Tip’s Alleged Secret Love Child Behind Harris’ Split?


    T.I.'s Secret Love Child

    “The crux of T.I. & Tiny’s recent issues stem from the baby T.I. has fathered outside of their marriage.” -Funky Dineva

    The latest word on T.I. and Tiny’s split is pointing to a secret love child, reportedly fathered by Tip less than a year ago! That’s according to the Funky Dineva, who says The Harris’ got into a heated argument about the said situation on the Grammys red carpet.

    “Bae-Bae they said they showed out and that there were plenty of onlookers.”

    This, by no means, lets Iggy Azelia off her home-wreaking hook! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Nas! And though there’s no word on the identity of Tip’s alleged newest baby momma, we can tell you Mr. Grand Hustle used TMZ as a tool to throw a curve ball — which we suspected from the jump.


    “Leveraging their relationship with TMZ, T.I.’s camp was able to get them to downplay their story significantly, and put a stupid spin on the story that only a 2-year old would believe.”

    Check out Tip’s recent social media blast:


    Here’s what the Funky Dineva reports:

    “Additionally, members of T.I.’s team leveraged their relationships with smaller Atlanta based blogs to twist facts and downplay the whole ordeal.

    Those closest to T.I. & Tiny are keeping it cute, but the Atlanta streets and big mouth members of T.I. & Tiny’s camp are talking. I’m told the baby is definitely less than a year old. So there it is…

    Don’t let them cute high yella children on VH1 fool you. T.I. & Tiny are a far cry from Bill & Claire.

    It is common knowledge for those who are plugged in here in Atlanta that T.I. Is EXTREMELY controlling and wont allow Tiny to do anything, or go anywhere. Well over the weekend, Mama shole was tootsie rollin all that store bought ass over Turks and Caicos. Looked like a Waiting To Exhale Party to me…”


    1. Tip’s prodigious ability to father children is second only to his uber-hood-sexiness. I still love him(the rascal) but he needs to get a vasectomy.

      We know he ain’t nevah going to “wrap it up”.

    2. I seriously doubt they are splitting. Tip’s not the top charting 2005 Tip and the show is their main source of income. I think they will stick it out. If jail, abuse, drugs, and other women haven’t come between them I’m sure this won’t.

      • Hmmm…I think their relationship is over ONLY if Tiny wants it to be. I don’t think T.I. was EVER faithful to Tiny and I think Tiny knew but I think she always believed she gave him permission to do it. I think now that she has more notarity from their show and guys are probably hitting on her, her confidence is high enough to leave him. I think he was banking on her being at his beck and call for the rest of her life and everything being on his terms which is why he called himself being loyal to their relationship. Lots of hood guys think like this. But no matter what the terms of their relationship has been (open or not), having a child outside of a relationship is a hard pill for any woman to swallow. I guess we will have to wait and see how it pans out. She might not leave but I think she will be cheating up a storm and letting it leak to the press.

      • Oh and as you may recall, Tiny ask T.I. for another baby last year and he told her no. I imagine this must be infuriating for her to know he’s making babies with random chicks. I guess we’ll see how disfunctional their relationship is soon enough. Will she:

        a.) Continue to be a faithful doormat and make him give her a baby to make it even.

        b.) leave him alone and possibly have a baby with another man

        c.) Stay and mess around with another man

        Guess time will tell.

    3. I find this story hard to believe. Miss Piggy has no problem getting high on X and taking women back to their bed for threesomes yet a lovechild is a problem? She needs to get her priorities straight.

    4. Just yuck. I would have left him in a heartbeat. She must be able to get a good settlement by now. Why stay?

    5. I dont doubt this at all. I read on another message board that the woman he impregnated is the GM of Grand Hustle Records, the Asian chick Anna Kang

        • Yeah you right Tip isnt the T.I from 2005 anymore..
          his 2008 papertrail sold 2.5 us sales & he sold more then 10 million singles off that album.

          Tip is 75% owner of Grand Hustle he has platinum selling artist so what the F you talm about girl.

          The only problem with this lil Nig is that most wealthy man have… He wants to F the badddest chicks
          and dude even brag about in his songs.

          from a fan perspective i hope he quits Tiny..
          cause its time she does her own lil thing or stay with them kids..
          Last year after tip came home she was acting like a groupie to almost every show of his…

          1 last thing to jackie you a straight up fool
          i dont know what you smoking but most of them so called information you got,you got that from other blogs & make your own lil twist to this…
          WTF you always talkin bout Iggy.? you want to f*ck that fake ass bitch or what.?

          • I do agree with you about a guy with his status wanting a bad chick. T.I.’s first 2 baby mamas Lashon Dixon and Ranniqua are cuties and they seem to be alittle sharper than Tiny. I think T.I. is with Tiny because she is edgy (hood) and because Tiny has a lot of friends in the industry (Toya Carter, Monica, Kandi, Chilli, T-boz, Tamar, Trina, Nivea, etc) I would like to see him with someone different but I would like for them to stick it out for the kids. He would be good with someone like Farrah Franklin ex member of Destiny’s Child

      • Jacky broke the story about the not-on-break baby last year. He said that BM is named Hannah. I was on Twitter and asked if it is Hannah Kang. She denied it, but you can’t convince me he hasn’t hit.

        • Hannah Kang and Tip are firends and fam longer then Tiny knows Tip they go way back.
          After Tip was introduced to his Grand hustle partner Jason Geter shortly after Hannah and Clay Evans where on Grand Hustle im talking around the 2001 period..Hannah and Tip never f*cked only thing i know Hannah was at one time Big Meech lil playgirl that was around the period T.I came out with Trap Muzik.. and foreal if Hannah was the baby momma, where the f*ck is that baby.???????????????????
          Hannah constantly working here ass off for the Hustle gang movement and her own lil eventplanning thing. You know what the problem is in the A-Town
          TALKING.!!!! you got al these wanna be famous people like you see on RHOA or funky dineva who want there 15minutes of fame that funky bitch even had the nerve to say tiny and tip where fighting at the red carpet @ the grammy’s while there weren’t even there to begin with and TMZ didnt want to let us know that.!!!! Please take a cookie BITCH.!!!

          • If you aren’t Clifford or Hannah, then how do you know whether or not they had sex? They may not have, but there is also a possibility. That was what I stated when I saw the name ‘Hannah’ mentioned. Any other issues you have should be taken up with Funky Dineva and whomever else offends you.

    6. well don’t bet too much!!!

      jk I dunno, but they seem pretty diff to me

      I won’t go near MTO. LSA is pretty good, but Jacky’s site is far and above the best thing available in the current market.

      He’s right way more than he’s wrong.

    7. I never noted his zestiness until seeing that pic in this story. I don’t know if it’s true but I did read on LSA that TIP got caught with Dick pics on his phone. LMAO

    8. I said it was a baby. A chick will put up w a lot of shit but the trick bitches baby ain’t one. She go back dat ninja got roots on her or she a effin fool. He want all his kids together but I doubt she beat for a reminder that ‘we ain’t even been married a yr and u done smashed raw n left evidence”. Chills support considers the funds of the pair

    9. did anyone catch when the son said he don’t treat they mana right? or the episode where TI was in the phone and gor off quick when she walked out or thought is was funny she ain’t do much of nothing for his bday


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