Tina Turner Suffers a Stroke


Tina Turner Suffers Stroke

HSK Exclusive – We’ve got some sad news to report. A source exclusively tells HSK that Tina Turner, whose real name is, Anna Mae Bullock, — recently suffered a stroke at her home in Zurich, Switzerland. We’re told the songstress remains in her Swiss home, under nurses’ care.

This, about seven-months after the 74-year-old legend tied the knot in July 2013 — with longtime beau, Erwin Bach. According to our source.. since the medical emergency Tina’s been “reminiscing” — “telling the people close to her she’s the ‘last one left’ since Zelma [her late-mother], Eileen [her late-sister] and Ike all died.”

Here’s the drop:

“Tina’s also been reaching out to Ronnie [son] on a regular. She’s trying to make sure he’s staying clean. She’s worried about him.”

Tina Turner Dead


  1. Omg! Mrs. Turner-Bach.U gots to get better! I know personally. I had a stroke at the age of 32! And here I am 37 and I have to take it one day at a time. My speech has been effected by it, but I stumble across a few words, but its aggravating. Get well!

    • I asked Tina’s family here on Facebook personally there not happy and when Tina gets a hold of this terrible rumour you’s are going straight to hell being sued or with ma ‘MAKUTU’ boom!! get your f*cken facts right!!

    • Why would someone say such an ignorant thing? She’s in love and married her love which makes her happy??? You’d rather have her live alone…..oh wait YOUR stupid ignorant comment doesn’t matter!

    • What a thing to say, she’s been with this man for nearly 30 years. I’m sure you’d welcome her unasked-for opinions on your life, right?

    • Sheila White you are the epitome of what is stupid in the world today. She has been with that man for 30 years. How about you worry about your own pathetic little life and stop citing her marriage as the reason why she has this stroke. Go play with your blow up doll and crawl back under your rock. You are and will forever be a barren bitch.

  2. JUST watched beginning of Disney’s Brother Bear yesterday where she sang on the score… Get well Ms Tina Turner!

    • Actually on second thought I think this is an internet hoax because if this really happened it would be all over CNN and social media. I think the source lied to Jacky.

      • Hypocrite freak. Do you call Kanye a sell out you jealous black men need to take several seats. THEN CALL MICHEAL JORDAN A COON CAUSE HE JUST HAD KIDS WITH A WHITE WOMEN.

        I didn’t think so the only thing a simp can control is a black woman. punk!!

        • The woman Jordan Married is not White she’s Cuban.She’s a Israelite woman from the Tribe of Mannessah. All Of The Daughters Of Zion on HSK rejoice.The Kingdom is Ours.

          • Don’t even try it.

            She is a white Cuban whose ancestors werSugar plantation slave owners, who, in the 1920s probably were part of the lynch mobs (YES THEY LYNCHED BLACK PEOPLE IN CUBA) that lynched blacks because they wanted to form a political party.e

            • She’s white only if her lineage goes back to a Spaniard.Some of our people are going to look like Esau,but will actually be one of us do to Race Mixing.I’m certain she’s Cuban/Indian not Cuban/ Spaniard which in turn makes her a Israelite. Shalom.

            • She is a WHITE CUBAN.

              Jordan would not have it any other way. White Cubans are more racists than So. Krakkas.

              Sugar plantation slavery in the Spanish Caribbean was just as bas as cotton slavery here in the U.S., if not worse.


              Also, disappointed Jacky, this story is not true.

    • Would rather be an ole sell out coon than stuck in your bleak,barren and desolate life! Team Tina, love ya and get well soon. You brought a lot of excitement to this world, all the best, thank you.

    • That is heartless and disrespectful. I would hope that if this was to befall a loved one in your family….people would have more respect for you than you do Tina.

  3. I was a huge Tina Turner fan until she went Pop with “Private Dancer”.She also just recently had a Buddist Wedding.The God Of Israel is a Jealous God and we’re not to have other Gods.

  4. tina’s in bad health she’s past 70 married a younger white guy who’s gonna benefit when she passes.

  5. tina’s in bad health she’s past 70 married a younger white guy who’s gonna benefit when she passes.

    • I USED to ride for you crazychris but you’re just another hypocrite BM talking out the side of his mouth.


      BM give their legacies to white women and their kkk relatives day in and out so shut your mouth about Tina Turner!

