Tina Turner Taken For Big Bucks By One Of Her Own


Jay Warsinske Pockets Tina Turner Checks

Activate Entertainment’s Jay Warsinske Activated Turner Heist!

HSK Exclusive – Tina Turner may want to reconsider the trust she may still have in record exec-turned-suspected conman Jay Warsinske. That’s because insiders say the Activate Entertainment/Records founder is guilty of stealing money from the legendary singer! A scam that had been overlooked until being exposed now.

Sources exclusively tell HSK, Warsinske was collecting $5,000 each month from Turner – who still lives in Europe – in return for his housing of her two sons at his San Fernando Valley home. The problem is, insiders say that’s not only $2,000 more than Ike Jr. and Ronnie Turner’s rental agreement – the noted conman also painted a picture of Tina Turner’s sons living a drug-free luxury life at the residence, which sources say couldn’t have been further from the truth.

We’re told despite what Tina Turner may have believed, her sons were really living in average-to-lowly living conditions and, what the legendary songstress may have thought to be an on premises state-of-the-art recording studio, was really nothing more than a computer-generated program in the garage. The worst part of it all is sources say Warsinske’s promise to keep her boys away drugs was far from being met.

Here’s the drop:

“Tina was sending money back to the States every month for Jr. and Ronnie and Jay was stealing it. Plus, he had them like slaves making music in his garage. Jay had Ike and Ronnie recording music all day in his garage studio. Then, he’d take their music and place other rappers on it…take it overseas and sell it.

Tina thought her sons were in a fancy spot, but they were really staying at Jay’s bullshit house out there in the Valley. Nobody knew that they were being taken advantage of.”


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  1. Tina should have done more investigating, I just dont understand how parents can let this happen to their CHILDREN without knowing it. Thing could have def been worse I will say that, but theres no way in hell ima send you any kind of money each month and not klnow exactly where its going.

    • The woman is over 70. Her children are not in kinder garten. So I don’t know why you write CHILDREN in capital letters? They are adults, so to say Tina ‘let this happen’ is a taking it a bit too far. She’s just being silly for sending over money to begin with.

  2. Tina didnt do her due diligence because coons trust YT.

    All you have to be is white and moderately well spoken in decent clothes and the average negroe woman will do whatever is asked without question and unconditonally.

    Thats how the programming works,…Its pretty much the same on black men, but black women by far are deeper under the spell than her male counterparts.

    • to be fair, whites get taken by other whites all the time. Or ask the yt people taken by the Nigerian scam, or or those the yt Nigerians perpetrating those crimes?

    • that’s a god damned LIE!If anything black MEN that are terribly mentally screwed.the way i look at it is EVERYONE is out to use, abuse and steal from black women.First Ike and then the white man.I advocate black women require reciprocation from everyone and to vet every person that works for them, claims to be family, or friends thoroughly.Because truth is the same thing could have happened,and probably has, if she had trusted a black person.

    • True. So many Blacks think Whites know everything because of their white skin and nasally voices and most of the time they don’t know nothing.

      Tina Turner has been said for years to not give a crap about Black people, she’s very White inclined.

      • Atta girl!! Good job doing your part to keep the separation going. worldgirl, you are the perfect example of why race relations are what they are. Get over your damn self. I don’t know everything, NEVER claimer to. I do know one thing though. You are ignorant! Plus, the Brits are her biggest fans. She got support there when no one gave her a chance her at a solo act here. Of course she’s surrounded by white people. They’ll all from Europe!!

  3. Umm…Aren’t Tina’s son’s grown ass men. They can’t deal with a con man themselves? They can’t get real jobs and not live off their mother? No story here.

    • i cosign 100%. she’s not dumb for getting dupped she’s dumb as f*ck for taking care of 40 year old junkies. tins need to get on w/her life.

      • THAK YOU!

        The story here is, why in De Hell are two 40-50 year old men still living off of their momma! Tina was not being taken advantage if the extra being taken off the too cover food and other expenses. Trust me dem grown men eat!

    • Ike Jnr and Ronnie are adult men – old enough not to be relying on anyone – Tina isn’t responsible for them anymore – yes they are her children but she doesn’t have to support them. This is not Tina’s fault, don’t blame it on her. They have both had drug issues all their lives – Tina or any parent cannot control their children at that age, it’s hard enough when they are young. My heart goes out to Tina – she’s worked hard all her life – she’s retired – do her “boys” know that means she’s not working any more???????

      • I ain’t mad at super rich parents sharing the wealth with their grown kids. YT people do it all the time. But Tina’s smart enough to know that if they are serious druggies, any asset she would give them would go to the local DD. Even if she bought a decent house for them, they’d find a way to screw it up by selling the furniture or charging other druggies to flop there. In the end, they would be no better off than they are now.
        Tina’s my girl, and she knows what she’s doing.

