Tim Dog WANTED By Investigators?!?!



Noone on the West Coast likes Tim Dog. Tim Dog doesn’t like the West Coast either though right? Most guys got past that whole east coast/west coast stuff along time ago but I guess when you’re biggest single is “Fuck Compton” you gotta keep the fire cookin’.

Tim has a long history of feuds and a long list of enemies (he’s a diss track machine, right?) but the latest word on the street is that this rapper has some new enemies…the P-O-L-I-C-E. Apparently Tim Dog has been dating/scamming an older white woman and although the lady was “gifting” him things like a new car, he crossed the line and emptied her bank accounts to the tune of approx. 20 or 30 thousand dollars USD. OUCH!!!

Buss this!!!

The woman called the fuzz…. Doesn’t Tim Dog know that cops don’t like niccas ripping off white chicks mane….?

Tim also has a booking agency G.M.E. on Peachtree in ATL. Apparently he has been taking money for shows and not telling the act. I’m told he got some investors in the Philippines, South Africa and the Caribbean.  Can you imagine calling Tim Dogg to book Chris Brown or Ne Yo? What is this guy thinking. We’ve all seen how Tim has ruined Kool Keith’s name in Europe and Australia. This should serve as a warning, DO NOT SEND YOUR MONEY TO TIM DOG OR ANY OF HIS BULLSHIT COMPANIES!!

Another street informant nicca told me that the 43yr old Tim Dog’s prostitution ring was not successful in Atlanta because he was in love with one of his two hoes…In other words he was a complete fake pimp. I asked my nicca ” Where is Timmy now”? He said Tim is hiding out in Germany with his white wife and 3yr old daughter. What a life!!! Hey kids you still wanna grow up to be a rapper? Pres. Obama did tell the NAACP recently that the urban youth can’t all be hip hop stars. Didn’t he? Is Pres. Obama an HSK reader? Maybe….

UPDATE: A reader has just made me aware of another hustle Timothy Blair was perpetrating. Check this for more detail!


  1. Again, please contact PCooper@atlantaga.gov with your details of how Tim Blair aka Tim Dog scammed you or attempted to scam you. If you are overseas and wired monies to his account in ATL or he used your credit card, etc – this counts as well as wire fraud. Please do not give up. Document all contacts and names of people you talk to. There will be accountability. Jacky has my contact info if you are interested in making contact.

  2. Watch Dateline NBC on June 8th 9-11p est for this horrific story of a predator, Tim Blair aka Tim Dog who has devised many schemes, while using his past history and knowledge of the music industry, to set up his victims. He coldly calculates how to leave them in a financial grave, not caring that most of the victims have children that are left to suffer along with their mothers, possibly even more so in the long run. A two hour episode, well worth the watch. Some hidden camera scenes…

  3. One of the biggest losers ever. On Dateline he states he is a Christian. What a phoney. Two minutes before, he was stating how he should beat, smack, whatever some girls around. He is a lying dumb waste of space who has no talent whatsoever. And of course he had to play the race card and cry he was being investigated because he was black when the story before his was about a woman going after a white man for the same thing. Boo fucking hoo. He’ll use any excuse because he is a talentless stupid fuck. Fuck off and die Tim, and btw, you are stone ass ugly.

  4. Log onto the web site msnbc about bullshit Tim DoGG. It will tell all of his activities of lying about not being married and all the scams he has run on women.