  6. That white guy is gonna walk away with all her monies and royalties and get himself another white man to spend it on…Keep that money flowing in the white tribe.

  7. she did’nt want her own kids at her wedding.

    she did’nt go to ike’s funeral.

    she did reunite with him at the rock and roll hall of famne only because she was inducted.

    she never got over the abuse ike put her through.

    • 1. She only has two biological children. One of whom – her son Craig – was in fact present at her wedding. So, incorrect.

      2. No, she didn’t attend Ike’s funeral. Would you attend the funeral of a man who beat you for decades? I’ll wait… Didn’t think so.

      3. Who cares?

      4. She went on to have a successful career, sans Ike, and is now happily married to the man she’s been with for upwards of twenty years. Sounds like she ‘got over’ it just fine to me.

      Anything else?

  8. This report is untrue!!! She is fine! Her family just talk to someone and said she is doing good that she didn’t have a stroke!!!!

  9. I am and always be a fan of Tina’s But, it’s kind of strange how she distanced herself from her race.

    The country she lives in is lily white. If she wasn’t Tina Turner they wouldn’t give her two nickels to rub together if she was destitute and living on the streets. Kind of sad. I do hope her health improves.

    • In Switzerland, the only color is the color of paper.

      It is about your wealth in Switzerland, period.

      I don’t think Tina ever distanced herself. Met her once on the street, real nice, full of love and light.

  10. Hoax. This woman has been my hero since I was six years old. Literally felt like I’d been hit in the stomach when I first saw this. Whoever decided it would be funny or entertaining to make this up is both an idiot and a jerk. Get a life.

  11. Tina Turner is a legend and her music is timeless. That little stripper who sold her soul and married a Crowley worshipper, she is a fraud and a hoe. She can never measure up to the legendary Tina Turner! Our prayers and best wishes go out to the living legend.

    P.S. Tina was so smart for leaving Amerikkka!

  12. This is irresponsible reporting, mostly likely to lure people to this stupid site!!! I for one won’t be returning!!! Get your facts straight asshole!!!

    • I’m sorry but why would you believe eonline over Jacky’s word? Oh because they’re mainstream and mainstream ALWAYS tells it like it is, right? Just like Oprah’s a truth teller? SMH

        • AGAIN, I can do this alllll day folks: a follower asked her about it, and she responded. Oprah ain’t checking for Jacky boo! *case reopened, re-tried, and closed again*

  13. Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see! I need more proof before i dial up the get well soons. I hate when people lie on others for no reason. We will see if its true or not.

  14. Oprah released a statement that Tina did not have a stroke. This is how rumors get started. This site is not credible.

  15. This is a false story!
    Blogs aren’t very credible anyway,especially this one!
    Damn Jackie! You making up stories now?

  16. Oprah is a known LIAR…..and Tina is a well known Lesbian she even shot Randy Jackson (The Jackson’s) over some p*ssy…….Tina was a fool for marrying that white guy I said it months ago he was gonna kill her, inherit all of her life earnings and royalties, get a young bad bitch and ride off in the Swiss sunset.

  17. So @BA, u live with them at their house and know their hearts, souls, and minds? Also if someone would accuse u, @BA of something like this, would u FEED the demand?

      • BA has a good point. We all are victims to MK. Didn’t our parents told us to mind our manners? Respect our elders? Say Yes Sir, Yes Ma’am and No Sir and No Ma’am? Believe it or not we are all MK victims.

        • I’m not. My parents did not subject me to emotional and sexual trauma and use certain words to trigger a sexual response so that I would perform lewd acts upon command. Sorry but no, we are NOT all M K ultras. My heart goes out to those that truly are. I pray for them, in fact

          • No Anon 20:00 not sexually, I mean respect in general. Like say Yes sir or No sir and Yes ma’am No ma’am, Excuse me sir or Excuse me ma’am. So you basically wasn’t mind control by your parents intern of respect?

  18. Tina
    My prayers..I lay on the alter of God’d heart that you may fully recover is is my continual prayer!
    We all love you Tina….Penny

  19. Have anybody notice that maybe Mrs. Turner – Bach probably.didn’t want the fans be alarmed about her health? And two I have yet to see a celebrity yet to go after Jacky. So apparently Jacky knows his stuff. And have you notice a lot of us come to Jacky’s site because his site is pretty much accurate.

