Tisha Campbell’s Secret Lesbian Love Affair Exposed


Tish Campbell Lesbian Affair
HSK Exclusive – It’s no secret to HSK readers that many Hollywood marriages serve as nothing more than cover-ups to those celebs who chose to stay in the closet – and Tisha Campbell’s marriage to Duane Martin may be no different. Know why? Because Hollywood insiders say both parties involve in the union have their hearts set on members of the same sex! More particularly, Duane Martin is said to have the hots for Will Smith, and Tisha Campbell is reportedly in love with a lady friend. Ask Nguyen Orange.

Here’s the tea being spilled:

“Duane and Tisha almost broke up because Tisha had an Asian girlfriend and Jada didn’t like her. Will and Jada didn’t like Tisha messing with Nguyen, because they don’t like swinging outside of their circle.

Will put the pressure on Duane and told him to tell Tisha to get rid of Nguyen.”

I couldn’t help but ask my source what Tisha did after those demands were made, and here’s the response I got:

“Tisha didn’t care. She told Duane she wanted a divorce and took Nguyen to Jamaica. If you do some digging, you might find pictures of Nguyen and Tisha on their Caribbean vacation.”

Dwayne and Tisha’s relationship may have been on the rocks, as was Will and Jada – but ya better believe they’ll appear to be holding strong. Know why? Because the Pinkett-Smith camp recently renewed their contractual agreement? Don’t believe me.. Ask Duane Martin.


  1. Excellent dish, Jacky. I’m glad that the Smiths renewed their contract. Fake Black family love or not, the world NEEDS to see a Hwood Black family unit.

    • its not a family unit,its a front and no the world (thats if you’re speaking about black folks) doesn’t need to see frauds!!!! i don’t know about you but just cause a celeb is black means they get my money. which is why hollywood is starting to lose money,we the masses is starting to see the illusion,these many celebs happen to be!! you are psycho by the way!! you are really obsess with this fake black love bull!!!! love is not a color,hun,its a spiritual fruit,gets some of yourself before you demand to see it out of others!!! and as for your being glad for them you’re pathetic,cause their miserable with each other happening to live a lie before the world for the sake of a dollar!!

      • Imma repeat: Fake Black family love or not, the world NEEDS to see a Hwood Black family unit.

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        • Grown? Educated? and Book-loving huh?
          Unfortunately, your OWN post…does not reveal ANY of the characteristics which you claim to posses!!

          An educated person shies away from using vulgar language….which obviously you haven’t….

          I think you should reconsider your attributes honey…..because you’re flattering yourself TOO MUCH!!!

          Come back down to reality and acknowledge you are GHETTO!!!

          I agree with you in the fact that America needs to see a black family…not just black but every race, and that are not FAKE…..just as you are darling!!
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    • A black family unit where the hubby is DL ?!?!

      What message are you trying to send to the world???

      That black women will put up with anything as long as the rent is paid?

      Black woman: yeah,my husband sticks his dick in guy’s booties but we still together.Look what he bought me.

      • Thank you Anon. Pretty Black Kisses is delusional. Now we can just skip her posts when she writes because she is talking nonsense. No we are not drinking that kool-aid.

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    • Yea dat sounds dumb as fuck. That just shows some ppl accept anything. What bout this couple shows there a unit if its gay activity going on within the unit. U must b the typw that would allow ya man to fuck another man then say “he loves me more”. Some ppl say the craziest shit

      • Like you, dumbass.

        I can tell that every asshole who dissed me lives in the ghetto.

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        Fools! What the Smiths do undercover is their biz but you fatherless chumps and scrubs TOO DUMB TO REALIZE we NEED TO SEE A BLACK FATHER AND MOTHER, married! And in Hollywood.

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        • Once again u sound dumb. U seem like a idol worshipper. I don’t give a fuck bout a model black marriage. If the marriage is a sham how does it make for a model marriage??? Quit living thru these Hollywood fucks and be your own example. Rumbaed

        • Once again u sound dumb. U seem like a idol worshipper. I don’t give a fuck bout a model black marriage. If the marriage is a sham how does it make for a model marriage??? Quit living thru these Hollywood fucks and be your own example. Dumb ass

    • All the insults made everybody seem foolish and ignorant, really. How is trying to demean someone effectively attempting to communicate a thought or an emotion?

      I took what Pretty Chocolate Kisses said to mean that people are going to do their dirt (just like everyone has some secret, large or small), but to still conduct yourself with some type of togetherness. Yeah, the union might be staged, but BOTH decided to have a marriage like this. Will isn’t the only one screwing outside of the marriage. Apparently Jada and Tisha are (somewhat) happy with the relationship status they keep up…

      I don’t think putting on is a good thing, but these people obviously like their lifestyle, and if they can at least keep smiling and being positive in their community & within the marriage they sustain while living their desired lifestyle, it gives loads of positivity.

      Again, I will say that putting each other down doesn’t lift anyone, because the end result is us all looking like self-hating people. A world of people (and many other races) are ignorant to LOTS of things that go on, so try and stop just labeling Black people you don’t agree with as such (ignorant).

      • We can’t condone what Pretty Chocolate Kisses said. If we are so desperate to see a black marriage that we are willing to risk the AIDS virus on innocent women and children then our race is truly in trouble. I would rather see no black marriage in the public eye than see marriages used to hide homosexuality. Instead of looking to homosexual frauds for role models for marriage lets have our own marriages based on the premise that God intended.

        • I don’t need nobody’s approval to post except Jacky’s, don’t get it twisted. You fools are getting reality checked, yall used to dumb BW you can talk down to. Pass by my posts, please. Or not, I don’t give dry grind. Punks and wimps head-nod to hardcore anti-family hiphop, dissing the Motherblood but mad at me? LOL.

