Tina Turner Officially Remarried, Ike Turner’s Sons Not Invited



Tina Tuner is officially Mrs. Erwin Bach, after saying her ‘I dos’ to the German record exec. It’s an occasion we’re told the 73-year-old mother of three didn’t invite her sons to.

Reports reveal the longtime couple — with a 16-year age difference between them — tied the knot, just days ago, “in a discreet civil ceremony on the banks of Lake Zurich.” Now, we’re told the newly weds are preparing for a wedding reception, happening Sunday. And, guess what? Sources say Ronnie, Craig and Ike Turner Jr. are again not invited to attend.

Here’s the drop:

“Tina and Erwin will celebrate the union in a Buddhist ceremony at their estate in Kusnacht on Sunday. 120 guests will attend the bash but Tina’s children are not invited.”


  1. Congrats to the newly weds. Go for it Tina, if for any reason your boys cannot respect and love you the way you feel they should, cut the cord. All the best to you baby and find happiness wherever you find it!

    • NO marrigae will really work when the children are excluded–if there is trouble –take time to fix them–what do you think you are here for –?? if God gave you children–then take the time and spend it with them to have a balanced mind.= emotions—.. and don’t give me any of this B_S—you have to have a life of your own–crap!!! who is going to fix YOUR children–others–or are you just going to let them stumble and cause others grief??? children first–then another??

  2. Wow…goes to show how little I know.
    I know they’ve been together a long time but I always thought he was Greek.

    I’m happy for Mrs. Bach. God please bless their union & give Tina all that is for her & her husband’s highest good.

    Not sure why the boys weren’t invited but I hope they aren’t giving her grief over this. She deserves to be happy & she’s waited a LONG time to do so.

    Go on with your bad self, Tina!

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking (sons giving her grief). I hope he makes her happy and isn’t trying to use her though. Sometimes boys can be a little over protective of their mother’s but you never know–she has made bad decisions when it came to men before. But I certainly hope she’s happy. She looks beautiful! Especially for 70

      • sorry–she has made a big mistake–no sons–no contact???–big age difference–He ((husband)) gets it all $$$$$$$$ –brainwashed—smh…….

    • I dont no what I would I would do if Iwas divided from my own “children”! I am glad she is happy,iI was in an abusive marriage also!,but I dont like the fact that sshe would periodically come to America to do concerts,rake in big “money”,and later change her citizenship,seemd like she has no problem with turn n her back!good thing she.is retired so she wont come back to america ,whom she abandom,to pick up big box office sell outs!!

    • Yes I concur she is the stupid coon an scorpio and anonymous u all need to stfu…. he is a golddigger and she is he sugar momma… she has nothing to do with her real family here in the US and she does not associate with her own race… screw her… if it wasn’t for her race of people supporting her when she first go started she probably wouldn’t be shyt…her dumb as….


        ICE T


    • Well she may have reason to hate Black men….I mean you might look at brothers with the side eye if you had to deal with Ike for decades. Find happiness where ever you can!

        • Co signing your co-sign. And as far as the man using her for her money… didn’t I read they were together for 16 years? He didn’t have to marry her after all that time, but he did. I’m thinking they love each other – that’s why they married. Be happy Tina. Congratulations. And I’m so sick of people criticizing her for not marrying a black man when a lot of “them” diss black woman all the damned time. It never fails…. “they” diss us but always want us to have “their” back. Ugh. Shut up with that BS. Like I said… Be happy Tina.

          • Shut up… he found out who she was and the
            money signs was in his eyes…there is reason why she didn’t wannan marry him before… she is his sugar momma with her phony as

            • @Peaches–right on–seen this many times–#1 sign that he is no good and a gold digger—-no kids in contact with her–doesn’t inspire her to reach out to them–and now leaving her country>??? big mistake–look at Diana Ross–she thought he really loved her LOL –The german just used her Arnie>>> and now Ross is or was an alcoholic…athese stupid women—

          • Black women bring things on themselves they have forgotten gods gift to the world was jesus not woman.most black women are stupid and gold digger have 4 and five baby daddys and don’t want nothing in life but to get their toes and hair done.its all about deserve maybe you don’t deserve a good black man because I know that it is a lot of them out there.who care about what tina or anyone else does that is what we call mind your own bussiness.

      • I totally agree…..I don’t date black men either. every other race except blacks seem to know how to treasure black women you go Tina!

          • Oh booooooooyyyyyyyyyyy. Did she just shut YOU down? I guess so . TINA TURNER CAN MARRY WHO SHE WANT.and as for the term sell out I think you just got sold babieeeee. Go head on wit yo bad self Tina and live your life and be very very happy. Thats my girl. You go tina. Enough said and I rest my case.