  20. This site has seemed different the past few months as if its missing the JackyJasper controversial Swagger.I hope dude didn’t sell out.

  21. I/we put Tina and her family in the hands of our gracious Lord and savior we are healed by his stripes
    ..I love you Tina Praying for your recovery….

  22. .@ANON ,16:36, LOL! RIGHT
    :@ )

      • Trust, if anything was to happen to the QUEEN of Rock and Roll, it would most certainly make the news.

        • Queen of Rock and Roll? LOL

          Anna Mae Bullock was a glorified go-go dancer who only obtained fame off the coat-tails of a musical genius named Ike Turner.

          If Tina Turner was in this era she would be Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj. Tina cant sing and all she could do was shake her tail feather to Ikes music. The stuff she made post Ike was corny and the only had one hit.

          Tell the truth and shame the devil.

          • You a lie, and the truth ain’t in you.

            If Tina was supposedly “riding his coat tails”, then she would’ve ridden right on into obscurity with him. But did that happen? Hmm… let’s see: 11 Grammy Awards, a Kennedy Center Honor, the 9th highest grossing tour of all time at the age of 70… Nope, it surely didn’t.

            If it weren’t for Tina, there would be no Beyoncé. You and all five of Ike’s minions hating Tina will never change the fact that she is one of the most legendary female artists of all time. So please direct yourself to the nearest stadium and have several hundred sit downs.

          • You are a sad person, you think Ike would have worked with Tina if she couldn't sing.
            We all should be wishing Tina a speedy recovery.

  23. I believe Jacky but when i visited the dailymail website they said it was falsely reported by hollywoodstreetking. However i am still riding with Jacky on this one.
    Jacky used to be good friends with Ike Turner so u never know who he knows

    • Good friends with Ike? Oh nowww all the Tina hate makes perfect sense.

      You caught, HSK, witcha lying behinds. And I know this is will be deleted, so best believe I’m gettin’ a screenshot.

      • She was with the sax player, they had Craig, talked about getting married, it didn’t work out, he ended up leaving the band, and life went on. All that is in Tina’s autobiography, ‘auto’ meaning Tina said all that herself. So what is your point?

          • Aww, don’t go, the party was just getting started. LMBO!

            I hope you’ve enjoyed all of this attention, because goodness knows this is probably the most traffic this piece of trash site has EVER gotten. Here’s a tip though: you lose credibility and respect when you lie, so just keep that in mind the next time you get the urge to make something up.

            Enjoy the game, Jackoff Jasper. 😉

          • Again with the irrelevant information. On top of that, why should she send ANYTHING to a couple of grown ‘tail’ men? Does yo’ mama send you money every month?

          • You have NOTHING that’s not available to the general public. Every Tina Turner fan forum has at least one thread talking about her relationship with her sons, including the financial bit. So try again. Better yet, just admit you lied because you’re an Ike-stan who hates Tina.

          • You may have “made paper” with him, whatever that means, but you’re still clearly a groupie, and judging from the derogatory and poorly researched nature of all the articles you’ve written about her, you clearly do NOT like Tina.

            “Denial” is not just a river in Egypt.

  24. After Tina’s success Ike went on a tirade in every publication, TV and radio interview he could find. He had ‘small’ man syndrome. He was a very talented man but his narcissistic personality and abusive demeanor negated any of that with the public. It was so apparent after Tina left him how jealous he was of her success. However, Tina remained the classy woman she is. She never debated Ike in public nor said a word about him after he died.

    In Tina’s autobiography, she even thanked Ike for giving her a chance to sing and become successful. What woman that hates someone does that?

    Don’t blame Tina for telling her story. Even another one of Ike’s women said she visited his hometown and saw so much physical abuse against women there that it was the norm. Domestic violence is acceptable in some communities and Ike apparently came from one. He saw it as a child and practiced it against all the women he met. Women were demeaned in his community and that’s how he treated them because that’s all he knew.

    As for Oprah having sex with Tina or a gay lover to Gayle, I don’t believe a word of that trash. People can’t even be sister/friends these days without someone thinking something is going on. By now, most people know that if Oprah were gay she would’ve announced it in her magazine and on her show. She’s not ashamed of anything.

    Like President Obama, there are some famous people with no gossip who live private, clean lives but someone is always hoping to find something. When that’s not available they make stuff up.