    • I was just thinking the exact same thing. Aren’t these “boys” grown ass men? Do they not have any sense or smarts? Most likely they are living there partying, boozing, and drugging and think that’s the life.

  4. Wait a second! How old are these “kids?” All of them must be pushing 50. Why would they be living like this? I can see if these “kids” were underage, but they aren’t.

  5. Didn’t Tina get screwed over by that Swiss boyfriend of hers too? Can’t remember his name. I think Tina doesn’t check people out too well.

    • You got your information wrong. There was no infor stating that she has gotten taken by Erwin, that I know of. Now, what happens down the road, I cannot promise.

  6. The “kids” are just a few short years away from receiving their first Social Security checks…

    • Can’t collect a Social Security check if you never worked! If they have claimed they are “sick” or “disabled”, they are probably already collecting their $690 per month from SDI.

  7. As the old saying goes: A fool and his money are easily parted.

    I would never have just taken anyone’s word for it, I would have to make sure and see for myself.

  8. Tina does not have a close relationship with Ike’s sons. First of all, Ike Jr. is her stepson. Also, when Tina fled from Ike Sr., she left three kids with him: His own two sons Ike Jr. and Michael and the couple’s only biological child–then-14-year-old Ronnie. The only child she kept was Craig–her son by another man.

    Ike Jr. and Michael have both had a long history with drugs. I heard that both got thrown out of Westchester High School for dealing. But that was a long time ago. These guys are probably all in their fifties.

    Tina has no real obligation to these guys. It sounds as though she has been very generous.

    • lol You know damn well EVERYONE who can rhyme ‘Mike’ with ‘Bike’ and has a cheap Webcam wants to rap/thinks they’re a rapper nowadays–How do you think ‘artists’ like Soulja Boy, Mac Miller, Machine Gun Kelly, and Chief Keef got put on?

  9. The fact that she trusted this man more than she did her children…. I mean how do you NOT know? She doesn’t even talk to her own son Ronnie? I KNOW she doesn’t have a relationship with her grandchildren. She has at least 2 biological children by Ronnie and the girl looks JUST like him which means she looks JUST like IKE. How sad is it to be the grand daughter of Tina Turner and not have a relationship with her? The chile is working at Target somewhere stocking shelves. Sad shit.

    • That girl looks just like black women. And granddaughter is only granddaughter its not the same as daughter. Tina does not have to be in contact as she do not want.

  10. Oh please Tina is not dumb, she got them problems away from her. Drug addicts will suck the life out of you whethter they are your children or not. That is probably why Tina got the hell out of this country to move overseas. Tina did the right thing, she did not abandoned them, and she could have, she does not have to pay for shit for two drug addict fools but she did. They are lucky that their mom sends support so they can live and have a roof over their heads. She has every right to be retired and happy without dealing with the drama and the bullshit of selfish ass people who don’t want to get help to get off drugs, and help themselves to be productive working citizens. Peace!

  11. SMH…Well, Tina told Ike years ago, a change is gonna come, so that’s what she should tell her grown as sons.

  12. Question is why is she sending those two over 35 men that kind of money? They are probably tax exemptions! Well that’s her business if she wants to throw away her money! I am certain she knows whats going on. Question is does she really care? Umm prolly not!

    • Why do I totally believe you??

      That sounds completely plausible. When they have done all of the opposite sex, all the drugs, all the liquor, only one thing left is the same sex.

  13. Why does Tina need to pay someone to watch over her adult children? Do they not have the mental capacity to function on their own? Were they not able to communicate to their mother what was going on, or did they just not give a hoot since the money was not coming out of their pocket?

  14. Please, Miss Tinas’ sons are full-grown men over 50 years old. Go get a f’ing job and stop living off your mamma you lazy ass mofos. If I were Tina, I’d be through with all of them. Tired-ass mofos. No wonder Miss Thing moved to Europe 25 years ago, and the leeches are still handing on.

  15. OMG the people here who think she was neglecting her ADULT children are completely delusional!! Hey, they had the Turner name to use. Get a job!! Plus, all that extra dough went to drugs for the three of them!! Why wasn’t she watching them? They were grown ass men. She shouldn’t have to. Why did she trust this guy. He was a freakin conman! That’s what they do, gain trust, then screw you over. Some of you aren’t thinking straight.

  16. Are you kidding me? Her “kids” are in their 50’s and should be self sufficient with their own jobs. It is not her responsibility to take care of them. Are you people kidding me??