    • Wait One Minute All Of You – Whoever Tina Decides To Marry Is Her Concern. She Met Erwin In 1986 When He Picked Her Up From An Airport In Germany To Accompany Her To One Of Her Scheduled Concerts. She Has Said Many Times That When She Met Him, By His Uniquely Handsome Looks, That She Was Instantly Very Nervous & Had Sweaty Palms & Knew That It Was Love At First Sight. The First Time He Proposed To Tina Was On Her 50th Birthday & She Simply Didn’t Respond By Saying Yes Or No For The Reason That She Didn’t Feel That It Was A Right Time In Her Life & That She Didn’t Want The Relationship To End Either. She Has Been With Mr. Bach For 27 Years, So No, It Isn’t Like She Is Naive Or Rushed Into Anything. She Knows Erwin Very Well & He Has Brought Much Happiness Into Her Life, Which, At The End Of The Day, Is Something That We Should All Be Grateful For Because We All Know Her Story & Know That If Anyone, She Truly Deserves Happiness. 
      As Far As These Racism Comments, Tina Is Too Wise And Grown Than To Be Such A Thing & It Makes No Difference If She Never Dated A Black Man After Ike. She Isn’t At All Stereotypical Towards Black Men Because If You Remember, The One & Only Fan She Ever Invited Onstage With Her Was An African American Man. Everybody Please Give Her The Respect Of A Lady Who Endured & Painful Past & Triumphed It All. She Deserves All The Happiness That She Can Possibly Get & So Much More & I Am Grateful To Have Someone Who’s Honest, Giving, & Genuine Like Her To Look Up To From Anyone Else In This World. 

      • l think all you people should be happy for tina & ervin & leave
        them alone everybody has thlngs in there personal life that
        other people dont understand so what mind your own bussiness& let tina & ervin alone be happy she gave all good music to enjoy you need tao open your to see who real tina
        is give a break ok? be glad w e
        ok ddee
        have her

      • Well Said…..thank you for supporting the negative comments. Haters Will Be Haters until they change their thinking.

      • Amen….27 years and he is a very rich man without Tina. .that’s love.. to hell with all these racist!! Congrads Anna Mae!!

    • Massa gonna get her money wit her dumb as.. Ike must have knocked some of those brai cells loose in her head with all those smacks cause she a stupid as sugar momma and he the gold digger…

  3. I guess she is so involved in the white world that she got white men, went to the white land and did not even invite her blacks sons to the wedding. Damn. If it’s like that, that can expect little from any will that she may have.

    I guess since a whit man ‘rescued’ her and her career, she, like many a negro, feels that whites love them more than blacks do since the blacks she knew terrorized her. She had babies by the black man when she could have left well before that. If she could have babies with this white man, I am sure that she would.

    Yeah, she does have her fake accent and shit. She is about as blacks as can be, coming from small town hillbilly/country states – you can’t get blacker than that!

  4. While I am an ardent Tina fan, if you listen to some of her older interviews, you could tell that she did want to distance herself from blacks. Maybe it was because of her childhood.

    I tell you she couldn’t have picked a whiter country to live in. LOL

    Congrats Tina

    • …So in other words, she’s yet another Stockholm Syndrome-addled black celebrity who thinks they’ve ‘made it’ in the Western World by marrying an accomplished white person. Got it. I swear, some of these people really think they stopped being black once some checks started coming in, yet become the ‘blackest’ people on Earth whenever they’re in trouble with the law. Sad, but proof that you’ve ‘Gotta come home’ sometime.

      • Raheim,

        I agree with you 100%.

        I don’t know what Tina’s relationships with her sons are. But, if there is bad blood between them. Tina had better be careful because one day she might need one of her black sons to bring her a glass of water.

        My momma use to say that all the time.

  5. Ms. Tina, would you like to add a new child to your family? I would like to make myself available for adoption.

    I’m potty trained, have had all my shots, and am available for international travel.

    If interested, get at me thru this site. Jacky has my email info….LOL

  6. her husband is ashamed that he has black stepkids and he does’nt want his rich white friends to know that he has black grandkids who listen to the bloody awful hip hop music.

    tina’s non threatening to white societyshe been crossedover even if ike did’nt abuse her she probvaly still would have dated and preferred white men.

    • and other interesting things come to mind like royalties, publishing rights this dude wants to take everything from tina’s kids and grandkids leave them with nothing while him and his white family will be set for life.

      duded will probaly be eating off the music she made with ike.

      tina’s death not wishing death on her will draw new interest in her career and introduce her to a new legion of fans.

      white people love a dead black hero ask bob marley, michael jackson, 2pac, whitney houston and jimi hendrix.