    Some of these Black gossip sites are becoming irrelevant because someone ‘thinks or heard’ something, tells them and they run with it. Do you want integrity or just to be known as printing untrue stories????

    • Best comment in this thread. Anyone who actually cared to do his or her research would know that Tina has never been shy about talking about everything Ike did for her in the beginning. She very well could’ve spent the rest of her life trashing the man, but she didn’t.

      I actually remember seeing an interview where they showed her an interview they had done with Ike prior to her appearance on the show, in which he said something along the lines of ‘I may have slapped her a few times, but I never really hit her’ in addition to other things, but essentially calling her a liar. She had a perfect opportunity to go off in that moment, but again, she didn’t. She maintained her class and composure.

      After he died, Ike’s widow did numerous disparaging radio interviews Tina. Phil Spector, who once upon a time actually PAID to keep Ike away from recording sessions with Tina but yet had somehow become buddy-buddy with the man, stood up at his funeral and trashed her as well. Tina didn’t even respond. Why? Because once she’s washed her hands of something and said her peace, that’s it.

      Ike on the other hand, like you said, was bitter up until the day he died, so if what ‘Anonymous at 6:56’ said is true about Jacky being friends with Ike, then one can only imagine what kind of nasty untruths Ike passed on the reason why he would think it amusing to make up something like this. There were plenty of witnesses to and other victims of Ike’s behavior back in the day, so people have really got to stop trying to make Tina out to be some kind of villain as if she made it all up. It is what it is. She got over it, so everyone else should follow suit. Let the woman live.

      As for these Black “gossip” sites… don’t even get me started.

      • Those Black American “men”, who hit Black women, usually do so out of frustration.
        The frustration stems basically from the reality that a Black American male can never truly be a man while he is subjected to the rulership of the white male. Deep inside ,the black American male knows this. He knows that he is 110% dependent on the white man for his food, his shelter, his clothing, his education, which for all intents and purposes makes the Black American male, the white mans bitch and he knows it….Furthermore he knows that the black woman also knows it and knows the unintelligent negro male seeks to project a type of empty authority by physically overpowering her by abuse and sexual cocksmanship. These are the only two relics of manhood he can wield and with the processed foods, the white refined sugar, the soy and plastic bottles, he can barely even wield the sexual dominance anymore. White men are even starting to surpass black males in this arena because white males have, because of better economic resources a cleaner diet and access to high quality medical care, including triglyceride, diabetic heart disease monitoring.

        Tell the truth and shame the devil.

        • ANON 17:21,

          African-American men in this country are free to eat whatever they like & can afford to buy — the same as men of any other racial group. Unless he is illiterate, there is more than enough information available detailing what is healthful to eat vs. what is not — you don’t need a degree to figure it out. Even those on food stamps can use them to buy organic produce & dairy products, grass-fed meats, etc. at supermarkets like Whole Foods. And in places where there are no decent grocery stores, more & more communities are organizing weekly farmers’ markets in the parking lots of schools or libraries. The merchants there will usually take EBT cards, just as they take debit or credit cards.

          If Black American men in the 21srt century insist on eating foods that kill them rather than those than sustain their health, that is NOT “the White man’s” fault! EVERY grown person is responsible for what they put in their own mouth. Barring an accident or a stroke, eating right & exercising regularly (just walking will do) are 90% of the “health care” any Black man needs. And he’s not dependent on “the White man” for that.

          As for the rest, African-American men are no more “dependent on the White man” than men of any other minority group in this country! Mexicans cross the border illegally every day (& were it up to me, I’d deport every last one of them!) with no skills, knowing no English & take whatever work they can find under the table. Illegal aliens can’t get social services, so they get by on whatever they can earn, living with 8, 10, 12 people in a 1 or 2 bedroom apt. They sleep in shifts on the floor. They take work from whoever will hire them & accept shit wages. But they are no more “dependent” on the White man than anyone else working for a salary. And THEY experience even more racism as Mexican illegals than Black men, because the Black man is a citizen who knows his rights & isn’t afraid to call the cops.

          The Mexican men wire money home every week & as soon as their wives have enough, they pay a coyote to smuggle them & their children into America. She doesn’t look down on her husband for the crappy job he has — she’s working a crappy job too. And in most cases, the Mexican mam manages to be a husband & father without beating his wife’s ass because he’s “frustrated” about having such a hard life.