          “I would rather see no black marriage in the public eye than see marriages used to hide homosexuality. ” THIS is why we are failing. Don’t worry, black marriage is dead you got your wish, sell-out!

          • Black marriage is not dead. We just need to look to couples who are “real” and represent what we strive to be. I know black married couples who are happy and representing for black folks. It’s not healthy to look to hollyweird for black marital representation…especially couples like the Smith’s and Martin’s. I’m sure if you gave it some serious thought you too would find black couples in your own community who represent proper marital role models.

          • Pretty Chocolate Kisses

            You are still making yourself seem small-brained and ignorant doing more putting the people you disagree with down than trying to clearly explain yourself. Jami didn’t try to demean your character or put YOU down because you guys’ views didn’t match up. You need to learn how to communicate better, honey. Because you might have some who agree with you, but you just lost one… and if all that matters is Jacky’s opinion you’d be writing this stuff to him in a private chat, and not on a PUBLIC forum. I’m just sayin… And for all you know I’m a white woman married to a black man and believes in a strong black marriage, so don’t try making up assumptions as to why you think I’m dumb, ignorant, a low-down woman or a no good nigga, because that type of stuff doesn’t help your argument, sister… not one single bit.

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  2. I agree! White america has its Brangelinas but Blacks can’t have our hollywood super couple. As if brad and jolie’s relationship is so authentic. Yeah right! Hollywood has always been fake and full of illusions the only difference now is the internet. But hell if you scratch anybody, you will get dirt under your nails. I feel we still need our icons/stars, give us something to look up to and aspire towards.

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  4. Anonymous guy….what? Why do you niggas always wanna be white? So what if white Hollywood herpes couples get acclaim? This is their kingdom…they run it! No our folks don’t need to look up to drugs addicts and people who wanna involve themselves in nasty sex parties. You black people need to wake the fuck up

    • First of all don’t call me a niggah, nigga, or any derivative thereof. Okay? You just revealed yourself, claiming to be so pro-black, by using that white racist term. I can immediately tell by your pen name that your not even on my wavelength. And from your postings all you know how to do is tear down and destroy. You don’t know the first about building self, families, communities or otherwise. What? Did you just discover Black Power during your internet wanderings? You just a fake internet posing prophetess. You the one that need to wake up!

  5. Media =’s Medium =’s Hypnotizing Minds

    Image over reality.

    Tell Lies By Vision aka Television the drug of a Nation breeding ignorance and feeding radiation.

  6. Hello? This just proves my point. Hell, if you scratch the surface you will find something. Duh? So you just said that they are an example of a LEGITIMATE black celebrity couple now low and behold what do you find? Which black couple shall we place next under the microscope? Hell, at this rate, we ain’t going to have no damn body to look up to. Good job folks!

  7. Sweet baby Jesus on the cross in a dirty diaper!

    People can we get back on topic. Please.

    Tisha and Tachina have been lesbians for many a year. Tisha is a old school beard.as a d list celebrity, I have no idea why she had to lie about who she is. She isn’t that important in the first place.

    They must be on the Smith’s payroll.

  8. What?? Why do grown people “need” to see a “black Hollywood family unit” to “aspire to??” Are y’all serious right now? Lmao… there are plenty of REAL PEOPLE in the world who you actually KNOW personally existing in healthy family units. Is being engrossed/obsessed with the celebrity fantasy really that big a deal?

    Even if all this is a contractual agreement… so what? They’re people living a life. Plenty “real world” marriages are no more than the same — we’re together because he pays the bills and she gives him sex. She sticks around for the kids, he does his dirt outside the house. What’s the difference? If it’s to be believed that these two couples are swingers with each other… SO WHAT? They’re grown people, obviously satisfied with expressing their sexualities, however fluid, within their circle. If all that is even true, which is highly debatable.

    • What?? Why do grown people “need” to see a “black Hollywood family unit” to “aspire to??” Are y’all serious right now? Lmao… <—Are u serious about that lil quote cause last time i check only one person said we need to see a black family unit,the rest of us were against it!!! so learn to read all the comments before makeing a statment!!!

  9. So the 4 swing with each other and and Tisha brought in another girl? Who does what with who?
    Tisha and Jade? Tisha and Will? Wonder how that works. Or do these nasty fucks do all and anything?

  10. My thing is just because the media tells you thing doesn’t mean its true so who are we to judge the next person life is too short to be worrying about someone else’s life style what they do or how they live. Everyone should take that time to worry and work on self because the issue with someone else relationship is none of our concern we the people of the world are not able to judge anyboby that’s Gods job and no man or woman has that power that’s what’s wrong with the world today. As a young black mother and wife I don’t look at what others do and say I’m going to do things just like her because everyone is different and that makes every relationship different

  11. I find this story plausible BECAUSE, I worked in the entertainment industry for many years and had a friend who was friends with Ms. Campbell. She told me of a time when she was invited by her to the home of another black female actress ( used to be on show with Tisha) and there were other black female actresses there. She says she noticed that there were photos around the home of two particular black female celebrities together and after a while it struck her as STRANGE… like why would there be so many photographs of the TWO of them together in the home. It hit her like a ton of bricks that the black female actress (who recently married) and the rapper turned actor were in a RELATIONSHIP together. SO if Tisha is the one that took her there, it would make sense that she knew as well and may have also been involved in this behavior.

    THE MOST CONSISTENT rumor that I heard while working in music/tv/film from white folk, black folk WHOEVER was that the Smiths both like same-sex philandering.

  12. U all are sad, do u not have anything else to go, except insult each. Go to church, have some fun, read a book, STOP Insulting !!

  13. Let’s worry about our own lifestyles, GIVE IT A REST. OK. “Can’t we all just get along” R I P RODNEY……