  7. didnt tina get her ass kicked, abused ,and beaten by a brother? let her enjoy her life in a new country with her new husband.

    • You sound just like a damn fool! just because one man whopped your ass, don’t mean the next one will! and a man can only do what you allow them to do, she knew Ike was a married man with kids, she knew her sister and best friend was f*cking Ike, she also knew that Ike had a history of beating bitches asses, hell, he use to pay her $5.00 to beat up his jump-offs if they started to get out of line! so that poor me, ANNA MAE, EAT THE CAKEM, SHE WANTED HER ASS BEAT, WHO STAYS WITH A ABSURE 16YRS?

      • Mental and physical abuse can indeed damage a person for a long time..I see the residuals of slavery being played out everyday…Tina’s behavior is no different than the black people who embrace the white mans Jesus as their savior lover and husband but as black folk we tend to call out the dysfunction in others while clearly ignoring the black person in the mirror..

        Please be advised I AM NOT directly calling YOU out I am responding in a general manner regarding mental and physical abuse…peace

        • Preach Trifecta! They bashing her for marrying a white man yet they worship a white man as god. GTFOH!

      • tina was enjoying the fame amnd was getting something out of the marriage she was sticking with ike until somebody else came along who could rescue hwer from ike.

        anyway she profited from the film, book and received benefits and praise for being a survivor and jumping into the arms of a white knight you know what I mean.

      • @ vanity six,

        ” tonight don’t you wanna come with me to my own little nasty world.Do you think I’m a nasty girl”

        LOL I am just kidding. I could not resist because of your screen name.

        • LOL I thought of them to when I saw her username, I loved Vanity when I was younger and I love Nasty Girl.

        • Lol… we just dance to that song in my pole fitness class on Friday. Chiiiiile you shoulda seen them weaves flingin and booties poppin lol!

    • Preach it “Big”. Some of people are being such HATERS. If you do not have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. Let her enjoy the rest of her life.

  8. tina turner know who she is as a person. Black!!. people expect certain behavior in blacks. Her real fans dont see” color”.

  9. I wish Ike didnt beat her because maybe she would have a different prospective. we as her race must keep in mind Ike beat her all of the time so she went to a white man. I have a white friend who like brothers because she was rape by her race men. What I really hate is brothers who dog us in rap songs or as soon as they come up a little bit they run to a becky because they feel it is a better image after the money kicks in.

    • @ So’laced,
      All of a sudden these brothers can’t find black women in their circles or they lack patience for us. I can’t stand those assholes!!!!


  10. Even though one person beat Tina…that sticks with you. He wasn’t just physically abusive he probably was mentally abusive too

      • Yo mane… i dunno firsthand. I always heard it maintained that he was the abuser. Would you be willing to do a blog post about it And bring some knowledge to a new generation? Because it must have been a long and twisted road from Nutbush city limits to Lake Zurich. Damn.

  11. She tried loving a black man for YEARS and was totally devoted to him. He whopped her ass daily and almost killed her. Yall act like yall forgot. And I’m sure she loves her sons, but refuses to let them dictact her life and who she should love. And many a black man didn’t think she was attractive enough and too “country” for them. NOW they and yall wanna talk shit. Fuck outta here. I’ll say it again … Go ‘head and be happy Tina. Ain’t none of these mofos paying your bills or has done anything but talk shit about you.

  12. like tina was innocent she had a child by one of ike’s bandmates before getting with ike and she already knew his rep.

  13. It was just a bad union for both Tina and Ike. I am not advocating domestic violence but sometimes women have to wake up. I watch R&B Divas LA and Dawn from En Vogue said she was beat by a man constantly and stayed with that man that even had three children outside their marriage. Is she cra-cra? There ain’t that much love in the world. What happens to women? Raise your fist at me and I’m gone. Not waiting for the next time.

  14. Tina has 2 sons of her own. One with a former band member = Craig and one with Ike Turner = Ronnie. Both were invited. There is even a wedding pic with Craig Turner, Tina, Oprah and Erwin in the newspaper. Ronnie did not show up but is currently spending his holidays with his mother. Ike Turner’s sons Ike Jr and Michael – from a former relationship are drug addicts. We don’t know if they were invited or not but if I were Tina – I would not invite them either. Both happily receive a money transfer from their “mother” every month. So do RESEARCH before you post lies!

    • Oh you are sooo right becsuse that is her son craige in that pic with her.and she is close with ronnie to.who no why the other two weren,t there. She surely took good care of the two. Thats their lose for what ever the reason was that they weren,t there . But tina still had a beautiful wedding still .by the way I loved that she had on .