          There are dozens other non-White immigrant groups that come here better off than the Mexicans, with college degrees — Indians, Pakistanis, Saudis (they aren’t all rich), Algerians, Yemenis, Egytians, Ethopians — who are darker than most Black Americans, so they get treated like niggers by Whites. And don’t even let me star on all the Nigerians, So. African, Gahanians, Kenyans etc. who come here already educated as well! Even those without a degree come here & start their own businesses a few years later, with family help.

          All those brown men of other races & Black African men manage to get here & navigate the the American educational & business worlds SUCCESSFULLY. If they already have a bachelor’s degree, they go to grad school. The pay for all that with scholarships, student loans & family assistance when possible, but plenty of them manage with no financial help from home because their families are too poor to help them. BUT THEY MANAGE! They don’t get caught up in drugs. They don’t get arrested for DWI or fighting in bars. They don’t flunk out of school. They face the same racism that Black Americans face, moreso in many cases, but they still manage to Handle Their Business. They do what they came here to do: get an education & a good job.

          And once they have those things, what do they do next? THEY FIND A DECENT WOMAN TO MARRY, USUALLY FROM THEIR OWN ETHNIC GROUP. They don’t run around for years flossing. They don’t trick off money on strippers & fancy cars. Most of them don’t chase White women. Nobody has to tell them “Don’t get a woman pregnant that you don’t consider worthy of being your wife.” Nobody has to tell them “Find a good wife & settle down”. The African man, the Indian man, the Pakistani man, the Egyptian man, the Thai man, the Korean man, the Japanese man — they all KNOW that’s what a grown man does once he’s got his shit together!

          Other minority men get married, start a family & focus their attention on succeeding in their careers & taking care of home. Most of them don’t beat their wives when they get “frustrated” because only a punk hits a woman. And because no man who loves his children beats their mother. No one has to tell them these truths.

          Black African men & minority men of other races don’t get distracted by babymama drama because most of them get married BEFORE having kids. They don’t end up with the bulk of their resources being siphoned off to pay child support for multiple offspring. Whne they’re not at home with their families, they spend most of their time focused on work, on their career or their business. Which is why men of all races from other countries outpace Black American men in their earnings & career advancement.

          These men live in the same America where the White man controls everything, but THEY manage to succeed within the framework of the White man’s game.

          The only thing stopping Black men from doing the same is their arrogance & intellectual dishonesty. They’d rather have an attitude about everything & blame the White man for their shortcomings because that’s easier than looking in the mirror & dealing with all their f*ck-ups. They’d rather be a playa & refuse to marry the first chick they get pregnant, straighten up & be a real man & father, because it’s easier to follow the street life/thug life/rap star life they’ve internalized from the misogynistic, souless music they’ve listened to all their lives. It’s easier to walk away from their babymama & go be with someone new — until she ends up pregnant too. They don’t learn from their mistakes, they just keep repeating them.

          Because they had no father themselves, they refuse to submit to their heavenly Father. They won’t accept the authority of God or believe they should study the bible & follow God’s teachings, so they have no instructions for how to live in the world. Left to their own devices, humans won’t simply “be good for goodness’ sake” — not for long.

          Too many Black American men hve no moral code because the Creator is the one who invented the moral laws that govern our lives. He puts those laws into the hearts & minds of those who follow Him. But those laws can’t live within someone who refuses to accept God.

          And Brothers can’t blame THAT on the White man either.

  25. Interesting points, but everyone is someone’s bitch, even if it is a non-tangible, like consumer tastes.

    White men are killing themselves and OD’ing on heroin.

    Ike was a drinker, smoker and coke head. He went to jail for 5 years on federal drug charges.

    Ike was just out of control

    • Everyone is someone’s bitch , true.

      But its a little different when one man is another mans bitch, in clear and up close view of his women and children. That’s a whole nother ballgame, when its up close and personal like that in daily interactions on the workplace and other Institutions that one must deal with in order to ensure survival.

        • Tina is probably still in therapy and recovery.

          With the blood vessel technology nowadays, you almost have a 50/50 shot of complete recovery from a stroke IF, you get to the hospital within 45 minutes at the onset of symptoms.
          Its amazing what they can do with stroke victims now…Im saying that but there is no proof that Tina did or didn’t have a stroke. Her people deny it so we should give them the respect of privacy and benefit of the doubt.
          God forbid,if I get sick, I don’t want lots of people knowing about it except for close love ones. Even famous people deserve to have some decent human dignity.

