Jackson! So why did Phil Jackson and the owner of the Los Angeles Laker’s Dr. Jerry Buss allow Carla to be at the games that were played away from home? It’s rumored that Kobe was smashing Carla since he came back home from the Olympics.

Who do you think is buying her presents? Who do you think is paying for Carla’s air flights? And who do you think is paying for the $3000 floor seats? Kobe……

Hey Venessa shoot me a email we can meet over at Canters it’s on Fairfax . I’ll be the only black dude in there with a fisherman’s hat seated in the back eating a bowl of Matzah ball soup. I have some interesting pictures you might wanna see…. Bring your checkbook!


4 Responses to “This One Is Gonna Cost Kobe!!!”

  1. surprise |

    she look pregnant, and they know its a boy, so he is leaving the wife and girls, for new wife and baby boy. thats my opinion what yours


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  3. sallyone |

    So who looks stupid now!! Jacky always keeps it real!!!


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