  15. You guys should do a research first before talking about Tina, obviously most haters here doesn’t know what they talking about. And also the writer of this story, please do a research. Your a bullshit !!

  16. You guys should do a research first before talking about Tina, obviously most haters here doesn’t know what they talking about. And also the writer of this story, please do a research. You’re a bullshit !

  17. Mammies and coon swamping up this thread.

  18. I saw the interview on Own. I don’t know about her relationship or her drama with her sons so I won’t comment on that but her wedding party and the guests (outside of Oprah and her sidekick Gail), were all white. I mean come on Tina, you don’t have a cousin, niece, grandchild,grandniece somebody? anybody black?, her wedding was just too white for my liking.
    And I love Tina’s music but watching her wedding left me rather disappointed.

  19. I have never herd so many studpid ass comments about things none of us know anything about. To white for my liking WOW ! Racism is alive and well on both sides and always will be ! Tina Turner can do what evers she wants she owes no alliance to anyone. As far as I have read and I know for a fact that Craig keeps in contact with his mother because I have met him a few times. She sends money every month to her grown ass kids paying there rent and so on not to mention they have drug issues they have battled for years these men not children are grown ass men. my God they have to be in ther 50’s and as far as no black people in Europe or kusnacht educate yourselves there are lots of africain people who speak not just one language but many !

    • Scott,

      It doesn’t make me a racist to say her wedding was too white. I would’ve said it was too black if it was reversed. if a mixed couple is getting married it would make sense that both families are represented. her wedding just appeared that she was engulfed in the Caucasian world and simply forgot her black folks back in nutbush Tennessee. AND FYI black people in the USA can’t be racist, we may be a little judgmental and bias but the only place I know of where the minority race held back the majority was South Africa. Rest assured I’m no racist.


  21. Tina, Diana, Dame Bassey (don’t forget the dame) have all had serious issues with black men. It is just like white women who are with black men. Black men can do anything to them, but hey, they ain’t the football team that gang-banged them or the stepfather or cousin that molested them.

    Diana: forced by Berry Gordy to have his kid. Never married a black man, but didn’t do so well with white men.

    Tina: Ike and from her country background, who knows WTF happened there. Stopped dealing with black men.

    Shirley Bassey: well Madame Dame is too extra, but her African father was deported when she was two for sexual relations with a minor. Imagine being black in Wales, her momma had all these kids for whomever, please. She wound up marrying a queer after having a baby by some white man whose identity remains a secret.

    My thing is this: men are men. If you don’t want to deal with brothas, for whatever reason, fine, just don’t end up like the black men who marry white women and then leave them and the mulatto kids to fend for themselves and that happens a lot. Make a list of why you don’t want to deal with a brotha, then look for those same reasons in the white boy. 9 times out of ten, they are there, it is just hidden by the race divide.

    Date strategically my sistahs, men will be men.

  22. I saw photos of her sons at her wedding (Ronnie and Craig) — and I’ve seen photos of them at her villa in France with their girlfriends or wives, and pics of her in LA with her sons. Not the stepsons from Ike though. I always see photos of her and her sons in the European magazines bc she’s a huge star there and the papps follow her.

  23. Why do people hate on her for not having black guests at her wedding, black friends, black fans, etc? When she was down and out she called upon black artists to help her get herself back together (Diana Ross, Aretha etc.) They would’t even return her call. Probably bc she was more talented than them and they saw her as competition? In the end, NO ONE helped except David Bowie and other European artists. Once she got big, everybody was like, why is always with white Europeans? Umm, because black artists turned their back on her in her time of need. So? Late! U’m moving on …. to France and Switzerland, haters! Go Tina!

  24. I Love Tina Turner and a great fan of her’s, Tina Turner will always Be The Best. You deserve your special day of happiness and forever. My Love and Prayers go out to you and your Husband.

  25. Ronnie turner and tina family grand kids
    was not invited
    At the wedding also afida turner is a huge star
    In France and tina is very jalous of Afida Turner.so a shame tina

    • A star? Afida Turner is a subject of joke in france. Every body is laughing when she comes on tv. She's so dumb… TV shows only invite her to make fun. She is not a singer, not a model, she's just an 'I don't know how to spend my time" people. A proove? See the vid of the red carpet of the festival of Cannes, when she was caught by security services because she wasn't invited to walk with actors. So shameful.

  26. Tina’ is pictured with her oldest son Craig at the wedding. Also saw recent pictures with her and her son Ronnie and his lady. Not sure about her step son Ike jr and Michael.


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