            • Most people already feel ashamed and embarrassed enough when they become ill (don’t ask me why), so why put extra stress on that person situation by outing them against their will? Its not like Tina is harming other people or stealing their property or even kicking hungry puppies.
              If Tina knows about this(and Im sure she has access to the internet) it is no doubt making her feel worse with shame and that’s only going to make her recovery that much harder.

        • She doesn’t want u to know her business-her BFF Oprah is trying to spin the truth & ya’ll falling for it-I’m going to watch the NBA All Star Halftime show!!!

        • The last time Tina responded to foolishness was when Aretha threw that temper tantrum after the Grammys because Beyonce called Tina ‘Queen’. Even then, she made one statement. Aretha kept going, and she ignored her.

          Long story short, you can just call Tina ‘Sweet Brown’ cause she ain’t got time for Jacky’s BS.

      • Race headgame is there, but white children know how to behave when around daddy’s friends and coworkers, not to mention the boss. White kids learn early about the pecking order and the importance of money and status.

        Black kids learn early about having not, and white kids learn early about keepin’ what they have (stole).

  26. We’re falling for it because you cant prove a negative.



      • Im not religious. That means Im not into beliefs.

        Believe Believe Believe.

        You sound like Rev. Ike …..

        Wait a minute…That was punny

          • I don’t believe Oprah and I don’t believe you christa.

            If Tina is sick I wish her well.
            If Tina is well, then I wish her continued health.

            I don’t like her music anyway, so to me she is just a musician I don’t really know.

  27. This ‘story’ has been out for three days, and nobody has picked it up. Not TMZ, not even the doggone National Enquirer. The only reason Daily Mail and E! Online indirectly acknowledged it was because of Oprah’s tweet. So… *Madea voice* the spirit is telling me that you’re lying.


  28. Her relatives on Facebook are saying they know nothing about this. How is it that you would know and they wouldn’t?

  29. What man is waits around for darn near 30 years for some insurance money? Especially when that man is a record exec who was probably making six figures before he even met her?

      • They’ve been together since the 80’s. This wasn’t the first time Erwin proposed to Tina. If I’m not mistaken, it was either the second or third time. So you’re telling me this man devoted thirty-years of his life to pursuing marriage just to get an insurance check… despite the fact that he was already wealthy?

        Something tells me if he was Black we wouldn’t be having this conversation…

        • money marries money.

          just because somebody’s already wealth does’nt mean they does’nt want more.

          paul mccartney or yoko offered to buyt the beatles catalog they did’nt need the money of benefits what came with it both was already loaded.

          paul gave heather mills a few million and hes still rolling with money.

          • Sorry but no one is going to convince me that someone would would waste a third of their life on someone they don’t care about.

            Like I said, if Erwin was a Black man, I guarantee no one would be questioning his motives, which is sad.

    • What woman cohabitates with a “man” for 30 years and suddenly decides its safe for her to marry him(even though he wanted to be married from day 1)after she is 73 years old?

      • A woman who was previously married to a man who frequently beat the crap out of her. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be so quick to jump the broom after an experience like that.

        As for her age, that is inconsequential as far as I’m concerned. I know people who’ve gotten married in their 80’s.

  30. What man is going to wait around for darn near 30 years for some insurance money? Especially when that man is a record exec who was probably making six figures before he even met Tina?

  31. I know Oprah’s first instinct after hearing this story was to find out who owns this website, buy them out and have the staff suffocated in their sleep and replace them with obedient robots.

    But she got the call from Sumner Rothstein and Jamie Foxx that it was already done 18 months ago.

  32. And this is why the only Black folk Anna Mae rocks with these days is Oprah. Y’all messy for this one smh lol

  33. remember if oprah saays it it must be true she’s god after all.

    oprah created the heavens and the earth in the firsr day.

    oprah created man and woman in her image.

  34. Tina Turner moved out of Amerikkka! Smart move. Any black families that can afford to get out of Amerikkka, I suggest you do so. You don’t have to go to Switzerland, but you got to get out of here. Canada is only four hours away from Los Angeles by plane.

    • oh yeah back to bloody phukking England where the whites in America’s ancestors came from yeah Europe where the real devils ansd witches and whoremongers, and murderers dwell.


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