Timothy “Father MC” Brown’s Craigslist Scam Exposed


Father MC's Craigslist Scam

HSK Exclusive – A group of young aspiring musicians have fallen victim to the pitiful wrath of one low life Hollywood swindler. You may know him as Father MC, a one time rap artist who’s responsible for ripping off tens of thousands of dollars from his victims, promising record deals and high-end recording studio facilities before disappearing with their life savings.

HSK has exclusively learned Timothy “Father MC” Brown used Craigslist to lure his victims. After gaining their trust, the “Treat Them Like They Want To Be Treated” lyricist promised $10K would secure them production and recording deals. It may be the lowest of the low for Father MC to go – all to support his expensive lifestyle in the Hills of Studio City, California.

Here’s the drop:

“Father MC has an ad on Craigslist, seeking new artists to rip off. He takes every client for 10 racks and more.

He takes the artist to the studio and he sells them a pipe dream. Father has been traveling around the country ripping people off. Nicca’s from Chicago are looking for him, cause he owes a large unpaid studio bill. He’s owes them cats in Chicago about $100K for studio time, and they’re asking around for Father MC’s address.

Father MC is a piece of shit for ripping off those kids, Father MC is not only hiding from the streets, he’s ducking child support payments too.”

Is Father MC refusing to cough up child support while living a comfortable life in Hollywood? Of course he is. Don’t believe me.. Ask his daughter Brittany.

Father MC - Music Industry Scam


  1. Ripping people off? mid nineties? sounds like you need a life…Producing an Artist, and all artists need help and taking them to another level…is trying to help them…It’s the Artist and all of them, misconception that Producers owe them a living and a promise for a Record Deal….You wouldn’t be Jacky’s brother would you….a cult of 2 non-believers…Most Artists thrive after being Produced by him…..C Davis

  2. I met Fambody (Father MC) through James as well. Fam is his “Step in Fetch” house negro. They scam together. James quoted one price and then jacked it up and said he never agreed on the price he said before. I ended up stopping payment on my credit card. Fam just pulled the “Nigga, I know the president of Universal….I can get choo a deal.” He didn’t realize that I knew the president of Universal and he was not the person he was trying to pass off as the president of Universal. He is just working hand in hand with James on the scam. There is a tiny bedroom upstairs in the office in the very back to your left. They promise girls they’re going to get them a deal and bet with each other who can get them in bed first. He tried several times with me with no success. When it became apparent that I was not going to sleep with Fam, he took me out to the parking lot, waved his arms like a toddler in frustration and asked “Why you ain’t let me f*ck you?!!!” He abandoned our project which I expected. Never spoke to him again. It is sad, because I could see potential under the fake bravado. He could be a nice guy if he could just be himself instead of this facade of big time old school rapper with all these connections (and insecurities). It’s the worst to see a man lower himself to the point where he has to scam people for money. I’m not mad at him though. It’s obvious that the misery he is bringing upon others is paying him a visit now.

  3. Because stupid people just want to be heard. All yall niggas need to go the f*ck to sleep and mind your own business……lol

  4. I dont know what father mc is doing as far as producing music. I know people who he hung around and stole from. One person he stole their credit cards. Another one, he shows up and rolexes and other expensive items are suddenly missing. This has nothing to do with music. He hasnt had a hit in over 25 years. I quess this is how he has been eating.

    PLEASE, PLEASE REPORT. The more reports the better. they will investigate and e will go to prison!
    report at link below. Stand together, bring him down!


  6. No Not the FBI , close…but it’s the F N I frustrated no/talent Investigation because whoever wrote these lies, can’t blame himself for a lack of talent so he blames the Producer who is trying to make him better……..SCAM? First of all, any FBI agent would know immediately that this is a false report because he would ask this moron to rap or sing , and case closed so obvious he sounds absolutely horrible…..Timbaland could not help this Voice, or I should say Non Voice. And as always with Jacky and his losers.. They just don’t get it…….Everyone but Frustrated Jacky knows it’s Pay To Play Business……..And this final commit is for the reader…..of this trash Rap Sheet…..The Nerve of a Studio to actually charge for Studio Time…$$$$ Any objective reader knows that when you cry Fraud as many times as Jacky and his band of losers do……It’s time to lay the blame on the Source …The Artist and the Rap Sheet so called Writer….C Davis

  7. Hey Angry…
    You can’t spell worth sh*t!!!
    Punctuation is important!!
    1. “Know” has to do with KNOWLEDGE, as in “I know you cannot spell.”
    2 “NO” means NO as in “No, I don’t fall for Father MC’s bullshit.”

    NOTICE HOW I END MY SENTENCES WITH A LITTLE DOT, IT’S CALLED A period. Get to know it, love punctuation. People will judge you without it, as clearly I shown you.

    You pissed me off!!

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  9. I grew up in the same town as Father Mc, (Far Rockaway, NY) in the mid 80’s, and although I didn’t know him personally, I knew several Puerto Rican teenage boys who he was having sex with, and taking them on tour with him.

      • 2009 online sheet from Jackey a frustrated Rapper who was turned down by Tim P Diddy and R Kelly and created a Sheet of lies and false quotes about them. And since you have worked now with Tim and he has given of his time to make u a better Artist It's first hand experience. So Stay Focused ok and don't be influenced by Wanta Be Jacky s bullshit and lies

    • Tameka u have a lot of nerve writing negative commits on this loser Jacky s Ripoff Sheet . Tim and I gave u an opportunity and Tim did not charge u but had to put up with your being late or not even show up and your average songs that needed lots of help . He is a Pro sold millions of records and u? A wanta be that is Special Circumstances at best . Shame on you. U are lucky to even know us . U are an ungrateful unrealistic non-artist and Tim tried to help u. That stupid question u asked on Jacky s Sheet online. What can I do ?? I have the Answer Stop wasting our time. Oh well back to obscurity for u. No Hope. Bye

  10. We gonna catch this bum … Homies actively pursuing leads … His bum ass cronies too … Can't hide forever especially in L.A. .. we know where killer rabbit is … He still order a "fam body" from jinkys ? LMAO fuk boy

  11. He’s still pulling the same scam.. It’s called CBS Miami Studios and James Jason Calahan goes by CJ Thomas now. They’re still pulling the exact same scam it’s very surprising noone has attempted to stop it.

  12. They just produced a song for my step daughter who is ten on friday. It was amazing. Yes we had to pay 600 dollars. But Tim wrote it and produced it and the mix and mastering was done and left with an awsome song the same day. I dont see the problem.


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