Tiny: It’s Not Cheating If There’s “No Dick”



Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, better known as T.I’s wife, has a stand in lover while her old man is doing sometime in the slammer…
Tiny is cheating on Clifford ” T.I.” Harris with another girl that looks like a boy – a darker version of Amber Rose…

What is this world coming to? Tiny’s new lesbian lover has been seen driving Tiny’s car all over Atlanta – she’s even seen with T.I. and Tiny’s kids! Rumor has it that Tiny and her new part-time lover were seen kissing…Does T.I. Know? Buss this!!! It was Tiny’s birthday last week so she had a party; who do think was Tiny’s date? Her mysterious lesbian lover! Hey don’t get mad at me, I saw Tiny’s birthday party pictures and guess what? There was not one male in sight…and if there was any male attendance at Tiny’s shindig I’m sure they wore flip flops to show their manicured toes…

It’s Atlanta mane – what a beautiful city. Most of the strippers in ATL will leave the club and go home with you. No one will never get that sort of treatment in L.A. or New York but we must remember Atlanta is a city where all gay blacks feel open and proud….I wonder if MC Lyte was at Tiny’s all girl birthday party?

-Guru Jacky


  1. Lol why should tip care he does it in front of the skank that’s how they freak that’s the only way she can bolt him dwn lmao he needs a pretty girl to join in on the ugly girl fetish its to show him he’s in control and power everyone knows and has seen yallssecret is ou dnt be shocked lol

  2. Fyi it not noise lol r u tryin to say nosy give ur weave a break so ur brain can come dwn frm overdrive lol I dnt c how tip would care really I feel sorry he has to hit that always thought tip was sexy but hitting that kinda puts me off gross lol I saw he in the video dnt waist ur time think wit green pants omg that hair she looked like a lil pig rollin runting on stage omg she sound like she’s in pain squeekin I kno its ol skool but no way I was killing it

  3. I never c what he saw in her I think he did so that no one would wnt her and pretty girls won’t be controlled to him that’s more important funny think she mistakes that for love yea pitty love if he loved u he wouldn’t be doin shit wit strippers infront of u and lady dnt lie coz yall freaked wit my homegirl we frm the A she is a club fyi and she wasn’t that only one yall do it a lot she was the one that wouldn’t go dwn on u rem that and tip got mad and sent her walkin sayin if u cnt freak wit her u aint freakin wit me lol pitty fuck he should beg his hommies 2 hit u he makes u crawl infront of them my boy rides wit tip we heard all bout it u a fool in the A now the world gettin on it lol

  4. What u wna write on in the book how to freak hoe u wit ur skinny legs chicken fowl and butt implants floppy tits that ur frame cnt hold up migget he got u lookin like th stoc ou this kids but tip has so many wit so many u jus part 3 celbs never stay together in ur case as u agree I dnt kno but I dnt think u can be that hard up ud either pull a left eye or ud kill urself why do u get mad when he’s freakin alone as he does wit the boys oh yea its not cheatin if yall do it together I forgot news flash boo he does it wit out u u may think for now he cnt drive give it time when he can lol and ur days r done u so old u look like a deformed lil pig u aint got shit on miss piggy she take u dwn anyday this pic jus shows it ur fucken dirty and everythin u try end up lookin even a hotter mess I really feel sori for u in a way but when u come off thinking u hot lol threw king makes it look even worse u look like a fool u dnt even see it u made that sti now roll pig in the mud u deserve it as u excepted it from the start what did u think a guy like tip would wnt u for really the jke is u run and cry to him lol he feeds u the same lies he dnt wnt u to go and wake up he likes how it is so tell u the lies u wna hear fool u a disgrace to queens fyi dnt make u queen if u wit king sorry for u boo a true queen would never drop her standards makes u pathetic in the worlds eyes I think that’s what gets me dwn u a desgrace to a real queen #salute on that hoe wake up frm ur self made dream as its a nightmere migget troll

    • u a sad case. do it make u feel gud tawkn down on others…..i bet you, you look like a grinch….bitch sit down wit yo dumb ass and get you some buisness…

    • I cant stand dump broke chicks.
      I bet all the ladies that talk down about tiny, can’t even come close to taking care of business. Black ppl are the most racial ppl they. Hate to c other blacks happy and successful. I truly no in my heart t.I and tiny are examples of wht happy black success ppl should stand for in the public eye. When ppl talk bad about other they probably don’t hve the basic skill and what it take to make it happen

  5. The world hates on u I’m typin so fast gettin all emtional on this shit right re I aint completin the words but u knw right if u didn’t hate on his fans and say u hot lol when u not wouldn’t give people amo to dis on u its when u ugly and u claim to be hot threw king do u really believe on that I see all ur protrates in the house lol real thruth is u insecure boo we c right threw it

  6. why are you people hating on TI and Tiny i dont believe a word of it what you guys are saying none of us are perfect but TI has to much respect for his family and so what if he have a 3 person in the bed with them different stokes for different people that dosent mean he dont love is wife get a life people.

  7. Stop hatin on Ti and Tiny i dont beleive a word of it Ti and Tiny keep your family together black races have to many broken homes AT THE END OF THE NIGHT ASS IS ASS AND WILL DO THE SAME THING I AM OWN TI AND TINY TEAM

  8. Hey “Babygirl”…sad thing about YOU is while you are hating on that beautiful woman, TINY Your ass probably vibe to all Xscape music so don’t try fronting on Tiny. It simple minded individuals such as yourself as to why our black women font get along. Tiny I love you and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL….Dont mind these maggot females…..

  9. i got ya back……watching your shows, shows how you and TIP came a long way. Yall inspire me. Its gud to c black families doing good on T.v….never let nothing come between yall and stay strong…..

  10. She look like a trashy mom plus wife. But they’re married and she could sing yaw know yaw hoes was bumpin dat in the dam 90s. I know I was but you got to respect the game hunnie she was providing fo Tip if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t probly be a rapper right now. So he going to be loyal, she made him who he is today. Don’t get me wrong now I use to have a crush on him to but that’s his wife and its clear that t.i do cheats but she da one with the rock on her hand so respect that. Dam stop hatin she aint ugly! You don’t know what beauty is. Don’t judge a book by its cover. You don’t know the life he had to live and why he felt in love with her. But picture this if you was trying to make it to the top and a rich bitch hooked u up an all u wanna do is make a name for yo self. You would diff in net ly thank da bitch an fall in love her. *WAKE UP BITCHES* Fo a dam pig she do got a bunch of haters. That what they say still be laughing at all them comments they be posting about her. Now people really calling him Kermit. Haha. That’s funny when your famous and people makin fun of you and yo wife. Anyways I allways wanted to see him wid a beta looking bitch. I don’t think there relationship would last long. Cause I truly don’t believe Tiny is da type he would wife. My opinion.

  11. I dont hate on her at all .anyone can make money .but tiny ohh one ugly bitch and talks so getto .